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Ok, I’m taking the plunge and posting for the first time. First of all, yup I’m a local. I dont look like it, but until I open my mouth and speak Tagalog, I go through the same things that you all do, and yeah, I empathize.

Ive found the posts during the last couple of weeks both hillarious and scary. Thats right, scary. I dont think I’ve ever read an opinion that I’ve totally disagreed with, its just some of the times I’m like….”dude, what the HELL were you thinking”. And no, I dont get offended though sometimes my replies may be curt.

Personally, the crap that gets pulled on foreigners here is fucking embarrassing. The thing is, Ive seen alot, Ive had foreign friends get screwed big time business wise, Ive had people I know, good hard working guys come over and get stabbed over the most asinine reasons. And even one relative and an inlaw murdered because some local bitch wanted to kill the goose that laid the “golden egg”. And both times they did get the gold, and disappeared.

My concern isnt towards the tourists who have a choice of where to vacation, its towards the guys who are stuck here or choose to invest here. At that point, its a matter of surviving in what can be a very hostile environment.  If this post gets through Filo, I’ll come up with a few more, and something I’m open to is answering questions on how things run here, even on the side. An insiders scoop on all the shit.

Now, here are a few realities. I dont expect anyone to agree, ( i dont) but understand that no matter how screwed it is, these are the rules of the game here.

1. This a country of privilege, not rights.

2. Money can buy you privilege, if properly utilized.

3. Privilege gives you protection.

4.This is a classist country.

5.This is a highly racist country.

6. As a foreigner, you might as well walk around with a “please fuck me over” sign around your neck, because you are perceived to have no “connections” or “muscle” to back you up.

There are solutions, though not all are palatable, but if its a matter of surviving and hopefully prospering here.  If you end up on the street, this is NOT a country that is forgiving. You’ll most probably stay there.

Thats it for now. Cheers

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    Captain PFB

    Hopefully in your next post you can tell us something that isn’t so painfully fucking obvious for anyone with more than 3 brain cells the moment you set foot on Philippines soil.

    1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote

      Can you believe these fucks.
      This is a cuntry of privilege , god fuck me, only if you are a rich flip
      Money can buy privilege, yeah right Sherlock, if you are rich flip.
      This is a racist cuntry, yup that’s my new mantra every time some flip tries to fuck me over I call them a racist.
      See how that works for me.
      Actually Ive been using that for some time with Government Officers, screws with their tiny brains.
      I wouldn’t waste my time trying that with anyone else, I may get shot.

      You never gave ONE fucking solution , yet you are aware of the fucking problem and yet do nothing about TRYING to fix the problem.
      Therefore ergo YOU ARE THE PROBLEM
      Thats why the Philippines will always be a sewer,
      And Sherlock ,
      The Foreign Visitors are staying away, So you should worry about us residents we are all you are gunna have soon enough.
      I dont care what your fucking Tourism Advertising says or spends. The word is out , and guess what Sherlock, people read this blog and talk, The best and the worst type of advertising is word of mouth
      Guess what Sherlock every time someone deals with Immigration in the PI, they get fucked over.
      Then they look elsewhere.
      Singapore 90 day on arrival visa.
      Malaysia 90 day on arrival Visa
      Cambodia , buy a business you get residency, any business a sari fucking sari store you get residency.
      Tourism numbers in the Philippines they are about dead last in Asia, maybe Myanmar but not for long.
      28 million in Malaysia, 2 million in the PI and three quarters of them are probably ex flips coming back to be robbed by the Pamily.
      Wake up and smell the garbage. China is awakening and they were here long before the fucking Noble Spanish

        1. Profile gravatar of Rottt
          Rottt Post author

          And yes, i am one of those dangerous flips your mom warned you about. If you dont have a body count, youre shit to me. Would you like to play a game? How about this? I fuck up a foreigner every week and will post his bloody mess on the site til you shut it down. Good luck with the authorities, they WILL back me, i assure you. Insult me all you want, its not gonna my corpse in the photo. You game?

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            I must have missed something here. Have not been on the site for a few days and back tracked on messages in this post. Now something has pissed in Rotts Wheaties. Closest I can see might be Don’s rely dated 4July 2015. If that is the one then why did it take Rott over a month to get pissed about it? As for fucking up a foreigner every week try this instead. Fuck up a filipino and improve the country.

            Maybe it’s some people are in denial about the condition of their country and lash out at those who did not cause the problems. Maybe someone on this site is an informer for the philippine government.

          2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB

            No Rottt, you’re not dangerous, you’re just a typical shit-for-brains, jaw flapping, big talking butt-hurt Filipino who just can’t handle the truth. Make all the threats you want. I have your IP address, you’re in Parañaque.
            Now go ahead and start fucking up foreigners dummy.

          3. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
            Don Quixote

            ERGO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            Asked and answered in one sentence. I have been waiting
            True Colors.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            It must be nice to be a Privileged flip.Descended from Spanish. I read too.
            Still not one SOLUTION ROTT!!!!!!!!!!
            Only a Privileged Flip would even dare to do that. None of us ever have, that I have ever seen.
            Typical Flip Solution, Execute the messenger, PINOY PRIDE
            When Binay is elected don’t worry Rott most of us will be gone soon after and you can have your country back . I certainly will be on not returning as I make it a plan to be away when the Elections and Holy Week are on, so no need for me to come back, after May next year.
            I actually have a one way ticket in March next year booked and paid for.
            I will however Hedge my US dollars against the peso.
            I sort of misunderstood your two private messages. WTF ??????WTF???????WTF ?????????
            I reiterate Ergo you are the problem.!!!!!!!!! You are from a privileged family you have said and yet permit bad shit to continually happen and now openly encourage it. I am sure you fuck up a foreigner every chance you get , that is the Philippine way. and yet when someone complains you threaten DEATH,also the Philippine Way. PINOY PRIDE.
            You can never win an debate when your only answer is DEATH.

      1. Profile gravatar of Rottt
        Rottt Post author

        Man you guys are rude. I was trying to be helpful. Should i then say that most of what i hear sounds like very poor white trailer park trash moaning like a bunch of fag bitches because they got fucked over by some maid? Cmon guys. Be civil.

        1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

          I can see you’re trying to be helpful, but it can come off badly even if put in a nice way. This is a site for complaining and bitching. We see NO solutions as we are far from the masses, and the masses are really stupid.
          The educated Filipinos have the exact same gripes, but they can speak the language and this is THEIR country.
          “How about this? I fuck up a foreigner every week and will post his bloody mess on the site til you shut it down.”
          – Are you really willing to commit hate crimes to prove some crazy point? Yes, you may know people, but assaulting random foreigners would still land you in serious trouble or cause you to spend a lot of money on bribes. This, over a website?

          And that is another reason the Philippines can be doomed further. The most progressive countries let in loads of foriegners in. Immediately, they take full advantage of the opportunities, enjoy the high wages, proper gov’t service, but on the flip-side (haha) they also congregate to each other, and complain while also trying to get the local community to cater to THEIR desires or the ways of the shitty country they came from. And yes, they even start websites saying how much they hate it, FB pages, and with many of the saying very hateful things about our (USA) president.
          – Foriegners are here. The Philippines is a corrupt, dirty country so the expats complain. Of course, there is zero regard to fix anything by Filipinos so a blog like this takes a life of its own.
          Difference is: YOU are more than welcome to criticize those 1st world countries you live in. They are free for ALL people living there. Criticism in the Philippines or just stating basic observations is tantamount to being “persona non grata”.

          If you go to the USA, call the cops if someone robs you. You can trust them and they will get to you very quickly. Can you say the same thing of the Philippines. Of course not. So of course its frustrating and anger builds up and again, a website like this takes on a life of its own. Some people are really frustrated or angry, so it comes out in their writing. Anyone who has been here more than 2-3 years become very hateful to this place and the corrupt morons making it worse.

          If you don’t like Filipinos being called stupid or brainless, then don’t be here. Or start a website of Filipinos who hate expats who complain. Call is “proud pinoys who agree mostly with expats when they aren’t so hateful”. Or,,, simply wait for the moderator to close your account.

          “Should i then say that most of what i hear sounds like very poor white trailer park trash moaning like a bunch of fag bitches because they got fucked over by some maid? Cmon guys. Be civil.”
          – Does that really help? You’re saying to be civil, but insulting the people at the same time?

          Agreed with Don Quixote, Offer some advice, solutions, stress management, or simply be the sympathetic person. Otherwise, this may not be the place for you.

          1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

            I’m actually wondering if Rottt left his computer open for his son or friend or “proud pinyo” to see. Something doesn’t seem right all of a sudden, but who knows?

        2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          I tried to put this on my previous post.
          Mate just be constructive and if you can FIX things , Try!!!!!!!!
          We are not permitted to be involved in fixing anything.
          When you are cut out of the Solution all we can do is Bitch.
          I’m an Engineer I fix things , when I am not allowed, it pisses me off.
          Look at the way they are treating Senator Grace.
          How the fuck could she be a foundling and not be a Filipino Born Citizen.
          What ??????? someone thought I will fly into Iloilo in the dark and leave my Baby at a church and in 30 years she will become the President.
          In Australia we let anyone be the Prime minister of Australia , you don’t have to NATIVE BORN we try and take the best of the world and treat them as equals.
          The current PM was born in England.
          Can you imagine the Philippines if they removed all this Racist privilege. make it a true democracy. get rid of Dynasties.in Politics.Institute True Land reform ?????? That’s another story. ??????

  2. Profile gravatar of CantFixStupid

    Been here long enough to know… that i’m leaving next month and only visiting every few (hopefully very few) years. Only reason is for the kids to see their mom’s family. I once had the idea of retiring here, but after the first “Bawal Umihi Dito” (Don’t Piss Here) sign and a guy actually pissing there, I knew I could never invest my hard earned retirement dollars here.

    I’ll come back if my kids decide to run for public office, instantly become millionaires, while doing a “Making Money” pose like Johnny Football.

    1. Profile gravatar of Grumpykano

      Hi, this is Grumpykano. My real name is Andy. I have a wonderful filipina wife who gets it. I am lucky to have her. Just like you, I was planning on retiring in the Philippines but after all of the stupid shit I have seen there I am starting to change my mind. I have invested with my wife in over 15 Hectares of farmland where we have 5,000 cacao trees, 5,000 coffee plants and over 15,000 falcata trees planted among other species of vegetables. We even have a rice paddy including a fish pond with 2,000 talapia. These are located up in the mountains in Maragusan. I have made some nice contacts here in the Philippines. I am friends with some very powerful people in the Davao area including the president of the coffee growers association . I live in south Florida and I will be bringing my wife over here soon. We plan on living here in Florida and going back and forth to the Philippines. Luckily, I have my wife’s brothers and sisters looking after the farms. I want to buy a resort on the Island of Samal eventually. Unfortunately, I get stressed out after spending more than a month in that land of idiots. What a shame that the Philippines is such a shithole. I had no idea when I first came here. I actually spent over 28 weeks there last year over 8 separate trips. I am the owner of a company that allows me to get away like that but once my wife gets here, I won’t be going there that many times. I am 54 and still have some time before I retire. Any suggestions?

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        When it comes to any kind of dealing on any level with the philipines or filipinos I can only suggest one thing,,,,, RUN FORREST, RUN!!!!!

        Honestly and seriously though. Just wait and you will get fucked on your holdings in the philippines. They let the money come in but do everything they can to keep it from leaving. Want to know more? PM me for first hand experience.

          1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

            PM me grumpy kano.. I can tell you of lots of perssonal horror stories over money or how they fuck you over,
            To PM ,, go to my account at the top of this page and search for messages etc.


      2. Profile gravatar of BLX2

        “I have a wonderful filipina wife who gets it”, “once my wife gets here”, ” Luckily, I have my wife’s brothers and sisters looking after the farms” “I had no idea when I first came here. “.

        You still haven’t got a clue. Go back and read this blog, over and over and over again before doing anything more until you realize how wrong the first 3 quotes are and that the fourth is just the tip of the ice burg. Of course I don’t listen to what I already know. Every time I ignore it, lie to myself, put my paranoia in check, WHAM!!!!!! KY NOT INCLUDED. Think you beat the system, welcome to the suck, we did try to warn you….. 🙂

      3. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        The best thing to do is hire an independent auditor, and possibly another one. There are many auditors who are knowledgeable about farms. Give them 10% of the harvest or put them on a fixed salary. Let them know if the harvests go down 20% without a proper explanation (typhoons, plant virus, etc.), then he is fired. Have a backup ready. Sometimes the auditor will collude with farmers or managers. Offer farmers/ managers an extra 10% profit share or 40% of anything over the basic quota. Might have to make it worth their time to not steal or realize the will get a portion and that is the best deal they will ever get.
        Then create a chart detailing teh harvests and productivity. Hold meetings (online through skype)every 2-4 weeks. This shows them you are paying attention. Do a skype screen share to show you are keeping track of the numbers.
        Finally, keep in mind there are very few success stories to this scenario you are about to embark on. It can happen, but the odds are stacked against you.

      4. Profile gravatar of kalbo

        Please be careful Mr Grumpykano! I’d hate to see another nice guy get screwed over by the sewerpeople! My advice is invest it in Florida instead. That way you’re protected AND you can see what’s going on first hand. BIG BONUS: You dont have to trust sewerpeople with your cash.

        1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

          Agreed! Put your money into anything that pays a consistent dividend or income. Low risk if possible. Then you have the security and more peace of mind it is safe in the USA. You’re going to be wondering non-stop about that farm while you are in FL.
          Best thing is maybe add to your pension if possible or IRA. When you finally retire to the Ph, you will have USD instead of making money in Pesos. If Binay wins, the exchange rate will go from 45.75 to 55 in less than 2 years.

  3. Profile gravatar of Rottt
    Rottt Post author

    I’ve seen “bawal tumae dito”. That means “dont take a shit here”. It goes from stupid to absolutely absurd

      1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

        Me too Beavis.. they will piss everywhere .. even when there is a CR provided my friend said pops went outside to PISS .. he would piss next to my friend as he was sitting outside.

      2. Profile gravatar of Mike

        I walk down the road and see a pile of shit back in the states and I know a dog did it. Walk down the street here and see a pile of shit I wonder to myself if it was a dog or a filipino that did it.

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          Mikey, if it’s gigantic turd, it’s Pinoys. Plus the Pinoy turds have got a distinctive smell, likely from the rancid cooking oil that they kept re-using be it McDonald’s, Jollibees, KFC or the plain side walk vendor selling whatever it is they sell by the roadside. I think they call it Tempura.

          If you’ve had real Tempura and seen these Pinoy version of “Tempura”, you would not call it “Tempura”. The Japanese would cringe by being associated with Pinoy Tempura.

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            I have seen their version of Tempura. Just like everything else filipinos found a way to fuck that up too.

          2. Profile gravatar of Beavis

            Ah, yes. The finer points of shit. Isn’t this blog great? Now we are getting all analytical about … shit. This is awesome. We just analyze every delicate detail about life in the Philippines through the eyes of a foreigner. Really, locals really could learn quite a bit about foreigners just from carefully reading the comments.

          3. Profile gravatar of kalbo

            Holy crap Sarah (no pun intended), your post reminds me of some kind of sick version of a David Attenborough documentary! ;). In fact, I think David Attenborough would be able to shed some light on the retarded, primitive flip culture that makes most Apes look like Einstein!

          4. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Hey Beavis!!!
            When your life is in the shithole of the worlds shitter what do you have to talk about really? SHIT!!! Hey, you have a little on your chin, here’s a tissue.

            Now pay me, give me coin

      3. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Go to Yahoo and search “7 million pinoys don’t have toilets” I shit you not (no pun intended) The WHO done a study and the filipinos are getting tore up in the comment section. One even says they only pinoys that piss on the walls are not from Manila but the countryside!

  4. Profile gravatar of beameup

    I’d be curious to know why the P.I. has no “eminent domain” law, where the government can take land in order to improve the infrastructure (of course, they have to pay for it).
    What I observed is that every millimeter of land can be utilized by the owner. I’ve seen on the “National Highway” (joke) how homes will literally be built to within a few feet of where the tires of the bus’ travel.
    Even Marcos Highway entering Baguio is limited to just 2 lanes. There seem to be absolutely no “building codes”, and yet if you want to add-on in your own home, you have to deal with half-dozen “agencies” (endless red-tape).

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

      Yep beameup i know its right up to the front boundary of the road. no setback
      have you seen those tents they put up for wakes? they stay up for a week.
      I been to some that are on the national highway
      holy fuck… its dark and trucks and vans are blazing past and this tent is jutting a quarter of the road taken up
      and people just sitting around playing cards
      on other roads it may take up half or the whole road.

    2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      Sad to say, but Filipinos are huge land-grabbers. Despite how much they decry China about it, they are guilty of it to their own people and society.
      Tell a Filipino they can’t be within 2 meters of the road, that means they will go less than 1 meter. When someone shows up to complain, they get a very confused look on their face.
      That is how you also know the society is corrupt. You can see no one in the gov’t or the society gives a shit to stop it no matter how much it hurts the community.
      Ever see one of those large buses simply stop on those little 2 lane roads while someone offloads their stuff? It takes forever and holds up traffic on their “national highway”.

      That is the reason for all the accidents. The pepole are trying to pass all the time. The roads are so small and shitty, people are trying to pass the little trike or slow jeepney all the time. Then, has anyone here driven more than a half-hour in any direction on the “national highway” without seeing a ton of construction?
      So, when a bus gets in an accident, its because of driver error on a shitty road. However, the LTO morons pretend like its the first time they have seen it, look confused, then say they are “doing something about it”. That means they go out and stencil parts on the buses or take pictures of themselves looking under the hood. In the end, nothing happens.

      The biggest thing that could turn around the country is auditing all those “officials” in charge with the road project funds. If they construct a road, inspect it immediately. I guarantee 50% of the funds disappeared and the road is awful. Put them in jail immediately afterward and have them squeal on who else they conspired with.

      One thing Filipino CANNOT do: Construct a decent road,, or bridge.

  5. Profile gravatar of

    I agree on the racist part, back when I was in high school I normally tell my classmates that they are racist and spew a shit load of double standards. They love calling Indians stinky and assholes and rapists and all of that, but when I call them monkey cunts they lose their shit, kek

  6. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    yep racist fucks
    1. look at the media .. notice what is on there — WHITE filipinos
    2. look at the tourist spots. i have been to places and locals 20p … i had to pay 200p (ive lived in PH 10 years!)
    3. when i went to one place .. they saw me on paying … they pointed to a sign — locals x pesos, foreigners ..300p, locals acommpanied by foreigners .. x pesos. so the bill went up from a few hundred to 3 fucking thousand pesos for the cost AFTER!! we finished .. as they saw MR white foreinger.. i had ok’d bringing along the neighbours kids and more as the entrance was like 20 pesos each for those kids … nope!! it went up to 150p each as they were accommpanied by a foreigner.

    Seriously folks .. filipino know how to shit in their own nests. Its that mentality like i mentioned above. Oh look !! like in the zoo .. a fucking foreigner … lets make the fee 10x he can pay, he is rich .. he will pay as he has a kind heart and took 10 kids for the day swimming etc

    RIP – SHIT AND BURN mentality
    like a drowning victim
    day to day survival — if they played by the books they might get somewhere but they dont

      1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

        yep. they want to go for hard, beaten, down trodden and being fucked up the ass.

        I paid people weekly, no requirements, flexible hours.
        = I GET SHITTED ON BY FILIPINO “WORKERS” i say in ” ” as they are bullshit – always mucking around, not working, playing on phone and texting or wanting to take breaks or getting phone calls. they are some of the most HIGHLY DISTRACTED PEOPLE i have met. Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshi’s run rings around Filipinos when it comes to getting the job done.
        In the end they left to go to a firm that made them pay to get a job
        1. they have to pay all the job requirments
        2. supply their own uniform (another cost)
        3. paid monthly (if they get paid :))
        4. subject to salary deductions and tax and other deductions

        I just cant work it out why they would want to torture themselves like that other than the fact Filipinos are fucking stupid

        1. Profile gravatar of Beavis

          What is the fascination with ass fucking today? First CyberGod talks about ass fucking, and now you. Personally, I like the part in the movie Pulp Fiction where they put a ball gag in the guy’s mouth.

    1. Profile gravatar of Bill

      Haha. Last year my partner (a local) brought piles of antique wood to a guy who employs lower plebs to do all the woodwork so that we could convert it all to furniture for our new house. I never came along on every consecutive visit, until the final day where we had to pick up the finished products.

      The look of utter regret mixed with betrayal on the boss’ face, upon seeing me, was fucking HILARIOUS.

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        His brain cell was working overtime to try to come up with a Foreigner Added Tax,,
        If i see one iota of stupidity from these morons when I get to my own country, i will go postal!!!

  7. Profile gravatar of Rottt
    Rottt Post author

    We do have that law, it computes the value of the land on price valued for real estate tax purposes. The entire length of edsa used to be a two lane road, they exapropriated at least another 100%. This included residential land that was part of Makati villages like dasmariñas and forbes park. The south and north expressways out if the metro underwent the same process of widening. There are laws and municipal ordinances which regulate the use of land but it becomes a ” lets see how far we can push it” thing. No kidding. If they dont get busted for using land illegally, they’ll keep going . In MM there is usually 3 meter rule, and in some places ( like where we live) have a 5 meter one. Out side of Manila it goes from very bad to much worse. 😀 following laws become more of a matter of choice 🙂 Re Marcos Highway, after the Marcos admin, that highway has been practically abandoned. Unless theres a slide, Kennon is a nicer route with maintained roads.

  8. Profile gravatar of beameup

    EDSA was privately funded by the Ayala’s and others. I’ve never seen a road in Baguio get widened. They do a lot of concrete repaving, but that just brings certain “select” contractors the loot. There is a joke here in Baguio, that the roads are perfectly OK, but the contractors won a bid to “dig for gold”. Marcos Highway is very much in use, but Kennon Road is empty (for the most part).

  9. Profile gravatar of Rottt
    Rottt Post author

    The more competent projects are private sector funded, like Ayala, as you mentioned, or some of the BOTs for the new infra projects. Competent as in they wont have to repave after the first rainy season. 🙂 when the Phil Govt is involved……… 😀 I take Kennon, nostalgic from when i was a kid

  10. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
    Hey Joe

    6. As a foreigner, you might as well walk around with a “please fuck me over” sign around your neck, because you are perceived to have no “connections” or “muscle” to back you up

    Right on Rott;
    We had a issue 3yrs back when some of locals came up with a money making plan to sick the tax collectors on us with a BS story about owing back taxes. Bert the tax guy shows up demanding money. So I say, no problem, we can meet down at your office to discuss it.
    So I make sure to get all his contact info so I can scope him out as I smell a rat.
    After some checking I find out he is related to one of the A-hole neighbors that are always trying to get money out of me… the rat smell is getting stronger now.

    Unknown to them we do “know people” The Davao city attorney (Mr.Alby) is a good friend of my wife’s family for many yrs. And a real nice and honest guy. So Mr.Alby gos down the hall to the tax assessors office to inquire about Bert.. YES he does work there, but NO we owe no taxes and he (Bert) had no order to pay us a visit.
    We get a personal phone call from the head guy at the tax office apologizing for the problem. Bert is now looking for a new job.
    I only wish I could have seen there faces when Bert told them he lost his job over there little plot.

      1. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
        Hey Joe

        Legal ???? what does that have to do with anything when money is involved 🙂 🙂 🙂 lol

        Like the illegal road tolls that some BC’s charge around here on public roads.
        Has already been deemed illegal after yrs in the local court system, yet it is still being done. Same old, same old.

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          Hey Joe,
          I googled “philippine immigration reward” and there is one site already comparing this reward to Hitlers reward for turning in the Jews. I’m out of beer. What’s your address again?

    1. Profile gravatar of Grumpykano

      Hi Hey-Joe, Since visiting here for the last two years and investing in farms I have made some really nice contacts in the Davao area. I am now a guest with the Philippine Growers Association’s President. I became friends with the owner of the largest farms here in the Philippines ( Dizon Farms) , even went to his daughter’s wedding here in Las Vegas as the only American guest there and I have ties to Mayor Rody Duterete. Having powerful friends here in the land of corruption does have it’s benefits. I never had to use these connections to combat any corrupt official yet but can you imagine the look on one of these assholes face when I call Mayor Duterte to report that I am having a problem with extortion? Priceless! This place is still a shithole!

    1. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
      Hey Joe

      Thanks Rott;
      I have learned to be suspect of EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY around here. Some might call it paranoia?? Hummm could be, but when you have a target on one’s back and now a BI bounty on one’s head… do you blame me/us????

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      I don’t think anyone on this site reveals their location. That is a wise move in this shit hole.
      Consider this if you will. If you ask your wife for sex and she thinks you ask too many times she can have you arrested. Call her a bitch and off to jail you go. Tell the truth about this shit hole and can be arrested. But don’t let all that scared you. remember one thing in your mind,,,,,,,,,, “IT’S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES’!!!!!

  11. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    “Holy crap Sarah (no pun intended), your post reminds me of some kind of sick version of a David Attenborough documentary! ;). ”

    Which post was that Kalbo? I’ve written a few 🙂