A Filipino With An Intelligent Idea! No Way!

Yep.  There’s the kind of headline you never typically see from me.  But I saw the article I’m about to tell you about, and I just couldn’t help but see that there’s at least one Filipino who won’t do something stupid because he knows he’ll do some bad, bad shit.


I’m talking about Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, the Mayor of Davao, and commander-in-suspect of the infamous “Death Squads”.  Sure, Davao is a pretty safe city, I hear (never been there), but people suspected of crime just seem to go missing a lot.  Maybe not all of those people were actually guilty?  It’s not for me to say.  But here’s what he said in response to the Human Rights Commission based in NYC:

“To all the bleeding hearts of the US-based crime watch: you want a taste of justice, my style? Come to Davao City, Philippines, and do drugs in my city. I will execute you in public.”

But what I CAN say is that there’s been a group of people who’ve been wanting him to run for President in 2016.  Unfortunately for them, he had this to say:

“I do not covet the position. I do not want to be president. I do not want to kill people so do not elect me as president.”

Now THAT is a Filipino using a brain cell ahead of time!  Sure, we can come up with a million Filipinos that are really just taking up valuable oxygen, but we’re intelligent enough to let evolution sort them out.  This guy apparently just wants to speed up the process, but on a local level.

So hats off to Rodrigo here, for stopping himself before turning the Failippines into an even bigger embarrassment than it already is.


Source article:  ‘Don’t vote for me, I kill too many people’

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  1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
    Pinay Lover

    The 2 statements he made contradict themselves. He stated he would “execute” (kill) anyone who sells drugs and then states “I don’t want to kill anyone”. Irony at it’s best.

    1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

      He denied the existence of the DDS to Amnesty International, but local TV stations still contribute the executions to DDS. Yes, they kill drug people, but other crimes are ignored accept a victims fee if you are foolish enough to report it.

  2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    I have talked to a lot of people from Davao City. They all say the same thing,, it is peaceful, safe, taxis do not expect tips, they have change and dont rip u off,,, curfews on korrokes and noise,, no loud mufflers,, etc,no garbage,,,,,,I have to go see this heaven soon.

    1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
      Phil Doh

      “curfews on korrokes and noise,, no loud mufflers,, etc,no garbage”

      Don’t believe the hype. Like everywhere else in this country, rules are rarely enforced.

    2. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
      Hey Joe

      The taxis are good.Never had a problem with them. The rest is BS. Some of the worse roads around. Left over WWII bomb craters for pot-holes. Get a-few km’s out of Davao city… and the roads turn good, like a real road with painted centerline /road signs and all.
      So where did the road repair money go????

      1. Profile gravatar of kalbo

        That’s a good point about roads.

        It’s like when you come into Manila from the north they have nice new roads. As soon as Quezon City appears, roads turned to shit.

        Also true in areas like Bicol I’ve travelled around.

        Maybe the city mayors swipe all the road building cash.

    3. Profile gravatar of BLX2

      Taxis are pretty good, but do bring change, I always have change. There’s garbage, maybe just not as bad as other places, I don’t know. Depending on where you go you can smell sewerage, even in front of a new hospital it stinks SO bad. Davao City does feel safe from violent crime (but reporting theft or fraud seems to just cost more, so why bother?). To be honest it is my foreign friends that keeps me here over Cebu, its not Davao City itself.

  3. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    “To all the bleeding hearts of the US-based crime watch: you want a taste of justice, my style? Come to Davao City, Philippines, and do drugs in my city. I will execute you in public.”

    If ever he runs for President or Governor for somewhere, I shall return to the Failippines just to vote for him!!

  4. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
    Hey Joe

    “curfews on korrokes and noise,, no loud mufflers,, etc,no garbage”

    LOL, I live in Davao. It’s BS. But, if the mayor finds out about some things that piss him off, you (will) find yourself in a ditch. On the other hand, if you are a poor farmer and your house gets destroyed in a flood or something of the sort. You may just get help. And fast too. When he says to do something, it happens now..no hearings/meetings/talking. Just do it.

    I am not sure what to make of the mayor here??? Fight fire with fire?? or just a power drunk thug?? I don’t know.
    But IMHO he is going run for president. The more he says “no” the more it is yes.

  5. Profile gravatar of Elias Loco
    Elias Loco

    That’s the thing here, we follow our own rules, just like how he runs his city. If you have enough or most power or lots of control, you’re almost untouchable. But on a national level, that would be very challenging. One might not be enough to be up against a deeply-rooted culture of the kind of traditional politics here, be it in legislative, judiciary, military, whatever departments, religious, multimedia, almost anywhere, etc. And the lies being passed down for generations. This country is sick and could be somewhat delirious. Who can get to play the doctor, build the clinics, correct the underlying causes of a lot of issues?

    I asked once, if he runs the city of Davao that well, then why can’t he make or turn it into something like Tokyo, with Mt. Apo like Mt. Fuji as background? I haven’t been there so I don’t know. The answer I got was because it’s a “national government”. You get funding based on a budget or something. I’m not so good with politics but since many bright minds seem to have graduated as lawyers, why can’t they find solutions as to how it should be? What have they been doing? Same family lines of politicians? Someone can only argue, you’ve always got to have that “political will”. So I guess nobody’s willing yet still?

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    I live in Davao. It’s no different than any other Filipino city. Noise, garbage, dogs, crowded, overpopulated, line ups. No different.

    1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
      Phil Doh

      I used to live there and for all the chest thumping about world’s safest city, it’s like Manila’s retarded little brother when it comes to everything else. I once went to French Baker and asked what time their baguettes would be ready. Answer: “We’re not sure, sir, still waiting for the mixture to be delivered from Manila.” Seriously, you’re calling yourself a baker, but you don’t know how to knock the ingredients together to make bread.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        You know the thing about Davao being the second safest city in Asia was only on one pro philippine website. Besides, if it’s so safe why is the mayor whacking people?

        1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

          You can not excpect a permanent safety without effort in a land so full of criminals! To stay “on top” the mayor goes on whacking. Then his own enjoyment, maybe, or to prove the macho-factor that is so common in asian lands. A country with no Real pride needs discipline! Maybe his style is better than nothing? It Is safe Because he’s whacking Mike, then it goes without saying that a whackreduction would decrease safety:-)
          Safety is not a permanent constant, given by God, like we westerners like to believe. Someplaces, like good ol’ Dodge, it must be won regularly, with blood! This is the wild west Mike, and the rules are accordingly.;-)

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            So ol’e Dodge huh? That is until the Westerners start whacking filipinos.

  7. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

    And as a shining star of honesty in a Sea of lies: “Don’t elect me I’ll kill too many people!” This shows he’s made of the right stuff! As truthful as a….evangelical prussian Minister!

    He should be rewarded for his honesty! Davao should become the new capital and that shithole Manila yeast away…… The North has been in power far too long anyway!
    And the baker dont have to wait for “the dough from Manila anymore!:-)