A Few Observations

New to the blog so I decided to share a few thoughts on observations from living here the last 5 years or so in Sewerbic Bay.


Many flips dont look when before they cross the road. Just wander out into traffic and look after you have already had to swerve to miss them. Only country I have ever seen like this in my extensive travels.

Many flips will cross the road even when there is a marked pedestrian crossing as close as a meter away. I know drivers usually ignore them any way but WTF?

In malls, they manage to group together and block an entire walkway. Frequently stopping right in front of an exit just to compound their stupidity and ignorance. Worst example was coming off a lift. 2 flips in front stopped side by side on the metal plate at the top of a lift… no way around so as I got close I said in a booming voice, “Move!”. Never seen a flip jump so high and fast lol.


Almost nobody here knows how to drive or what the driving rules are. Probably because they just paid for the licence and “learned” as they went. I have a bike and a scooter and every day without fail I see stupid/bad driving from pretty much every one. No one can stay in a lane, but at night in the rain you can’t see the lines anyway because they use cheap paint that is only visible in good day light. Cars frequently almost run you off the road in order to get a millimeter of advantage. Worst driving on a bike I have seen so far would probably be texting on a bike and steering with one hand on a bend. Overtaking on blind corners is a daily occurrence.

Sometimes I take a girl for a ride with me. About 7 have refused over the years because they were scared. On further probing, all was due to someone they knew dying in a bike accident. Additional probing confirmed that in 6 of the 7 cases, the driver was drunk. Go darwinism!

The bigger the car the more entitlement. Pretty self explanatory to anyone who drives. I have the biggest car, get out of my way.

Parking can be done anywhere any time, regardless of what is marked or reasonable. Bigger car rule applies here too. Double, triple park, block the road…. I don’t care, it’s all about me. I have seen on many occasions at night, idiots parking sideways to block 3 drive in spaces instead of just parking nose first into one.

Flips driving on the expressway are constipated, they can’t let anything pass. They don’t know how to use indicators and turn on their hazard lights because it’s raining, even though they are traveling at 100km an hour on an expressway. Fail.

Customer Service

A true oxymoron in the Failappines. Stand outs here would have to PLDT/Smart and Globe. I will share those stories later.

Filipino Time

Generally is clock time plus 30 minutes. I allow for this when arranging meetings.


The only goal most girls seem to have in life is to have a baby. At 20 they are already feeling the pressure to have one soon. Many times girls have asked me to give them a baby and didn’t care if I took any further part. Career, no….job, no… baby, yes. They don’t even care if they know who the father is and many times they actually don’t. Failappines has the highest rate of teenage pregnancy in the world. I can’t afford to feed it or cloth it and I don’t have money for milk or diapers but I have a baby. Yay! Thank the Catholic church for that.

Public Urination

Manny got it wrong when he described gays as no better than animals. Pretty much every male in the country is an animal because the world is their toilet. Just find a wall, whip it out and piss to your hearts content. That’s what my dog does because he’s an animal that doesn’t know any better.

Stop it FFS! Please?

Text Messaging

When texting a flip they can only deal with 1 question at a time. Takes a lot longer but best not to do it any other way. That’s why the phone companies have unli packages, because they know it takes 20 texts to get through a simple exchange.

Furthermore I never understand the random hello texts that when you reply back the conversation has ended. Just today a girl text me and I replied but 2 hours later and nothing further. Why text me in the first place? WTF?


Have you ever painfully watched as the flip in front of you at the ATM pokes at the keys like a chicken pecking for corn? If you have an ATM card, learn how to use it for FFS. I understand when you have to make multiple withdrawals due to cash out per transaction limits (of course that makes no sense but we can discuss that later) but most of the time I never see them withdraw, just cancel and stick card in again. I take about 30 seconds and I’m done. If you don’t know how much is the account, check the balance first and then proceed. It’s not rocket science. Arrrgggg!

Out of stock

The most commonly heard phrase in the Failappines. It’s almost guaranteed that the one thing you really want will be out of stock. Last week they had it, today, walla. No one seems to understand stock control, order, inventory management. This feeds into my next point.

No ambition or forethought

95% of the populous has pretty much zero drive, forethought or any ambition to do something useful with their life or try to improve their life. I have never seen any country like this, so bereft of drive and forethought. When I first saw unemployment rates of 9% i thought they were understating it big time. But now I know it’s a function very few people actually want to work.

This country gets hit by about 24 typhoons a year on average. They still don’t properly plan ahead to mitigate deaths and destruction. Very sad but somewhat a bit of darwinism at work again. Typhoon or any disaster planning….out of stock!

So what do I think does it take to live here in relative sanity? Patience, relaxed attitude and an expectation that any person, process or procedure will have no foundation in logic or common sense..

That’s enough for my opening blog. Hope it’s not too long for you.

My saga with Globe… coming soon.

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  1. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Mind if I add a few?
    Customer service “No refunds”. Follow you around like your stealing the store blind.
    Driving: Pull over and stop on the right hand shoulder so they can cut across all lanes of traffic to make a left hand turn.
    Drive at night on roads with no street lights with your headlights off.
    Put a red lens over your headlight.
    Pile 7 filipinos, 2 hogs, baggage on a single motorcycle.
    Drive down the sidewalk.

    Then there are the accidents. I’ll set the stage. In Surigao City on the left of national highway as going south is a Parkway store. So one day there is an accident at the south corner which closes lanes. So filipinos going south line up on the right shoulder then the left lane. Now from right lane to the front of Parkway is about 50 yards or so and Parkway parking lot right up to the steps. The filipinos were piled up from the south bound right lane all the way up to the steps of Parkway. So these fuckers made no less than 10 lanes trying to squeezed into one lane.

    I owned my own 18 wheeler in the states and drove in all the major cities during rush hour. When filipinos drive they are complete assholes and the worst drivers I have ever seen. Wife just got her drivers license last month and thinks because she has one she knows how to drive. Yes she went to a driving school for 8 hours, they did not even show her how to turn the headlights on. Last month she bought a brand new car and already a single motor already done a hit and run on it.

    Some things filipinos should not be allowed to own:
    1.) Anything with an engine.
    2.) Pets/animals.
    3.) Bleach/chlorine. Yes, they keep bleaching my clothes and ruining them. But their excuse is great “The sun faded them”

      1. Profile gravatar of Richard aka Dick Head
        Richard aka Dick Head

        About this phenomenon of passenger jeepneys with headlights turned off at night on a busy thoroughfare, I’ve actually asked some jeepney drivers about it and the common two explanations I got are the following:

        1.) Headlights should be off so that the prospective passengers by the roadside can read the destination signage posted on the right side of the windshield. If the headlights were turned on, they might not see the signage as the vehicle approaches their waiting area and could miss their ride. Besides, the other motor vehicles have their headlights switched on so it provides sufficient illumination for them to at least see road ahead.

        2.) The other reason is, get this, it conserves and prolongs battery life.

        Probably the most moronic reasons I’ve heard in a long long time.

      2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        Ah SEWERBIC do you mind if I purloin that one .
        The smell of turds on Baloy beach in the morning.
        More fun in Subic, oh, signs up do not swim here ,sewerage disposal into the bay.
        Right in front of a seafood restaurant on SBMA, and they wonder why its always empty

        .I liked the excuse for no lights is its saves them fuel.!!!!!!
        They will drive on the national hwy at 30klm per hour to save fuel never mind they have to be in 1st or 2nd gear to go that fucking slow.

        WHY THE FUCK wont they get off THE FUCKING HWY when they stop to drop off or pick up passengers.
        WHY THE FUCK don’t they use the DESIGNATED FUCKING BUS STOPS with the shelter built at great expense all over the fucking place.
        WHY THE FUCK don’t they make the lazy pricks walk to the jeepnee instead of stopping every thirty feet, and then NOT GET OFF THE FUCKING HWY.
        WHY THE FUCK do they do FLOOD MITIGATION WORKS where it never floods and do FUCK ALL WHERE IT FLOODS EVERY YEAR WITHOUT FAIL. But sir we have our program .

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          Why don’t they use the designated bus stops? They do use them,,,, as pissing spots. There was one close to our diner in VC on the way to which walking distance, maybe 1/2 mile. So I walk to SM and get about 50 foot away from said shelter and the smell of stale piss is already overpowering. Getting closer the filipinos are sitting on the wait bench in that smell while pinoys are lined up along the back wall pissing everywhere.

          1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
            Don Quixote

            I had not thought of that. Just goes to show you even in Flipland there is some form of Logical explanation.
            ALTHOUGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            They could piss on someone else’s wall instead of the FUCKING BUS STOP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            HESUS BLOODY CHRISTO , they would shit in their own nest.
            Raining now that may make the lazy pricks use the BUS STOPS.
            We will see.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        In all my years I have learned one thing. I cannot have an intelligent conversation with a retarded person. They just cannot understand what is being said and nor explain themselves with any intellect what so ever, as you keep insisting on proving. Food scientist huh? From your comments and lack of insight I don’t think you have graduated from baby food to solids yet. Claim to be 39 and still living with mommy by the looks of it. Just like most filipinos if anything is said they do not agree with then it is labelled hate, insults and so forth.

        Now I really don’t care what you say. Any point you have put up has been proven wrong and most of the time with the sources YOU provided yet you call other people stupid? I’ll tell you flat out what I think. I think your one of those stupid filipinos who says anything to try and sound smart, trying to fool other people into thinking you are better than what you know you really are. Your just another butt hurt filip[ino who cannot stand the truth about the condition your country is in and it’s your fault and no one else’s. Your life sucks and you know it that’s why you are here to try to find some meaning for your shallow life. But again you have failed as you know this site only highlights how shitty your life really is.

        So here you are trying to fool people into thinking you are smart, well employed, educated and so on. Now what else do I think? I think your a queer that come to this site trying to pick up a foreign bf. Piss off asshole.

    1. Profile gravatar of Grinnil

      I love their mentality to blame the sun for everything. One day my stepson came home from school sick, the next day I was sick, the day after that my wife was sick. she said we got sick from the sun LOL, after I explained viruses to them her son started to get it, he said a girl in his class was sick the day before he got sick.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Take my son to the dr and I always get the same thing. Dr sits there in a chair across from son staring at him then says: “He’s allergic to hot dogs, eggs and chicken.” Never runs a test or anything. Then one time took him to hospital because big toe was so infected that the puss was everywhere and toe nail coming off. Hospital refused to even look at his toe, the excuse? “We cannot look at it because it did not happen today.”

        1. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
          Random Numbers

          @oldnavyfart Why do you keep going to that doctor? There are a few good doctors in the Philippines, but you REALLY need to shop around! I had one doctor so stupid she said that the reason I kept getting tonsillitis was because my tonsils were so big that food stuck to them! So I never saw that fool again.

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Here’s the thing, it was not the same doctor! Son would break out with sores on legs,arms and head which would stay about a week then vanish. I think he got an infection from the hospital when he was admitted once which cause it. So we take him to a dr for some reason, fever, injury and such and that’s what all the drs said except for one. I told her what the others said and she asked if they ran tests and was told no. She then said they are full of shit then.

            See, I have heard the allergic to chicken, eggs and hot dogs by different drs on different islands. So now somewhere in the pi at some medical school there is a teacher standing in front of the class of future “doctors”;
            Student: But dr. Cruz, what do we do if someone comes in with a condition which we don’t know what it is? We can’t sit there and lose face while looking stupid.
            Dr. Cruz: That is a very good question, glad you asked. You simply tell them that it is because they are allergic to chicken, eggs and hot dogs. Or tell them you cannot treat them because it did not happen today.

          2. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
            Random Numbers

            @oldnavyfart Yeah, the saving face and always knowing the answer part. In the west, we have the “Hippocratic Oath”, first do no harm. In the Philippines, they have the “Filipino Oath”, first get the money, and say they need more treatment if they are white, then give an explanation, even if you have no clue. I have had a few good doctors there, and a bunch of idiots.

        2. Profile gravatar of Raiders16

          @oldnavyfart I like when they’re so confused and You have 10 specialist looking at you all at once. They act like they’re diagnosing what’s wrong with you, go discuss it in a private room amongst each-other and then come back with no answer. That cycle continues at least 3 to 4 times.

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Here’s one I like. So we go to the doctor or such and doc sitting there trying to figure it out. You can see the rusty wheels trying to turn and smoke from where the gears are grinding trying to break free from the rust. So after watching the confused look on his face for an unbearable amount of time I just speak up and suggest what it might be.
            More confused looks and smoke, the gears are breaking from the rust slowly and with great effort. Then he figures out what I said was right and prescribes the meds I talked about. Here’s what doc don’t know. I went to navy HM school and still remember a lot of it. Plus worked in medical field for 8 years after the navy. It’s like I tell my wife, it’s a shame when a battlefield medic knows more than a filipino doctor.

          2. Profile gravatar of DingDong

            I have an eye problem called Central Serous Retinopathy (CSR) and need to have this checked every few months. Keep in mind that this is an Eye Clinic!
            ME: I am Mr DingDong, I have an appointment with Dr Szell at 2:00 PM
            RECEPTIONIST: What is your condition?
            ME: Central Serous Retinopathy (CSR)
            RECEPTIONIST: (Vacuous Look) A what? (Needs to fill-in a form on a Typewriter)
            ME: Just put CSR the Doctor will know what that is
            RECEPTIONIST: S-C What?
            ME: C-S-R You do know what that is?
            (Long Pause)
            RECEPTIONIST: Customer Service Representative?

          3. Profile gravatar of Raiders16

            @oldnavyfart me and the wife went to Medical City Ortigas, Makati Medical and the new hospital in The Fort for her ultra sound. All three hospitals have A different diagnosis.

            1. Medical city: cyst in ovary.
            2. Fort hospital: something about fluid .
            3. Makati medical: something about the baby being too big. Wtf??? Is that?!

            Going to Singapore next week to see a real doctor.. Lol

          4. Profile gravatar of Raiders16

            @oldnavyfart One of the doctors actually burped and farted in front of our faces.this classy individual was supposed to be the top doctor in his field at Makati medical.. Sounds like a recto doc

  2. Profile gravatar of Nik

    nothing new, but final part with survival strategy is very true. that’s the only way you can deal with most of population here without becoming insane.

  3. Profile gravatar of JudgeDredd0621

    Or maybe give them a piece of your First World mind and put them in their place. Yeah, they may call you an arsehole behind your back….but that’s some story to share to your grandchildren down the road

  4. Profile gravatar of Attila

    “Failappines has the highest rate of teenage pregnancy”
    It’s about 200,000 a year. That’s a 2010 statistic and it could be higher now. That means many Filipino men are having sex with underage girls

    1. Profile gravatar of Failappines
      Failappines Post author


      One in ten young Filipino women age 15-19 has begun childbearing: 8 percent are already mothers and another 2 percent are pregnant with their first child according to the results of the 2013 National Demographic and Health Survey (NDHS).

      In 2010, latest I could find , it was 207,898 teenage mums so probably much higher for sure.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        “One in ten young Filipino women age 15-19 has begun childbearing:”

        Opppps! They missed (intentionally?) counting the 14 year olds still at schools especially those in the mountains and the provinces. …

        1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

          Ohh, how beautiful when mixed with the Right blood! (Germanic, of course!;-)
          The pro creativity of pinay mixed with German intelligence, industriousness, and discipline!:-)

          I guess I’d prefer pinay/German blood to importing a medieval culture!!;-) Would be good for German men too, they’d soon realise the nessecity to grow some balls, lest they wanna perish!!!;-)

          Give it 25 years and their demographics would be up to par….

          Their new “countrymen” means only “parallel societies”, any idiot knows that!

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Don’t tell Mindanao that. He’ll be cruising the elementary schools and parks with a sack of candy looking for a date.

      2. Profile gravatar of Failappines
        Failappines Post author

        Another article today https://sg.news.yahoo.com/philippines-only-country-asia-where-075244128.html

        MANILA, Philippines (AP) — The Philippines is the only Asia-Pacific country where the rate of teen pregnancies rose over the last two decades and the slow decline of its overall fertility rate may deprive the country of the faster economic growth expected in places that have more working-age people than younger and older dependents, the U.N. Population Fund said Thursday.

        Girls aged 15 to 19 make up 10 percent of the country’s population of 100 million and one out of 10 of them have already given birth, UNFPA country representative Klaus Beck said. That fertility rate in that age group is 57 births for every 1,000 girls as of 2013 — higher than rates found by surveys every five years from 1998.

        He emphasized the urgency of fully implementing a reproductive health law, investing in quality education and health services for teenage girls, and increasing jobs for youth.

        The cost of not finishing high school education over the lifetime of young people would be equivalent to about 1 percent of the country gross domestic product, he added.

        The study supported by UNFPA found that “due to the slow reduction in the fertility rate the country may not be able to benefit fully from the demographic dividend,” or the balance of its population among children, working-age adults (age 15 to 65) and elderly. It said the window of time to reap economic benefits from the favorable demographics was closing fast.

        The Philippines’ total fertility rate was 3 births per woman as of 2013, falling at a slow pace of 1.6 percent per year from 7 births per woman in 1960. But the poorest quintile of the population has a higher fertility rate of 5.2 births per woman as of 2013.

        “With the right policies and investments in human capital, countries can empower young people to drive economic and social development and boost per-capita incomes,” Beck said.

        Economic Planning Secretary Ernesto Pernia said the administration of new President Rodrigo Duterte will ensure quality education for the youth and full implement of the reproductive health law that guarantees universal access to methods of contraception, sexual education, and maternal care. The Supreme Court ruled the law was constitutional in 2013 but a year later it banned dispensing of subdermal implants, a popular birth control method because it is long-term and safe for breastfeeding women.

        Pernia said the government aims to reduce poverty by 1.25 percent to 1.5 percent each year, and a big push for that would be to reduce the number of children among the poorest people, citing surveys that show those couples have more children than they wanted.

      1. Profile gravatar of Attila

        @pinoyPete What are you mumbling? The statistics are from the Philippine Statistics Authority. Maybe you are one those Filipino men who are having sex with underage girls? Over 200,000 is just the number of those who are pregnant or mothers already but what about those who did not get pregnant? Filipino men are doing a great job of trashing their own women and children. Congratulations for you and all the Filipino men for scoring a new low for dumbfuckery.

  5. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Why is it that when they sneeze they make it as loud as they can?
    What is up with the hot dogs, the little red bastards? They put them on pizza, in spaghetti, on a stick with marshmallows just to name a few.

        1. Profile gravatar of Attila

          Pinoys part of the Mongolid race or the East Asians if you want to be politically correct. If we follow the progressive liberal hate logic then Eastern Europeans have the right to hold the Mongolod race collectively responsible for their genocide and slavery against us. If Whites can be collectively blamed for what happened in colonial USA, or what some colonial powers (Western Europeans) did, then we Eastern European can hold the Mogoliod race including the Pignoys responsible. I’m not progressive and I don’t believe in their racist theory and generalizations but it feels good to give them their own medicine. Especially if the progressives are Filipinos like the anti-white Anakbayan. It is nice to call them savages because they earned it and let’s hope these and other pignoy imbeciles also choke on their Hungarian sausage,

          1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza


            Attila, you cannot have read much of what I have written!;-) If you had you would know that I Hate “political correctness” with ardent fervor!

            Secondly, this so-called “progressiveness” is anything but progressive! Based on lies and lack of historical knowledge, constructed to delude the illiterate!

            Thirdly, why don’t you?! (Hold them collectively responsible!) The World held Germany collectively responsible for the murder of the Jews, they complied, and are now close to eradicating themselves as a people, because they let “progressive” teachers brainwash their youngsters with “Guilt” for 60 years! ( I’ve seen it with my own eyes! Instantly understanding that there would be repercussions!)

            The Turks, who killed off 1,5 m. Armenians feel no guilt!

            The Spanish and the English/Americans who killed off a good number of Indians feel no guilt!
            They actually feel nothing but Pride of their accomplishments!

            The Russians with their innumerable killings of tartars, Ukrainians, kulaks, Hungarians, Czech, poles, equally feel no guilt!

            Hence the German killings are not unique in amount, only in time-span, effectiveness, base in political racial ideology, and the willingness of two peoples to keep the “Guilt” alive; the Germans themselves and the Jews. And, of course, having been done in a time of functioning media! In this way they are unique!

            So there is no Real Collective remorse on anything! The question is simply; Do you get caught, red-handed, and if you do, and admit, history will not reward your honesty!

            Only a deeply disturbed people lets in over a million people of different race, culture, religion, who professes in their faith to kill off their benefactors if they don’t convert! And pretends “business as usual afterwards”! What a sick, sick people!!!

            That’s Exactly what the Germans are now!; A deeply disturbed people! On the road to self-destruction, with a willingness to bring all of Europe with them, into the abyss!

            This is the consequence of 60 years of “self-flagellation”!

            That’s why the EU has to go! We cannot have a deeply disturbed people (and an even more disturbed leader!) to lead Europe!

            Hungary shall have praise for being the first to do what the Schengen actually demands; To protect the external borders! Being ridiculed by to-faced German leaders doing it!!!

            My guess would be not many here understand what we’re talking about!:-)

          2. Profile gravatar of Attila

            I agree with you that if it was done to the Germans why not have it done to others such as the Turks who committed genocide not only against the Armenians but to us Eastern Europeans in the name of Islam. If whitey is generally blamed why not go after the Mongoloid race and start blaming them for their historic savagery and genocide against us? I have no problem blaming them and trashing them as long as whitey is on the agenda. The Jews were victims but by this logic we could also come back to the Jews and hold them responsible for the Communist Jews, Oh boy they killed millions here on the East Side of Europe. http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3342999,00.html
            It would open a can of worm and a can of ass whooping. Should the world resort to it? Maybe it would set the record strait.

          3. Profile gravatar of JanIIISobieski


            Another post which I find great. Wondering why nobody reacted yet about the sentence about the Jews? Lat time I heard that in Sweden, USA, France and in the USA the concentrations camps was Polish (funny enough not just by the media but also by some US senators). Not only that but I think 3 years ago Obama was talking about Polish death camps. Polish? Really? Sorry but we was the country the suffered most under WWII.

          4. Profile gravatar of JanIIISobieski


            If say something like this and you are the President of the USA, how do you think it sound in our ears when the medias across the world trying to FALSE the history? He mean it or not its does not matter. It sending the wrong message to the entire world when the US president talking about polish death camps. Maybe he was an ignorant, but still how can you defend that the US president saying something which is such as stupid? We Poles are very sensitive about that.

          5. Profile gravatar of JanIIISobieski


            btw in those days many Poles saved many jews from the Germans, It was the Germans that was having those camps in Poland. Nazi was German. Germans was Nazi. And many Poles was risking their lives was saving the jews in that time. Lets make straight GERMAN death camps. NOT Polish death camps. Hope you understand my point.

          6. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
            Random Numbers

            @janiiisobieski He wasn’t trying to false the history, he simply misspoke. The White House has already apologized for that – 4 years ago. And I know that the Nazis were Germans, but not all Germans were Nazis. Hope you get my point. But if you are going to get your panties in a bunch every time someone misspeaks and then apologizes for the mistake, well, you won’t get any sympathy from me.

          7. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Yes Obama is stupid, can’t deny that. He should have said the NAZI death camps and not Polish or German.

          8. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Yes Obama is stupid, can’t deny that. He should have said the NAZI death camps and not Polish. It was the Nazis that ran the camps and not the Germans.

          9. Profile gravatar of Attila

            I don’t expect any reaction to my comments about the Communist Jews is because they know very little or nothing about them. Look, they were not victimized by them so it wasn’t their problem, They were also not victimized by Muslims like we were so they know zilch nada about the shit they are in now. Eastern Europe is not on the map for most of them. Not all but for too many it seems. You can ask Hungarians who Mátyás Rákosi was and they would know that he was a bloody commie dictator who was running the country with his AVH the secret police and killed tortured innocent people just because they were Christian or were not from the right society class. They would also know about the gulags (the labor camps) and the terror that was going on. But most importantly they know that he was a Communist Jew and the AVH was also run completely by Communist Jews. We know because it’s our historic experience. I don’t expect Western Europeans or Americans to know that in today’s world. They would not and sadly could not know the facts and also who Genrikh Yagoda and his and the other Jewish commissars were. Even if Yagoda was responsible for killing millions of Christians. They are honestly also scared to have an opinion about this beside being clueless. I’m just happy if they know where Budapest is on the map. https://youtu.be/NdCjV9wzupU

          10. Profile gravatar of JanIIISobieski


            “But if you are going to get your panties in a bunch every time someone misspeaks and then apologizes for the mistake, well, you won’t get any sympathy from me. ?

            Well, if this was a first time episode of misspeak of a single person I would not mind it so much and accepted the apology without searching a conspiracy theory. But if this is happening numerous of times per year abroad it begin to smell for me. Like mentioned before by US senators, Obama, press in countries like Sweden or France.

          11. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
            Random Numbers

            @janiiisobieski Happening numerous times a year? I did a few Google searches, and, according to Google, the last time Obama talked about “Polish Death Camps” was in 2012, and he apologized to the Polish people in writing, to wit:

            “In referring to ‘a Polish death camp’ rather than ‘a Nazi death camp in German-occupied Poland,’ I inadvertently used a phrase that has caused many Poles anguish over the years and that Poland has rightly campaigned to eliminate from public discourse around the world,” Obama wrote in a letter released by the Polish government. “I regret the error and agree that this moment is an opportunity to ensure that this and future generations know the truth.”

            So it has been over 4 years, and he apologized IN WRITING, yet you see some sort of conspiracy to change history. Almost everyone in the world either didn’t hear his comments, or has forgotten them by now. People like you are the only ones keeping this issue alive. Everyone else knows that he misspoke, apologized in writing, and tried not to make the same mistake again.

            I just wish he had learned the lesson to stop talking about things he doesn’t really know about when it comes to other topics the way he did with this one.

          12. Profile gravatar of JanIIISobieski


            ” Happening numerous times a year? ”

            Yes, however not all those mistakes was made by Americans. Another politician Sam Brownback which was a republican senator that time.

            ” People like you are the only ones keeping this issue alive.”

            Well just because you cant find some news in English doesn’t mean they doesn’t exist. You will be surprised that there is written a lot of news in other languages that never has been translated into English. If you could understand Polish you will know that just between 2011-2014 polish foreign affairs ministry had to correct worlds media 636 times. Most in USA- 110. Still think its just me that keeping this issue alive?


          13. Profile gravatar of Attila


            Good article. Unfortunately many Westerners not informed. Most of them read only English media and they live in their own world or should I say in their bubble and they end up being ignorant. They simply miss out on what’s going on. Should I blame them? The media and those who controls it does a spectacular job of keeping them in the dark. I don’t make that mistake and I read and watch not only English language media but my native Eastern European news sources as well. Otherwise we would end up like these fools. Look, let’s be brutally honest here: They ruined Western Europe and doing a good job taking down Australia and it seems the USA with them. They also don’t understand that we lost respect for many of them and how much we resent them for their pompous arrogance and ignorance. They really don’t know what the hell is going on. I hate to say it but after Pinoys I believe “Westerners” are right behind them in term of stupidity and dumbfuckery. Not all, I read some great articles and comments here in this forum and some of them I really like and respect so there is some hope. JanIIISobieski you may not be the most articulate and careful writer but I got your point and I understand and agree with it.

          14. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
            Random Numbers

            @janiiisobieski “Still think its just me that keeping this issue alive?” Yep, pretty much, you and people like you who are looking for a reason to be offended. You are no different than the liberals in the USA who constantly look for someone to misspeak so they can immediately voice their outrage. I see a bunch of people who, trying to show more knowledge of the issue than they (obviously) have, say “Polish Death camps” instead of “Nazi Death camps inside of occupied Poland”. This shows that they are imprecise and stupid, or perhaps ignorant, in my view. In your view, there is a world-wide conspiracy to change history so the Poles are blamed for the Holocaust instead of the Germans. Anyone with a knowledge of WW2 history knows the truth and just shakes their heads at these people and mutters “Idiot!”. I see ignorance and stupidity, you see a global conspiracy to blame the Holocaust on the Polish people.

          15. Profile gravatar of JanIIISobieski


            ” Yep, pretty much, you and people like you who are looking for a reason to be offended. You are no different than the liberals in the USA who constantly look for someone to misspeak so they can immediately voice their outrage.”

            Well, 636 misspeaks about Polish death camps in public in just 3 years is just a lot don’t you think? Especially when it is high officials of different countries saying that or just big main stream medias like NY Times.

            “. You are no different than the liberals in the USA who constantly look for someone to misspeak so they can immediately voice their outrage”

            You cant see the difference in this case, can you? I’m talking about a very important part of our history, suffer of our people to hide the many Jewish families and the very popular word “polish death camps” and you about the liberals in the USA. Its just something important for us Poles to remember. I’m not keeping the issue alive. I will prefer this issue was not excising. But I refuse not to see those huge numbers of misspeaking people.


            Thank you for that. I also know what are you referring to.

            For us Poles, WWII is a very sensitive topic to discuss. My old grandmother survive it. Before she dies I got some stories from her. And it was not nice stories.

            I guess my English is better spoken than written . Having some hard times sometimes to formulate myself with the right words.

          16. Profile gravatar of Attila

            Random Numbers

            I know where JanIIISobieski is coming from when he talks about world-wide conspiracy to change history so the Poles are blamed for the Holocaust instead of the Germans. This phenomenon started during the Communist regime. After WW2 many Eastern European countries were forced to have communistic governments as the result of the occupation by the Soviet union Those communist leaders of those courtiers looked at the whole nation as fascist and Nazis. They labeled their own people and held them collectively responsible for the holocaust and many other things. In Hungary e.g. the commie dictator Rakosi openly declared that he came back (from the Soviet Union) to the country of millionss of Fascist. That was his motto and treated his subjects as such. Poland and most other countries had the similer Communist leaders with similar agenda. The Communist agenda was and is still is today incuding today’s progressive liberal’s that we were and are Nazies and we are about to repeat history. This is very much the propaganda today.
            You may not be aware of it on the West but it is very much the agenda today in Europe. Who are those communist and progressive liberals in Eastern Europe? Mostly Jews, Communist Jews and toady liberal Jews usually those politicians and their small parties who oppose conservative governments. In many cases those liberal leaders are the children and grand children of communist leaders. If you would read Polish or Hungarian news you would know they are the ones who want to accept Muslim migrants and have open borders with the usual anti-Christian and shaming rhetoric. Many of these politicians and leaders have close connection to Israel and the Western media to help them to suppert their hate agenda. So when my Polish friend talks about conspiracy he a very good reason to be suspicious and sometimes jump the gun. History is being changed for Western Europeans already that is why they are in the ditch thanks to some Hungarians Jews like George Soros who funds and encourages Muslim migrants to come to Europe and does his best to change history with is organizations to speed lies.

          17. Profile gravatar of JanIIISobieski


            Now, when you already open up for the topic , let me add some more.

            Just look on Polish previous presidents after 1989. First we got Lech Walesa ( which I believe is known to Americans), the so called anti communist, leader of Solidarnosc. The man that “defeat” communism. A nobel price winner. The man that hold a big speech in the US congress, and a man which US senators stand for and clap. There been rumors about his nickname as Bolek which he was denying all the way. Recently a wife of some high communist general died and documents has been revealed. Same guy going around Europe and talking nonsense about creating one country named Europe. He was a communist agent that got many people behind the bars when his career started. Than we go over to Kwasniewski. An Alcoholic that could not even show respect for the Polish soldiers that dies under WWII. His previous family name Stolzman. Also an old Communist. Lech Kaczynski- dies in the airplane “accident”. Than that guy that nobody never noticed. anywhere. The funny part starts with their numerous travels to Israel.

            I don’t in Hungary but the polish right wing has been called fascist or nazists by ALL the mainstream medias. There is at the moment many Polish movies that is being released (by Jewish instructors) showing how bad the Poles was towards the Jews during WWII. Not many movies showing Poles risking their lives and families to save the Jews by hiding them and giving food. When f.ex. the Polish National movement trying to say, hey, majority of the Poles was helping them the response they getting is that they are anti-Semitic.

            If you will have a chance one day to watch the Polish movie “Sluzby Specjalne” with subtitles so you can understand you should do it, even though it is only a movie. One of the best Polish movies I have seen.

          18. Profile gravatar of Attila

            We also have our Lech Walesa types. The secret police files are now becoming public and many “heroes”
            are busted as a former secret police commie agents. But we all knew that. The West was always gullible and could easily be manipulated. Western Europeans in general are truly retarded people. They believed in Ceausescu the Romanian dictator. He was like a celebrity for Carter and the entire USA. and Western Europe. He was a low life asshole and a thug but what do you expect from Westerners? Many universities were giving them honorary doctorate and countries gave them a hero’s welcome. Just to show you how much of an assholes Westerners are: Just now Islamist slit a French priest’s throat. Don’t expect anything normal from white Westerners. They are spineless degenerated people. This degeneration hasn’t started now, it is going on for a while and getting progressively worst. Why do you think so many Filipinas are able to take advantage of them?
            Thanks for the movie recommendation, Sluzby Specjalne was fun to watch.

          19. Profile gravatar of JanIIISobieski


            I tried to listen to some western media and the recent terrorist attacks. Funny that all of them repeat themselfs that those people was sick people that was suffering from depression. Trying somehow to justify what is happening. Recently a polish pregnant woman has been killed with a machete by on Syrian refugee that actually got denied further refugee status.

            “Why do you think so many Filipinas are able to take advantage of them?”

            Very good point here.

            Already watched the movie? Now we dont know if those events were true or not. It is a movie that could be true. but now try to look on the actors f.ex. The half bold old guy in the beginning of the movie look almost same as our foreign minister Antoni Macierewicz. Than the first suicide of the senator that I believed happend some place in 2004. The killing of the senator that has to look like a suicide took place some place in 2010. Andrzej Lepper gav an interview day before when he said he fear for his life and that he know to much about too many powerfull people. Aaaand so on.

        2. Profile gravatar of JanIIISobieski


          One question to you. What is the opinion of the Hungarians about creating a new V4 alliance again? In the moment we are talking a lot about it. And it will be a good think. Than countries like Serbia into it.

    1. Profile gravatar of Grinnil

      Mike, lol, I hate their sneezes here, and they all sound the exact same way….WAHH HOO, is how it sounds to me. Do they teach them that in their ridiculous school system?

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        See, here’s a few others. Mom in law will not shut her bedroom door when she changes. She was born in ’37 and has hunchback. Then wife will use cr downstairs while have company and not shut the door. But she will shut it upstairs and lock when no one around.

        1. Profile gravatar of Grinnil

          Yea, I noticed that too about their sneezes, and when they are carrying on a conversation. Do they really have to talk that loud when the person is only twelve inches away? And the extremely loud music and God awful karaoke. The place i was living before, one neighbor always played loud music with the bass turned all the way up, the other neighbor sang karaoke with it turned up all the way and it sounded like two cats fuckin while being ran over with a lawn mower. And after I lived there about a month and a half, the one that plays the loud bass brought home the loudest rooster I ever heard and it crowed every eight seconds from 2am till dark. They already had three roosters that were normal, they crowed, but not nearly as loud or as frequent as the new one. One night I got drunk and went outside at 3am going “dooch dooch dooch” really loud with a lot of bass to my voice and yelling “how do you like hearing that shit?” Well the next day the barangay captain came over and told me it was philippine culture to play loud music, and that if I did that again I was going to have to move. What I heard was its philippine culture to be rude and inconsiderate. I’ll be glad when my wife and stepson get their visas so I can leave this shit hole of a nightmare they call a country.

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Well as a member of PFB you have an obligation to the rest of us who remain behind. Once back in a real country you have to order a steak with all the trimmings and cold beer for us.

          2. Profile gravatar of Grinnil

            Yea, Ding Dong, that is very annoying, my wife does it sometimes when she wanted to me explain something to her.

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          That’s why, though they won’t admit it they would move to America faster than it takes a filipino to steal a peso if given the chance.

          1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza


            Ohhh, no I see I have actually written one to pinoypete. So much writing one forgets!

            I’m afraid I can’t say I’m sorry I did! I asked him a few intelligent questions which he did not reply.

            Well, I hope I’ve stated my point Sufficiantly clear!;-) I’m not prepared to go on a general hate campaign, if some clutter up too much and create unnessecary strife they should be removed without too much fuss, that’s my stance, no matter with whom I have been communicating or not.

            I hope you will not put me to hate because I’ve been communicating with them, so have others here.
            There was little response when I asked about removing Pinoy Pete.

          1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza


            Correct FilChi! But! Why is it so?

            ‘Tis, with 300+ million, until overtaken by China (with 1,4 Billion!) in gross national product a few months ago!

            They are mainly Hated by; Arabs! (Who Really Hate them because the u.s. Has a hegemony in the world of “dar-ut-harb”, though being infidels, no wonder they hate them! (And being rich” and supporting Israel too, of course!) and then some dirt poor “failed-states”.

            Notwithstanding the fact that when no. 1 will be China, or Russia there will be Much more reason to hate no. 1! Anyone who has studied international politics for some years will be in no doubt of this simple fact!

            So! As we see the hatred of the u.s., (which is very concrete!) is mostly based on envy of riches and power! Is the lesser, who do not have power, but want to attain it, any better than the one who has it? Not nesseccarily!

            So FilChi, you state the fact that the u.s. Is hated. Correct! But,,,you do Not say,, by Whom! And Why!
            Not even if you, yourself agree in this hatred!

            And What alternatives Do we have? There will Always be a Leader! Such is the way of man!

            Racially you would prefer China, I understand that!;-) But you would probably be dissatisfied with the result!;-) Russia? Maybe Islamic Caliphate in All of Phils? There are those who fight for this to happen!

            Consequently we have shown that, most presumably, one of these alternatives will be the Only alternative, would you prefer one of them?

            It’s so easy to hate the u.s. Almost every dysfunctional state + no.2 no.3 no.4 (Who All want to be no.1!) also hate them!

            So! How about that u.s.a Hate? 🙂

          2. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Have you made up your mind yet? You were one of the first ones saying that filchi, pp and them should be ignored and kicked off the site. Then you are posting comments to them and asking for replies. So, which one is it?

        2. Profile gravatar of FilChiAcumen

          How did i not get it ,silver man? These people talk about how bad the Philippines is yet they live and have Filipino wives here..! There is a little swag in america (aside from borders literally open illegal immigrant,e.g mexicans and the likes)much as there is to the Philippines.

          1. Profile gravatar of JanIIISobieski


            Well, you also don’t know if those people have some commitments here or maybe already invest a hell lot of money and nobody want to lose money right? Talking for myself I will be out of here soon. Which I’m very happy for. In the future if I have to go on vacation in Asia I prefer Thailand. Lot of shit also happening there however less than in the PH. If I have to agree with one thing, I also don’t understand people living here and have no commitment or such as that.

          2. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
            Random Numbers

            Damn, your English is getting worse too, just like PinoyPete. Soon both of you will be reduced to slapping your hands at the keyboard like people suffering from cerebral palsy (my apologies to anyone suffering from cerebral palsy).

          3. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza


            Both actually!;-)

            I can talk to FilChi but am not interested in the others! It’s possible to have more than one thought in the head at one time. I have not posted to several, only to filchi! I have certainly not asked for reply from any of the others!

            There will come new ones! If I want to communicate with them I shall do so and if I don’t I don’t!:-)

            I have several times said, also directly to captain, that I wanted Pinoy Pete removed! There has been no answer!

            It is your prerogative to see me as two-faced if you so please, but I think I am not!

          4. Profile gravatar of Mike


            Did I say two faced? No. But I did notice a few things that conflict with each other in your comments. First you tell members here the only way to talk to the pinoy gang here is to talk base to them, go to their level. Then when members do talk base to them you say talking base only lowers the members to the gutter level.

            Then in other comments you say kick the pinoy gang out and that if capt did not then you would take control. But a few comments later you say they should be allowed to stay. You try to justify the turn around by saying members did not agree with kicking them off. But if you go through the comments you will find several did. You even said that pp, filchi, tom and them were bad for PFB and should be booted.

            Two faced? No, did not say that. But it does appear as if you are uncertain as to where you stand.

        3. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          Im not one to repeat myself often.
          It can become repetitive.
          But I got a PINOY POWER FUQ U .
          It must have been before he got blocked.
          I must check my email more often.

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Welcome to the pp fuq u club. Current known members include Angel, Raider, you and myself.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza


        Cos they can FilChi!

        Now, this ain’t quantum physics!

        To all whom may not know; You gotta unused Continent, you got the Evangelical industrious nerve and work ethic! Getting possibilities that feudal Europe never Wanted to give them!!

        Now, not very much happened in the u.s.of A until they got the spoils of the Inticement of the English industrial Revolution! So they make the best of this, then,,,come War no. 1!

        As this simple combination combined with Jewish industriousness in the financials come no. 2!
        Working even better combined with the new machines of Oil!

        The Americans did nothing else than take advantage of their unique possible of aworking Constitution, industrious people, an industrious Age, much like China’s doin’ now!

        They were bellicose, but,, only after the War of 1812 and the American touting of the Barbary states! Actually, ‘Tis was the fighting with the Barbary states (marine) that thought America the nessecity of being bellicose if must be! They’ve been true to this understanding since the 1830ties, and rightly so, if I my give my humble opinion!

        Just like rich parents tend to spoil their children the u.s. has used the last 50 years to spoil their children!

        That’s why she’s destitute now! That’s why the American Period is over now! And it won’t change!
        To change you’d need what made it great! White, evangelical people who feel they’ve been given an unique opportunity! Well, it’s not there any,more, won’t Ever come again, no matter how many weak, deluded people their weak, deluded grand,grandchildren may vote for!

        So! Let me be candid towards our Pinoy guests who most surely will gloat in my Words!;

        This is Not the time of the rise of the Phils! I will not disuse my precious time to explain why, ‘this been most eloquently explained here before by others!

        As you may know by working under Chinese bosses, yea, you may take refuge in their slanted eyes and your racial connection with them, anyhow, you should know that they are even more stingy than the amis, but,,, the Rise of China does Not mean the rise of the Phils! If you think so, you are seriously deluded, and, I promise you, your delution will be revealed to you!

        You’d better shape up! And quickly! Cos,, Climate change, China, the proximity of Fishlessness of the Pinoy seas are close at hand!

        These Americans (not their spoiled offspring!) believed in God! So do (supposedly) do the Pinoy!
        The small, but important difference were, and is!; They realised they had to give God a helping hand, the Pinoy (and American of today) think that God will provide, no matter how lazy, shabuish and stupid they are!

        Well! I’m here to give you news! He won’t!:-)

        1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

          The Pinoy racial idea that he is superior is not negative as such. Any race with good self-esteem, though not being bellicose thereby, it can only be positive! However…To be workable it needs some substance! As there is somewhat lack of this, and also in the argumentation, what rests within the intelligent reader is a mixture of empathy ,, and…frustration.

          The Pinoy do good to improve on mentioned substance, then if not, can only be…pathetic!

          In more normal lands the basics of pride are usually based on some kind of achievement.
          The accumulation of colonies, wealth, won battles, as it used to be. To a minimum the Own society should be functional, to a certain extent.

          As the Phils have no proven record of any of these it can only be the innate, Spanish arrogance which has so ingeniously been sprouted on new root! Bravo Spain! You have created a monster!

  6. Profile gravatar of Angeleyes

    Nothing new being told here. I have to agree with you 100% about them being so damn lazy. My wife’s family live in a large squatter area that is surrounded by (in Pinoy terms) nice houses. Her family is massive and while most of them squat a few have houses. Something I have pointed out to them is that the family members who have houses work, while those that squat don’t work. The ones that don’t work make all sorts of excuses like there are no jobs around even though on any given day, with a trip into town, I have never counted less than 9 jobs being advertised in shop windows. Sure a lot of them don’t pay much but they pay more than if they didn’t work. They seem to want a well paid job dropped into their laps. I could go on but what I am trying to say is I have never ever met so many damn lazy people in my life. While naive at first, in that I took pity on them, now I don’t feel sorry for them at all. They are poor because they are lazy. The Philippines is not the poor arse country they make it out to be. It is 89th wealthiest out of 197 countries putting them in the top 50%. There are many nice houses there and many people driving nice modern cars, the difference between rich and poor in the Phils is a work ethic.

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      “I have never counted less than 9 jobs being advertised in shop windows. Sure a lot of them don’t pay much but they pay more than if they didn’t work. They seem to want a well paid job dropped into their laps.”

      Angel, I have noticed that many Pinoys wanted to start at the top, that is, straight to managerial jobs even though they’re new graduates. Can you imagine, would you hire an inexperienced Architect to build your house? Or would you accept an inexperienced Engineer to build your city’s bridges? uhmm, OK I know we don’t in Oz, but we’re talking about the Failippines here….

      “I have never ever met so many damn lazy people in my life. While naive at first, in that I took pity on them, now I don’t feel sorry for them at all. They are poor because they are lazy. ”

      Don’t forget, Filipino minds operate on basic instinct to survive. That is why no forward planning for anything at all. “Bahala na bukas, for God will provide” – via the Kano ATM/big sister/brother/mum/dad/aunt or whichever sucker is gullible enough to work endlessly to send money home.

      1. Profile gravatar of Angeleyes

        Something they never understand (and I have tryed explaining) is that sure the job might be shit and low paid but once you get working and into things you meet new people and new opportunities come up. A shit job is just a stepping stone. If you want that dream job it will be a lot easier to find if you are out there working and meeting people rather than sitting around home all day staring at facebook. They never seem to understand this and I dont bother explaining anymore.

  7. Profile gravatar of FilamboredinthePH

    Your observations on pedestrians and Filipino walking etiquette (or lack thereof) is so spot on. How many times I’ve been driving along the highway at 100+km and I’ll spot a potential threat on the side of the road and while I’m prepared for defensive driving, I still get a huge laugh out of watching the body work before the mind can catch up. They do this comical thing where they step out about 3 paces, turn their heads finally, and realize death is seconds away, and then jump back like a cartoon character OR do this exaggerated sprint across the road with arms and tsinelas flailing.

    As for walking around and blocking chokepoints, that I can only shake my head at at the pure ability to be as inconsiderate as possible.

  8. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    Does anyone here have the issue of the “parkers” and hate them like I do?
    I know its only like 5P they want, but I hate the fact that when I leave a parking space some pinoy jumps behind my car and starts waving his hand even if there is no traffic. To make it worse, most times, they aren’t really looking in any direction. I still feel bad cause what is 5 Pesos, but if you’re doing a lot of errands in a day, you realize you’re paying out like 50-75 pesos. AGain, thats about $1 and change, but it just annoys the shit out of me.
    Then when I come out of the store and go to my motorbike, some kid or adult has a piece of cardboard on it and now wants a tip.

    I’m conflicted cause its such a small amount and technically they are just begging, but its just one of those things that annoys the shit out of me.

      1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        I love it when you reverse park into a hole , then they run up to help you fucking leave the same fucking hole.
        I got in the shit the other day , I gave a parker 5 peso, he did risk his life to stop the fucking insane traffic so I could do a U-Turn on the National Hwy. .
        The bride was with me and she was horrified I only gave 5 peso. BUT I always give 10 peso.
        Fucking rich bitch!!!!!!!!!!!
        Then the lecture it is only money and you have so much.???????????
        Fuck me she would have given him a centavo a few years ago, OH WAIT !!!!!!! No she wouldn’t because she never had a fucking car until I came into her life.!!!!!!!!!!!!
        I worry about her future when I’m not around.
        No military pension for her once I’m gone its all gone.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      One thing I actually liked to do is hit the “unlock” button on my key. Then watch them run over to the back of the vehicle. After that I had to immediately lock it of course cause you can’t have an unlocked car near Filipinos very long.
      Then I’d wait about a minute after they walked away and hit the button again. It’s kind of fun to do if you’re drinking a beer or chilling out somewhere for a bit. Makes it worth the 5p.

          1. Profile gravatar of

            No you no smart! Read we kick you out why no home? I hope we kick out again 😤

          2. Profile gravatar of

            You bobo! Dummy! You leave me now! Why no home? Girl no like home? We win again

          3. Profile gravatar of Johnny

            Hindi, babo ikaw.

            I guess you don’t understand the point I’m just going to keep calling you stupid over and over. There is zero need for me to engage with stupidity, you, or pinoys like you in general. It will not benefit me whatsoever.

            “Read we kick you out why no home? I hope we kick out again”
            – I’m a Philippines citizen (although greatly ashamed of it) retard.

            Now, go away and quit wasting your pesos at the dingy internet cafe with no aircon sitting in a broken plastic chair playing fake-pride pinoy! You suck, your dumb, the Philippines sucks, and Filipino culture is completely retarded. AND,,, Filipino food tastes like shit too!

          4. Profile gravatar of Johnny

            “Fuq you man!”

            – Hahaha, now that I will acknowledge! That made my day! Now, go fuck yourself dumb pinoy!

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          Now to address some other issues. First I do not log on or off at your whim, I do have a life and other things to do which fortunately takes my mind off the stupidity you and the butt buddy club spew out each time you TRY to say something or appear intelligent.

          So what happened? Simple. You and your butt buddy club show up and right away start calling people names, racists and throwing insults even to people who never said a word to or about you. Then when they reply with facts you do the same thing all over again and have the nerve to call them hateful and scold them for being rude when you and you butt buddy club exempt yourself from the labels that you freely apply to others.

          You all come on here making up lies about your education, where you have lived, your jobs and income level. Then if anyone questions again come the names and insults. You put up web sites that prove your facts are wrong then when that is pointed out you get your panties in a wad. Now I also noticed that you only refer to websites that are based in the philippines and never look any further. Too bad about that. You claim to be a “food scientist” so you should know to always look at several sources and angles and not just one.

          Now if you go through the articles and comments of members you will see a pattern about what we talk about:
          1.) Filipinos cannot handle the truth or facts.
          2.) Filipinos think because they say something that makes it a fact.
          3.) Filipinos believe that they can say anything they want about anyone else but no one can say anything about filipinos.
          4.) You say filipinos are honest and do not lie. But you ignore all the scams that are in the news daily. Just look at your government officials and what they do. That is the way most filipinos are.
          5.) You claim filipinos are so smart. But you refuse to admit you are 2 years behind internationsal education standards. Then there is mass cheating in all the schools. Less than 50 percent of filipinos taking professional exams pass. Out of those none score in the 90’s.
          6.) National IQ level of 86. LOW AVERAGE!!!!
          7.) A food scientist? Well I can go to Recto and get a masters degree in any field I want from any college or university in the philippines.

          Then you want to go on and tell us how great, smart and brave filipinos are. How they are leaders of the world. Yeah, right. You come on here and try to tell us you are not like other filipinos while you continue to prove you are no different from most filipinos. How’s that? An over inflated view of your self worth and importance. If you all were as fucking great, smart and honest as you think you are then you would have had a first world nation already. But the condition of your country and culture clearly show just how fucked up you are.

          1. Profile gravatar of

            Why you lost facts you?
            1.dumb fat
            2. Try come her but lost
            3. Black for president
            4. Piq on Por Filipino!
            5. We fight back cry like baby
            6. Just stupid
            7. Try steal Filipino always kick out by sir

          2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB

            Why the change in ability to use english? You wrote it fine before, now you do this fake attempt to sound like a dumb flip. Even dumb flips use english better than you’re pretending.

          3. Profile gravatar of Johnny

            Here is when Filipinos are proud,, or I say show their fake-pride

            1. When Pacquiao wins a fight.
            2. When its revealed contestant #__ on American competition show is 1/5th Filipino
            3. When a foreigner says how great the Philippines is/ Filipino people are (like being called resilient is a compliment)
            4. When a foreigner tells the truth like: The Philippines is corrupt, smells, dirty, trash everywhere, ugly, loud, polluted, poor, shitty EVERYTHING or Filipinos are dishonest, scamming, lack any morals, lack any sense of empathy, lack intelligence, steal at any chance given, cook shitty food, prostitute themselves, etc.

            If Filipinos actually had a sense of pride, they would not:
            1. Steal from each other at first chance
            2. Scam anyone and everyone they can
            3. NOT throw their trash everywhere
            4. Educate themselves,
            5. Actually learn something
            6. NOT sell their votes
            7. Look after the community
            8. Clean up
            9. Build something that doesn’t crumble after 3 years.
            10. Learn the very short history of the country to stop repeating stupid behavior
            11. Hold themselves accountable
            12. NOT take so much shit from their corrupt gov’t
            13. NOT taking part in corruption every chance.
            14. Drive with courtesy
            15. Stop polluting
            16. Stop blaming others
            17. Stop listening to the Catholic Church since they’ve been such a negative impact for the last 400+ years.
            18. Stop crying about any little thing that can be deemed an insult.
            19. Stop lying all the time
            20. Stop letting kids beg in the streets
            21. Stop letting kids sleep on the sidewalks.
            I could go on and on, but we all know Filipino culture will never change. Only get worse.

          4. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza


            Yes, I see some reasons of your poor plight. Especially the; “Black as president”, which I find very interesting.

            The reason for this factum I believe is the economical and racial decline of the u.s. Of A.

            As the whiteys have decided to eliminate themselves, (Much as in Europe) it was very natural to elect a black president. Kinda, to tell the lay of the Land!

            The interesting part, however, Pete, is that you use this as a..negative argument in the debate, not saying Why you think it is negative to have black president.

            I strongly suspect that there can be only one reason by you; That the American fall so low, that he elect a Black president!! There is nothing wrong in stating the wrongness in doing such, what lacks is Your Argumentation of Why black president is worse!

            Could you please elaborate on this, Pinoypete?

          5. Profile gravatar of Mindanao

            Begging your pardon, Mike, but more than two years behind international educational standards. They quit taking international tests because the corrupt government system was proving how appalling it was in falling further and further behind.

            They have just added more years of primary and secondary education in order to receive a high school diploma that is not worth the paper it is printed on. It is an extortion racket. When they get out, they are incapable of thinking. Critical thinking is stamped out because it represents a threat to the government and oligarchy running the Philippines.

        1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

          It’s worth the 5 Pesos. So, when I’ve done it a couple of times I feel they’ve actually earned it. Since I grew up in the USA, I learned how to back up a vehicle properly after about 30 minutes of driving, Filipinos have yet to develop this skill.
          And like I said, I guess its better than them begging or stealing.

          1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
            Don Quixote

            I was starting to feel unwanted.
            I dropped a couple of hints for Pee Pee.
            I got a fuq u today.
            I am loved again.

        1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

          It made me happy to get “fuq u man” from him. I’m not sure if the moron is still around or not. If so, he can be blocked now. No need to keep ignoring his nonsense or acknowledge it.

    2. Profile gravatar of Idiotocracy

      Worse is the “helpful” police officer at the airport. Make the mistake of looking at your ticket too long or searching around for the airline counter and one of them will latch on to you. You get a personal escort through the lines of waiting passengers right up to the airline check in counter, escorted through the diplomat/ALEC line at immigration, through the metal detectors, and escorted most of the way to your gate. Give the guy two hundred pesos for “coffee” and when he says “Only two hundred pesos sir?” you should laugh and say that “only” is the Filipino’s favorite word. Pay too much and they will hit you every time.
      The look on the other Filipinos working the counters and security is priceless. Something between envy and shame for not being able to shake down the travelers. Well worth it to bypass the long lines and in the back of your mind you wonder what would happen if you refused the “service”.

          1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

            Yeah, I think I gave him like $15-20 usd. I was so freaked out this police officer is just grabbing my bag and won’t let go. I thought the worst case scenario is he will confiscate, make up charges, plant drugs, make me miss my flight, etc. I’d never even heard of the bullet scam until that point.
            The “religious” culture never ceases to amaze me of what scams they will come up with to get money.
            That incident was before I had committed to living in the Philippines. I should have taken that as a warning to get the fuck out.

          2. Profile gravatar of Idiotocracy

            Johnny, I think this reply is out of line but…. I thought the same thing when it happened to me. At least you get the red carpet treatment in return for the bribe. LOL One hell of a note where a cop plays porter to supplement his wages. At Terminal One I made the mistake of using one of the porter services, some huge amount, maybe 200 or 400 pesos that you paid at a kiosk if I recall correctly. Then the fucker wanted a tip too. I had three bags loaded with about 65 pounds of lava carvings. Seems there is an exit permit required as it is a natural product and the initial security officer yelped a bit about it and asked for something “for the boys”. I laughed and dragged my wallet out just for shits and giggles. The guy panicked “No, no, not here!” and told me to send the money back with the porter. Sent back 300, wonder how much of it actually got to the security guy.

            And a damned export permit for lava carvings. The carver had a shop next to my old shop on MacArthur Highway and said that a few times a year there were heavy rains that washed tons of lava rock, sand, and silt down into the village where they could obtain it. Must have been protected land or something on Mt. Pinatubo. Frigging debris clogging the streets of a town, some enterprising Filipino finds a way to get paid to haul some of it off and the government wants to make a few pesos off it and slow everything to a crawl.

  9. Profile gravatar of Mindanao

    Well done, Failappines.

    On driving – fact is, they force you to drive as they do because following the rules will get you into an accident. When everyone runs red lights, the guy who stops for them causes a collision.

    I drive a motorcycel when I am there. To get registered, we needed a “fixer”. To quash the tickets for no helmets or whatever I have to pay an LTO guy my mistress secured in Guagua. For the ones in my wife’s city. her uncle has a city guy who makes them go away. I have been stopped not just by cops, but others who think they can get away with extorting money. A chief engineer on a highway project stopped us, demanding lunch money for him and his buddies.

    To register and drive a motorcycle is continuous corruption and graft, including the driving of it. No laws are followed. So long as you are not following any law regarding registration and driving a motorcycle, you will be fine. In a spot, money fixes everything.

    I value my time. It isn’t the fine that bothers me so much as the privilege of going to an LTO office and waiting in line to be

    1. Profile gravatar of 86andBelow

      @mindanao: with respect, I disagree. “On driving – fact is, they force you to drive as they do because following the rules will get you into an accident…..” On the contrary. Just leave more time for your journey. I normally double what would be required in civilized traffic and drive defensively as I normally do. Driving in the manner they do will result in an accident.
      “When everyone runs red lights, the guy who stops for them causes a collision.” Again, if you know what the lights mean, you will not have an accident. On approach to a traffic light you should be aware of how close a vehicle is following, you should be in the correct gear (or hold gear in autos), and observation links/speed adjustment completed (although subject to continued application)….if the lights change, then conventional application of system remains. Stop if it is safe to do so, continue if not.
      This scenario is commonly misunderstood by most drivers, so please don’t take offense.
      I was stopped for running a red light whilst I had a driver under instruction in the uk, by a overly zealous yet ignorant cop. What happened after is legendary….

  10. Profile gravatar of DingDong

    I dropped a friend at the airport. After leaving I was waiting at a Red Light in a queue of traffic – Neutral, Handbrake On, Stationary! A Policeman knocked on the window, pointing to a Tariff Chart. He wanted PHP 2,000 for Reckless Driving! – He had evidently noticed a Foreigner (Mobile ATM) at the Traffic Lights. “Nyet Engleski! Nyet Denge!” (In a strong Russian Accent) seemed to do the trick! He backed-off and returned behind a hedge where he had been hiding with his mates! – ‘Russians’ are obviously in the ‘Too Difficult’ box!

    The Emission Test never ceases to amaze me each year for Registration. At LTO Antipolo, the machine has not worked for 2 years – Staff just go through the motions! Including a ‘Pictorial’ of the Technician poking the sensor up the exhaust. In front of me last year was an Owner Jeep, belching the ‘Blue Smoke of Impending Engine Death!’ – Passed!

    One year on and still no Number Plates! – Still ‘Out to Tender!’

    Early morning on Sumulong Highway (Near Padi’s Point) Misty and Light Rain. Jack-Knifed Articulated Truck. Carrying 60 Tons of Cement on a 40 Ton Trailer! Truck was fitted with ‘Racing Slicks!’

  11. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    Ding Dong,
    I got an idiot trying to shake me down for swerving too much.
    Apparently changing lanes with a flasher is swerving too much.
    When challenged he was full of his own authority that he was an Enforcer.
    What exactly have I done , you swerved too much.
    I changed lanes yes with my indicator on. how is that swerving do I have to stay behind that truck all the way to the Airport or can I change lanes to overtake him.
    Sir you are swerving too much you need to pull over to the side of the road.
    I was parked in the center lane of a four lane road. near Makati. Dont know which one as I was being directed.
    OKAY sir get out of the way I will swerve over three lanes to park.
    The lights changed.
    As they say in Newcastle.
    OOps how can I change lanes the traffic prevented me from swerving over.
    Fuck him.!!!!!!!!!

    1. Profile gravatar of DingDong

      They only ‘Follow the Rules!’ – Enforcers are Preloaded with a ‘Rejected Android Lite Operating System!’ – He’s was probably NOT a Driver himself, being ‘Far Too Superior’ for such a Menial Task! If he were a driver, he would have realised that you need to change lanes on Highways, and Roundabouts!

      No different to the Middle East and India! In Baghdad, the Traffic Lights merely designate that a certain area of Town has ‘Mains Electricity’ for a few hours! – But be careful when Pedestrians step-off the kerb, as they are usually carrying two ‘Buckets of Bootleg Diesel’ for their Home Generator!

      I hear what you say about Jeeps and Trikes having ‘Walang Ilaw’ at night! – It ‘Drains the Battery!’ I have even watched a Jeep Driver ‘Polishing’ the Bald Spare Tyre! Sat in the front of a Jeep, I have also Changed Gear for the Driver, as I am 6/3 and the one in Closest Reach!

      However, the best was back in 2011! Masinag to Antipolo (Sumulong Route) in a Brand New Taxi! ‘Padi’s Point’ again, on the way back. The Taxi was an Automatic, and the driver had been using the ‘On-Off Pedal’ (Accelerator), and the Brakes at the same time! – Obviously he had never driven an Auto before! I could detect the smell of ‘Hot Brakes!’ Sure enough we arrived in McDonalds Ditch! (MEMO TO SELF: Go and buy a car tomorrow and drive yourself!)

  12. Profile gravatar of DingDong

    One of my ‘Pet Hates’ is Poor Punctuality! I now only tolerate 15 Minutes of lateness, without a message before I fuck off and go home! “Trapiko Kuya” is the usual excuse! Yes, we all know that Manila has Traffic and should plan accordingly! But what really ‘Pisses Me Off’ are the Flips that arrive ‘Late’ as an ‘Entourage!’ – Driver, Passenger, Handbag Carrier, Medication Carrier, etc.

    “My Driver was Late” is another excuse! Begging the question, “Why the fuck didn’t you drive yourself?” Then they become ‘Very Grand’ and state “I do not Drive!” My response then is “Fine, Your were 2 Hours Late! I have another meeting to go to! – I will send my Bill!” – Another reason why I do not carry out work for Government Departments, Monkepalities and especially Barangays!

    Once I reached 17 in the UK the first thing I wanted to do was to get a Driving Licence. I got mine within 3 Weeks. Here, ‘Not Driving’ is seen as a ‘Status Symbol!’

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      I once asked a filipino “If you have a dr appt at 2pm what time do you leave?” Answer ” I shower at 2 pm and then leave and get there about 3pm. The doctor knows I’m filipino and will be late so why should I be on time?” Honest to god that was the answer.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        I have left Flip relatives behind who could not make it to a free dinner paid for by yours truly. Shits for brains aunt has a habit of texting “I’m on the bus now” when in reality, she’s still having a shower. I gave allowances that she’s had to come from the city travelling to the province, but really, there is no excuse, especially if you’re having your dinner paid for by someone else. I used to give them 30 mins, but I don’t do that now. I’m one of those people whose pet hate is watiing.

        1. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
          Random Numbers

          I think making people wait for them is another way they try to show you that they are superior to you. After all, you are waiting for them, so they must be the important one. My ex-wife used to do that kind of crap. We would be going out, and I would be on the computer doing stuff until she was ready. Then she would tell me that she was ready, so I would turn off the computer. Invariably, she would find something else that she needed to do that would take about 5 or 10 minutes, so I would have to just stand there, waiting for her. Every fucking time until I started swearing at her.

        2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          Happens to me all the fucking time.
          Now when I arrive I have one beer at the bar and sit down and order.
          If I have company I have company , I JUST DON’T FUCKING CARE any more about their rudeness.
          Many times now I have been finished my meal and back at the bar when the someone arrives and there is no one for them to eat with.
          I will note it is only FLIPPERS who do this.
          Sometimes I have guys married to tardies arrive and sit down and eat with me. the wives arrive when they arrive.
          When I get up and head for the bar I ask for the bill. Too fucking bad if you arrive after Ive paid it.


          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Where did you say you eat at again? The gang at PFB never late for free meals and beer.

            Ok, here is what I get. We are going to say SM and son and I are ready, son just needs to put shoes on and done. So wife starts rushing us to hurry up and get dressed (we already are) saying we will be late. Why is that odd? Simple, she has not even started to get dressed yet but we are the ones holding the train up.

            Here’s one you will like kind of along the line of being late. Son’s birthday is this month and wife was talking about where to go and what to do while sitting in living room within ear shot of the maid. No problem right? Well close. Later the maid was outside on the phone talking to her tribe back in the boondocks and did not know wife was close by. Maid told the tribe not to go anywhere because son’s birthday was coming up and we were going to such and such place. Maid then told the tribe they were more than welcome to come with us. No, she never asked me or wife and just decided she has the power to invite who ever she wants to our events.

        3. Profile gravatar of loco_loco

          ok here is mine …( i am single now, but that shit came from my deluded ex gf)
          Me at 1100: Termin with KANO like me ( all are Kano) at 1500 at the hotel, so pls be ready at 1400
          Time goes by… 1345 , GF is still using her fucking rice broom for some nonsense to clean outside ( I guess she was making a fire again at the fresh painted wall..very clever)
          Me: do you remember, 1500 the termin ?
          She: yes
          Me: Ok , do you know what time is now ? it is already 1355
          She: I dont understand your thirteen hundred blabla
          Me : ( OMG you stupid bitch said that in my language to her not in english) It is 2pm
          She: yes,
          Me: and ? Do you want to hurry now, we visit a foreigner , we dont like it to be late
          She: starting suddenly now a discussion .. Yes you foreigners are here in the Philippines, and
          I am never too late blalblabla and much more dumbfuck which i did not listen anymore because Ie
          left this conversation to write my client that it might be 30min later we arrive
          Me: at 1445 …HALLO, Termin in 15min, what is now ?
          She: Iam inside the shower, if you would not have talked to me before about the time i would not be too late now.
          ( Did not answer anymore because I thrown already a few bad words in German to her , she understood them not , but she knew it was no compliments)
          1515: She comes out of the shower
          Me: You understand not that this client brings money or ? How does that look to him if we are too late
          She: I am not too late ( Yes of course )
          1600: me ..already totally pissed and called my client again to tell him the truth…Woman cant get ready
          1630: Inside the taxi
          1700: Meet the client with his wife.. Client and me talking to each other and joking about the Flips and their understanding of time..Suddenly GF * ex jumps with her fucking brainless mouth into our conversation and tells to the client…Blablalba if he ( means me ) would not have disturb me i would be of course in time…
          End of Story… I was pissed the whole evening .. they learn it never ever….

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            One Pinay friend made me wait for 45 minutes here. Yes, I know, I should have walked away. But I called and called and called to find out where she was. No answer so I waited and waited thinking she was on her way.

            After 45 minutes I started to walk back to my car, had enough and I was furious! (we were going to see a movie). Just ahead I saw her black curly hair from across, bobbing up and down. She was running (did not helped that she was quite overweight!).

            Me: you’re 45 minutes late! I called your house several times and you did not reply!
            Pinay: Oh, sorry I was mowing the lawn. Have you bought the tickets?
            Me (thinking what a stupid question!! why would I buy the tickets when she was not there?: No I did not buy the tickets, coz you have not arrived!

            I really wanted to see that movie, so kept my anger in check and we bought the tickets. In hindsight I should not have waited so long, but how the hell would I know that the fat bitch was mowing the lawn?? If you have an appointment at 2PM would you mow the lawn or do chores that would take more than 30 minutes to complete? not counting shower time and travel time afterwards? I dropped her like a hot potato after that incident. Just plain rudeness!!!

          2. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Here you are complaining about a friend being 45 minutes. That takes a lot of nerve. I mean you have kept Don, Al, Angel, Me and many more at PFB waiting for you to propose to us.

          3. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
            Random Numbers

            @sarahfin I have had filipinas, on a first date, make me text them when I got to the mall, and not even leave their house until they got the text that I was there. Sadly, I waited to meet them, as there was never a second date, that bad attitude continued on through dinner and I said goodbye after dinner. I learned to lie to them, say that I am there when I am not. Occasionally, one of them would be on time and I would end up apologizing and asking them if they were really filipina.

          4. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            @sarahfin I have had filipinas, on a first date, make me text them when I got to the mall, and not even leave their house until they got the text that I was there”.

            @random-numbers, this is common behaviours amongst Pinays especially on first dates. They do it with Pinoys too!! I think they are worried that if they turned up before you get there, you will think of them as “cheap” (ha, ha!). And 2nd they are scared that you might not turn up, which is really a bad start to a date coz it means she doesn’t trust you.

            Last year I invited Bakla cousin to join us for an expensive dinner in Mandaue city. He’s had to come from the province so gave him plenty of notice. I told Bakla which restaurant we’re going to… but did that make a difference to the little turd?? Fucking no!! He was late and we were already in the restaurant and he was texting me “Ate, which restaurant are you in?” (Al, shoot him! I was screaming inside my head). I told him the restaurant was in front of the Mall, Front! Front! Fucking Front! Told him to ask guard for directions, (why the fuck did I even have to say that??). Anyway, bakla soon found us, and a lovely time was had by all, thanks to yours truly. Except…..
            when I arrived in the province, the bakla’s mother gave me the rental money from my house, minus P300 for Bakla’s fare (fare was only P70 but never mind). Bloody hell, so we invite a Flip to join you for dinner, you get stressed and you get slugged for his bus fare too?? Would have been nice to be asked first, but no, it’s taken for granted that I’m paying for his fare to join us for dinner. And I gave Bakla bus fare back to the province but the little turd never said anything that he’s already been given bus fare…from my money in the province.

            Any wonder I’m not replying to any communications from back there?

    2. Profile gravatar of DingDong

      Lateness is one thing, but I am the only one in the house that is daft enough to drive here! – Why do we always have to go to Manila when there is more traffic than usual? – The Poop’s Visit! – Inauguration Day! Crucifixion Day! – Floods and Tempest! Now several years into my ‘Tour of Duty’ I do not allow anyone in the office to drive into Manila during December! Same for the 15th of the Month, and Month End, together with any other Religious Pestivities!

  13. Profile gravatar of DingDong

    ASBO and MILF are terms we love to ‘Love to Hate’ in the UK! (Anti-Social Behaviour Order and Mum I’d Love to Fuck!) – Why don’t these idiots do some Research? In Philippines MILF is a Terrorist Organisation, and ASBO is an ‘Anti-Smoke Belching Officer!’

    But, maybe we should all adopt the same approach as Mitsubishi with the Pajero? In much of the world it is branded as a ‘Shogun’ for the simple reason that ‘Pajero’ in Spanish means ‘Wanker!’

    “Hey Bosing, come and look at my Mitsubishi Jacolan!”

  14. Profile gravatar of DingDong

    As ‘Random Numbers’ suggested, Tardiness is very definitely a ‘Superiority Complex!’ Two years ago I had an appointment at Medical City. I arrived 10 Minutes before the appointment time, and was told to take a seat. For the next half hour the Waiting Room began to fill-up to Capacity. A nurse called my name, and I had my Blood Pressure, Temperature, and Weight taken – Then I had to stand in the Waiting Room. I did not take long for me to work out that everyone in the Waiting Room had been given a 2:00 PM Appointment! – Yet by 3:00 PM no one had been called to see the Doctor. I went along to the Nurse and asked “Has the Doctor Arrived?” – There was then the usual ‘English Failure’ and ‘Blank Looks!’ I then mustered a few words of Tagalog “Doctora Dito Na?” The Nurse then told me “She is at a Presentation, and will not be here until 5:00 PM!” – “So why did you not tell me that at 2:00?” However, rather than revert to the ‘Blank Look,’ she told me “That’s none of your concern!” Back in the Waiting Room, I told everyone the situation, and there was a ‘Mass Evacuation!’ The Nurse then asked “What’s going on?” And, with great relish, I told her “It’s none of your concern! – Good Afternoon!”

  15. Profile gravatar of Angeleyes

    Here is an observation I keep forgetting to write. Ever notice how when there is a party, and a table full of food, it is all gone within 5 minutes and almost everyone disappears? The wifes cousin had her 6th birthday party and there was a massive table of food. She skyped us and showed us all the food and trinkets and was back on skype 15 minutes later; all the food gone and nobody around. Why do they do this? Can they not eat at a mannerly pace and then relax, talk and enjoy the afternoon. I find this habit a real shocker. Imagine doing that in the real world, you wouldnt get invited to many parties if you did.