A friendly reminder to properly post.

blog-or-die-how-to-blog-to-drive-business-pngSo, I’m back helping out around here, which means helping to get your stories posted more quickly.  Sadly, I can’t do that if the post isn’t done right.  Cap’n posted a good tutorial on it, and I see some mostly correct posts.  But some are still missing featured images and such.  So, if you don’t see your story posted now, go back and check to see you’ve got your featured images set and categories checked off.  Promise I’ll review and post it much sooner.

Thanks all!

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    Captain PFB

    Thanks @kaine

    I know I was in a real bad fucking mood when I wrote my “unfriendly reminder”.

    If people want to just write stuff and not do anything else, they can do it in the forum or on their activity feed. But an article is an article, and if they want it published, they need to do it completely. Don’t do the easy shit and leave the rest up to the admins. Coz we won’t publish it, and it’ll just end up being a big waste of your time.

    You want to be a PFB author, do a complete job of it. Otherwise, use the forum or some other means this site provides.