A Colony Of Ants Has More Courtesy And Order

Take a walk downtown, or through a mall. Just observe the people. It’s like there is no thought processing. Like there is some kind of short circuit between their eyes and their motor function. I’m walking, and what I’m used to is seeing someone coming towards me, and we both compensate and pass without bumping into each other.

Not in Philippines. It’s like the attitude is, “I’m not going to divert from my path, I’ll make him get out of my way, or just bump right into him”. Or maybe it’s just that their minds are incapable of such processing.

Another instance is I will be approaching an exit door, as well as a few others. Most people who can manage simple courtesy and thought processing, will slow down, speed up, yeild or whatever. Not native filipinos. They will just keep walking at the same momentum, and completely cut you off in the door frame, something that would be considered incredibly rude and ignorant anywhere else in the world. Same thing with the drivers. It’s like they cannot foresee. They can only process the “now” and just keep on making that turn directly into oncoming traffic, making the oncoming traffic have to slam on their breaks to avoid a collision. Nobody will drive cooperatively. So many times I witness utter gridlock at intersections. Nobody will yeild, nobody will allow anyone to go first, and then they get stuck in a gridlock and will sit there until a traffic officer comes and directs people to back up and move.

Mindless stupid filipinos: FAIL!!

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    Dick Hammer

    Greetings FiloFail…fellow misfit!! Yep, this is EXACTLY how these brain dead morons are here…incredible rudeness, outight hostility. Keep telling it as it is!!

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    HAHA…I keep coming back to this post to reassure myself that Im not crazy. Last week we go to the mall to pick up a few things. Looking for a parking spot I see one close to the entrance and position my car so I can back into the slot. A car is coming toward me now so I ASSUMED he would stop and wait for me to finish backing my car in before proceeding on past me. How silly of me!! This dumbass squeezes his car in between mine and the other parked cars as soon as he sees daylight missing my car and the others by centimeters taking him no less than 5 mins to get through. Had he waited for me to park the car….

    Anyways he parks the car two spots down from me. I get out ask him WTF?? His response? You got it…infamous blankstare

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    It’s just the same as people cutting in line. I can’t stand it when their reasons are that they’re in a hurry or their grocery is just small compared to what you’re carrying. Sometimes people are just plain annoying, complete strangers, asking you to include their items in your basket if you’re not willing to let them cut in line.

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    try lining up for an international flight in manila airport. They bring everything but the kitchen sink. Then the bags are overweight and they are texting for money or friends to come and get their crap.
    Do they not understand 7 kgs for handcarry? 15 kgs for an extra bag?????

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      Planning ahead isn’t exactly a Filipino’s strong point, and I’m required to plan with them on a weekly basis since being appointed class president at my school, since I have the most potential to get shit done…. obviously (as if I a Filipino would? Hahaha!) Everything gets done at the last fuckin minute here, when I’m use to shit being done early or at least on time. I’m currently being put in charge to organize a party this friday and collect donations from the class. Everybody wants to go, but nobody has contributed yet. Knowing these idiots well, they will probably contribute Friday morning, or sometime during the day of the party after I have already purchased the necessities for the party. I’m suppose to collect the money first to make sure I have enough, but I’m not too fuckin poor to pay for some of the expenses out of pocket, they are lucky they have an organized/selfless foreigner in their class batch, or this party plan would’ve gone to hell, like everything else they have planned here.

      And just to put this out since this relates to this blog about how Filipinos lives in the ‘NOW’ and don’t think or plan about the future. Trying playing a video game with them! That is hilarious! Specifically, Resident Evil. The Filipino fucker I usually play with on Coop is always dying since he ALWAYS tends to run out of ammo, but wonders why. This idiot is very trigger happy, shooting off ammo all over the place, the only way I can survive is to let him have all the ammo while I do the killing with hand-to-hand combat. He can’t even prioritize his ammo, just wasting all of his shotgun rounds on simple/easy to kill zombies, then comes time to kill the big boss, he is only left with weak handgun bullets. I tell the idiot to conserve ammo of his stronger guns for the stronger monsters/zombies later, but he doesn’t think about later, he is only thinking about NOW! Now I have a shotgun, it kills faster, so NOW I must use it! But ends up getting fucked later when it comes time to needing a shotgun to take down the stronger enemies…. What a fuckin Filipino idiot! He isn’t the only Filipino I play Resident Evil with, the other two I play it with does the same exact stupid ass fucking thing! That’s why I only play on Normal or Easy level with a Filipino on coop, which is equivalent to playing on VERY HARD on solo. A Filipino’s mentality revolves around every aspect in life from real life scenarios, to even playing video games with them.

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    the neighborss must have come into some money cos i hear dem holleering and screaming next door at midnite.
    u can alway s tell payday cos the y hav e beer abd koroke

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    One time I was in Mindanao and I boarded a tricycab in Ozamis bus station destined for the port to catch my boat. We had to wait because the driver didn’t want to leave the station until he had all the seats filled on the tricycab. The cab section was all full, and I was sitting behind the driver on the motor, and he was waiting for 2 more spaces on that could be accommodated behind me. So, so some silly bitch told me I should pay for both seats so we all can leave. I was kind of taken back. Yeah, I said no. “Why not you pay, it is your idea”? Anyways she said “you have money”. I wish somebody besides me put her in her place! I was really pissed with stupidity!!!

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    reminds me of the b&*tch at moa who forgot her sm advantage card in her phoooey vitton bag,,, at home,, so she makes the teller cry …. if that was in my homeland i would have hit the b*&^tch!!!!!!!!!

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    did u ever notice??
    american story in newspaper = my brother and i got drunk. went home
    flip story in newspaper = my brother who lives in new york and has a phd in ;crap ,,, who has a beauty queen for a wife, who flew business class from usa,, who has a car,,,,, yada yada,, blah,, blah,,, who came here with lots of money,, dollars, pa,, who took me to cebu,,,, who sat with luciano tan on the plane,,,, yada yada,,,, blah,,me and him drunk.
    i see this bullshit all the time in newspapers about their stories of their [email protected] lives i dont want to knowabout

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      jimmy smith

      So true Al. Its a glamour and bling, bling.

      They sit and talk exactly like that and then 2 minutes into them bragging lies of others and usally Family related people, then they will ask the question. “do you have 50 peso?” or “do you have a smoke?”

      They just spend 2-7 million peso with Words of bling, bling and yada, yada like al says…and then they dont even have for a beer or smoke !

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    jimmy smith

    Been observing the same thing there Filofail. And like that keep telling it like it is comment from Dick Hammer ! Its Ako country you Guys are in. Pinoyland !
    There is no reason to think, nobody else bothers. No reason to be nice to you because nobody is being nice to ako. You are a crab in the bucket when in Pinoyand.
    Either you play their mindless and useless KING OF THE HILL game or else…..

    Consider yourself the Lucky crab, you can fly out of there !
    As for the line up in that so called airport of theirs…I never seen an airport where there are signs saying “dont skip the line”. I fail to find an airport I ever been to other than that excuse of an airport in Manila where such signs exist.

    I bet those signs are for the foreigners. So they know there IS law and order present in Pinoyland, and it comes in the shape of a SIGN !

    I also see the airport staff texting and sleeping in the wheelchairs for the disabled. I was sitting on the floor along with 10000 others. Hospitality I have heard of many times. I know there is service also to be had, I heard about that as well. Good food, oh yeah please ! Those are the good Things we can talk about here.

    But when the hell do I get to SEE IT and TASTE that GOOD food ??????!!!!!

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    if a flip did not have 3 gallons of cooking oil he could not cook…
    fill the frying up to the top,, that is a high level mark,, turn on high,,,throw something from 3 feet away. use 4 foot spoon to turn the crap… grease flying all over the pace. oh crap,, wowwowwee is on, come back in 20 mins to burnt food.

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      L. "Dead Man Walking" K.

      wowowwee is back? Ever since he resigned it feels like more and more flips are out and about wandering making a messing of things.

      Anyways, now that you mention common courtesy, especially the getting in the way of eachother part. Far back as i can remember i was never taught this courtesy. It’s one of those things that come naturally. Back home in the case where i do bump into someone i always give a smile and a prompt “sorry/pardon me” and i make a slight arm gesture in the direction i will go to clear up the mess. Usually the other party returns the smile.

      In the flippapines when i do my courteous rounds i usually get twitched eyebrows or open eye gestures like i just pulled out a gun.

      Many times i run into Hotel school la salle students, not the scholars, the witless rich kids of the philippines that wear the black suit and tie. These rich kids that will eventually go on to serving my liquor and doing my bed when i stay at a hotel, are used to traveling in groups of 4+ taking up the entire sidewalk forcing other pedestrians to walk on the road full of maniac drivers. I have no mercy for these arrogant dimwits. When the opportunity arises i show no quarter and march along square shoulders. When we collide i put in extra force just to see them fall on their ass.

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    Alicia Cummings

    when i first went california i was amazed at how disciplined people are, following all the rules (even stop signs, that filipinos cannot get no matter what—try going to subic), then i went to new york & found it was a bit like the philippines…but the last time i was in the US, cali has changed a lot, i guess coz the US is more and more failing as an economy, now they are a bit like new york or philippines (no, still far from the philippines), so i guess it must be related to how poor your country is? that is how uncivilized people are?