A very petty thread about bad food experiences. AKA, A BITCHING THREAD!!

This is about bad food and cleanliness type experiences in the Philippines.

Now in light of the GOT DAMNED donut thread I want to hear all your horrible experiences and I want to hear all the petty  complaints, so please feel free to bitch over the smallest thing. WHY?……. Because it makes me feel better to know I’m not the only poor son of a bitch suffering from my daily dosage of the Filipino experience. Topics can be anything regarding food. From its nutritional value, to the types of food you have seen, poor customer service in restaurants or grocery stores, to general cleanliness in home or while at an eatery. Basically anything related to food and or its scope.

This isn’t an intellectual thread; I personally don’t give a shit about anything more than hearing horror stories, all you have to do is bitch, complain, or simply tell a funny story.

That being said, allow me to help by attempting to set the tone.

1. Restaurants:
When I first came to this country naturally I was in for a shock when ordering certain things off of a Filipino menu, but aside from the obvious misrepresentation of said menus, there was also the extra that comes with many Filipino meals.
Now I am fully aware that every food establishment has its problems, and I have eaten at places in the states that are pretty awful and even worked at a few as a kid.  However, I think we can basically all agree (or not) that this countries standard is so fucking low as to make anyone cringe.
Exhibit A:  Was at a jolly bee and I could see into the kitchen and there was a dude cooking burgers. He was standing sideways enough that you could see him putting cheese on the burgers. He did this by licking his fingers (the way you would to separate paper) and then placing the cheese on the burger, mmmm, YUM ™.
Also ordered a Champ and got home opened the bun as I always do for some reason to find a moldy rotten tomato slice. I have not eaten at JB since.  The only reason I did was because I was in a hurry.

Exhibit B. Decided I would go to Shaky’s pizza and get something. I should have assumed it was bad from walking in and sitting down when I saw in the space of 5 minutes, three Ipis (Cockroaches) and several flies, the big fat blue kind buzzing about. I chose to ignore this. BAD MOVE.. So I get two pizzas for takeout and I go home. I sit the pizza down on a table in a dimly lit room and proceed to take from it over the course of several hours. It was actually pretty good. Unfortunately I decided to turn on the lights. What I discovered was that there were no less than (count it) 6, THAT’S SIX FUCKING IPIS UNDER MY PIZZA!!!! All baked into the dough. You know, like some dickweed tried to cover them up and bury them in pizza dough for a little extra protein.  Granted they were not big (Am I fucking trying to justify this shit?) the largest was about ¾ of an inch the second largest about half an inch and the rest babies.  So to summarize reddit style, I ordered a pizza with extra cockroaches. By the way, this happened on the 3rd floor of an SM mall by the way, not some outside type of situation. But I’m willing to bet dollars to horrible tasting nutella covered donuts, that there were probably maggots somewhere in the store as well considering the flies I saw. All the Filipinos seemed to be quite resilient to this naturally.

Basically as I think others have mentioned, they would prefer to cook and prepare their own food. I assume this is because like me, they feel the “cleanliness” of Filipinos have a little to be desired.
Exhibit A:  Was at the Ex wife’s house with her family for some family affair, and they decided to cook pasta. Naturally it was some housemaid cooking this shit, and they have this outdoor (dirty kitchen) that has a cement sink. So they dump the pasta all out in the sink and drain the water, then this housemaid uses her hands to pick it up and put it into the pan again all drained out. I’m assuming most Filipino would not do this. YOU HEAR THAT FIPS, IM GIVING YOU THE BENEFIT OF DOUBT!! Lol.. By the way, this sink was normally filthy. I mean they would clean fish there, and leave dishes in it and rats would climb through it. Yeah I’m aware that most bacteria cants stand boiling water, but that’s not the fucking point!

Exhibit B: Decided to make myself some chicken or pork I can’t remember, and at any rate, at that time I was kind of a gym rat. I basically cleaned off all my meat to get the shards of bones off of it, because Filipinos only know one way to butcher, and that’s to mutilate everything with a 12 pound meat cleaver. I also sliced off the extra skin and fat which I didn’t want to eat. Now I realize Filipinos like fat and skin, but I didn’t think about saving it for them obviously. I decided to just toss it in the trash. I start cooking and I come back about 5 minutes later to see a pile of fat and skin in my pan cooking alongside my once cleaned meat. “WTF??” I say… As it turns out my father inlaw had gone into the kitchen and seen what he perceived to be a waste of good food, and decided to cook it. So he took it from the trash and put it into my pan to cook it so that he could eat it later.
It’s not just food or eating issues either, its overall general cleanliness.  In the states we have a term for the likes of Filipinos, it’s called “nasty nice”.. The behavior of a Filipino is such that they are literally some of the most anal people when it comes to being “clean”, yet they are some of the filthiest people I have ever met. I.e. Washing dishes outside in a corner where people piss all day, and vomit when drunk. (I can elaborate on that if needed.)  I know it’s not really a Filipino thing, and that you can find similar behavior all over the globe, but I don’t know, it really seems strangely prevalent here.

I can literally go on and on  with this.  I have so many examples it’s ridiculous.

It is not all bad, and while standards here are pretty  low even for western food outlets, I have found some decent places to eat. But currently I’m relegated  to scrambled egg sandwiches, and occasional Homemade tacos.

Talk to me, I’m listening.

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  1. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

    Street food. I’m very hesitant to try anything served off of a cart being pushed down the street. In front of my house is a vacant lot. Sometimes a vender will pass by on his journey with his cart of fish balls or one of many other delicacies served here. As he passes the vacant lot he sees the chance to whip out his dick and piss in the bushes. Naturally there is no where to clean up so he goes on his way selling his food and handling everything with his piss stained fingers. Just makes my mouth water thinking about it.

      1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus
        Spartacus_killingus Post author

        lol, took the words out of my mouth, very true.

        I saw back in I think it was 2001, some hidden camera showing an ice cream vender pissing in his ice cream. WTF?
        Others using dirty or old even semi rotting food. Just too much.

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      Yeah heyjoe, I had experienced a similar thing with roasted peanut guy I used to by my wife’s peanuts from. It’s quite common for Filipinos to practice such disgusting habits while trying to operate a small business for a living. Most businesses has to start small, and I have a passion for selling my style of food to the public, but if it means having to start off by hauling around a damn push cart, then count me out! Venders gives the name ‘vendor’ a bad name, and I refuse to be coined as a ‘vender.’

      If it was me, and I understand that some areas don’t provide hygienic facilities to properly clean yourself after taking care of business, but I would at least carry a bottle of sand sanitizer and use it. If that’s too expensive, at the very least a bottle of alcohol. These fuckers don’t even rinse their hands in pure water. They are such a dirty bunch of little fuckers.

  2. Profile gravatar of James Dinwoody
    James Dinwoody

    I am very fortunate I suppose in having what my grandmother referred to as an “iron gut” and as such, while the occasional hair or bug in the food from the turo turo is troublesome, it does not cause me any undue duress. What gets me is the established franchise places and some of the things they do … as was noted with the Shakey’s Pizza which historically should be at least cleaned properly … especially given its location. Being from the South as I am, I have a particular weakness for good fried chicken … lacking that, I do enjoy KFC from time to time. What I do not understand is why I cannot buy a bucket of breasts here though. The chickens at KFC are apparently butchered by typical local standards and they do know how to butcher the job of butchering … pun intended. While I know that locals generally do not like the white meat, it seems there would be at least enough whole chicken breasts on site to fill a bucket or two.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      The Filipinos like to bite into needle sharp bone shards because their way of butchering is to take a cleaver and give it a whack this way, another whack that way, coat it, and fry it up. What comes out of the fryer is a bunch of unidentifiable chicken pieces filled with sharps hazards.

      I’ve noticed that about fish too. These folks will work like hell picking the bones out for 1 morsel of fish meat.

      Hell, while I’m at it, I don’t think I’ve ever bought any ground beef or pork that wasn’t loaded with molar-chipping bone fragments.

      Why stop now? Let’s talk shrimp! I don’t like shrimp poop. Nor do I like to de-vein a shrimp, nor do I like looking at the shrimp poop moments before I’m about to eat it. Makes me not want to eat it. Nor do I like to fumble and struggle with de-legging and beheading, and de-shelling the shrimp. All that fuckin’ work for 1 bite of shrimp. Not very rewarding. That’s why I go to restaurants for shrimp. Because it’s the chef’s job to do all that work, and I naturally assumed that is why shrimp dishes are pricey in most places. There’s a lot of tedious prep work to them.

      Surprize! In Philippines, you get the normal pricey prices for shrimp dishes, but you gotta do the fucking chef’s job at your table AFTER the shrimp is cooked. Then you have to sit there and look at shrimp poopy veins while you’re trying to enjoy your shrimp.

      Therefore, since coming to Philippines I have given up shrimp. I don’t think I should pay the prices they charge to do the chef’s work for him at my table. But these fucktards think they can call themselves a chef if they grab a handful of shrimp out of a bucket and throw them in a hot pan with butter and garlic, then charge outrageous prices for it. Retards.

      Fuck man, I’m on a roll!

      A pile of leaves the size of your hand or bigger, slathered in dressing, so that when you try to get it in your mouth, the leaves smear the dressing all over your face. Another instance of lazy fucking chef. The retarded, lazy-ass Filipino chef can’t manage to cut the lettuce to bite size pieces. Just grab a head of lettuce, peal off 4 or 5 leaves, plop them on a plate. Salad. Stupid lazy Filipino idiots.

      Table settings.
      This doesn’t happen all the time, but it happens often enough to mention. You order, they bring plates. Then the food comes. Then you have to flag down a dumbfuck and ask them for silverware. Stupid ignorant lazy Filipinos.

      Grab for the A1 Steak Sauce that was brought to the table after you ordered. The fucking bottle is empty. They brought you an empty bottle of Steak Sauce. Only a Filipino does that. Idiots.

      (By the way, I bet this is SOOOOOO PISSING OFF Aurielus! LOL!!!)

      I hardly ever eat out anymore. Hell, I hardly ever go out anymore! What’s there to go out for? The odors? The stupidities? Nah, I stay home as much as possible and bitch about donuts.

      1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

        Ruff-ruff! Hey Filo! It’s me! The little annoying dog! LOL….. Lets talk more about donuts and other junk food 🙂

        But on a serious note, I can really relate to ya as far as regarding the shrimp. I haven’t ate shrimp here in a while. I don’t even let my wife cook the shrimp for me, bcuz I’m just tired of eating shrimp shit whenever I eat it. OK, I don’t actually eat it, I do have the common sense to peel out the shit vein, but there do tend to be leftover residue of shit still on the shrimp.

        One thing do does freak me out is that I LOVE fried shrimp, and especially the ones at TGI Fridays. The thing is, I wonder if they even de-vein the shrimp prior to frying them, or if I’m just unknowingly eating fried shit. If I am, I haven’t noticed it yet, but I am afraid to find out now.

        Dude man, if you like home-cooked fish. I recommend trying some salmon man. I can email you my recipe. It’s the best fuckin dish I can make. Well anyway…. tootles!

        1. Profile gravatar of James Dinwoody
          James Dinwoody

          Just buy the shrimp raw. You can literally scrape the legs off the bottom and by pinching the back of the head, can peel the head off and the vein out in one motion … much like skinning a squirrel back home. That being said, I am supposed to have some smoked groundhog meat and venison showing up soon so … have fun with the shrimp … but if you need a good beer batter recipe for the shrimp, let me know. I will be happy to share mine.

        2. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus
          Spartacus_killingus Post author

          Either I’m a southern fried fucker, Or I just like to eat fried food here because being covered n crust or batter hides the scary parts. LOL

          I love fried shrimp, but I always have and always will make sure the shit pipe is removed from the bugs before I start eating. I know that the chances of that being done here are pretty slim. I found that in the philippines, the best thing to do is order simple, and it doesn’t get any simpler than ordering appetizers. Most of my outing meals consist of filling up on appetizers only.

      2. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus
        Spartacus_killingus Post author

        “I’ve noticed that about fish too. These folks will work like hell picking the bones out for 1 morsel of fish meat. ”

        I have seen this too many times, the whole bare handed shoveling fish and rice into the mouth feeling around with their tongue until they find the offender, then carefully picking it out of the slurry they have in their mouth and sitting it on the plate or table by the dozens. I lose what appetite I may of had seeing this.

        “Hell, while I’m at it, I don’t think I’ve ever bought any ground beef or pork that wasn’t loaded with molar-chipping bone fragments.”
        Literally EVERY TIME I take a bite out of ground beef or pork I will find a bone. I have come to realize that chewing slow and careful is the only way to avoid visits to the dentist. EVERY FUCKING TIME without fail!!

        “Surprize! In Philippines, you get the normal pricey prices for shrimp dishes, but you gotta do the fucking chef’s job at your table AFTER the shrimp is cooked. Then you have to sit there and look at shrimp poopy veins while you’re trying to enjoy your shrimp.

        Therefore, since coming to Philippines I have given up shrimp. I don’t think I should pay the prices they charge to do the chef’s work for him at my table. But these fucktards think they can call themselves a chef if they grab a handful of shrimp out of a bucket and throw them in a hot pan with butter and garlic, then charge outrageous prices for it. Retards.”

        I stopped ordering shrimp a long time ago, and realized the only way to get it done right was to …….sigh, do it myself… Like everything we come across in this country if we want it done right we better do it ourselves. I hate that.

        “Table settings.
        This doesn’t happen all the time, but it happens often enough to mention. You order, they bring plates. Then the food comes. Then you have to flag down a dumbfuck and ask them for silverware. Stupid ignorant lazy Filipinos. ”

        Within the first month of being in this country, I went to a local restaurant. I ordered shrimp, and it was exactly as you mentioned. They had a photo in a menu of peeled shrimp and sauteed, so I assumed they were honestly showing their food. What I received was fried shrimp. It was complete and still in a shell 100%, but had batter on it WTF over??? Who the fuck and why the fuck would you batter the shrimp and its shell the fry it? Im not going to be eating the shell. Then to add insult to injury, I ask for a fork, as I didn’t have one at my table. 20 minutes later they brought me one. The people I asked were leaning on walls and talking. No one gave a shit, and would forget 5 seconds after I asked. I was new here in those days, and so I didn’t know any better. I assumed it was just a cultural difference. It’s not, just lazy fucking normal.

        “I hardly ever eat out anymore. Hell, I hardly ever go out anymore! What’s there to go out for? The odors? The stupidities? Nah, I stay home as much as possible and bitch about donuts.”

        EXACTLY… I dont even go out. Where will I go, why, to look at squalor and shit? To deal with people who will try and fuck me at every turn? I only go out if I have to, otherwise no fucking point. I have had it up to my eyeballs with bulshit, and frankkly Im too sick of it to even look at it anymore. I couldn’t agree more.

        1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB

          You know, before coming to Philippines, I used to work a normal job that I hated, commute 45 miles one way, and was doing some websites and webmastering in my off time for extra income, and still barely making it.

          I dreamed of being able to do what I do now for a living; work at home. My commute is now from my bed, down the hallway, and into my office. And Philippines made it possible. I was able to quite my job and build my webmaster skills here, and live off of it in Philippines. I have to say I would not go back to USA. That would mean not only starting from scratch, but it would mean going back to a hum-drum job and punching a time clock. Fuck that.

          Before coming to Philippines, I had no idea how it was here. But I just knew I was fucking bored out of my fucking skull with the “work like hell and still drowning” situation in USA. So I took the risk. Here I am.

          And here is what makes life so god damned unfair. Ok, I got my dream livelihood, and sure enough, it has a trade-off. Living among utter dumbfuckery. Oh well. I’m happy and I have a very comfortable life here. As long as I stay home and avoid venturing out into the sea of dumbfuckery which lies just outside my front door. I will probably die with my face in the keyboard. But there will be a smile on my face.

          I’ll take living among brainless vermin to be able to work when I want, wake up when I want, and do what the fuck I want when I want to.

          But don’t confuse anything that I’m saying here. Just because I’m happy here, doesn’t make the people out there smart. They’re still dumb as fuck, and I gotta talk about it here. Helps keep me happy. I could be the happiest expat in Philippines. It doesn’t change the fact that Filipinos in general are still dumb as a fucking tree stump.

          1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus
            Spartacus_killingus Post author

            Same here.
            People always aks me why I stay if I hate it so much. Because I have managed to use my time here to increase my professional skills to a high degree. I am able to work from home and dont have to dick around going to work everyday to a job I hate that hs probably zero room for true promotion. I dont really have ansy skills outside of being a soldier and being a video game artist. What will I do back in the states, work as a mall cop , Police officer, VIP security? lol Been there done that. VIP security is okay if you like that kind of thing. Being a graphic artist in the states is pointless as I would be broke all the time regardless.

            At least here I have the ability and time to increase my international network, and make something better of myself, more than I would in the states. Simply put, the Philippine is just economically expedient for me right now, though Ill probably lose 10 years of my life through stress.

          2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB

            Stress management needs to be your top priority when living here. If living unhappy, why live? So I have learned to just control that welling up of anger that is so easy to happen so often here. There isn’t much of anything you can do to change anything here, so you have to learn to fight the battles calmly, and be very selective on which battles to fight.

    2. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus
      Spartacus_killingus Post author

      Your need for only chicken breast will will promptly get you a blue screen effect in 100% of Filipino KFC franchises.

      Also, Im not sure about their so called ” Typical local standard butchery” especially when one considers international franchises. I think someone is always going to try to skim off the top and save a little extra by fucking the customer. They do it in every other aspect of life, so I cant imagine them not doing it in an international franchise as well.

      Then you have Andoks. LOL Not international that I know of, and the “boy” who cuts up your chicken hacks on it like a fucking horror flick with a Giant cleaver, literal “no fucks given”.

  3. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    they grow coffee beans in this country, but they all drink INSTANT CRAP COFFEE. tastes like crap… might as well mainline it…I grind mine in MOA,, seal the bag tight. add grounds to taste to a pot of boiling water,, pinch of salt, and an egg shell,
    they even have 3 in one coffee sachets. Too friggin lazy to add coffee, sugar and milk….

  4. Profile gravatar of SpatandemOhgod

    lol thread, by the time I ate ( I don’t mean soul sister) with family rfom the Philippines I was totally trolled into a zombie slumber..yeds I was a part of the falipine furniture by then, I had no sould left, at least not one I exposed…because I was so corrupted by the time I needed to eat there that I didn’t feel shame..no need to survive..nothing.

    Eating there was filthy, the food in my house was filthy, the meat juice on the wooden table would rust a planer instantly..my hands wrinkled so badly cleaning it two times!! lol it probably never got cleaned ever!! in say 10 years?? I cleaned it twice in one year..because I was mentally retarded and my nerves didn’t work properly until I did it the second time..i thought I was an angel….enough said.

    so the stuff to come off the table was black..grey and white..and stank like rotten everything. it was even black and grey and white at the same time with black hole looking things in it with lots of grey.

    And the sink was stained mine was concrete..but with green tiles lol, you wonder why they chose green? hmm spiritual perhaps? or just the fuckin fact they knew it disguised the evil that they ordained. But anything would go in there..i had the pasta thing too lol and I always spat out the sharpest killer fragments bone shrapnel from their cooking necromancy suicide meat ,(im like ohhh a notherfuckin bone) and id spit the killer dummy with blood gushing out of my mouth….ok that’s exagerrated
    , but I always listened to those old asshole cookS smashing the instrument onto the meat like rrrrrrr marrow is being bad or something…smAAASh then bone fragments, I was afraid to meet people after being a part of that family, I was developing a kaluoi (pity)complex
    , ineeded first world BAD.

    everytime my baby bottles went in i would almost scream at my wifes mum, because apart from that she was a semi girl..i mean uh she was a quiet nice girl. What happens at the sink….stays in the sink. That’s the Filipina mentality if its dirty we will survive…I looked at the life expectancy after a heated argument with my wife..they suck. I spyed on them..they aren’t living old…I tried to explain there are things that will kill u that spy on you and you cant see…same old bloodbath everyday.

    Bones everywhere, ten year old meat in the drain on the table, pigs blood on the floor, DRied fish in the fridge. flies and …fuck

    I swear I am scared to lift the lids on the street food, lol. but I did!! im fuckin crazy…because I hoped in the most upset way that something nice would be underneath…it was like praying to the gods of the underworld everytime I looked into those cauldrons..i prayed I prayed…oh man fried fish you guys are fucking…you guys are the best…I should have known fried fish and oily eggs…ok two out of however many left I didn’t look at and im ..like…where do we sit mam.

    Oh man the memory haunts me like brutal dildo website did when I didn’t know about spam emails.

    Ah bah im rambling,

    cockroaches under your pizza, that’s fuckin disgusting fuckin bones lol and diareah (shit its obvous I didn’t spell that too many time in life) I had that runny shit too many times there

  5. Profile gravatar of James Dinwoody
    James Dinwoody

    Two questions –

    Where are you getting tortillas to make tacos? I lived in Mexico for a number of years also and would love to be able to find real tortillas without having to make my own.

    If you found a quality source for good, home-made (American Style) Ham, sausages and other similar goods, would you be interested? The reason I ask is because if I get my current project going, I am going to start processing my own meats including making sausages that are not full of sugar, real smoked hams and bacon and other similar style goods … with maybe a smaller selection of German style sausages. It would help me to sell the idea if I knew there were an audience who would appreciate more properly made foods.

    1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus
      Spartacus_killingus Post author

      Well, Im from texas, so I do the texmex thing. I get Flour tortillas at SM both whole wheat and regular type, and I can find some taco shells at SM also. Im speaking of the hypermarket in SM or the SM grocery store. You can usually find tortillas in the bread section.

      I also get refried beans there, they have several versions and I have been getting those since 2001. They also have taco seasoning, I usually go with the imported taco seasoning. I know none of that is legit Mexican food, lol, but its tex mex enough to get me through the hard times. Also they have some American cheese, like Landolakes cheddar and some other types. In a pinch you can maybe try some of that Australian cheddar, it tastes a little different but better than “quickmelt or Eden. lol
      I also make nachos, I mean pile that shit up high. Ground sirloin, taco seasoning, sour cream the whole nine yards.
      Anyway, I get most everything from SM grocery stores. I think many people have a hard time finding things, I just learned to be very very observant while walking around. When I first came here I literally had only those local provincial grocery stores, then SM came to town and from there it go better.

      1. Profile gravatar of James Dinwoody
        James Dinwoody

        We got an SM here not too many years back but they are still working on inventory issues. Things like the good Belgian chocolates and Skoal and cigars have not quite made it this far yet though they did have one very poor quality version of cheddar cheese finally. If I am really lucky, maybe I can do some shopping while I am in Manila.

        1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus
          Spartacus_killingus Post author

          You will more than likely find what you are looking for in Manila. I dont know about the Skoal though lol., thats not real big here from what I understand, and the ones that do “dip” use some horrible stuff that turns your teeth black.

          I think you have an SM in the large city near where you live. I havent been to that city yet, but they are in even provincial towns. I know that most of their foreign items sold through SM via outside distributors. So if you see something at SM you like, you should buy as much of it as you can afford. When that distributor sees that their product sold out through SM outlets they will pay SM to have it stocked up again. This has been my method of operation for years, and hasnt failed me yet.

          1. Profile gravatar of James Dinwoody
            James Dinwoody

            The Skoal I have only been able to get at SM Dasma and the Super Mall on EDSA. Funny though, when I lived in the US I could get good Cuban cigars marked as Philippine cigars but here I cannot find them even though they are legal … though in fairness, I did find some stubbies once but was not going to pay fifty bucks each for them. The SM here seems to be improving some over time but it is definitely taking a while. If and when I do see goods start coming in, I will remember the advice though. Thank you.

          2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

            skoal and copenhagen can be found in Kultura shops, sm has them stores.. thye put the price up from 250 to 299 pesos/ In canada skoal and copenhagen costs 28 dollars a ca!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
            S and R stores usually have usa products.. but i do not know about the expiry dates/

  6. Profile gravatar of SpatandemOhgod

    tiki (a?) loa is the nicest chicken food chain I experienced in PHIL . its oven roasted in a proper oven and its moist and juicy with nice sauces.. try it guys tiki loa, or ,tiki a loa there is one at manila airport in the food court. it will nourish you, its honestly a very nice chicken. There is also one in a Cebu food court near a third floor dingy casino..uh…I forgot the street names lol, but if you are lost its great.