3 Teens Executed

The 16 year old brother of my ex-girlfriend and his 2 friends were executed early Thursday morning this week. He and his friends were known to police for stealing but never drugs.  He had been in detention twice in the last year for thieving issues but the family had managed to pay there way out.  The bodies of the 3 were found dumped on the National Highway near Castillejos early Thursday morning.

My ex blames the police but I suspect it’s more likely he and his friends tried to steal from the wrong person this time. It’s a very sad situation but the current culture of Dutard is shoot first ask questions later and the culture of impunity for murder is becoming quickly engrained.

Apologies if the photo is a bit graphic but it’s the unfortunate harsh reality of this so called anti criminality push.

I am sure nothing will happen and no one will be prosecuted for this heinous crime against 3 minors. Whilst they were no angles, being murdered for stealing is over the top.

Surprisingly it made the news


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    @failappines No need to apologise for the Graphic Image! – For many it will be a ‘Wake-Up Call!’ This Posting should have a much wider audience! – Please, do not hide it away! (I showed your post to my Business Partner, who commented ‘This is how Marcos began Boss!’

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      Three were killed in a land dispute. The brother in law killed his sister, her hubby and their daughter that looks about 8 years old max. All it boils down to is most filipinos are fucking animals.

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        Just seen a trappik enporser shot for a parking violation in broad daylight in a busy area.

        Stupid little indignant cunt drove off but left his license plate at the scene. Fucking retards! (Almost forgot retard is plural here in every instance. Silly me)

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        Hey Joe,
        Wife said that it was on ABS-CBN that Miss Universe has already cancelled on holding the 2017 contest in the philippines. Another resounding success of the Duterte admin. policies.

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          Dutiti’s plan to combat Unemployment is like something lifted from German History (1930-1945) The article should be taken on face value (Daily Mail is not renowned for high standards of journalism). Some of the comments are indicative of ‘Armchair Critics!’


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            And yet they can’t make enough car tags, so mine is still “for registration” since early March. Apparently the law of supply and demand isn’t taught here.

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            You should not be so hard on the filipinos. I have one telling me that an IQ of 86 is not low average but is in fact smart. Ironic huh? I mean 86 is stupid on the scale, I have seen charts where it is labelled as low average, dull and so forth. So here they are saying 86 is not a low score, Duterte is great and other claims of pinoy greatness only proves one thing. They are too dull to know how dull they really are.

            I always get a kick when they tell me they are not doing anything wrong but it is the rest of the world who is doing it wrong.

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            The link will not open. But from what I saw it said that a large drug rehab center will open in Nov this year. Now let me see if I got this right. Duterte has been in office for just over 100 days and in that time has researched, planned, staffed, supplied a drug rehab center? I have seen it where it takes them over a year to build a one story building that was maybe 100sqm at the most.
            Then add to that the license plates that people have been waiting to get for 2 years.

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            @Mike, since you raised it here some time ago, I’ve been paying more attention to the comment section on web articles — and shaking my head until my brain rattles. I’m seriously concerned that my own IQ may have dropped since coming here… time will tell.

            My sister has been here a number of times with some extended stays, and has theorised that the large volume of rice consumption is to blame. This theory likely has some merit as it’s well known that a foetus needs adequate protein for brain development.

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            Your a few years older than me but not much so you might remember this one. Patty Hearst back in the 70’s. I remember it so done a little more research as never believed she was kidnapped but did run off with them. So I done a net research and read where her IQ was 120 before she disappeared and after “freed” test said she lost 12 points because mind was idle.

            Since it’s hard or impossible to find intelligent conversation among the filipino population I watch a lot of documentaries, research online, read, puzzles to keep mind active. Don’t know why but it does appear that most filipinos go out of their way to avoid anything to do with intelligence like it’s the plague.

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            Oh I’m definitely on the puzzles. Crossword, Sudoku, online Scrabble… just trying to maintain a semblance of sanity for the remainder of my sentence!

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            I’ve also got back into a number of true crime stories and am currently reading about Schapelle Corby, who was convicted of smuggling weed into Bali. I haven’t spent much time in Indonesia — been to Bali twice — but I imagine the justice system there is somewhat similar to here.

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            @oldnavyfart Locally, they are using an Abandoned School, which has been empty for about 6 Years. Our driver told me that the same is happening in Cainta. So they’re either commandeering existing buildings, or bringing in Sea Containers.

            A simple solution to the Number Plate problem would be to use Rehab and/or Prison Inmates, as they do in other Countries – But these ‘Ungoys’ have locked themselves into a ‘Deal’ with a Dutch Company. Despite shipments being held-up at Customs, rumour has it that LTO has not followed the Payment Schedule – Hence the 2 Year delays. A colleague got his new plates through Toyota Pasig, but from a close inspection they are not ‘Kosher!’ Quite perversely, the Plates are also ‘Stamped’ in Holland too! – Not in The Philippines.

            The same applies at NAIA where the old ILS (Instrument Landing System) was replaced. This got MNL back on the FAA Safety List. It was also supposed to increase the Volume of Flights both in and out of NAIA. However, NAIA and CAA reneged on the deal with the Italian Supplier, so no Maintenance/Calibration has been carried out. This has resulted in NAIA having to revert to the old system of leaving a 3 Minute Gap between flights, with Manual Pilot Landings.

            “You can lead a whore to culture, but you can’t make her think!” (Dorothy Parker)

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            Pinoy pride went through the roof when the FAA upgraded PAL safety. Now based on what you Said about NAIA then will not be long before PAL gets downgraded again.

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      That’s fucking scary. As is the latest story about a fellow Canadian arrested, tried and convicted — all since June!! When does anything here ever move this fast? And today I read that the Aussie arrested in the same supposed sting was released because he tracked down CCTV footage.

      My family is reading all this shit too, and getting pretty anxious for my return.

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    Barry Smyth

    Here in the Philippines you do the crime get caught you pay its not say they targeted the wrong victim and got caught and was salvaged.
    They knew what they did was wrong as you said the family payed there way out of past crimes but sorry I do not feel sorry for them,the punishment was a bit harsh but they knew the risks and could have kept there hands in there pockets and stop stealing etc.
    As I pointed out you step on the wrong toes you have big problems as they seem to have found out…

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Never ceases to amaze how some people can justify committing a crime to punish a crime. Yep, makes a lot of sense “You committed a crime when you stole. So I’m going commit a crime and kill you for your crime. But I’ll justify my crime of murder by saying you were a criminal.” Yep, real fucking smart.

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    This is why I have been saying that things will likely become a lot more dangerous for kanos living there with their wives. Especially if they have insurance and/or a large portfolio (stocks, retirement account, funds in bank, business investment, etc.) We here should all know by now that 99.99% of flips are only interested in their “rich kano” hubby’s money, so what is to hold one of them back from arranging a hit, then having drugs planted on the body? The “extra-judicial” killing will be an open and shut case, as far as the cops (who will also get paid off) are concerned.

    And the pinay will be financially set for life (or until the money runs out) 🙁

    Be careful. Be very very careful. Or better yet, book your one-way ticket back to civilization before it’s too late.

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    Eau de Tourette

    What we all don’t know is in what house they possibly broke into and if they got caught doing that. My gf had several times people coming into the house and stealing. Now the act of it alone is just frightening and you don’t know if they are armed or not
    Is it right to shoot them ? No and Yes. like i said we do not know what happened but according to DU’s law-free-zone all over the phils things became crazy and my hope for something becoming better has vanished by 95%.

    i could tell quite some new stories but i will just go for one thing. the kidnappings and the whole behaviour of the Flips can remind you of pirates.
    While they care for their family anyone and everyone from outside will be robbed and ripped off and there are alway new tries sobbing stories and whatever they can make up.
    luckily their deceitful wishful setup breaks many times on simple logics and is easily spotted.
    i am having a lot of thoughts on these people from many perspectives and lately i do not come to many good anyways.
    Jealousy infant naive terrorizing emotional histrionic but mainly totaly moronic behaviour that can be steered with food and crappy candy alcohol and certainly with money for doing almost nothing or rather nothing at all.
    someone i know from asia said once to me ” they are the idiots of asia” which i find harsh BUT the examples i see and get to hear firsthand from Flips make this not unbelieveable…

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    Kev R

    You’ll have to excuse me for being confused.

    I’m a Brit, I’ve lived in China for almost ten years, and I got interested in the Fills because most of the sex tourists here have been bummed out to either Thailand, Cambodia or…you guessed…the Fills. A disgusting and depraved set of people. I hoped they’d get flushed back to their own countries and brought to account for their perversions.

    Now. If someone tries to steal from me, I’ll hunt them down and make them pay The more they resist the worse they’ll come off.

    If they’re a drug pusher, and I could take you to a few pusher locations in the UK, do they deserve my sympathy?

    If they’re looking to take my stuff, do they need a stern lecture?

    No. You take the risk, you pay the price.

    ‘OOOhh, he was only a common thief,’ doesn’t wash with me.

    ‘OOOhhh he was only a small dealer,’ doesn’t either.

    ‘Oooh, he was only dealing to feed his habit….’, yeah but he was robbing me and mine to do it, and he’d have got violent if confronted.

    I find it hard to believe that people are defending these criminals, so please enlighten me.

    This isn’t a wind up,

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Did you read my comment about the Aussie who thinks Du is the greatest? Has been here one time for three months and an expert on the country and people. One of his comments starts out “Duterte is the only leader in the world who truely loves his people”.Well a pinoy on YT made a comment to him and told the Aussie how great Marcos was. So Aussie replied and told said pinoy “Marcos was bad because he did not go by the constitution and had people killed whoi disagreed with him or spoke up against him. Duterte better than Marcos because Duterte is following the laws and constitution of the philippines.”

        I saw that face palm! Yes he said Marcos is bad because he carried out extrajudicial killings and Duterte is good because he is carrying out extrajudicial killings. What a hypocrite huh? I always expect filipinos to have double standards, twist facts or ignore them in defense of dirtydickhead. But between the Aussie and Brit there I think the UK has gone retarded.

        1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
          Phil Doh

          Hey Mike, foreigners supporting dudirty are just kiss asses trying to fit in. I know a brit from Davao who posted pictures of himself on facebook at a huge rally wearing a DU30 t-shirt. “History in the making” he said. Makes you cringe. Western countries advise its citizens to steer well clear of political rallies, and PH forbids foreigners from getting involved in politics, but these idiots just can’t help themselves from sucking up Just the other day he posted about how great dudirty was for passing the freedom of information act. It hasn’t even been passed yet and the draft has 166 exemptions including:

          “The government is also barred from disclosing “legitimate techniques for law enforcement investigations” and confidential sources.

          Also included in the restrictions are trade secrets, bank records, certain court records, and detailed reports on how congressional funds were disbursed.”


          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Maybe the foreign supporters of dirtydick should stop sniffing the Rugby. They can’t afford to lose what little brain cells are left.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Here’s the way I see it. If Dirtydickhead wants to whack people then fine. BUT he should bring back the death penalty, the legal on and not his version of it. Fix the justice system, arrest, trail and prove guilt or innocent and the COURTS had out the sentence. One appeal proved as a safety net. If the courts say death then it’s done and it’s legal, if court say so many years in jail it’s done. The problem is the courts are so messed up but can be fixed. If Dirtydickhead would fix the system then everyone would benefit.

      See here’s what I like about the people who support Dirtydickhead and his extrajudicial killings, we’ll take you for example. You say go ahead and kill based on a suspicion alone, “Tea Dirtydickhead, you have my support, kill more suspected criminals” That’s what you say. So what do I like about his supporters such as yourself? Simple, when a filipino accuses you of a crime and here comes the Dirtydickhead hit squad for dispense justice. Your type will be the very first ones crying and demanding what you are denying others, a chance to defend your self in a court of law. Yes, his supporters like you will be the first ones running to human rights groups like a school yard sissy that pissed their panties begging them to protect your rights.

    2. Profile gravatar of Mike


      I just have to say this, it’s too good to pass up. You said in your last sentence that you find it hard to believe that people are defending these criminals. So I will enlighten you. What Duterte is doing is ILLEGAL under the laws and constitution of the philippines. I direct your attention to RA 9851. So here you are saying you find it hard to believe people are defending criminals when in fact you are defending an admitted mass murderer. A little more enlightenment, someone who kills outside of the law is a murderer and a murderer is what? A CRIMINAL!!!!! Looks like your suffering from a case of double standards there.

  6. Profile gravatar of Kev R
    Kev R

    Ok. Phil, Mike, nice to see your first reaction was to challenge my metal stability when I was asking a genuine question and having said that I’ve never lived in the Fills. Nice people. Also, great to see you write off the British just on my testimony, when I’ve been absent from Britain for ten years.

    OK precious. Here’s a clue. This is a third world country, with a third world Government, voted in by a third world electorate. You can piss and moan about it, but the harsh truth is that is has fuck all to do with you and your hypocritical views. Black lives matter? No, they don’t and you name me five American police officers who’ve been prosecuted for shooting black unarmed men, or strangling them to death.

    Desperate times need desperate measures. You might not like it, but most Fills do, despite the fact that you hate them, as is richly evident from this site, and it’s none of your business. I learned in China, that if you want to exist, you find a way to conform. You adjust. If you don’t you’ll drown in your own bile.

    My Phillipina is more stupid/greedy than your Phillipina isn’t really a lifestyle you should be advertising, as it only demonstrates your own gullibility.

    You might want to reflect on that but I’ve no doubt that you won’t.

    On that note, I’ll say it was an interesting read, but I’m sure I”m no longer welcome, so sai jian, as we say in these parts.

    1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
      Phil Doh


      “Also, great to see you write off the British just on my testimony, when I’ve been absent from Britain for ten years.”

      I only mentioned one other Brit. Neither Mike or I “wrote off the British” as a whole. I’m British myself and I’m guessing you’re a pinoy. The go to argument for most pinoys when defending their country is – “but it’s worse in other places”. See below:

      “Black lives matter? No, they don’t and you name me five American police officers who’ve been prosecuted for shooting black unarmed men, or strangling them to death.”

      Nobody in this thread is discussing BLM or US police brutality. Why compare that to the current situation in PH? Because you’re another fake pinoy pretending to be a foreigner. You all start your very first post with, “I’m a {insert nationality here}”. Nobody here cares where you come from.

      “Desperate times need desperate measures. You might not like it, but most Fills do, despite the fact that you hate them, as is richly evident from this site”

      Nonsense, some of the best contributors here are Filipino.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Kev says he has lived in China for the past 10 years. But did you notice something else in his first paragraph?
        He says he got interested in the philippines because the sex tourist there are bummed out with Cambodia and Thailand and he goes on to say he hopes they get prosecuted back home. Now I don’t know about you but it sounds like he hangs around sex tourist and they exchange info. He says they are disgusting yet sits back and exchanges info with them.

        I don’t know if he’s Brit or livinf in China as he claims and could not care less. But here’s what has me wondering. Why would a Brit living in China go to a site about the philippines? I mean stands to reason that he would be more interested in sites relating to China and expats there. You say he is pinoy, granted he does show the traits in his reply. But I suspect he is not in China and does in fact live in the philippines. If he lived in China why would he give a shit about what we say about the philippines and Du with such passion? Then he brings up his filipina. No Kev there is in the philippines and most likely one of the sex tourist he talks about in his first paragraph. Right there he admits he hangs around with sex tourist.

    2. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Kev R,
      Our hypocritical views? Now you say you have NEVER been to the philippines yet have the balls to call us hypocrites and gulliby for expressing what we see first hand on a daily basis, that is being hypocritical. The you go on to mention the shooting in the states, again you showed your own hypocrisy by assuming all the blacks shot were innocent while assuming all the filipinos shot here are guilty. For your info there have been 880 police shootings in the states since the first of the year. Most of those shot were not black. Now since duterte took office there have been 3,600 shot in 100 days so who is the bigger killer? DUTERTE!
      Now you say name one cop that was prosecuted for the shooting, well there is one in Tulsa being prosecuted as we speak. Now my turn, name me one investigation into a police shooting in the philippines.

      You say that you learned in China that you have to adjust or you drown in your own bile. Just because we point out and writes about what goes on here does not mean you have not adjusted as we have, but I for one refuse to go native. Here’s a few other things. I never mentioned a damn thing about you being Brit, Phil did and that was in reference to what he saw at a Du rally. Then also we never said a damn thing about your woman. By your own admission you said you have never lived in the philippines yet tell those who have been here for years they are hypocrites for saying what they see. No you are the one with double standards and a hypocrite.

      I also could not help but to notice you completely ignored anything we said about fixing the justice system.

      1. Profile gravatar of Kev R
        Kev R

        Wow, you lot are defensive.

        OK, the sex tourists. In China, the expat community is very small, The entire expat community is about 1m, mainly composed of Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and then comes whitey.

        Whitey tend to accumulate, secrets get shared, truth comes out after departure because the Chinese police don’t mess about. You’ll get deported on a whim. Slightest whiff of perversion, gone.

        Right Mike, one police officer got prosecuted in Tulsa, two were arrested in the Phills yesterday and charged with murder. Is this a league table? Apparently 3600 dead in Dutertes campaign, 1800 die in the States EVERY year at the hands of the Police. Oh, they’re not all black. That’s OK then.

        And in fact, what I said was that the sex tourists GET bummed out by the authorities, not that they choose to leave. OK, that might have been a contextual thing but as long as it’s understood now, well OK. They send them to Vietnam for a new tourist Visa, and then they get refused at the Chinese Embassy.

        As for the accusations of being a pInoy, that’s the last pathetic ploy by the defeated. You run the site, check out my IPS, my e-mail provider. Both Chinese. Name me a pinoy that can comfortably say ‘hadaway and shite man, yer taakin fookin trash.’

        OK only you know how to run the Phills, sure you do, we’ve got these blokes over here as well, but my point stands, assimilate or go insane. 100m people aren’t going to change to suit you. That’s just the way it is.

        Good luck.

        1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
          Phil Doh

          ” Apparently 3600 dead in Dutertes campaign, 1800 die in the States EVERY year at the hands of the Police. ”

          You’ve taken the highest number ever – 608 in 2012 – and tripled it. And those 3600 dead in PH are in 3 months alone. Another big difference is that the president of the US doesn’t encourage the police and ordinary citizens to go out and commit murder.

          So if you’re not a pinoy why do you care about the Philippines and why are you defending the actions of the country’s mad dictator? You’re supposedly from a first world country, so why do you believe this third world backwards way of doing things is the way to go?

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            He talks, thinks and reacts just like a pinoy don’t he? So his first comment showed that he did in fact hang around sex tourist then tries to say he found out they were after they left. He mentioned his pinay. First comment shows a lot of knowledge about best countries for sex tourism. Second comment about going to Vietnam to renew visas.

            Both comments he talks about the shootings in the states. But did not mention most shot were white and not black. Did not mention that most shot both black and white were in fact armed and refused to drop the weapon. Seek something else pinoys do when they defend the child in chief point to other countries.

            Kev R tries to tell us we are wrong in what is going on here. He goes on to say that we must adapt or drown. So just because we have an opinion, have adapted but not gone native he tries to imply we expect 100 million filipinos to adapt to suit us. I too noticed that he inflated his stats on shooting in the states. Another filipino trait, if he says something that make it fact just because he said it.
            First comment he says he will not be back. Another filipino trait, he did not keep his promise to go away, pinoy pride maybe. I just find it odd that he claims to be in China but yet going to PI website like this.

        2. Profile gravatar of Mike

          Kev R,
          You claim to be in China and if so then why does it matter what we say about what goes on in a country where we live? See, your trying to tell us we are wrong w2hile you claim to be in China and do not see first hand what goes on here. Then you just like filipinos point to the states and try to compare what is going on there to what Duterte is doing. That is the last pathetic ploy by the defeated. Now here’s what gets me. Your sitting in China claims you but are an expert on what is going on in the PI and in the states.

          Check out my IPS. Well that’s why they have VPNs right? Pick which country your want to show your ISP is in. Email provider? Anyone can set up a Yahoo, gmail, AOL, MS plus many more for email. Comfortably say? You did not even get that part right.

          1. Profile gravatar of Rice Ganda
            Rice Ganda

            As a Brit, I can assure you that no Brit would ever say “bummed out”.
            Also he says he lives in China then states ” This is a third world country,” and says “I learned in China”. Flips always get tenses and demonstrative pronouns wrong.

  7. Profile gravatar of Kev R
    Kev R

    Oh Rice Ganda, when was the last time you talked to a British person under 50? Where are you from? In the North-East I grew up with that phrase. You must be Home Counties right? Tea, scones and buggery at public school? ‘Please don’t say bum, it takes me back to the dark place!’

    You don’t know that you can change tense within a paragraph? You’d rather I said ‘learnt?’ The two are interchangeable, by the way, since the advent of Merriam Webster.

    Also, Mr Chambers, where did I get a demonstrative pronoun wrong? There isn’t one in there you clueless moron.

  8. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Here’s one you all will just love!!!

    It seems Duterte has decided it’s time to start arresting people involved in drugs instead of just shooting them. Why is this news on it’s own? Did the child in chief finally see he was wrong? No. here’s the people to be arrested, represented by a lawyer in front of a judge in the court of law. Ready? Ok
    1.) Politicians
    2.) Police.
    3.) Military,
    4.) Government officials.
    5.) Celebrities.

    Don’t you just love the double standards? here is Duterte giving the “elite” the rights under the law that he denied 3,700.