A List From A Reader

This was posted as a comment, but I wanted it right up on the page in full view. So here it is:

Great site!

I was out driving around earlier today, and I thought of a few more topics for you to rant about:

1) Pedestrians walking in traffic lanes with their backs to the traffic

2) Funerals blocking busy roads with throngs of people poking along on foot

3) Push carts, bicycles with sidecars, and other crap holding up traffic

4) Crazy people dragging crosses around and whipping themselves into bloody pulps on public roads at Easter time

5) Shopping malls with all hard surfaces hosting ‘music’ events, resulting in an awful echo chamber of noise

6) Shops with blasting loud ‘music’, often directed outside

7) Garbage dumped in any open space
8) Constant littering

9) Public urination

10) Spitting, scratching private parts, picking noses, etc

11) Fascination with mirrors

12) Constant lying

13) Never repaying loans

14) Promiscuity

15) Lateness

16) Blocking of national highways for town fiestas, resulting in hours of delays for thousands

17) Overcharging foreigners

18) Expecting the foreigner at any gathering to foot the bill for all the Filipinos

19) Police extortion, setups, selective law enforcement directed at foreigners

20) Exclusion of foreign competition from the retail sector, resulting in high prices for just about everything

And I’m just getting started…

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  1. ormocleyte

    Please blog more often. This site is awesome! And for those that say your comments are hurtful, I’d say then the truth hurts. I love the Philippines but it is seriously fucked up in every way and Filipinos never seem to care or try to improve things. Maybe a little bit of constructive criticism will motivate them.

    Probably not.

    1. filofail

      You are right by saying “probably not”. When criticized, the average filipino will usually just say sorry and not learn from the mistake, and repeat the mistake the next day, or react by trying justify their stupidity by bringing up a mistake that you made. It’s the “2 wrongs make a right” syndrome. If you do something stupid, then it’s ok for them to do something stupid.

      But most often, they will just react like a child. Filipinos cannot handle criticism at all. They’ll do or say something stupid, then when criticized, they will either deny doing it, or justify it by bring up something stupid someone else said or did.

  2. Profile gravatar of

    The word ‘ Sorry ‘ should be written as this country’s epitaph, How many times do you hear it a day.
    It actually means here , Fuck you & you get to pay more cos im a dickhead….

  3. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    Silly religious parades with drums and noise that tie up traffic all over the place.
    Dogs howlling all night.
    Resorts are for blasting boom boxes and wannebe singers. cant get no sleep becos fools are howling all night and kids in the pool.

    and tourists pay good money to listen to their crap.
    no thinking or consideration for the misery they cause at all!!!

  4. Profile gravatar of Alicia Cummings
    Alicia Cummings

    this blog is awesome, now i can find people i can relate to:
    – i hate malls w/ mini-concerts, etc., causing large crowds & noise everywhere (reason why i also hate landmark makati wherein they regularly have events at the ground floor right in front of the main entrance)
    – i can’t go inside shops (usually selling clothes) w/ loud music, gives me a migraine
    – i hate it when streets are closed for something ‘filipino’ like an interment on the middle of the streets