A Nation of Slaves

The Philippines has no history of its own. Filipinos have no memory of their own tribal origins. The history of the Philippines, in effect, begins with Magellan landing and declaring it a Spanish colony. And so it was, and for 377 years it was the Filipino serving their Spanish masters.

The history of the Philippines is a history of slavery.

Slaves are not allowed to tell the truth. Slaves are not allowed to offend their masters. Slaves are not allowed to express preferences. Slaves must always manage their masters. Slaves must always be on guard.  Slaves must always shy away from punishment. Slaves must always fear their fellow slaves. Slaves are not allowed to feel curiosity. Slaves are not allowed to feel genuine emotion. Slaves can only react to propaganda.

If the slave cannot escape, and is beaten if he does not work hard, then his vengeance will always take on a more subtle form.

The slave will perform his work slightly more slowly – not enough to be punished, but enough to irritate his master. Or perhaps the slave might not accomplish the task quite right, with intentionally poor workmanship. There are any number of ways that a slave may obey orders to the letter but not in spirit.

The slave will pretend to be less intelligent than he really is, so that when he loses or breaks things, he will be more likely to escape punishment, since he is pretending in effect to be a child.

The slave will also do what he can to promote any negative habits his master may have. If his master likes to drink, the slave will always be on hand to refill his cup. If his master has a tendency towards jealousy, the slave will innocently “mention” that he saw his master’s wife chatting with another man.

If the slave is particularly cunning, he will also do everything that he can to inflate his master’s ego. He will sing his master’s praises, claim joy in “knowing his place,” thank the master for everything he does, and remain fanatically “loyal.”

This hyperinflation of the master’s ego inevitably creates pettiness, vanity, hyper-irritability, and unbearable pomposity. In other words, the slave will always turn his master into an unhappy man – who is constantly annoyed, who cannot experience love, and who engenders no respect from those around him – particularly his children.

As a result of the slave’s passive-aggressive manipulations, the master becomes prone to violence, self-abusive habits, crippling self-blindness, and sinks into a bottomless pit of discontent and misery.

This is the vengeance of the slave.

By enslaving his master, the slave gains a sense of control – and also recreates in his master his own experience of enslavement. It is a subtle cry of hatred.

A slave can only hope for freedom by making owning slaves unbearable  for his master.

Not only might the slave’s endless passive-aggressive noncompliance and provocation provoke suicide on the part of his master – but his master’s miserable existence might also serve as a warning for others who might wish to own slaves. In other words, the slave that makes its “owner” miserable is performing an enormous service to the freedom of other slaves, since anyone else who is thinking of enslaving will look at the stress experienced by existing slave owners and do pretty much anything to avoid that fate – thus leaving others free.

The greatest danger for the slave is that he becomes addicted to the sense of control that comes from manipulating his master. In other words, the great danger for the slave is that he becomes addicted to his slavery.

If a slave begins to believe his own master-destroying propaganda, then in the absence of masters, he will create them.

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  1. Profile gravatar of sckang

    Filipinos love to blame the outsider for all their ills. They blame us Americans and the Spanish for having a paramount leader and yes, Filipinos are idiots in their own history.
    The present system is Filipino Culture being played out. The president is the chief that dictates everything. He’s the one with the power to reward and punish and Congress is a fucking joke! These useless POS SOBs like Pacquiao that had been on opposition slates have their frigging knee pads on for this 70 year sick son of a bitch and will play nice because Duterte’s the new Chief.
    Filipinos blame the Spanish for the inequality, but these frigging people took the whole system lock , stock, and barrel. The Filipinos made their own people slaves. At the top and very few are the rich like Roxas, Aquino, Marcos, Sotto, et cetera that control everything. They own large swathes of land that are bigger than some of the cities in Metro Manila. These monkeys call themselves Don and Donas like the Spanish and demand respect, They build houses in the Spanish Style and still mimic Spanish Practices that long have been discarded in Spain.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      The former PM of Singapore pretty much said the same thing. There is no connection or “gel that binds the country together”.
      Basically, the people really don’t give a shit about each other. No one feels sorry for the most poverty stricken or children begging for money in the streets or sleeping on a piece of cardboard on the sidewalk. There is no sense of society, community, or “let’s help each other”. It is a “me-first” culture from the poorest to the richest,,, and everyone in between. Ever see a community group, activist group, clean-up, meals-on-wheels, habitat for humanity, volunteers, etc? The answer is never to “yeah, I saw it one time”. The USA sends more aid and help (peace corps, church groups, sponsor-a-child, environmental, etc) to the Philippines than Filipinos help themselves. So instead of helping each other, they’d rather wait for help or simply do nothing,,, in a land where they have nothing to do.

      With such a short history the basic start of their history consisted of being propped up and heavily helped by the USA, you’d think they’d be #1 at least in Asia. You’d think after such a devastating war less than 75 years ago, they would have learned to be nationalistic, patriotic, and bonded together. So bottom line: There is little to nothing redeeming about Filipino culture.

  2. Profile gravatar of Rice Ganda
    Rice Ganda

    Could explain why Filipinos think absolutely nothing of selling their children into sexual slavery for a few Pesos. I’m not just talking about the parents who knowingly send their teenage daughters out to be GRO’s to finance the family thiefdom.; They even pimp out their young kids online now. Such a ‘proud’ and ‘god-fearing’ people!

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      Well, when Filipinos are pimping out other filipinos and their own children no one cares. They just put their hands up and say, “oh well, this is the Philippines”. When they catch a foreigner doing anything or engaging in it thats when they get all moral and self-righteous and throw themselves a parade. Filipinos exploiting young kids? “ah, who cares?”.

    2. Profile gravatar of FHPS

      So much for the “family” orientated country. Many girls will be selling themselves to eat and live, to work in Slave Mall – SM and sleep their ways into jobs simply because of the barriers of entry, the cost to buy a job, the low or no wages etc – goernment hasnt put into place the correct policies that bring about economic prosperity to stop people selling their pussies and this is what you get. Debase and devalue human life to a point they do sell their kids and places like Angeles City (which many Filipinos wouldnt have visited ) thrive.

  3. Profile gravatar of tambok

    Last year on Independence day I asked about ten Fils who they got Independence from? Only one new and it wasn’t my wife. About three of them said America and others didn’t say anything.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      Well, you’re taking all the jobs that are not wanted by Americans…such as wiping the asses of our grandparents in nursing homes. You’re certainly better at that, I will admit.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

      @tomlimjucohrn I think people here are mostly not bitter but vent their frustrations of how poorly the phils is aministered. They’re also astonished that the Pinoy don’t understand this themselves. I think it’s as simple as that. No more no less. And in this I agree with them! 🙂

      One important reason that it is so poorly administered is that Pinoy live in a dreamworld, which they themselves are satisfied with. So they get annoyed when people from other cultures are dissatisfied. Some misguided think this is bitterness, but it’s not, it’s just a process.
      And then they think they are in the right when they tell the expats to “go home”. It’s understandable but not particularly bright, and it gives the foreigners a bad impression of Pinoy. As small, rude, thieving, lying gooks, which sadly often is correct. Politeness and good morals have very low standing in phils, sadly. And all signs tell of worse to come; More Pinoy, more garbage, more Shabu, more crime, corruption and violence, etc. It’s only going to get worse.

    2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      Mufazzza, @tomlimjucohrn is a Pinoy. A proud one at that. It is his job to lash back when the truth is spoken about Filipinos. In their bitterness, they call us bitter, simply because we share our real, true, factual experiences in Philippines. As you know, they don’t like to acknowledge that anything is wrong with them. They already think they’re the best in the world. (And apparently they don’t realize that makes them look even more retarded).

      1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

        Yes Cap, I had that suspicion, and that’s why I wrote exactly as I wrote!;-) Thanks for the warning. You notice their style, they approach with an air of “friendliness” but for the proficient;-) you feel the actual “Pinoy malice” poisonous air abounding them. This is so that they can approach you with stealth, and then put the dagger in your back when you at least expect it, a bit like an icebear stalking.

        To them you are the “evil ex-pat”, deriding them and their “culture”, and whom shall be dealt with accordingly. But thankfully, on this site, the air is clean and this makes them insecure and bewildered, they stick around for a while, trying to understand what is happening, as this frankness and honesty is most foreign to their soul.

        As they are unaccustomed to this, and gradually start being…”poked” by us, they get frustrated and customally disappear in fumes of frustration, having understood nothing more than before they came hither!:-) hehe

        The free air of true speech is totally unaccustomed to them, and thus makes them insecure. As we agree upon Cap, it is totally amusing to behold and we should be thankful for the ones who come here and give us this entertainment.

        I could not be more happy in the Colosseum, watching Christians being torn by lions in the games, lol!;-)

        Like little children (as they are) you must treat them friendly, yet with firmness. (I have professional experience treating children;-)

        I think they invented both philosophy and Greek theater while we’re at it!;-)

        I have never been verbally beaten by Pinoy, and I guess I have to grow at least as old as Methusalem for this to happen, but if such travesty were to occur, I for one, should be glad. To see that the phils had spawned an orator of greater quality than great Mufazzza, would bring great joy to Mufazzza’s heart!

        I am eagerly awaiting the moment…

        By the way, it comes to mind; Gregariousness is one quality little cherished in these isles; at least it is extinct in Pinoy DNA! The one possessing it will be seen as pray!

        In a way they Are the best in the world, but, what they are best At, is a matter we are too polite to mention here, lol!

  4. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

    Besides, I just love to tell the truth about the phils to Pinoy. They don’t like the truth, actually my impression is they really hate it! Sometimes they come onto this very site, throwing a tampo that foreigners dare say anything wrong about their country. ‘Tis a most amusing spectacle to behold. Many places on the net you see the classical Pinoy, raving and ranting about “bad foreigners” with bad language, bad orthography, low command of English language and High amount of rudeness, Proving the very point that expats bring with their own behavior, a most amusing spectacle to behold.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      It truly IS an amusing spectacle to behold. They try so desperately to make ridiculous claims despite all OBVIOUS facts against their claims. Just makes them look more stupid and in a desperate state of denial.

  5. Profile gravatar of Mindanao

    Our people in the Bisayas(The Lapu Lapu) killed Magellan for his demand of tribute and fealty. They remained independent right down through today with the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao. Never conquered. The Cordilleras too. The constitution recognizes both of them as autonomous for that reason.

    1. Profile gravatar of

      You know that most foreigners classify Pinoys as one people, the hispanized Spanish slaves. They have no idea about the Moros, Lumads, Igorots and Aetas. All having their unique identity and culture, complete with the good and bad. It is sad that we have to also call ourselves “pinoys”. If Burma changed their country’s name to Myanmar to be more inclusive, why can’t “Philippines”? Also don’t these people have no pride that they just called this country “Philippines”? Heck, even Mexico was based from the founding tribe of the Aztec Empire.
      OR maybe they are just too DUMB to come up with a name so they just picked up what the Spanish called the islands?

  6. Profile gravatar of

    You guys know about some flip propaganda claiming they are Ophir? “Praise God da truth is revealed”, “We are da jews”, “We have a lot op similar words with jew”. These flippies are starting to sound like black supremacists.
    Now we also have the Tallano clan propaganda, “Da entire archipelago was owned by one clan, we are all maharlikans and we should bend our asses for them”. Now they are grabbing ancestral lands here and there because that clan has money and power, might is right.

    I understand that this archipelago one had some wealthy and relatively civilised societies before the spanish conquest, but claiming to be jews? As one ethnic identity called “maharlikans”?

    Another stupid statement: “The spaniards used the same bricks and stones to build their churches”, yes it happened with the Aztecs but the conquistadors left a lot of accounts, also there are still a few remnants that says Aztec in Mexico.

    These brainwashed flips are too stupid and narcissistic that they will believe anything that claims “they were once better than anyone else”. It is just not geographically nor biologically possible for us Flips to accomplish what those propagandists are claiming.
    Now, the only remaining archeological pinoy pride left was the rice terraces. Something that was built by people not even phenotypically related to them, the so called igorots. People they have no problem looking down upon because “they are tribal pagan demonists and live in da mountains” while at the other hand claiming pride in their stoneworks, harmonious irrigation system, tattoos, and terraced agriculture.

    1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      If the rice terences were so valuable , somebody would have fought over them????
      The most valuable land is flat and stretching for miles,,, Mountain land is the cheapest

      1. Profile gravatar of

        The rice terraces is so valuable because of its historical significance, even the chinese are claiming it was built by them. Miao people who immigrated they say. It’s historical significance came from the fact that it is one of the few surviving man-made structure still being used today (aside from Roman roads, etc), it is also the most extensive terraced agriculture in the world, complete with an efficient irrigation using managed forests and the stoneworks that hold the terraces in place.

        It’s value is not because of its productivity, it’s from the archeological significance.
        Also mountain land is NOT the cheapest land, you know what’s inside the mountains yah? Gold, metals, minerals. It’s what the Spaniards are after that they sent failures after failures of expeditions, although partially and temporarily successful.

        And finally, it is not a source of “igorot pride”, those who built it doesn’t really care. Pinoys however…

        So yeah, no need to shun the terraces. As far as I know, it provided agricultural surplus in our city, making rice cheaper than when in the lowlands that constantly have droughts and floods.

      2. Profile gravatar of

        May I also add that the most expensive land (per area) is in Baguio, a mountain land, due to several reasons.

          1. Profile gravatar of

            Agriculturally speaking, it is far more valuable. But we are talking about the archeological (and historical) significance/value of the rice terraces here.

            But yeah let’s talk about agriculture, I agree that flat lands are better. Although the altitude provided other types of veggies to be grown that you will not see in a tropical country.
            And there is the stability, the lowlands in the PH are subject to extreme weather. Extreme long droughts and nasty typhoons. In the mountains, the wind is usually blocked by other mountains before hitting and it is less affected by drought. It may not provide as much harvest vs planting rice in the lowlands but the supply is most likely stable. My father had experienced plating rice on both land, 1st in the mountains were everything is a lot of hard work from flattening rocks for terracing, carving the mountain, carrying fertile soil from the bottom to the top, and typical farming machines are impractical. Then he traded it for a farm in the lowlands, which is actually cheaper. It is near a river but then drought comes and everything is dry, the land is cracked, and there are venomous snakes everywhere. After the drought there is the typhoon season and he cannot believe how hard a storm can hit in a flat land, and then there is the occasional tornadoes. Kind of a pros and cons thing. In the end, he went back for the mountains.

  7. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    Not too sure about that.
    More like one of his men looked sideways at a chiefs daughter and they got the shits.
    Tribute what fucking tribute they had fuck all. before the Spanish settled there. Every one else the Chinese the Malays Raghead Traders just passed through so they were left alone,
    Typical Spanish wanted to stay and fuck up the Philippines for good.Like everywhere else they settled.
    THATS IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They realized Magellan was going to fuck up the next thousand generations with his Spanish Laws, so they offed him. bloody Typical, must have been a Duturd ancestor KILL EM ALL.

  8. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    Tribute….ah_ha!! I just realized where this fucking pasalobung demands came from! From Bloody Magellan of course! First time we went back to the Failippines, even the bloody immigration officer asked my mum for pasalubong!!

  9. Profile gravatar of DingDong

    I have been told that my spelling of ‘Fluorescent’ was incorrect! – Because the Fluorescent Lamp was invented by a Filipino! – A certain Mr Flores!

      1. Profile gravatar of 86andBelow

        Let me clarify the last statement. Failipee-noise claim to have invented the lamp but the dates that were submitted were all fucked up and many other highly principled scientists, who were not rampant liars, came before Flores…..in fact, it is common knowledge that a monkey is known to have given more contribution in this area than any Flip ever has….

    1. Profile gravatar of

      I will also tell you, most representatives of the Failippines for brain games like chess and math contests have chinese family names.
      If ever Pinoys invented something I have never heard of, it is a Chinoy who did it.