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    Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

    I’d have bought them all some more beers. Lots more beers. Hopefully, they’d have all eventually passed out and drowned in their own vomit. That would be five less assholes to sit around on plastic chairs with their shirts rolled up all day. That’d be five less semi-human-looking dogs to piss on the street at every opportunity. That’s five less fucking imbeciles to knock up every pinay that they can, then leave all of them supporting a tribe of unaffordable and unwanted children. That would be five less inconsiderate cunts breeding roosters in the middle of a city, to crow at all hours. That would be five less lowlifes to tie their dogs on a foot long leash, and leave them barking, without food or water for days at a time. I see these worthless ass-wipes every time that I’m stupid enough to venture out of my compound. Another case of beers for each of those Jologs, I say!

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      Marius O.

      Maybe this is why the government seems happy enough to allow cheap alcohol and psychotic drivers – in the absence of contraception, it’s the only plausible way of letting natural selection take its course.

      I’m quite surprised flips don’t regularly kill themselves with homebrew moonshine. In most third-world countries there’s a local (cheap) variety of rocket fuel that contains a large methanol fraction. Drinking it is like playing russian roulette – you can end up either blind or dead. I suppose Tanduay gutrot is so cheap there’s no need for flips to figure out how to build their own still.

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        Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

        You’re giving them way too much credit. Building your own still requires both a degree of intelligence, and a willingness to get up off your ass and do something. They’re two qualities completely absent in the vast majority of Pinoys.

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          one thing i never heard about in this country are stills… easy to make,,, and the hooch is even easier…
          every country i ever went seemed to have their own homemade wine, beer and whiskey,,, but not this one..
          I seen homebrew whiskey looked just as clear as water, could not tell the difference..
          best still is a hospital sterilizer….

          or isit just me
          SHOOT ME DEAD

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            Marius O.

            I think CyberGod is right. They’re just not smart enough to find out how to distill moonshine.

            I’ve told random flips about all sorts of dead simple “technology” (I mean stuff so basic it wouldn’t even be called technology anywhere else) and they just gawp and say: “we don’t have that in the Philippines”.

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    Captain PFB

    The world doesn’t call them stupid filipinos for no reason. LOL

    I have to say that everyone I know in the USA who has never been to Philippines, but has dealt with or worked with a Filipinos in the USA in any capacity, have told me they are useless, stupid, ignorant, excuse-making, blame-casting, untrustworthy, unreliable dumb shits after they have gotten to know them a little.

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    L. "Dead Man Walking" K.

    This is stupid i can drink 3 bottles of san miguel without wasting a drop and still drive, i might run over a few flips but i could still drive.

    These guys look like a bunch of kids with their missing front teeth and childish gestures.