A Mother’s Story – White Americans Portrayed as Abusers of Filipino Maids

In my previous article I wrote about how the anti-American narrative being actively and passively embraced by many Filipinos. The Anakbayan is a good example of that.  It is a large Communist organization known for their anti-American activism which has been welcomed at major Filipino events such as the Philippines Independence Parade in New York.  

Sadly the anti-American narrative is partnered with anti-white narrative as well. It’s done in a very smooth subtle way.  Anakbayan also have propaganda videos where whites shown as the bad guys.  That will be another story.  

Ironically Filipinos are one of the most racist in the world. Light skin vs dark skin and flat nose vs pointed nose are some of the issues that their mind is seriously screwed up with. Some may argue that we white westerners are the beneficiary of their racism but the truth is that we are not! Just the opposite: We are portrayed as oppressors, abusers and exploiters and the symbol of ongoing colonialism. Case in point: Filipino movie called A Mother’s Story. Trailer here

A Mother’s Story Full trailer from Mitos Briones on Vimeo.

(watch scene from 1:15) 

We need to understand how they are doing the real race baiting. Well I admit they are doing it in a very sophisticated way.  We all know the entertainment industry the media politics, almost everything in the Philippines in run by Chinese Filipinos and they are behind this movie as well.

They cleverly used a dark native Filipina (Pokwang) who was abused by an affluent white family in the USA. There is a part where she was called stupid and a towel was thrown in to her face. (1:30 and 1:15) Look at their mannerism the way they condescend and point their fingers in the face of the Filipina. Look at how they accuse her stealing. Do you recognize the body language? It’s more the behavior of rich Filipinos! They just switched the race and the place. In reality this is not the behavior of whites, it is really out character for whites to do this kind of things in America today!  

The USA is not what it was 300 years ago or 50 years ago!  Now the really sad part: Anyone in the Philippines who watched the movie just enforces their beliefs that whites doing this kind of abuse to Filipinos. Just read some of the comments!  This is high tech race baiting pure and simple just to cover up their exploitation of each other and feed in to the anti-American and anti-white blame and hate narrative.  


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    The writer of the film should have changed the setting of the story to the mid-east and the characters replaced with Arabs. The film would have been more believable. There is a FB link called DJ Sniper that posts daily stories of OFWs in the mid-east seeking help, complaining of abuses by their employers, some complete with bruises and other injuries.

    As to the characters of the film… strange that the actress who played Pokwang’s mother had Kano features. The guy she was talking to on the plane, if he was not talking in Tagalog I could have sworn he was not Pinoy!

    I have heard of American expats complain that their GFs are unable to get a tourist visa to the US. Yet, in this movie Pokwang got a visa easily? Then became an illegal, making her susceptible to exploitation. I have heard of Filipinos do that to their own kind. If anybody remembered a few years ago, Fil-Am couple, both Doctors worth millions of $$, but had kept an illegal Pinay maid on their basement for 20 years? The illegal maid received an instant green card from the US government while the Fil-Am couple were supposed to get deported. Not sure how it went.

    Filipinos indeed seemed to have this preconceived notion that whites are cruel and snobs. Ever turned down a loan request from a Pinoy? Heavens help you! You will be labelled as snobs, “she looks down on us because we are poor” and other BS, instead of acknowledging that the real reason you are not keen to lend money is because they are notorious for not paying, same reason that they get denied visas to western countries, not because they’re Filipinos, but because they are notorious for overstaying! Filipinos are very, very good at portraying themselves as victims, when in fact it is quite the opposite.

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      Attila Post author

      My wife already trained me what to say and what not to say if a neighbor comes to ask money from me. Rule #1: I’m not allowed to say NO. That only reserved for Chinese. They allowed to say NO and be rude about it: “No money go away!” Not so fast with whites. The best strategy is to say “I don’t have any extra, talk to my wife she is doing the budgeting but she has a large family who dependent on her. There is always an emergency you know how Filipino families are. I prey you find a solution for your problem.” Something like that but never ever say no. We whites don’t have the freedom to say things like Chinese. We will not be understood and not given a pass like Chinese. Same at the workplace. Chines can pay bellow minimum wage and exploit them. Whites has to pay be the rules and would be reported as fast as shit through a goose.

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    The worst employers for Filipinos in the Philippines go in this order:
    #1. The Chinese (Phil-Chinese)
    #2. Filipinos
    #3. Indians
    #4. Arabs
    #5. Westerners.

    #1 & #2 constantly accuse their workers of stealing. That is their tactic to cut the pay. It’s a very common, very over-used, and all too predictable tactic. Westerners dont do that as we have been trained to actually catch the person stealing so we have evidence for termination, not to blindly make a false accusation to save from paying someone who has rightfully earned it. And why would #’s 1 and 2 even keep someone around they constantly have to worry about theft? More pinoy stupidity, which basically boils down to lack of morals, but this time from the better-off segment.
    My company hired many people from chinese companies. I’ll tell you they were so happy to #1. Get a fair, legal salary #2. Get paid hourly instead of 150 pesos for a 10 hour day. #3. Being treated like equals. #3 Took a while for them to get used to and they were very shy at first.
    Filipinos are very abusive to their own maids. They give their own people shit wages or, you should be happy to have food and a place to live so we don’t need to pay you very much. Plus, we can talk down to you anytime.
    My mother hired a poor 17 y/o girl who definitely had some PTSD for the first 6 months she worked with us. She was so frightened. When my mom offered to let her take some courses (we would pay for) she thought it was a trick. She was the hardest worker and her attitude changed after the 6 month mark she actually started smiling. Thank god.
    She had come from a very nasty family who hired her from when she was about 14 years old. Westerners would never hire a 14 year old girl to be our maids (unless its some demented pervert) cause we know that poor girl need to be in school and be a teenager, not a maid for $2 a day.
    I fucking hate Filipino culture. The writer of this stupid movie did not even do the slightest bit of research. It seems the entire movie is “poor victim Filipina”. I constantly hear this pinoy pride thing, but all I ever really hear is “we are victims”.

    Filipinos are very racist. The upper class Filipinos hate being in the sun or getting a tan cause they don’t want to look dark or like a commoner. Next, exactly how well do Filipinos even treat each other? Again, they claim to be so nice, but the way they treat each other and their lack of empathy for each other is horrific. Next, if Filipinos are so kind, honest, and not racist, then where are all the Aeta’s and why are they such a segregated group?

    1. Profile gravatar of pulubi

      I think you are wrong Johnny. I am not defending the chinese because I am a chinoy. I could care less if chinese are nice or not. Maybe you are referring to the communist chinese that emigrated there. I never trusted the communist but if the phil government let them in well…. In the early days many people from china, hong kong and taiwan moved to the philippines to start a life there. They left because china was falling into a communist regime. They settled in the philippines, started a businesses and employed a lot of fillipino. They started businesses because it was difficult for them to assimilate with filipinos One of them, close to our family is also one of the biggest employer there. If they treated filipino badly you will hear it right away because of the size of their company.

      Most chinese resident fear being kidnapped, killed, robbed, and theft from domestic helpers all the time. Just recently heard from one of our family member who had a maid that stole $40k worth of cash and jewelry. The maid has been with them for a long time. They treated the maid well. I can give you a lot of kidnapping incident that happened with chinese people I know. The article is right about the early chinese settler owning a lot of businesses there but they work hard for it.

      Maybe your list should go
      1. Indian, arabs
      2. COMMUNIST chinese

      As for filipino against filipino thats for them to sort it out.

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      Attila Post author

      Yes, the Aeta. I visited a village to see it with my own eye how they live plus I needed material for a photo exhibition. The village I visited can be approached only by foot. Tucked away between a mountain and sugarcane field where the men work. They are incredibly poor, I never seen anything like that. I gave the children some coloring books and pencils and I took their portraits. I liked photographing them. I’s obvious that they are excluded in Filipino society completely.

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      Attila Post author

      “…constantly accuse their workers of stealing. That is their tactic to cut the pay. It’s a very common, very over-used, and all too predictable tactic”
      It must work well for them if they use it all the time. It seems the Chinese mastered Filipino logic and uses it with spectacular result. They must have a very deep intricate understanding of how the Filipino mind works if they are able to have a such a strong grip on them. Jut think about it: you treat your Filipino employee as a thief. That is the starting base. The workers have to prove that they are not guilty. What a motivation! Amazing! Before I start feeling sorry for the workers I need remember that the same employee would fight back and even report the employer if he/she was white. That is why I can’t feel sorry for Filipinos because if they can and will stand up against whites but not the Chinese. That is one reason I have no sympathy for Filipinos because they volunteer be treated like shit by Chinese. but bark like dogs against whites.

    4. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      I hired most my employees from former Chinese business owners. It became part of the algorithm used for hiring when the job suited. The local chinese paid lower than the predetermined wages. Problem with that is they were not always the brightest and most had very little education. However, I could find some from time to time. the stories they tell of long, 10-12 hour days with no payment beyond 8 hours, being charged for missing items, being charged for broken items, and told to come in on days off with no extra pay.
      One of my ex employees actually got a check for 6 pesos one week cause so many items were “missing” or damaged in the store. She was the a very honest employee of mine and I had nothing but high regards for her.
      Of course its not all, but the Chinese are pretty much the only ones hiring in an over-crowded market. So, their levels of compassion and caring can be less cause there is always a long line of new pinoys looking for a job. Not to mention many friends of mine are chinese business owners or chinoys.
      The reason why whites are more scared and why the Filipinos are always trying to turn them in is because whites are very scared in such a corrupt shit-hole country like the Philippines. ANY report, fake or true can unleash a hornets nest of a shitstorm on the foreigner who then has to more than likely pay numerous bribes. And god forbid the BI gets their greedy noses involved. Look up the story of George Spanos who spent 1.5 years in a BI jail on fake charges.
      Westerners are taught to treat their employees with respect. Western employees will tell you to fuck off at the drop of a hat if they feel pissed off. Its very costly for the employer to hire again. When employees are treated better than expected they will work harder than expected. That is the western philisophy when it comes to employment. With the exception of the Japanese, most Asian cultures do not follow it. But what do I know?

      1. Profile gravatar of pulubi

        Becareful some of the story coming from the pinoy with low wage and abuse sometimes is not true. Sometimes they use this as bargaining tool. I have to be fair after a long afternoon nap I recall being a witness to chinese abusing pinoys too. I did see a chinese businessman bringing home his work for the maids to assemble it till midnight. LOL Therefore my conclusion is that everyone there is abusing one or the other.

        Just have to agree that when you end up in the philippines the people just becomes idiots including chinoy.

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          My massage lady in Mum’s province had a half Chinese Pinay. Very wealthy it seems because she had a mansion by the sea. At the beginning of 2015, she started with 6 maids. One by one the maids left because of her behavior. She treated them very badly, fed them with rice and dried fish, and even when the maids were having their lunch, if the Madam wanted coffee you have to get up and make her coffee. Even when her purse was just under the pillow, she demanded the maid come to her and retrieve the purse. No wonder she is obese!

          As the maids left one by one, by the time she was left with three maids, she was refusing them to go back home for a week for family reasons, afraid that the maids won’t return. So the maids would arrange with someone to pick them up and throw her stuff over the fence, then tell Madam that she was off to the stores to buy more laundry powder. As I was leaving the province last year, Madam had 2 maids left. And even when my massage lady had other customers lined up, Madam demanded she should be served first. Except when I’m there, she’s more forgiving and tells the massage lady to go to the Australian girl first 🙂

    5. Profile gravatar of Mike

      As for stealing. Since I have been here my wife has had several businesses from sari sari, tailoring, laundry, and diner along with house help. It would be safe to say that over the years while I have been here there have been no less than 30 staff/employees. Out of those 30 there have been maybe 2 that did not steal every chance they got, from clothes, silverware, shoes, products, food, cash. The above staff did not include any family she had hired. Out of the family there was about 5 cousins, a brother and his wife. It was only the brother who stole, his “loot”
      1.) Digital camera
      2.) My hearing aids.
      3.) portable welder.
      4.) San Discs memory cards for camera (2).
      5.) Metal grinder.
      6.) Electric wood planer.
      7.) DVDs.
      8.) Scuba mask
      9.) Sons toys

      These are things I can recall off the top of my head. Total value he “looted” was over 80,000 pesos. Yes, filipinos stealing is a very big problem and they have no shame when caught.

      1. Profile gravatar of Attila
        Attila Post author

        My wife told me that you can not do business in the Philippines unless you are there and she would supervise them by breeding down on their neck. If I alone want to run the business then they will try to steal and sabotage me and I will certainly fail.

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          Attila, made that mistake twice in the Philippines. When I renovated my house in 2014, I had to go to Mum’s province. So I was not there to supervise. Result? Shit job for high labor costs.

          Last year, had to get my property in the city fenced because of goats and garbage problems. If your property in the Philippines is not fenced, only 2 outcomes… squatters occupying it or the low lifes will use it as garbage dump.

          So shits for brains Aunt nagged me to send money to get my city property fenced. So I sent the money, she organized an low life Flip who was not even a qualified carpenter, but charged me 3 times my fully qualified carpenter would have charged and not to mention the low life, cheating, lazy Pignoy was always asking for “advanced wages”, which shits for brains Aunt gave. Trouble was, dumb Aunt was always away going for short vacations, possibly with some of the fencing money. The result? the fence was badly done, chipped concrete and uncut wires. To top it all off, the lowlife Pignoy took another advanced wage and did not return to finish the job!

          So yes, your wife is correct. If you need someone to work for you in the Philippines, you need to be there to supervise them or else you get overcharged for shit job!

        2. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
          Hey Joe

          Listen to you’re wife.
          When we were building “the farm” we were not around near enough, and it shows. My shop and front fence/gate were built first. Our “foreman” bro-inlaw, as we found out too late, would buy the lowest cost china knock off supplies he could get and pocket the difference we paid for quality supplies leaving us stuck with sub-standard goods. In particular.. circuit breakers. branded GE. 100% fake. 2 melted down in several months. And I do mean melted. Copper CLAD (steel) wires. Again 100% fake, not copper at all, and all had to be removed and replaced after I found them to be fake.

          Needless to say he (bro-inlaw) and about 90% of the crew were all fired on the spot when we found out.
          But this does us little good as the damage was already done. Costing us many thousands to re-do the faulty work.
          Then WE took over. WE bought all our own supplies. Kept all supplies in the now locked up shop. Handed out as needed and supervised it’s installation. I watched them like a hawk, and would catch them time and time again in shoddy workmanship. OH, I was a S.O.B oh right. I am not like that, but learned real fast you HAVE TO BE that way. Should have seen there face when I walk to the house with my laser level to double check what my eyes could see with the floors. Don’t even get me going with the plumbing…Gurrrrrrr 🙁

          We are about to start another apartment project. I WILL be watching, I assure you that. I tell everyone the same thing. I can be you’re best friend OR you’re worst nightmare….. up to YOU to choose by the way you act. It’s just that simple.

          1. Profile gravatar of Attila
            Attila Post author

            Yup, you need to otherwise they will abuse you. Thanks for sharing your story.

  3. Profile gravatar of IrishPat

    Strangely the only case of exploitation of Filipino maids in Ireland was actually by the Filipino Embassy and they felt that they had a right to treat they own people in this manner and the stupid Kano shouldn’t interfere. Instead of acting as a positive role model for how Pinoy employees should be treated they do the opposite. Based on their example we should Employ maids in the Philippines on 150 peso a day for 24 hour days and then ship them over. I pity any Pinoy trying to get assistance from such an embassy should they suffer similar abuse.


    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Remember when it was in the news that philippine embassies in the middle east were caught sexual abusing pinays? The embassy would not do anything until the pinay dropped her panties and spread her legs for them.

      1. Profile gravatar of IrishPat

        That’s sounds about, they go to the embassy to complain about rape in their workplace and the staff there ask for a demonstration. But hey that’s ok as they are Pinoy.

      2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        Yes, heard about that too. Maybe 2 years ago? Filipinas go to Philippines embassy to seek refuge and the fat Filipino (obviously well-paid!) demanded sex or else the Pinays won’t get help. Filipinos prey on each other regardless of their locations.

  4. Profile gravatar of John

    As a person who already has a Pinay “Live-in Care Giver Nanny” (this is the second one though), I assure you that this movie is nothing but a cheap propaganda!

    1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

      As the neighbor of a well heeled pinoy with 2 nannies, why would anyone trust their children to their care? Once the master leaves the baby and toddlers cry and the nannies and maids scream, that is in between tossing their garbage over the wall. These fucking bitches think we’re their maids since we don’t have maids of our own I guess.

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    Phil Doh

    This reminds me why I never turned on the TV in the philippines. It’s impossible to go five minutes without seeing somebody feeling sorry for themselves and sobbing uncontrollably. I’m sure these pathetic excuses for drama infect the whole nation, where they just copy this poor me bullshit. I once had to visit the priest for a chat with my wife before we got married and were shown to a room where there was a woman chatting to a nun, sobbing her heart out and telling her all her problems. We sat only a few feet from her and I found it extremely uncomfortable. I was brought up to respect stranger’s privacy in such situations, but neither her or the nun gave a shit that we were there.

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    Short comment about the article. Filipinos are not diffrent than muslims in Europe or niggers inEurope. Always blaim somebody. Nigger word is not a course or insult in my country like Attila already explain in one of the articles.

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    That’s one long ass full trailer. I did not finish watching it it’s retarded. Wow this is some monkey propaganda right here. They sure made white folks look bad in this movie. I’ve never seen a white person point a finger or act this way. Unless if whitey is a modern day Nazi i’ll accept that. Good job pinoys 🙂