7 Basic Traits of a True Failipino

1. CRAB MENTALITY – crab-mentality

Crabs in a bucket can easily escape from the bucket one at a time, but instead of doing that they pull each other down whenever one rises to the top – thus insuring their collective demise.
This is analogous to the behavior of a Filipino who diminishes or pulls down anyone else who achieves or is about to achieve success greater than their own.
“If I can’t have it, no one can have it.”
refers to the Filipino cultural trait of very enthusiastically starting things, but then quickly losing enthusiasm soon after.
“flaming cogon grass” = quickly going up in flames but it can’t sustain
is something that Filipinos have learned from the Spaniards. The word “Mañana” means ‘tomorrow’ or ‘specified future time’. As Wikipedia defines it – it’s “in the indefinite future (used to indicate procrastination – the action of delaying or postponing something)”, or “mamaya na” in Filipino.
“Lets do it later, then comes later, let do it tomorrow. then comes tomorrow. let do it next year.”
which means things get done whenever they get done. Official Timing of The Philippines. In some cases, Filipino hosts deliberately set the time an hour or so earlier, knowing that the guests will arrive an hour or so late. In this case, the poor Americans are surprised to see that they’re the first ones to arrive and the only ones there for the first hour or so.
“I set up a party for 6:00pm. This is interpreted as 7:00pm Filipino time.”
5. ONION-SKINNED CRYBABIES (Balat Sibuyas with rubber face) – 
Mentality lack of balls to accept criticism and easily slighted at perceived insults but is a critic that can’t handle the same when it’s being hurled back to him.
Rubber face is insensitive to other persons feelings.
“Jose is a crybaby, hence he is constantly taunted.”
“Stop whimpering and face your problems!”
“Pedro is a onion-skinned rubber face person.”
The condemnation of an adulterous woman while applauding a polygamous man. Marital infidelity seems to have become more open. Mistresses seem to be accepted by society as they appear on TV and radio shows with various celebrities discussing the situation. Philippine movies often have the theme of infidelity on the part of wives. This was not “acceptable” in the past. Various factors in society may promote permissiveness. 
“Forget your wife for a moment lets have some fun tonight.”
7. Disregard the basic rule of law
Why is it so hard for Filipinos to obey the rules? This social phenomenon is not exclusive to hardened criminals either—a look at everyday life in the country shows Filipinos from the entire social strata nonchalantly breaking the rules, whether it is something as benign as jaywalking or as dangerous as beating the red light. Law enforcement agencies in the Philippines perform very differently. They are said to be too corrupt, incompetent and ill equipped to enforce the law most of the time. And it doesn’t help that some of the elite members of Filipino society are themselves said to be promoting a culture of impunity by bribing the Philippine National Police (PNP) and other organizations that make up the Philippine justice system. Therefore, most Filipinos in the Philippines have a tendency to ignore the law.
“Just give them paper money and everything will be settled.”
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    Pinay Lover

    which means things get done whenever they get done. Official Timing of The Philippines. In some cases, Filipino hosts deliberately set the time an hour or so earlier, knowing that the guests will arrive an hour or so late. In this case, the poor Americans are surprised to see that they’re the first ones to arrive and the only ones there for the first hour or so.
    “I set up a party for 6:00pm. This is interpreted as 7:00pm Filipino time.”

    HAHAH…I experienced this on the weekend. I had to do all the organizing with my wife and her friends. I told them “we have to go to bed early so we can wake up early and arrive to our destination tomorrow!” So they arrive late, keep me up because they are making fucking noise until midnight, and then finally they go to sleep. How they woke up at 5am the next morning, I still don’t know. They barely got any sleep, but at least that part of the plan didn’t fail.

    I told them several times, “it will take 6 hours to get to our destination, we want to wake up early so we get there at a reasonable time”. The car ride there they are complaining, “why is it taking so long? This is a long drive”

    They are the blind man and I’m the guide dog!

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    Joe Kono

    All too true, of course. An told so many times before.

    Crab mentality is the thinking that if I can somehow reduce another that reduction somehow elevates me. Or even, the thinking that if I have the power to harm another, that is power to be respected. Seen LOTS of this in the Philippines, very common with political figures.

    Missed in your list was the thinking that if you cheated, deceived, or in some other way gained an advantage without logical moral merit, you are a “good businessman”.

    Missed as well, is the thinking that the best business to be in is one where people have to pay you for your signature. This is usually the result of being in some leadership position where nothing gets done without going past your desk. Think LTO, DENR and CENRO, NSO, Police clearances, and other “inspections”. You can also think colleges and schools in general, banks and bank paperwork (appraisal, title research,etc.) and workers at the ports.

    True skill and intelligence is measured in your ability to work relationships, misrepresent situations, or sidestep due process. What many suggest is “find a way”. If your car can’t be registered, find away to get registration outside traditional expected channels. If you can’t get full title to that lot, can’t get documentation because of some relative gone to Saudi, find a guy to construct that documentation you need. If your electric company is making too much money, and you may have to reduce rates, simply hire people to act as employees for pennies on the dollar to sign checks (ghost employees) and pocket those excess pesos. This is a very long list. But what is very true is that all of those Filipinos benefiting from this foolishness are universally admired, even though a common technique to gaining favor, advantage, or sometimes cash is to threaten to toss a wrench into some other Filipinos scheme, also an admired act by everybody but the guy so threatened.

    What this piece misses is that the system in place is the direct result of legislative decisions, to allow such foolishness. If Fraud was punishable by 7 years in the pokey, and court cases were heard within 30 days, it would be very rare indeed. If political fraud resulted in the death penalties that are suggested, in every case, all of the bullshit that is so common would stop overnight.

    Nobody, not the politicians, not the businessmen, not the common man, really wants to live within a system where finding a way is not possible.

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    Can I add gate crashing on the above list?

    I once gave a birthday party here in Australia. It was a formal affair and all head were counted for catering purposes. As usual, most of the Filipino guests were 1-2 hours late. The Aussies were on time, so the party went on without them anyway. I was disappointed when my Pinay best friend at the time walked in with 3 extra Filipino guests who I have never ever clapped eyes before! What can I do? Had to hurriedly order pizzas for the uninvited guests!

    The Filipino association here never lasts because of in-fighting. But also because of Filipinos behaving as if they were back in the Philippines still. Want to organize a x-mas party? Need catering for that, so count heads, the members were urged to book their tickets so food and seating can be provided. By 10pm when the party is in full swing and the guests had eaten, (usually male) Pinoys who did not book then start coming in, expecting to be provided with food and seats! Being run by Filipinos, no one are turned away. So Pizzas to the rescue. But many also try and sneak in and not pay! Low-lifes, they really are. After being a member of this group for 3 years, I quit! Those lot could not even organize a Chinese brothel if they tried!!

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike


      Yes you may. My wife has a female cousin who never has said the first word to me, Hello, how are you and so on. But if comes to visit when she does say something she is begging money for something, sick kid and such. Has four or five by two different men and preggy again. Needless to say the current man does not work from what I hear. So about three years ago she just shows up to “talk to my mother in law” which right away set off my bat alert signal. I’m sitting on he back porch and what happens? She comes back (snuck back there when mother in law went to bathroom) and hands me a note with my name on it.

      What doe the note say? Ask me for food because they are out and have nothing to feed the children. So in one very rare moment for me I went and bought three kilos of rice and gave her. What did she do? She hid it before my mother in law saw it, finished the visit with mil and left. Got the rice when mil not looking. Ok, she’s gone so I sent a worker down to the store where I bought the rice to get me a liter of coke. Guess what the cousin of wife who has no food for her starving children did. She took the rice back to the store and got the money back thinking I would not find out about it. But gotta love mom in law. Next time that cousin showed up mom in law kicked the shit out of her and still does any time said cousin shows up. We live on a different island and if that cousin shows up at mom in law, she still gets beat up.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        Mike, that relative returning the rice to the store reminded me of the Charcoal man. I’m actually in the middle of drafting this story because greed was like a domino effect and involved not just the charcoal man.

        Anyway, I was on holidays last year in Cebu and this charcoal man was hanging around Mum’s property. He started dropping heavy hints that he had no money to feed his 6 kids that night. I gave him P100 and he went away. That weekend, my BF and I were having a drink at the markets when here comes the charcoal man with half a sack of coconuts he was trying to sell at the markets.

        When he saw us, he then stood nearby, again dropping heavy hints that he has not sold any coconuts and no rice for tonight. The BF being new to the Failippines and a soft-hearted sucker asked me to tell the charcoal man to stay while we go and buy rice. I told the BF to buy corn since it’s the staple diet in that area. “no” he said. “If I am going to give that man rice, he will get first class rice”. So we bought 5 kgs of first class rice at P50 a kilo, and gave it to the charcoal man. Looking at his load of unsold coconuts, and the 5kgs of rice, I felt sorry for him that he had to walk a long way. He lived in the mountains. I gave him P20 for a motorbike ride, I told him I’m gonna watch him get on the bike to make sure he won’t walk all the way home. So Charcoal man hopped on the bike and off they went…..

        Three days later, we were in the same store having a drink when the store keeper spoke to me in the dialect, said to me “Ma’am I have something to tell you, but please do not tell the Kano (the BF) because he will get mad for sure”. I said “what is it? no, I won’t tell him”. She then told me that the rice that we bought for the charcoal man never reached his family. He was a known alcoholic. He got off the motorbike not far from the markets and re-sold the rice at P40 a kilo!! I could not help but told the BF anyway. Needless to say, he was mad and said he’d never give anything to these so called poor Filipinos. He is slowly waking up from his (initial) delusions that the poor Filipinos are mere victims of corrupt politicians.

      2. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
        Pinay Lover

        She probably exchanged the rice for money so she could by a Guess purse, because we all know very well, Guess purses in the Philippines is more important than feeding your family!

    2. Profile gravatar of don

      Sarah, You got that right.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Unfortunately their Kanoe husbands have also developed that trait. as well.
      Ive got to the stage where I go to a restaurant and cater there.
      At least then , when have someone attempting to gate crash, they can be shoved off to a table of their own and I inform the Restaurateur that they get their own bill.
      As I get sick of trying to tell them I need to know how many for the seating, You and your wife and daughter
      are welcome, come alone.
      What about the fucking THEIVING of food before the function has even concluded.
      ASSHOLES empying plates into plastic bags under the table for family or left overs.
      I ran out of a 30kg Baboy once after a short period of time, I found out one family had knocked it off a plate at a time and it was sitting in their car in plastic in the JULY heat in the Philippines.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        Talking of functions Al, never, ever take a FIlipino to any classy affairs where basic etiquettes are to be observed!

        A few years ago, I was maid of honor to a Pinay friend getting married here in Oz. The other members of the bridal party was her neighbor, a Pinay married to a Pinoy and they had 3 kids. Pinay neighbor was the “Ninang” or sponsors. After the wedding, the bridal party had to go to a studio to have photographs taken. When we got back to the reception (a classy restaurant and the guests were counted), we found the Filipino family were already eating!!! And worse, they cut a piece of the bridal cake even before the arrival of the bride and groom!!! How embarrassing!

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike


          It doe not have to be a classy event. It could be a nice place to eat. One city where we lived had a Japanese restaurant with a real Japanese cook. This place was nice setting, good food, service and such but was not cheap to eat at but worth it. Well one night I pack up the wife and son and we go eat at this place which is only open from about 6 pm till 11 pm or so. In we walk and to the right is a table of about 6 fine dressed filipinos, the only customers in the place and we get our table.

          The filipinos are talking and you know how that goes, they cannot keep it at a reasonable level and were somewhat loud but I said nothing. My wife informed me they were talking about how they were from the states (ever notice they deny being filipino if the live out of the philippines? I’m from Texas!). So they keep talking about all they own how classy they are to try to impress my wife and the waiters. There is my chance I thought to myself!!

          I just speak up and tell my wife loud enough for them to overhear me that “No they are not from California, they are from the philippines. If they were as classy as they want everyone here to think they are then they made a big mistake. ANYONE that has any manners and claims to know etiquette knows you do not talk loud in an eating establishment of quality such as this. ANYONE knows it distrubs others who want to enjoy their meal and try to have a quite conversation and therefore will not yell and shout at the table. No they are not as classy as they want everyone to think they are”.

          They all got quite while I was talking as they were at least smart enough to know I was referring to them. They just sat there looking at me, called the waiter over and got rest of their meal to go. I could not resist a snide remark when they picked up the bags. ” You know what those bags are called in the states”? I asked my wife, she said no. “Those are called doggie bags in the states and in this case I think it fits them perfectly.” More looks as they walk out the door.

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            I honestly can’t understand how Pinoys can be so messy during meals, and so loud! My BF started labeling them as mountain people (ignorant). But I told him this is not necessarily correct, because you see all sorts of badly mannered Filipinos anywhere! Even in foreign countries.

            One time we were having lunch at Mang-inasal. I hate the food there because they hardly serve vegetables. But he likes it. I noticed a pile of noodles on the floor, near a chair where a Pinoy and his family were still eating. An obvious hazard as one can slip and hurt themselves if they step on them. The waiters and waitresses walked past the mess several times, not one of them took the time to clean it up! We finished our meals and walked out, and the mess was still not cleaned up!

            On another occasion, the Jollibee. Again, not my preference to eat but the BF fancied some friend chicken. Next table, a group of young Pinoys and Pinays were having a BIG feed, they’re as loud as the music being played! After they finished eating, they left a huge mess! paper bags and cups and plates all strewn on the table. They were like hungry dogs! No, I’ll change that. Dogs are better because at least, the dogs would eat everything!

            What filthy people!

          2. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Ever notice that at McDo and places like that that filipinos wiil leave their trash on the table and expect the staff to clean it up? Well we go to places like that on occasion and when done I will take my trash to the trash can, put the tray up. Once my wife saw me doing that and said I didn’t have to as the staff would do it. I told her the the first thing that came to my mind. “My mother does not work her and besides she taught me to clean up my own mess.” I got the blank look from other filipinos but my wife understood.

            Yes they are very messy when they eat. I like to walk around the house barefoot and so there I go only to have glue on the bottom of my foot that sticks to the floor every time I take a step or sticks to my flip flops. Wait, that’s not glue,,,,it’s, it’s steamed rice that fell on the floor!!!

            But no matter where you eat has anyone noticed these:
            1.) Filipinos talking, yelling at each other with a mouth full of food.
            2.) They will not chew with their mouth closed and make all those slopping noises.

      2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        Ooopss! above comment was meant to address to Don 🙂

        “What about the fucking THEIVING of food before the function has even concluded.
        ASSHOLES empying plates into plastic bags under the table for family or left overs.
        I ran out of a 30kg Baboy once after a short period of time, I found out one family had knocked it off a plate at a time and it was sitting in their car in plastic in the JULY heat in the Philippines.”

        Don, the above comment reminded me when we were still in the Philippines, we had a Norwegian neighbor building a mini mansion not far from our house. On this particular afternoon, we were invited to have tea at his place. Well, Dad and the Norwegian ended up having beer.

        While we were at the Norwegians house, there was a bag of rice in the kitchen and the Norwegian guy could see who came and went from the kitchen. First, mother in law with a pot. We could hear the rice being poured onto the pot. A few minutes later, sister in law came with a plastic bag….walking out with half bag full of rice. A few minutes later, the Auntie came to fill her pot. Mr. Norwegian asked Dad how long do the sack of rice lasts us? Dad said “well, since we don’t eat a lot of it, a sack lasts us a good 2 or more months”. Dad then asked Mr. Norwegian how long do their sack of rice lasts. “three weeks” he said. I am sure that before we left his house, Mr. Norwegian already figured out that he was feeding a tribe. 🙂

  4. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

    One of my big problems was the whole “Failipinotime” thing.
    It cost me a lucrative job of nearly $20,000 usd a month back in 2013, simply because I couldn’t get Filipinos to be where they were expected to be on time. This had gone on for nearly 3 months but came to a head one fateful day.

    My business partner at that time did not yet grasp the Filipino mindset and constantly assumed they had their shit together; which of course, they did not.

    Needless to say after dicking around with the BIR this one day, spending 6 hours driving around Mandaluyong traffic in a stinky cab, looking for office spaces and finally waiting 4 hours for a guy who decided not to show up, my partner pulled the plug and opened out of Australia.

    I can’t blame her really but it sucks I got screwed over by that Filipino time nonsense as well as general negligence.
    I mean, I call the guy and he answers tells me he is on his way, then 4 hours later tells me via text msg …….

    Guy: “how about tomorrow?”..

    I nearly flip the fuck out on the spot, I try actually calling and he answers.

    Me: No, NOW I’m on a very tight deadline!!

    Guy: “Ah yes but I think maybe tomorrow is fine okay?”

    Me: “Listen, I need to get these papers finalized TODAY and I have already paid for office space, please come now as in right now, it is your job.”

    “Tska…(Filipino annoying mouth click), It’s too far kasi, and it is already hot, I really think tomorrow is better.”

    *HANGS UP…….

    No shit he really fucking said that!

    Trying to tell my partner /employer that they didn’t feel like coming and that he hung up on me and that the matters were only able to be finalized by that individual was in her eyes my fault. She even tried calling the BIR and paid something like 15 thousand dollars to a team of lawyers thinking they would have better luck than I did…… HE DIDN’T!! LOL

    I did everything I could do, I had not slept in nearly 40 hours at that point and it was just horrible. By the time she said she would go to Aussie instead, this wave of relief washed over me! Lost the money sure, but also assured myself I wouldn’t have to deal with incredulous Pinoy bullshit, at least not until I woke up from a well deserved siesta. *Facepalm

  5. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    Filipino time is total lack of respect for others. I have had someone say 5pm turn up. by midnight they say not even sorry that theyll come tommorrow at 10am. They arrive 9am. Like wtf.

    NEVER MENTION to a filipino a time you will do something. They have nothing to do other than keep texting you “are you leaving”, have you left, are you going there now etc. Even if you say ill go in the early evening at 6pm im getting calls. “my friends and i are here now wating” like WHAT THE FRIGGIN FUCK. its like we have a bunch of highly bored morons waiting to be fed by the foreigner and that they never respect other people who have a life compared with no life the filipinos have other than to sit around their boarding house texting shit to each other.

  6. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    My friend never mentioned his exact time he would return to his staff / business. Why? he wanted to catch them out. If filipino staff know what time the owner is coming they will fuck around and not work even worse try and pry into the owners stuff. Anyway, he was delayed overseas 2 days. When he returned the staff member he had helped a lot and looked after sold his tools. like wtf? he was pissed. This guy said “i wasnt sure when you were coming back sir, i needed to buy food”.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike


        NO!!! California caught some filipinos who scammed the state out of $5 millio. They provided home health care claiming their nurses were LPNs and RNs (most of which were filipino). It was found out that most of the “LPNs and RNs never even attended a cpr course! Then this year an filipino nurse (male) got busted for stealing over $40,000 from his patients (again home health care). He would show up at the house, do his duties then buy stuff using their credit cards.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike


      About the fake nurse in UK who killed a few people. Back in 2007 I think it was an episode of Desperate Housewives aired on tv. I don’t know if this was on philippine tv or in the states. Well this episode had one of the wive’s in a doctors office with diplomas on the wall as we have seen in real life. Well they talk and when over she ask to look at the diplomas to make sure they were not from the philippines.

      Now get a load of this. The filipinos went ape shit over that. It was on the news almost every night for two weeks! That was all they could talk about and of course called Americans arrogant and racist. My wife would take our son to a doctor over a skin condition he gets every so often. Well this doctor would not draw blood or do any other labs. Would not even touch or son. What did she tell my wife? Don’t let your son have hot dogs, chicken or eggs because he’s allergic to them. Never even looked at our son! Fucking moron.

      My wife kept insisting the doctor was right and was told the same thing each time she took our son there. I told my wife to get a different doctor as the one she was going to was full of shit. So off we go to the new doctor and I tell her what the last doctor said. New doctor: Did she run any blood tests or other labs on our son?
      Me: No
      Doc: Then she just made that up because there is no way she would know without a lab tests.

      I just looked at my wife and smiled. Our son loves his hot dogs, eggs and chicken. By the way, this doc did run labs.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        Same here Mike, in 2011, the BF got sick with some kind of chest infection. He was coughing up green stuff and could hardly breathe. Took him to the Doc. No x-ray, no x-ray samples. But the Doc did prescribe him P20,000 worth of medications!

        Now, I’m on my final year of internship, so I knew what shit he was prescribing and a lot of them are doubled up! Such as 2 types of bronchodilators, 3 types of powerful antibiotics (well, if you can’t kill it with one type, surely the other 2 will?? – seems to be the mentality of that Doc).

        Have you ever tried asking a Pinoy Doc normal routine questions like “what are the side effects of these drugs?” and if the doubled up medications were necessary? Try doing so and he’d just about throw you out of his clinic. Rude and obnoxious!

        I instructed the BF which drugs to buy, total cost P8000 and he got better within the week.

        By the way, anyone wonder how often those hotel air conditioning gets cleaned??

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike


          A few years back I got real sick. Could not keep food down and started running a fever and severe stomach cramps. Well I’m not the kind to go rushing off to the hospital so I toughed it out till finally had no choice ( you know how wifes can nag) So off we go to the hospital where she hears the philippines national motto “Pay s first”. That done they take my temp, 101F, start the ringers or their version of it and wheel me to a “bed”. Well bed had that closely woven wire and I got one sheet to put on the bed. Did I mention the bed was in the hallway?
          Nurse comes around, puts a thermometer under my arm and walks off to the nurses station. TWO hours later it is still there and when I pulled it out my temp went up. After all of this my wife had enough and had some friends go to the hospital and take me out against the will of first hospital. Now off to the second one where I hit the second ER in little over 24 hours. The first hospital had used so much tape on my arm second had to cut it off (tape, not arm) and start a new IV as first messed that up.

          Then here comes the BP and take the temp which was up to 104F before I was removed from the first hospital! So they then take me to my bed, a private room with a/c and cable but more interested in sleeping. Within 20 minutes the doc came to check on me and did several times before I was released. Doc told my wife that if I stayed at the first hospital one of two things would have happened. The fever would have killed me but if it did not then I would most likely get TB. Now I absolutely refuse to go to the doctor or hospital no matter what happens.

          Funny thing though. A deposit was never paid to the first hospital and I was taken out without paying the bill. Never heard a word from them about the bill.

      2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        Yeah, I remember that. They got all insane over it. It was a non-sense comment on a dumb TV show and the idiots didn’t get the joke at all.
        Again, it’s an easy issue for corrupt, lazy politicians to jump on to look like they care about their people. Obviously, they don’t otherwise the Philippines would actually be a nice place. However, they know they can make a name for themselves and rally up a bunch of morons.
        This is the clip:

        Another Filipino trait to add: Fake outrage. Filipinos love to act to outraged like something is the greatest tragedy ever just to get attention and/ or money. This was a case of more fake “pinoy pride”.
        I guess that is another trait to add: False pinoy pride.

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike


          As to the Desperate Housewives clip. Yes you are right the filipinos went nuts over that. But do you remember one other thing that was going on in the philippines at the time? It made international news.

          EVERYONE who took the nursing licensing exam in 2006 had to retake it in 2007 or 2008 due to mass cheating. Then only 43% or 47% passed it then.

  7. Profile gravatar of Elias Loco
    Elias Loco

    I think someone should do a comparative analysis on the Seven Cardinal Sins and the nature of the generalized people. And where is Pinoy Pride? That might be the best trait of all. They do pride very differently than their neighboring East Asian neighbors. I guess even the Fil-Chi community can’t even make any Confucian/Buddhist influences or whatever.

    Glorifying “heroes” as if almost equating them to deities. Any win in any contest, whatever it is, even winning in a transgender contest in Thailand is sort of a national achievement on the news. And claiming greatness through “half-Pinoys” making it big in the international scene, that there’s that “superior Pinoy blood” running through their veins.

    As an Ilocanized foreigner once said on a TV show, the people’s sense of hierarchy like for example in languages. English is highly regarded, Tagalog is next, and any other regional “dialects” is likely considered to be inferior. Primary language is more like “creole” when it’s basically mostly Tagalog and unknowingly heavy usage of Spanish mixed with English.

    And speaking of Spanish to which we definitely are more affiliated to, it seems like they no longer want to recognize that part of our history or origin as they’ve already seemingly found belongingness in being Americanized and still be the standard Pinoys that they can be. And yet, they still claim to have that “uniqueness” to their sense of “racial” identity.

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      “Nurse comes around, puts a thermometer under my arm and walks off to the nurses station. TWO hours later it is still there and when I pulled it out my temp went up”.

      LOL! That is so funny Mike! 🙂 Although it would not have been funny at the time. As for the PI Docs giving IV therapy….I do really worry about their aseptic techniques. I mean you go there to get treated, right? How sure are we that we will come out alive and infection free??

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Get a load of this about the cramps though. The doc at first hospital told me it was just upset stomach! Pardon me but upset stomach does not double you over in pain. Doc missed that I was blocked up and could not BM. Hell, I had to go to the restroom and fix that myself. Dipshits did not know about soap sud enema, butt bullets Ducolax or anything like that.

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          It is so unreal! But I have no reason not to believe you!

          Oh, we don’t use soap sud enemas anymore. Ducolax and other brands are the preferred options these days. 🙂 And I supposed you were staying at a private hospital??

          I once accompanied a friend to Velez hospital in Cebu city to check a suspected conjunctivitis. The year is 2015, right? I’m telling you, that hospital room was like an instant time machine! All the equipments were museum pieces in Australia, but they were still using them in the Philippines! Thankfully, the Doc seemed competent enough to prescribed the proper antibiotic eyedrops and my friend’s eye healed within 3 days.

  8. Profile gravatar of Elias Loco
    Elias Loco

    I forgot one thing and there’s no Edit function, or I don’t know where it is, so I can’t correct or add to a post. So I’ll just make a follow-up. It’s a trait that I can call the “First Pinoy” syndrome. The first Pinoy champs in an Asian contest. The first Pinoy athlete in Winter Olympics. The first Pinoy chef in the White House. The first Pinoy FB game app. The first Pinoy in Mount Everest. The first Pinoy in planet Mars. The first Pinoy in almost anything. Yes, we definitely like to be first.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike


      You forgot about the first filipino to go to the space station. In Yahoo news where they were in training (at U.S. expense no doubt) already. So my question I asked on Yahoo was ” Are they training him not to piss on all the walls?”

    1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

      Hey Mike, wanna hear something irritating?

      I went with my girl friend to eat at this all you can eat buffet in an SM. It was this Chinese type place where you have the stove on your table and cook your own food.

      Well, I am siting there next to the food bar, and it was a full house. Aside from people bumping you and kids gabbing your table, the sheer disgusting behavior I witness drove me to get up and out of there. (WITHOUT PAYING).

      We had all these Filipinos in there the big families right, and they are yelling across the room at each other, and grabbing things off the food bar with their bare rice covered hands. Then they go to their table, and proceed to eat with their hands.

      Some woman came back up to the food bar still chewing rice, rice stuck on her face and chin, and all over her hands. She is standing their chewing (smacking) her lips like she is chewing cud, then belches really loud over the food and next to my table. Another guy had rice all over his hand and like shook it off on the floor while standing and it got on my table. Please keep in mind this is not necessarily an “Eat with your hands” type of place.

      Then kids those kids that parents never freaking watch, start digging their hands into the ice cream and eating it off their fingers. The woman working there didn’t even say or do anything just watched them.

      Finally, as if that was not bad enough, I thought fuck it Ill just get a slice of leche flan then Ill leave. One of the attendants brings it to the food bar, and this pinoy guy scratching his belly see’s it, and picks the whole tray up and walks to his table with it.

      That was it for me.

      Just gross belching, and farting and smacking lips over the food bar, no manners. They were loud, and obnoxious and just horrible.
      One of my jobs early in life was mall security. One of the common complaints I got was you guessed it; filipino families acting like they owned the place and letting their kids run around bumping into customers.

      Tell them to please round up their kids and they will give you a look like you just raped a panda.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        After navy I worked mall secure in Florida for a couple of tears before moving up North. Later I started driving a big truck regional then cross country after I bought my second one. Well I would pack food and eat in the truck to save money but once a week or so get a hot meal at a choke and puke. One day after driving a long distance I pull into a truck stop for shower and hot meal dead ass tired. Hot shower, hot meal and good nights sleep.

        So after the shower I go sit in the truckers only section of the truck stop and the waitress takes my order. To my right was a small wooden wall about three foot tall and on other side of it was one of those claw games, drop the claw to try to get the prize to the drop chute. In the truckers section were about four other drivers. At the far end of the restaurant I hear a kid yelling and screaming and it gets louder as the thug gets closer to my table. Well it was a girl about 12 years old throwing a fit because dad did not get the stuffed toy she wanted from “The CLAW”.

        So instead of tell her no he comes back down and tries again with her yelling at him and in my ear. Back to their table with her yelling and screaming. Well they came back a few more times and I have almost hit my shit limit from her yelling. She never shut up! So the waitress comes to check and see if I need anything when dad and the screamer are right beside me trying the machine yet again.

        Waitress: How’s the food?
        Me: Just fine, hit the spot.
        Waitress: Need anything else?

        The kid is still there yelling at her dad. I lean back on the backrest and point my thumb toward the kid.

        Me: YES!!
        Waitress: What can I get for you?
        Me: Well when someone starts a list to give that kid the spanking she needs please bring it to me so I can be the first to sign up to spank her since dad won’t.

        What happened? The other truckers spoke up, I’m second, I’m third, I’m fourth and so on. The waitress just smiled. Hell she could not say anything to the parents because their customers right. Well goes without saying that dad heard what I said and what the other truckers said and takes Miss. Manners back to their table. What’s that? It’s QUIET!!! They packed up and left within a few minutes. Waitress comes back to my table with a large, cold coke which I did not order. her words were simple.

        “Thank You for saying what you said about that kid. She was like that from the time they walked in and was getting on my nerves. Coke on the house.”

      2. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

        Dear lord, don’t even get me started about shit I have seen at truck stops.
        I was on a truck for a while, and it was a very unique experience, I’ll just say that.
        It is good to get out of the truck though. When I was on the truck we couldn’t go more than 11 hours at a time, not sure about you. If you worked for yourself or a company.

        I have this one story I tell people that I’m embarrassed about, and it was purely innocent. Unfortunately it wasn’t until after the situation occurred that the full scope of what had just happened slapped me in the face. One of the most humiliating experiences in my life took place at a hole in the wall truck stop in Iowa.

        I face palm myself every time I think about it.

  9. Profile gravatar of Mike

    The Iowa 80 huh? As for the 11 hours, I would run two log books. I had my truck leased to Interstate at the time and ran two log books. I was given a payless shoe load from Lawrence ,Ks to Fontana, Ca on fine day and hauled ass to Ca, drop and hook then back to Ks. At the time had a Freighshsker Century class with 500hp and twin 200 gallon motion lotion tanks. Then the idea hit. I would fuel at the same truckstop halfway between Lawrence and Fontana but do the whole trip. Well one log book read that when I fueled that is where I got the other trailer to take back to Ks. That week I hauled ass and got about 5,800 miles in. Sleep few hours or so here and there. Never got caught by the DOT bears but the company shut me down. When I got to the halfway point going to Ca I would unplug my Qualcomm until I got back to the halfway point so it matched fuel records.

    1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

      I wasn’t a driver at the time I was on a truck.
      I had just gotten out of the Army and my cousin was a driver. So I spent almost a year with him on the road. I cannot remember the company he was driving for at the time, it was a Chicken place out of Oklahoma. Wasn’t Tyson, it was some other frozen chicken company on the tip of my tongue.

      Anyway, I had a lot fun usually,

      Regarding my embarrassing experience.

      We stopped at this tiny truck stop in Iowa I believe, I mean wasn’t anything like a flying J or big like that.
      I wake up in the morning and I am going to go take a piss.

      Keep in mind I have been out of the Army at this time around 2 months, so Im used to standing in line for the most mundane of tasks and Im very much still asleep.
      i walking to the place the trucker side, and I hang a right through the lounge to find the bathroom.
      I see a guy go in. Now, up until this moment every restroom I went in had stalls urinals, they were muli person bathrooms.

      Jesus, Im laughing just thinking about this..

      Anyway, So I see a guy walk in , a big dude probably 6’3″ on the 220+ side of things. I (Still not quite awake) walk into to the bathroom also and I see the guy standing there at the toilet taking a piss, and he looks over at me.

      I look around and realize this is a single bathroom with a single toilet. LOL That’s right, this bathroom is probably 12 feet long x7 feet wide max.

      So what does my dumb ass do? I go and stand in the imaginary line my half asleep brain told me existed. What this means is that Im standing nut to butt with this huge dude taking a piss in a single toilet bathroom.

      So imagine guy taking a piss, maybe 2 feet behind him Im standing slightly to the side, and behind me about 12 inches away is the wall.

      Now it is about this time shit start coming together for m, too little too late.
      I suddenly have dreaded realization that I have fucked shit up now and I am not sure what to do about it, so I back off all a little and I am kind of like a deer in the headlights. Im not sure if I should leave and wait or stand further back and let the dude finish. Im frozen in awkwardness, and thoughts seem to be taking forever to process!

      So while my slow ass brain tries to dissect the situation the guy finishes, zips up and walks pass me to wash his hands.

      I turn to face him at the sink waiting for him to go so I can now take a piss myself. LOL, you know, because I need some privacy damn it! lol

      Anyway, I say to this guy “Hey uh, man, I’m sorry about this I didn’t know it was this small”.. Which looking back on it probably wasn’t the best thing to say.

      He dries his hands opens the door and on his way out says “Whoa!…Thanks for the blow job!” …and walks out laughing. The trucker lounge was pretty crowded at the time so everyone heard it. Im going to have to walk back through them after Im done. I take my punishment like a man, I know damn well I deserve an ass whooping for my mistake. unfortunately I now look like a perv.

      I paid closer attention to what I was doing from that point on. I consider myself lucky I didn’t get my ass beat in this bathroom by the guy. I got back to the truck realizing how retarded I was for not paying attention. I really don’t know what else to say because when I think about it I’m literally speechless. LOL

      But, it was one of those unforgettable moments that every time you remember it you slap yourself in the face.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        I went to a mall her with my son and had to go to take a piss so head for the mensroom. I walk in and urinals all along the right side to the corner and then on the wall facing me. There is one pinoy in there standing at a urnial on the far wall so I pull up to yhe second one on my right, about 15 foot away from the pinoy and whip it out. What happens? The pinoy leaves his pisser so I figure he is done and leaving right? Wrong!! The asshole stands right behind me and no more than 2 foot away. Bat alert goes full alert but I can see his reflection on the tile wall and waiting for the pocket to get picked. Well asshole stands there about a minute and then pulls up to the pisser to my left, stands there like pissing while staring at me.

        Enough!!! I just looked over at him and asked him if I could fucking help him with something. Blank look the walks off. Never figured what that was about as he did not act or look gay like they do here.

      2. Profile gravatar of Mike

        I had a dumb ass attack when I was young, maybe around 8 or so. Mom took us somewhere and I had to piss so went to the mens room. Well I was looking but did not see the urinals any where but in the center of the room was this round thing with a pedal that went around the bottom of it. I found the urinal!! No one else in there so I whip it out and drain the vein when a man walks in from the back right up to the thing I’m pissing in. Steps on the foot pedal, wets his hands and gets soap from the soap dispenser and washes his hands. CRAP!!!! I was pissing in one of those circle style sinks used to wash your hands. He said nothing, washed his hands looking at me while I pissed in the sink. Hell first time I saw a sink like that and it was the right height to piss in.

  10. Profile gravatar of Gerd

    According to my personal experience, other “basic traits” of a Filipino/a are:

    1) being “too kind” (to put it mildly…I’d say, to suck up exaggerately from) to white men and women (to “measure” the depth of your wallet)

    2) Until they find out you aren’t exactly from the backstreets, they treat you like dirt…when they find out, that you have a good position (they don’t understand that “keeping up with the Jones” and flauting what you have or do it’s not always well seen in Europe and the US) they are sickeningly kind to you. Well, I can say I hate hypocrisy, in every form.

    3) They claim themselves to be “religious”, “God-fearing” (that’s why they are horrified when you talk about contraception to them), etc, but they have a tendency to steal (if they are so religious, the idea of “thou shalt not steal” should be well radicated in their brains…) , to “tempt” your partner (so he/she cheats on you, with all the consequences), treat the weaker members of their families (children, the elderly,, from whom they can’t siphon money anymore) like dirt and they waste their money on stupid things.