87.4% of Pinoys Suffering from Tooth Decay

At first I thought “87.4%” must be a miscalculation, especially given the apocryphal nature of “Filipino statistics” …another oxymoron for you CyberGod 🙂


But then my skepticism asked for leniency in the court of public opinion by offering the rebuttal (in the true Filipino style of deflecting, whining, denial and guilt tripping when caught with his/her pants down), “Think of the children!”

In my humble opinion, dental hygiene is one of those great clues that sheds much-needed light on “roach-infested” cultural norms and societal values.  It is a truth indicator, a reflection or litmus test if you will, of one’s self-esteem, ethics, morals and how well one takes care of himself/herself.  Give me a person with halitosis and I’ll show you a person who is not to be trusted.  By the way, it is just me or is my experience with Filipinos with bad breath (domestic or foreign-born) a common occurrence?

Just like trust in civil society, teeth are the under-appreciated necessity of health and well-being.  And like all good things in life, teeth need to be taken care of and maintained because neglecting them can lead to a myriad of other issues.

Which brings me back to “For heaven’s sake, think of the children!” If pediatric dental hygiene is that bad in the Philippines, there is no way in hell that country is going to improve because they’ve already created a whole another generation of rotted-toothed children to perpetuate the morally rotten culture that will bankrupt the country and its society a long time to come.

My many thanks to <foreign man seeking relationship> and others members of this website for inspiring this post.


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    A number of reasons.
    1. Pinoys don’t use dental floss.
    2. Many can’t afford toothpaste.
    3. Parents wern’t taught to use it so it gets passed on.
    4. Kids are disobedient and lazy.
    5. Parents don’t care.
    6. Poverty is a root problem when food is more important than dental hygiene.
    7. The diet probably has the highest content than any country in the world.
    8. Foods that counter decay, antibacterials such as turmeric and and citrus fruits and not common in the diet.
    9. Soft drinks every day.
    10. Junk food every day.

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      Citrus is one of the most common ingredients in all Filipino food. Never heard of calamansi or dalandan?

      But yes, god-aweful sugar in everything. Peanut butter is pure sugar with peanut flavor. The meat tastes like candy! O.O

      My wife was never taught to brush until she met me.

      It is a good thing I joked when I went to Asia that I was going to “Find a fisherman’s daughter with bad teeth and a good heart.” I did!

      It is laziness. My wife was told she could brush if she wanted to, but didn’t have to. After 16 hours of chewing on sugar cane, drinking instant juice drinks, soda, sugared mile, sweetened condensada, and sugary Milo…

      They have one share toothbrush from 1971 at home.

      So I bought them all tooth brushes.

      They sold them for rice and rum!!!

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    Here is what I noticed that could be put in the diet part. Filipinos do not drink milk, they just don’t. I have seen several dairy farms but never any milk for sale. It all comes from the Ozzies or Kiwis. They hate milk, good diet, better country, higher living standards, etc,etc. No wonder they make no progress..

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      Milk is a luxury item in the Philippines. The price of a carton of UHT milk in the Philippines is 3 times the price of UHT milk in a supermarket in Australia. Milk is all imported but there must be taxes and other extras added to get the price so high. Even infant formula sells for about twice the price as Australia. Filipinos would rather feed their kids cheap candies and sweet drinks not thinking of the future consequences. Most of them don’t visit a dentist until they need one of their teeth pulled.

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        Philippine water supplies are not Flouridated. That, plus their junk too much sugar diets and lack of knowledge of good dental hygiene are to blame for the widespread dental decay. And don’t forget in majority of places (i.e. squatters and the provinces) don’t have running water, or water only flows once a day for 1-2 hours. Unless kids get motivated to save water for teeth cleaning later, and it is impressed onto them the importance of dental hygiene, they won’t clean teeth.

        I advised one of my Aunts to give my (then one year old) cousin Flouride tablets while her teeth were developing. Aunt did not do it. Now, 10 year old cousin has rotten front teeth and she’s asked me to pay for porcelain caps.

        Why do they call dental caps as “jackets” by the way?

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          I’ve thought about the fluoride factor. Thing is I grew up on well water as did everyone else in town. I do not remember a single kid in school sporting rotten teeth. And not all kids are good at brushing their teeth. But everybody drank milk, soda and sweets were treats not mainstays. Priorities here are cell phone, load, internet cafe, Red Horse, junk food, rice. Even family members who were young children or born during the great depression didn’t have rotten teeth, and believe me they were dirt poor. There was no fluoridated water or toothpaste. Maybe they need to drop the import tax and VAT on milk and educate the difference between calcium and sugar.

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            Tacitus Post author

            Well said, BLX2. I grew up in a dirt poor family where resources, milk and dental care were all but non-existent but my parents sacrificed even if it meant working seven days a week at some of the most menial jobs imaginable. This isn’t about poverty! This is about culture and the mindset of members of a degenerate society who deliberately CHOOSE to put their own well-being ahead everyone else including their own children.

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    Here’s one that gets me, a little off topic. A service connect vet in the states goes into VA every so often for exams and see the shrink. So the shrink asks what you buy when you go to the super market. Food of course then I would tell them first week of the month 5 gallons of milk and one case of beer plus food for the month. Then would drink 5 gallons of milk a week yet the case of beer last the whole month. What does the shrink see? Just the case of beer! 24 beers to last for 30 days. Hell, I’m not an alcoholic I’m a milkaholic!!

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    The fucked up thing about filipino dentists is …

    If it hurts ….

    Ive known many to extract peefectly good teeth

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      I suppose its the cheapest option for them. Just need a pair of pliers!

      Suppose Im lucky. I’ve got a superb filipina dentist and she’s one of the main reasons I travel to the the philippines every year.

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        I’ve found that it’s a mentality…
        If it hurts get it out

        Rather than treat it or deal with it
        much like the rest of Filipino society….
        Avoided the problem… Extricate yourself from the situation….
        Don’t deal with it


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      There is a fight between the dentists and doctors. The dentists say it’s a cavity. The doctors say it’s a skin condition caused by allergy by hot dogs, chicken and eggs.

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    Since 2007 I have spent over P150k fixing different pinays teeth. It’s a running joke with my family and a couple of friends that know the stories. Like P75k+ for a girl I felt sorry for who turned around and stole my passport because I didn’t want a relationship with her. I met a japayuki once who had the most offensive spoiled five year old little puke I ever met. His whole mouth, and I mean all his front teeth were silver. It definitely wasn’t caused by lack of money for dental care. How in the hell can a five year old kids teeth rot out? I only met the girl once and never contacted her again. It was nothing she said or did, I will never forget how appalling that little bastard was.

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        Watch it. We have 4 little Hitlers here.

        Actually, Heinrich, Wilhelm, Siegfried, and Günther.

        But just because we are strict, organized, and efficient does not make us evil. It is our culture.

        Like Flip culture is to be lazy, dirty, disorganized, etc.

        Unless you were making a compliment 🙂

        (Nazis were not even half as bad a common history says)

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          She refers to this kind not because of what you cite. The kid is a bully, not disciplined by his parents and in facts orders both his mom and dad around. Same kid is 12 years old. They never say no to him and gets everything he wants. He will go over to daughters house to play and hit 7 year old apo, run through the flower gardens tearing everything up. There is a difference between a German and a Nazi. As for me well my great, great, great, great grandfather was Daniel Issac Van Burklow.

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    This article breaks my heart. My nephew (who we had to look after with his dad every fortnight for a weekend – don’t ask why his dad was deemed not able to look after the son he doted on) had rotten teeth at the age of 4 years old – why???? His thick, nasty piece of work mother gave him coke for breakfast, lunch and supper (and yet she accused my brother of all sorts of heinous crimes – talking to his son, reading to him, playing games with him – lego, trains, spelling, taking him to the park, getting him to socialise with other children). And Social Services did absolutely nothing – not one thing – even though my brother and I called them (they said they’d do something – they did nothing). How can a mother allow her children to be so neglected and get away with it??
    I wish I were exaggerating, but I’m not.

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      I saw a poster once in the U.S. listing abusive behavior (to woman), on the list was threatening to report them for child abuse/neglect. They have no problem slamming the father, but when it’s the mother they tend to go out of their way to either dismiss it or find a way to blame the father.

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          And the most disgusting part is they claim to do it in the best interest of the child. The deck is really stacked.
          “Over 40% of victims of severe physical violence are men”

          “More men than women were victims of intimate partner physical violence within the past year, according to a national study funded by the Centers for Disease Control and U.S. Department of Justice.”

          “20,548,000 men (18.1%) and 16,578,000 (13.9%) women were subjected to psychological aggression.”


          Where there is domestic abuse there is a very good chance you’re dealing with cluster B. These groups use “think of the children” when it comes to abuse to woman. But isn’t it obvious they could care less about the children when the abuse is female on male? Why not equal protection for the children regardless if the abuser is male or female?

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      Tacitus Post author

      PWYFYB, it is a shame how institutions that should have protected your brother and your nephew FAILED. How is it that we pay taxes to pay people to do NOTHING!?!? It is extortion and criminality of the worst kind because it is legal and claims to serve the people.

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    yes, so true about the lack of any dental care, just too poor or would rather spend the money on a cell phone or supporting a lazy parent.

    Spent probably around 50 k on the GF and her younger sister to get their teeth fixed. Both aren’t super intelligent but they picked up on toothpaste and brushing pretty quick. Found a toothbrush in the fridge last week during a visit, just had to ask who it belonged to and why it was in the fridge.

    To keep the cockroaches off it I was told.

    Next trip my toothbrush is going in the fridge too.