♫ Silent Night…Holy SHIT!! IT’S A WAR ZONE! ♫

Filipinos proclaim to be one of the most Catholic Christian nations in the world. Filipinos proclaim many things (you know where I’m going with this, don’t you?). They love to proclaim things. You see it in their business slogans, in their campaign posters wallpapering every square inch of cities during election season, and they’ll proclaim their innocence despite indisputable concrete evidence against them. They’re just loaded with proclamations.

Unfortunately, the nation of numbskulls haven’t yet developed their brains enough to understand that actions and evidence speak louder than words.

Filipinos turn every fuckin’Filipino Hands Blown to shreds holiday into the 4th of July or New Year’s Eve. This nation of dangerously brainless pyromaniacs seem to be obsessed with blowing shit up. And far too often, it’s children’s hands, feet, or faces that get blown up. You can include adults in that too, but the way I see it, they got what they asked for. Stupid people should not play with explosives. The most stupid thing is, they don’t fucking learn. Every holiday is followed by TV news reports showing young children and adults with their extremities blown the fuck off (ever wonder why so many handless or fingerless people walk up to your car in the intersection begging for coins?).

Stupid Filipinos Christmas EveIt’s like the tradition of New Years Eve in America, where they party and SAFELY blow shit up in safe locations, under controlled conditions, and run by pyrotechnic experts for the traditional entertainment of New Years Eve. Then the tradition continues the next morning by turning on the TV and watching the Tournament Of Roses Parade.

In Philippines, it’s somewhat simular. Every holiday involves the sale of dangerous explosives to the general public, even children. Then a free-for-all of utter stupidity and irresponsibility by drunk dads ensues by blowing shit up all night, then waking up the next morning to watch the parade of men, women, and most tragically, children limping and being carried through filthy emergency rooms sporting what’s left of their bloody red rose colored hands, faces, and feet, or covered in a bloody sheet awaiting a trip to the morgue. It happens every holiday, and nothing is done about it to protect children from their fucking irresponsible dumbfuck imbecile parents. Tsk tsk tsk. What a bunch of idiotic morons.

So let’s now address Christmas Eve

Filipinos proclaim that ChristmasFilipino stupidity is the biggest, most beloved holiday in Philippines, because it is the celebration of the birth of their Jesus whom they really know absolutely nothing about beyond what they have conjured up in their own mind. If Filipinos knew or even concerned themselves with even the least of the doctrine of their faith, and it’s traditions, Christmas Eve would not be a heyday of drunkenness, oblivion, and bombs. They would know that the tradition of Christmas Eve is a night of reverence, silence, and calm. I can’t think of a better way to pervert and disrespect their little graven image of Sto Nino (that’s another irony related to one of the 10 Commandments) than to blow shit up on the eve of his fabled and mythical birth.

How ironic it is to barely hear the faint singing of “Silent Night, Holy Night” being drowned out by the bombs and horrifying screams of children who just had their fingers or face blown off.

There really is no limit to the sense of entitlement the Filipino has. The vast majority feels they are the exception to every rule, and it doesn’t stop at their god’s rules. The only god they know is the one they have configured in their mind to agree with all of their particular prejudices, hates, and sense of entitlement. And in their mind is where god exists. If they want to deceive, they find god on their side, because every Filipino believes they are the only one with good cause and justification to do wrong. And of course, the god in their mind will back them up. The god in their mind is ALWAYS on their side.

Their god is a forgiving and loving god. He will forgive their drunkenness and endangerment of their own children. So have that party! Blow shit up! Ignore common sense safe behavior! Let your children blow shit up! If they get killed, just make another one! God won’t mind, and he’ll forgive you in the morning. Filipinos are mindless idiots at best.

Stupid Filipinos pervert their sacred holiday by blowing shit up on a night that is supposed to be reverent and a "Silent Night, Holy Night"

So as I sit here this Christmas morning still hearing the distant percussion of bombs still blowing shit up on this reverent and holy day which I myself do not celebrate, I find myself thinking about how life sometimes finds ways of bringing real justice. If there’s anything positive that can come out of all the children who lose their fingers during every holiday in Philippines, it’s that they cannot light anymore fuses, and they can’t throw anymore more bombs, and they won’t be able to get a decent job to afford alcohol every night, and another child’s face or life could be saved.

Filipino Pride hand blown to shredsHappy Holidays everyone.

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  1. Profile gravatar of CebuBear

    Some years ago our friends lost their first born child. The ‘firework’ let off right outside their bedroom window was so loud and explosive, the baby turned in the womb and strangled itself on the umbilical cord. It had been due the next day and when the mother felt the distress of the baby writing in agony after the explosion, she was rushed to the hospital where sadly, the baby was delivered stillborn by caesarian.

    There is no doubt the death was caused by the explosion. The coffin was the size of a shoe box.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      It is incredibly and tragically sad. And the Filipino stupidity, ignorance, and complete obliviousness to the simplest common sense safety for even their own children blows my fucking mind.

      1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

        Completely agreed, me and my idiot wife was walking to Walter Mart this week. I saw a sight I never saw before. Ok, maybe most of you heard of idiot Filipinos riding on top of Jeepneys, but this was something else! I saw an idiot Filipino child riding on top of a tricycle. Well, he was only lying down on top of it in the prone position, and two loose ropes wrapped around the hood helped stabilize his position slightly. I mean, this fucker looked to be about 10 years aold, and I wonder who the hell allowed this? Even if it was a stray orphan without any parents or guardians, at least the tricycle driver should’ve prevented this dangerous method of transportation. It’s not like he wasn’t aware of it just like those Filipino kids who likes to hitch a ride on the back of a semi’s trailer (which I see often.) Parents puts their children’s lives at risk everyday very carelessly, and if it’s not the parent, then clearly the public utility transporters are just as guilty in this. Last thing I want is to have a kid grow up in this shitty country, because no matter how well I do in raising it, outside influences will corrupt my child to a point where it may accidentally kill itself. There is just no way to raise a child in this country, it’s a complete fuckin danger zone for kids! I’m glad I don’t have kids yet.

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      Cebu that is a horribly sad story and Im willing to bet that the fireworks continued the next evening unabated even though the entire block knew of this incident. Whats even more sad are those that fire guns in the air on Christmas and New Years – as if bullets disappear into the ether once they leave the barrel. What goes up must come down and what pisses me off is when it comes down on top of or into some innocent child’s head as it did a few years ago. One second you are celebrating the new year with your family and the next you are surrounded by a hundred blank stares – none offering any kind of assistance of transportation to the hospital. Why? You know why – Pinoy Rule #6121: “Those that offer to help shall pay”

      1. Profile gravatar of CebuBear

        When I was in the army a bloke standing near me was shot in the shoulder by a dropping bullet that had been fired into the air some 500m away and behind a small hill. It barely bruised him but a little to one side and it would have gone into his skull. Fortunately it was a 9mm pistol round and not something with a bit more oomph. I posted video from a Yemeni wedding where some pillock discharged his AK47 on full auto in the air and lost control, killing two and injuring a few more.Inshallah!

      2. Profile gravatar of FAFI

        That’s how Filipinos operate, quick to hurt others (even themselves), but slow to react when someone is in pain. These Filipinos are by far the least holy people on earth, I still contemplate if they are even human/people? I don’t see how they can possibly make themselves the least attractive people on earth in terms of moral values, yet proclaim so much greatness about themselves. I already came to a conclusion that Filipinos lives in some sort of imaginary world where they only see what they want to see. It’s just like that Peter Pan movie where those kids were eating imaginary food, but you see that it’s real food from those kid’s perspective. There has to be something that I am not seeing in this country. Yep, that’s what is! So dog shit on the ground is really chocolate, that smelly odor I smell about everywhere is really the smell of roses (not piss and shit), the drivers here are driving correctly because their lane markings are not painted in a straight line, it’s painted in curves, slants, straight lines, and even horizontally. Filipinos are not loud, they are really whispering and I have dog ears, so I hear shit extra louder than normal. Filipinos don’t skip in line, the person in back of the line is really the first customer. Filipinos are never late, the clock malfunctioned and hands sped up so they appear to not be on time. I can go on and on, but it turns out that I am the one who is delusional right? I better get in touch with an eye doctor, because I’m tired of seeing things. I want to see the intelligent, respectful, prideful, loyal, and lovable Filipinos they have always claimed to be.