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Since coming to Philippines, have you beenangry-junichi experiencing feelings that you are cut off from the THINKING world? You’re a nice person, fair, reasonable, and you consider yourself understanding and patient, right? Of course! But chances are, you’re experiencing thoughts and feelings that conflict with that person you know yourself to be. Thoughts like, “What the fuck is wrong with these idiots???” and “I hate to say this to myself, but holy shit, these people are absolute imbeciles!”

They are certainly uncomfortable and conflicting feelings, am I right? You can’t help but begin to have feelings of superiority, and you have NEVER felt that way before, right? They’re not good feelings at all. I have laid awake at night sorting through these feelings, trying to find some understanding, some reasoning as to how I can stop these thoughts and feelings. But no matter what, I always end up back at the conclusion that Filipinos in general are mind-bogglingly ignorant, stupid beyond comprehension, and unbelievably, blatantly dishonest. And you have come to the conclusion that intellectually, yes, you are superior.

You can’t help but to describe this country as like some massive elementary school project where 2nd graders took an extended field trip to a group of islands and their assignment was to govern themselves as a nation, and become a country. It’s like very young children playing house, or “playing country”. It’s full of envy, childish vengence, rules for the sake of rules, not reason. It’s like unknowing, incompetent little children who have not yet developed a sense of reason, and who naturally want to “one up” each other, who will look at you right in the eyes, with their mouth covered in chocolate and cookie crumbs, and deny they took any cookies from the cookie jar.


Don’t worry. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

In a very bold, blunt, and often harsh manner, this blog openly expresses our observations, frustrations, and experiences of and with the people and policies of The Philippines in general. And when I say “general” I am speaking about the common and cultural mindset, or vast majority. This blog does not apply to ALL Filipinos, but the vast majority of native Filipinos.

Are we just evil foreigners making up lies? Or are we what we say were are; people who came here and were shocked and confused as to how any nation of people could be so fucking rude, ignorant, deceptive, dishonest. We have a hard time dealing with Filipinos with no logic or ability to rationalize or reason. We need to release the frustrations by sharing our true experiences in a backwards nation of mindless ignorance and stupidity. It’s therapeutic in a way.

We are not racists, as often accused by Filipinos, which is the immediate reaction to any criticism, constructive or not. Filipinos take immediate offense to any form of criticism. And anyone who offers criticism is a racist in the mind of the average Filipino.

Pinoy PrideThe most delusional thing is this idiotic “Filipino Pride” bullshit. WHAT THE FUCK DO FILIPINOS HAVE TO BE PROUD OF? I know you’re thinking that. You look around at all the filth, the rudeness, ignorance, the way they treat each other like animals, the way they will lie, cheat, and steal from you, as if it’s the normal, right thing to do, and not have a single reservation about it. They vote their corrupt leaders back into office over and over for 50 pesos per vote…the list can go on and on. And you wonder, WHAT IS THERE TO BE PROUD OF???? These people will steal from their own mother, and their mothers will steal from them, AS IF IT’S EXPECTED AND COMPLETELY NORMAL.

If they are proud of being about the most stupid, incompetent, corrupt, dishonest, delusional imbeciles on earth, then I understand “Filipino Pride”.

Many of us had no idea what we were getting into when we came here. Yes, it’s our mistake to not have made a month or two long visit before deciding to stay here. It’s not all bad here, and you can certainly live much better financially on your dollars here than in USA or most other industrialized nations. Most of us not unhappy here. Just because we write truthfully about the utter stupidity here, it doesn’t mean we’re unhappy here. We’re just pointing out facts and frustrations, far more numerous and mind-boggling than most countries.

Many of us have decided to remain here despite the frustrations. This blog helps us vent the frustrations, ignorance, and bizarre “filogic” we deal with daily in this country.

The purpose of this blog is for our ownAngry_Pinoy personal therapy and venting our frustrations as a community of foreigners in Philippines. It also serves as informative to those foreigners who may be planning to stay here long term. Philippines will not tell them the truth, nor will travel agencies. This blog serves the foreigner with REAL LIFE DAILY EXPERIENCES from those of us who have been living here for several years. This will give the foreigner some real accounts and a general idea of what to expect when they get here, or to help them decide whether or not to come here at all.

more-fail-in-philippinesI really don’t believe this blog will help native Filipinos, nor is that the purpose of this website. We have come to the conclusion they are helpless because, on the most part, they are completely shut down and closed off to real progress or change or accepting truth and reality. They obviously prefer to remain steeped in their delusions and crab mentality. On the same note, I am certain it won’t hurt them any more or less than they hurt themselves every day with their crab mentality, hypocrisy, and senseless thirst for revenge against each other for even petty little bullshit things.

They do not listen or care about criticism of any kind. They go about their lives piggy-back riding on the on the backs of a few Filipino’s successes. They go about their lives thinking they’re the best, therefore there is no ability to see their faults, or see the need for improvement.

So this blog is not here for the Filipino. This blog is primarily here for FOREIGNERS AND EXPATS who must live here or stay here long term and are as frustrated and mind-boggled as I am about the level of idiocy, stupidity, and absence of logic and reason in Philippines.

Foreigners be warned. What you will experience here will shock and confuse you! Visit at your own risk of sanity!

This article better explains my use of “stupid”. Take a moment to read from this great blog post: Stupid Is As Stupid Does


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    As I read about your frustrations, I have to smile. During the time that I spent in the Philippines, all of my encounters were puzzling to me; The people being vastly different in their way of thinking as compared to my 19 years of growing up in the U.S. Well, some 40 years later you have put it all into the proper prospective for me, and for those who have been there, your blog would serve as a stand up comedy routine. Thank you for you informative, and educational blog !

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    im a regular reader of getrealphil & antipinoy though i agree with most of their articles there but somehow i felt the articles there were lacking. so i googled “filipinos are the most stupid people”, scavenged the results, i saw your URL “philippinefailblog” catches my attention – which i think is really appropriate and 101% correct.

    im a tri-racial, born & race in pinas and currently living somewhere. i share the same sentiments as you do! i as well believe that pinas is completely hopeless. i believe that pinas someday will become one of those mega fucked-up country in africa (i.e. somalia, congo) its only a matter of time.

    1. Profile gravatar of Richard aka Dick Head
      Richard aka Dick Head

      “i believe that pinas someday will become one of those mega fucked-up country in africa (i.e. somalia, congo) its only a matter of time.”

      I agree 100%. The “DAANG MATUWID” motto of this present hypocritical, ineffective and equally corrupt administration is setting the direction. “DAANG MATUWID PATUNGO SA BANGIN” which may be loosely rendered as “STRAIGHT PATH INTO THE ABYSS”

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    Hi, I’m a Filipino. I got to your site by accident and I must say that some of your words are harsh against our kababayans. Please don’t get me wrong, I agree with everything you post in here and most if not all are the sad truth. Stupidity rains in this society, not just because most of our kababayans being under educated, but they choose to be like that. I myself have frustrations against the masses especially after the elections. Anyway, keep it up, I enjoy reading your articles.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      Thank you. It’s always a refreshing thing to see a Filipino that rises above the institutionalized attitudes and mindsets. And it’s usually guys like you who go much further in life. Because the typical Filipino mindset is what keeps Filipinos down in the nasty mud hole. Best of luck to you.

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    Nice blog… please write a book. I am 100 Pinay and I don’t hate it. Actually all Filipinos should read your blog and open their mind and wake up!!! Your blog does help me to look back my stupidity and Hmmmm I want to changes 🙂

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    Hi. Now I feel stupid as I have never heard of this Blog. I thought mine was the only one dedicated to this subject LOL You even used one of posts to describe Filipino stupidity and I am only sorry we have never met or communicated. Please be kind enough to contact me. Would love to get together with you.

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    Hi! I saw your website while I was searching for blogs about Filipinos. I thought of making one, but it’s going to be something neutral and a little positive about us, as I am very much okay with my life here in the Philippines.

    I understand your frustrations. Even I myself am frustrated about how things are in this country. I realize that you are even more frustrated than anyone born and raised in this country, because, imho, you do not feel total belongingness here. If you’re born and raised here just like me, it wouldn’t be as bad. Believe me. 😉

    I acknowledge our tradition and culture flaws. Definitely, there are reasons behind the Whys are Filipino like this and that??. A foreigner cannot assume that things would the same in the Philippines. He MUST always remember that he is going to visit the PHILIPPINES. A different country. And most things are very different.

    I still love my country despite all the imperfections. I will never ever trade it to anything in this world. I mean seriously, I declined job offers outside the country. There’s no place like home.

    But I think I’m going to be a regular visitor from now on. Your website is actually an interesting one. It’s amusing how frustrated foreigners can be. lol.

    But I don’t think Filipinos would turn like Africans just like what the commenter above posted. Africans think much differently than Filipinos. You will see the difference when you meet a Filipino and an African.

    that’ all about it. sorry for making this THIS long. xD

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      Hi Anne, it seems that most Filipinos have absolutely no idea what the average Kano goes through on a daily basis in the Philippines. Every little task we do has to be thought through:

      1. How do I get where I need to go without being scammed / kidnapped? Check map to ensure you know the route.
      2. How much is the thing I need?
      3. Who will know the true price of the thing I need?
      4. Ask person who will know.
      5. Get in taxi, Get hassled for tip etc. Driver wont use meter and wants silly money.
      6. Driver goes to wrong place.
      7. Get another taxi to correct place (after repeating steps 5 and 6).
      8. Go to store and get quoted silly price or being told “out of stock”.
      9. Tell the business owner they are ripping you off and you know the proper price.
      10. Stand there listening to lies and bullshit.
      11. Leaving store / business empty handed.
      12. Try to get taxi (repeat steps 5 to 7).
      13. Go home and wonder why you bothered.

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    I would like to thank Filofail for conceiving the idea of setting up this blog site. A brilliant place where people, especially Filipinos, can express their frustrations about wrong values that are prevalent among Filipinos and their dissatisfactions with certain aspects in the Philippines socially, economically, legally and others. A place where I can now finally vent out my frustrations about everything wrong about the Philippines. A place to get out from annoying and arrogant Filipino. If you guys want to read more about the flaws of the Philippines, you may check out the site of Get Real Philippines.

    I still love my country, even with its many flaws. I love its culture, history, and its oh so yummy fatty and oily foods haha! It’s definitely not the worst country in the world. I mean you can see the economic growth of the Philippines. However, the problem is just people here refuse to change themselves for the betterment of the country and this is where my frustrations come from.

    Anyway, thanks to FiloFail again. I will read the blogs here.

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    Hi, I am a 30 yr old Filipina born and raised in Manila, currently living in Chicago. I moved here when I was 15 and after the initial homesickness wore off, am I glad that I ever did. After living in the USA and getting accustomed to the American/Western way of life (and convenience), coming home for vacation was a shock. I was horrified even with how my own relatives and friends treated paid help, or restaurant servers, for example. I am glad that my immediate family and I never stooped that low even when we were living there (i.e. our maids always ate the same food we did, at the same time we did, in the same table. my dad always gave them extra money on sundays, their day off, to go out to eat or go see a movie.)

    I look forward to sharing my experiences. This blog is awesome. I am terrible for admitting this but time to time I google “Filipinos are stupid” or “I hate Filipinos” or “I hate the philippines” and finally this blog came up. I look forward to reading more of the posts, they crack me up but SADLY THEY ARE TRUE!!!!

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    I became a member today. I appreciate the intro, its right on target. I have been here a year, and have gotten so angry at times from the sheer stupidity of Filipinas, its as you said, the 2nd graders have been loosed to run this country. I have a 4 month old and will not allow her to grow up in this environment. I am hoping to be on a plane in the next 6 months, and hopefully will never return. Marrying a Filipina, and living here have been the worst decisions I’ve ever made.

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    Alicia Cummings

    hi, u must understand how outstandingly HAPPY i am to run into your blog…I am a filipino but ultimately frustrated at filipinos!!! i agree, the philippines is a very UNCIVILIZED country…when typhoon haiyan hit the country i kept asking why the philippines, it’s a religious country, we are not as immoral as people from other countries (i mean sexually or more liberated, etc.), but i get feedback from people (fellow filipinos) that no, filipinos are corrupt, pretending to be nice people but hypocrites compared to other nationalities, w/c is the truth…yes, this blog will be my daily therapy, i do not know anymore how to deal w/ this country, everytime i go out i dread it, i hate driving here & i hate all public utility vehicles, as you may know by now, they use the middle of the streets as terminals, loading/unloading passengers anywhere, waiting to fill in their vehicles w/ passengers in the middle of the streets, sometimes even blocking 2 or more lanes while doing so, traffic is so bad it takes an hour for a 1km distance, the government implemented the stupid number coding scheme so you can’t use your car once in a week but the real cause of traffic is filipinos’ lack of discipline, don’t worry about traffic enforcers/policemen doing anything about public vehicles as they have their regular payola (regular pay-out to policemen so they will not be hailed no matter how much they disobey traffic rules), haaaaay, i’m just really happy to find your blog!!!

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      I can relate. I have been here more than 10 years, and I still haven’t fully adjusted, and I have come to accept the fact I never will, nor do I ever hope I will. To do so would make me just like them.

    2. Profile gravatar of El Barako
      El Barako

      Don’t need to adjust just don’t let it get to you…!

      I am a Filipino, born and raised. Love this country of mine.

      Because I love the fact that I am able to do what I want most of the time. I enjoy my third world pleasures (maids, yayas, driver).
      This is something I value and is mostly what is keeping me from moving to a “first world” country. You do everything first person. hehe.
      I know it sounds disgusting but its true.

      Obviously there was a time when a lot of things got to me (some still do). Things beyond change in our lifetime.

      So just pick the battles you can win. And hang around with the right crowd, keeps you from going insane.

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    Angelo Luchana

    Hello! I’m a Filipino, born and raised here. Reading your post honestly hurts. But it’s really true. which hurts a lot more. I personally ‘can’ add more detail about your observations here. It really sucks, that sometimes I thought that I’m used to it but it’s still feels weird. I Love my country, despite it’s defects and failure as a state. I signed up for the Armed Forces 2 years ago because I still believe that a day(hopefully in my lifetime) will come that my countrymen will come into their senses. By the way, It’s been nice reading your blog. My heart bleeds reading it but I mean it. Nice read bro. Keep it up.

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    I’m a native Filipino, and man, I just finally found a place to vent out my frustrations about my home country, where I know my frustrations won’t be dismissed as idle banter. Every single day, I always catch the news as much as I can, and man there’s not a day where my blood won’t boil upon hearing absolute shame of conduct of leaders, news of very little impact just to feed their streamlines, and dear me, the most annoying of all is how the media ALWAYS tries to find something to associate ourselves with another country, and that freaking thing ALONE already makes them “proud to be Filipino”! Oh boy, and they accuse me of being overly grumpy; they just can’t see how frustrated I am of this country.

    Don’t get me wrong; I love my country, but the bastards who don’t even have a little love or shame of oneself and only self-improvement is the only thing that matters to them, are the ones destroying the country. Whenever I meet foreigners, I can’t help but to feel ashamed to them especially here in Manila, our capital, yet…man, makes me teary eyed; we shouldn’t even present ourselves at all with all these stink…”more fun in the Philippines”, absolutely shameful. I can say a lot of these things with no guilt, because of my great parents who’ve not hesitated to discipline me, I can say with confidence that I have no manner of action to further drive my country to shame.

    From our streets, highways, transportation systems, to our “most luxurious” places, it’s really a shame. I want my foreigner friends to experience the absolute beauty of what we Filipinos can offer, but since every thing presentable has not even the slightest tint of the good in us, it is of no use. Just this other day, a passenger in a bus beside me just nonchalantly threw his banana peel to the bottom of his chair; I can only reprimand him, and fortunately, shame overcame him. Our streets littered with vendors who’s minds are filled with nothing but make cash, paying no care whatsoever to any annoyances they make, our stupid not-so-lucky countrymen, who’s pastime is just to multiply AND THEN complain to the government that they are poor when they are unable to support them in the first place, our poorly designed road systems that never anticipated any sort of heavy traffic in the future as well as transit systems which is literally falling apart, relatives that have a contact with one or two fixers to “make their document processing faster”, public toilets with no toilet paper taken by natives who claim it’s “wise” to take what you can take, people taken by blind faith and LITERALLY leaves everything to faith and hence has no sense of improvement, people who NEVER believe in you, a place where college is compulsory yet stupidity is for some reason still apparent as GMRC is neglected, where “excellence” stand mightier than honor…the list is endless and I can say ALL of it, however it is not enough nor appropriate for this comment box. I wish there’s a place to state everything, but I’m not sure there is one.

    As a native Filipino, all I can say is how sorry I am for you to have experienced hell in our country. I am really sorry in behalf of my fellow countrymen who have no shame whatsoever. We natives who truly love this country awakened by our history of strife and dreams by our heroes, of which a lot of my countrymen are ignorant of, are few and probably far in between, and I’m pretty sure they also say sorry for the shameful presentation of our country. I don’t know about them, but as much as I can, I try to do things for the good of my country; it’s just a shame that for every single good progress one makes, there’s always 20 disruptive and deteriorating acts done by no other than your fellow natives. Of that, I say again, I am sorry you couldn’t experience what beauty we can present that is Filipino, because there is none presentable. I am sorry, and absolutely ashamed.

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      Captain PFB Post author

      @Christian – It’s always nice to find a needle in the haystack. You are the needle. Somehow, you were fortunate enough to develop a brain. And on top of that, a brain equipped with logic, reason, shame, and common sense. Congratulations on having the honor and dignity to recognize and admit the utter failure of your country, and use that recognition to try to incite change. Unfortunately, the only way for change to ever happen in this country would for the majority of Filipinos to have brains, dignity, and so on. And we both know that’s just not going to happen. At least not in our own, and our children’s, and their children’s lifetimes.

      We both know that the Filipino can form no concept of being direct, accountable, honest in action and words, letting their actions match their words, and understanding the concept of personal responsibility. The Filipino is essentially stuck like glue to behaving badly, but demanding to be treated as if they behave honorably. They believe that as long as they just say words that sound good to others, it doesn’t matter how they actually behave.

      Christian, you say you love your country. Other than some areas of natural beauty (which Filipinos had nothing to do with), please tell us WHAT IT IS YOU LOVE about your country. Honestly, I mean no offense at all by asking this. It is a completely legitimate question. It is a question I ask the Pinoy EVERY TIME I HEAR HIM SAY “PROUD TO BE FILIPINO”, or “I LOVE MY COUNTRY”. And so far, has not been answered with any truth or substance.

      I always tell anyone who claims national pride, or says they love their country, that unless you are prepared to state specifically what it is you love about your country, best not to say it at all, because “I love my country” is just meaningless and empty words if you cannot back them up with substance. This is a concept that the Filipino cannot process or understand.

      It’s ok to NOT love your country. You can say “I hate my country”. You’re allowed.

      I am American. I don’t love America. I am not ignorant about the truth of it’s formation, it’s real history, and it’s current state of indulgence and their own form of ignorance and idiotic pride. I’m not proud of how the average idiot American will get all teary-eyed over the national anthem, and the addiction we have developed to keeping “bombs bursting in air” all over the world. I’m not proud of the LIE of “…with liberty and justice for all” BULLSHIT. There has NEVER been liberty and justice for all. There has only been liberty and justice for white Christian males. I’m not proud that we slaughtered the real native Americans and took their land and took what was left and gave them some worthless desert land on which to continue their culture and way of life, and feel good about that. This list could go on and on as well. But this blog is about Philippines.

      So, let me go back to the question. You said you love your country. Please elaborate on that statement. Because that statement is meaningless to us. Because it’s never backed up with substance. I’m hoping you’ll either be the first to put some substance to the statement, or the first to FULLY, ABSOLUTELY, AND COMPLETELY let go of the false pride with reckless abandon, and be able to say, “I do NOT love my country, and until at least a measurable level of REAL dignity, honor, honesty, and progress happens for the GOOD OF THE PEOPLE, I will continue NOT loving my country. I WANT to love my country, but until it becomes something that has some semblance of lovability, I cannot love it.”

      I’ve seen a few that do as you do…admit to the shameful behavior, the stupidity, the corruption, etc in big long comments or essays. But they cannot finish without that “hanging on to Pinoy Pride by a thread” statement that they love their country. Personally, I wish they would spend more of those words with substantial explanation of WHY they love their country, rather than telling us all what we already know about Philippines.

      1. Profile gravatar of Christian

        Regarding my “love of country”, I guess it just applies to our far, far past, before the Spaniards even came to the Philippines. I have read a lot of accounts and documents, some belong to Jose Rizal, De Morga (the one who has written accounts of the Philippines of how it looked like even before it was branded the name Philippines, and thus was pertaining to the real natives there), as well as several accounts of other historians who desperately try to find something unique of us Filipinos. This might get a little long, so please, I hope you bear with me.

        First of all, let me retract the statement “I love the Philippines” because, reflecting on what you’ve said, and the “things” that make me “love my country” is probably just based on what “we are before” and not “we are now”. De Morga’s journal states things that aren’t found in the Philippines, or even the Filipino nowadays. However, a spin-around as according to Rizal, these people do not even consider themselves Filipino yet, as the word is coined during the Spanish period of colonization here in the Philippines. A lot of accounts I’ve read always point to one thing: we Filipinos are like this because of the branded 300 years of dystopia we have experienced. Allow me to elaborate.

        Now this will be based on almost all I’ve read, and I shall summarize it in the best I can. “Filipinos”, or the native inhabitants of this country, are one of the most hardworking, while not united, and granted one of the best places in the world to propagate. I expect you’re expect me to say this. Here comes more details, and this too comes from all those I’ve read. There are several cases during the first period of colonization that the true natives were first in contact with the Spaniards and was in active trade and collaborations with them, just like along with the other supposed to be Asian countries before. What the people of the Philippines did not expect, is an invasion of which they did not anticipate, and it went even more smoothly as the people of the “Philippines” was not even united (it’s still not obviously now though), and the well-known hospitality of the “Filipinos” is also exercised, which lead to an almost flawless invasion. Here comes the shaping of the “Filipinos”, and this are all again, as much as I can recall and summarize off of the things I’ve read.

        During this 300 years of dystopia, we (the natives) have been subjected to cruel laws and methods; a consequence of being an invaded country. With the people not even united, the people stand no chance against the mighty, and “organized rule” of the Spaniards. Unreasonable conditions regarding produce and the like were implemented, and thus no matter how much hard work one places, it will never be of use since the Spaniards will just take all anyway. What’s the point of working hard? Religion is used to place EVERYTHING in a somewhat absolute rule. Very effective, as you can see, and only a few have realized it. Before it was even used in the manner of manipulation, religion is obviously first used as a clean, and a non-disciplinarian method, and this was before the times of the harsh periods. Cutting it short, and as according to Rizal, the “Filipinos” have blind faith; unable to sway, unable to act, too scared to deviate, too scared to be excommunicated. 300 years of continuous conditioning, I imagine any nation can be swayed like this. So, good “hardworking habits”, gone, and the drive to “act by oneself”, gone. What’s next…

        The Guardia Civil, the main force of which are used to oppress the people, are the ones used to even propagate the “teachings of the church” and to ensure a real reign both of fear and blind faith. Now according to some that I’ve read as well, a lot of the “bad habits” we have right now are instilled to us by the colonial rulers as well, some of which I’ve mentioned above, but others are instilled indirectly through the conditioning that we are an inferior race (which can be apparent as we are the ones being ruled after all). Gat Jose Rizal has realized this and have come to the conclusion that after all this decades, even centuries, of rule, we will have no more ways to recollect whatever good things we have in us before. His solution: an equal society of Filipinos (by then we are branded as this) and Spaniards, as Rizal have claimed that we are unable yet to stand on our own. However, I’m not sure if you know this, but I think you do, a revolution has occurred and was placed under the name of Jose Rizal, destroying any means of reform by him to be heeded by the ones in power. This I ask then: we may have been fools to have not heeded the mixed reform of Jose Rizal, and have instilled a revolution, but can you blame the people? The people held tightly for 300 years, to just sit and wait for a reform that was, in the past before the said event, was several times denied, again? You can say it was driven by fury of all this, but in effect, as you can see, we are truly not ready yet. Without a real past, as our history books is littered with everything only from the Spanish period, save few those that I have read, I don’t think we can have a steady future. Include the accounts of the American colonization (which was inevitable since we were sold to the Americans by the Spaniards to prevent strife between the two) and the Japanese colonizations, which further driven whatever past and glory we had before to learn from, to rubble. You might say I’m blaming the invasions, but those were the old times; they were quite unavoidable, and it’s petty to even keep them close in hand nowadays.

        Now with the Philippines “truly independent”, we are supposed to learn the things we should do and not do, right? However, these works are quite recent; a lot of people nowadays have missed these things, and thus with the recurring detrimental “Filipino” nature, there’s no way we can have true progress. With our past a joke, with exploitative leaders who know of how we ourselves still act, and thus education unapparent, with the blind misgivings preventing new progress by the Church, with some societal systems crafted by others without thinking of the future and left for us to use (VERY apparent in Manila), and how, how there’s NO way people even value our “history” with all those things mentioned above, you might as well say we are ever doomed as trash, as “indios”, as Filipinos.

        I don’t want to be emotional, but I cry inside every time I meet a few people who has or has stronger knowledge of our past and regards it as such, but I do. It’s hard to show though especially I myself look like a gangster. I cry inside every time people throw away things of our great past in favor of the new and foreign. I cry when I see commercials are all in English, and if they are in Filipino, they’re all in a trashy manner, as if the Filipino language is meant only for comedy. I cry when people do not know Balagtas, Lapu-Lapu, the lyrics of our national anthem, the importance of honor, the blood our “heroes” have shed, I cry when I see trash everywhere, especially those with “Bawal Magtapon Dito” signs; good deeds are so rare here they have to be televised, which make me cry too. Sometimes, man, I just wanna kill myself to escape this trash society where every rules and laws are just like “guidelines” or “recommended actions” only.

        Now here’s my answer, I love this country because of the few of us who know we can still do something, even if we have to be the bad guys. I love this country because of its potential (while it’s still there anyway). I love this country because of our hardy nature to hardships (you can say it’s stupid, but this is why we are still alive today). I love this country just because of the “little love” I can see sometimes, although so rare. I love this country since I can still see people, though perhaps ignorant, is still doing some good deeds. I love this country since it’s in a state where I can adapt to any society, given the right knowledge, demeanor, and look in life, because of its current state of hell (although, I think anyone can do this anyway). I love this country because of its beauty (even though, yes, it’s not because of us; it’s nature). I love this country because people smile to me everyday (they may just look stupid or this only happens in the province, but it’s a “little love” I cherish anyway). I love this country because of its forgiving nature (which to some may seem like a bad feat). I love this country because– (I can list much more, so I’ll stop here for now.)

        I do hate my country, but not mad enough knowing what we have been through; it’s just these ignorant fools that must be wiped out, but there’s no way, right…? Right.

        You know, sometimes I contemplate that, I think it won’t be so bad if we just get wiped off the map. Several nuclear warheads hit us all Filipinos at once. I don’t mind pulling the trigger. This place is a hidden hell on Earth anyway, where the statement “it’s more fun in the Philippines” laughs at you like a demon. If you ask me, we 1% sane will never be enough to shape this country into the best it can be, not without some sort of absolute power, but I’ll continue on doing my best even for that 1%…0.1%….0.0000000001%….think of me as a fool, but I don’t mind living a short life if only for the ones that really matter. I’m just 21, but hey, if it’s for the better, and not just an act that will only last a century or two, I’ll die anytime, but hey, that’s wishful thinking; stupid thinking…

        Now I don’t know what you think about those accounts I’ve said regarding the small “true” past of us. They may have been edited to sound good, right? It was just collected, translated, documented, etc, from Spanish from the bits and pieces left after all by our “scholars”. They may be there only to make us hopeful, to make us strive more only to be exploited by the ones in power. They may be not true at all, and thus we Filipinos, or the “Filipinos” of the past, may not be true at all, but at the very least, allow me to present you with this answer. This, and the “majestic past” we “have”, are the only ones keeping me sane after all, other than the things I strive for, fight for, and do for the entertainment of others. At least these ones that’s keeping me alive.

        1. Profile gravatar of Christian

          The first paragraph, a little correction:

          It’s this:
          De Morga (the one who has written accounts of the Philippines of how it looked like even before it was branded the name Philippines, and thus was pertaining to the real natives there)

          t’s this:
          De Morga (the one who has written accounts of the Philippines of how it looked like even before it was branded the name Philippines, before they colonized it, and thus was pertaining to the real natives there)

          De Morga is a Spaniard if I recall correctly. Probably the only one who cared enough to write what he has seen before their legions erased and stole (almost, of course) everything.

          1. Profile gravatar of Christian

            Please pardon me for any error in grammar you see. As much as I like the receiving party to fully understand what I say, my English is still far from crafty and write-worthy. You can say that it’s not my native language, but still, it’s my own volition of wanting a universal language, and be good at it. Sorry again for some things that may be strange due to my English skills.

    2. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      Wow Christian, as eloquent and beautifully you expressed your statement, you had actually managed to bring a tear to my eye. You are like the Pinoy Uncle Ruckus (the black guy who hate black people). I definitely understand your views and I hold no prejudice towards you at all. You see, I don’t judge by one’s physical appearance, I criticize everything that goes on mentally. You my friend definitely have your mind the right place. Yes, I get absolutely mind-boggled and frustrated being here, and there are times when I feel I am trapped in a corner with no way out. I personally witness extremely high magnitudes of corruption, dishonesty, and any acts that would deem to be immoral, but there is no one to report it to since the appointed authority’s integrity is just as equally compromised (if not, more) as the violator committing the illegal act.

      There just isn’t any possible way to bring any more discredit upon them than they already bring upon themselves. If knew the foul state this country was in, then I wouldn’t had ever planned a long term visit here in the first place. Fortunately, it’s only a visit. You may have the short end of the stick on this one Christian since you may be unable to leave this place, which is why I am evermore grateful for my passport to freedom. Like what Filo said, America isn’t all that great either, but it sure beats the hell outta being in this shit-hole. First thing I’m gonna do when I get home to America is to kiss the ground, and I know it’s safe because people in America don’t urinate and litter garbage on every square inch of their pavement. Can you imagine kissing the ground of Philippines? I just had that sick thought in my head. Now that gotta be disgusting!

      1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB Post author

        I’d rather kiss a pig than Philippines ground or American ground!

        But send me to Netherlands…I’ll kiss that ground any day. Those people got it together.

      2. Profile gravatar of Christian

        Hahaha, I’ve “kissed” the ground several times, when I was knocked down by my fellow Filipinos upon “insulting them, us, being Filipinos”. Hahaha…

  13. Profile gravatar of

    I came here with the intent of staying for 6-8 months, then go home for a month or so, and come back. We had tickets for 6 months. I changed our flight the second month here. I am going home in 5 weeks. We have a house, and things to make sure are taken care of, etc, or I would have been gone or be leaving even sooner. I love my Filipna wife, but her family just plain sucks. We give, give, give, then the one time we say no, oh, we never helped anyone, we never give money, we this, and we that. It’s ridiculous. Funny because I certainly remember sending a lot of shit and money over the past couple decades. Now that I am retired, I have to budget for us a little more…seems obvious to me, but not to any of them. Even their “smart” college kids can’t figure it out. Come on, after all, you speak shitty English, so apparently you are smart. What a measure of intelligence, to go on. I will hand it to my wife though…yeah, she has some Filipino ignorance, but when it comes to her family, she makes no excuses. Of course, we have helped in the past, but my wife will tell them no in a minute. She doesn’t fall for any of their stories, or tear dropping lies or anything. She gives, and helps. She does have some pretty poor relatives, but she doesn’t let them get their way with our money, or overact their situations. The dishonesty is almost like a moral value here. Constantly overcharged at the markets, and street vendors. Everyone puts their garbage on the fence posts, where I live in Bataan. Well, of course the cats and dogs rule the streets, so everyday, garbage is all over the damn place. Silly me, I bought a garbage can, put it out for all to use. Finally after about 2 weeks, all the neighbors were using it. No more endless mess in the front. Low and behold, about 3 weeks later, someone stole the top, so the animals could smell and tip it over now. About a week later, one neighbor decided to fill it and over stuff it with wood. Ok, genius, it’s plastic. What do you know? It broke. I told the garbage man this morning, just throw the piece of shit away. It’s like, they like a mess, and unsanitary situation. Which brings up another point. What the hell is up with the dogs? They shit all over the place. Nobody picks it up, because, it might not be their dog’s shit. Who knows? It’s disgusting. One guy down the street has a dog, that leads the master through the streets. He comes down barking and pissing all over. I yelled at the dog, he started barking at me and coming at my gate. The owner just looked at me. I said, “I am going to kill your dog”. He just smiled. He probably didn’t even know what I said. Nicest people in the world….my ass. All they try to do is be one up on the Kano.

  14. Profile gravatar of Angela

    I live in Canada and recently rented a room with 2 pinay women. I’ve been so confused and can’t believe how full of bullshit they both are. I’ve been looking online for some information about what this is and finally found your blog. I am not alone. I can’t believe the crap that these women create. I just avoid them now and am moving out in two weeks because they are so strange. I”ve never met people like this in my life, except they are like people that have mental health problems.

    They don’t know how to communicate, exaggerate all the time for no reason, are passive-aggressive, paranoid and show no respect. I tried to communicate but it’s made no difference. They don’t want to communicate.

    Thanks for your blog, at least I don’t feel like what I’ve experienced is something out of the ordinary, but it seems many Filipinos are like this. They seem really concernced with the impression they make and what others think, and the women seem unnaturally obsessed with celebrity and what you look like.

    This has been the weirdest experience I’ve had in a really long time. So glad to be moving and getting away from these strange people. They are not friendly, although they give you the impression they are nice at first, they are phoney and not sincere.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

      It is Good that you share! To understand that you are not the only one suffering under the same problem gives strength!
      In normal countries you have good people and bad people. At least part of the good people will aspire to be better at something. Those who
      do will largely get credit for this.
      In ph on the contrary you do not aspire to something good! You despise the few ones who do and aspire to be as “simple” , mean, greedy, filthy and criminal as possible. Its an “anti-culture”.
      How can you be lazier and more diffident at work than you already are? How can you cheat and deceive and steal from as many relatives and foreigners as possible on this day. How can I litter and piss as much as possible today?
      I think pinoy must pray to God every day: “Please lord, help me to be a worse person today then I was yesterday”. I certainly seems like it. And the padre says: “Go out and
      make as many sins as you can today my son”, they will all be forgiven! Ph is not a accidental catastrophe, its deliberate! And they all work meticulously at the same goal!

  15. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
    Pinay Lover

    Sad thing is, I haven’t even been to the country yet to get the full experience of the stupidity and I don’t think I need to. I suffer enough from OFW’s here in my country. The majority are money morons, materialistic, mindless TV show viewers, status oriented, spontaneous, back stabbing, rumoring, and the ultimate dumb debt slave.

    Sophisticated Debt slaves for life, willing to put others ahead of themselves even if it destroys them. Although selfless, it is pure stupidity to put leeching parasites ahead of yourself. But God and their religion (which they don’t abide by AT ALL) delusions them and twists their small, fragile minds to think like good subservient slaves to the family.

    Never seen such a race of dumb slaves.

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      ” I”ve never met people like this in my life, except they are like people that have mental health problems.

      They don’t know how to communicate, exaggerate all the time for no reason, are passive-aggressive, paranoid and show no respect.” (Angela January 19th, 2015 at 12:30 am).

      “But God and their religion (which they don’t abide by AT ALL) delusions them and twists their small, fragile minds to think like good subservient slaves to the family”. (Pinay Lover,January 26th, 2015 at 7:26 am)

      Ha! What did I say from my last night’s post? There are a lot of Filipinos running around the country with mental illness! How do we know our Filipino senators that are passing legistlations for the “good” of the country (and their pockets) are not deluded or paranoid?

  16. Profile gravatar of Mikhail Pupeski
    Mikhail Pupeski

    Stumbled upon this after Googling: “dumbass filipina”. This would have to be one of the most entertaining and hilarious things on the www. A bit harsh at times but so true.

    I’m more a Thai hand but so much of it is exactly the same.

    Thanks anyhow.


  17. Profile gravatar of AJ


    I’m Filipino born and raised here, but I am of a different race and I fucking hate the inconsiderate people here and you can’t get peace and privacy without dishing out loads of cash to live in a nice high-walled elite gated community. I deal with borderline racism on almost a daily basis and not to mention the idiocy and self-serving, brainless, good for nothing, people and local government officials in my area. I am getting out of this hell hole of a country as soon as I can to a country where I can feel respected. It’s such mental torture to live around oblivious bandwagon idiots 24/7 especially here in fucking Metro Manila.

    I have met some of the nicest and most genuine people in the provinces who want to take care of their beautiful places, but this is flip land and those people are the minority. I feel the need to shout or vent but I can’t so I’m posting it here.

  18. Profile gravatar of Mari

    Hi! Thank you for creating this blogsite. I am a Filipina who has always questioned the legitimacy of the “Proud to Be Filipino” saying. Nobody in that poor country actually understand what it means. And this Filipino Pride only leaves me questioning what I should be proud of really? Nothing if people in that sad, helpless country keep spinning in this direction. You and other members have raised valid points that back this up. I should have mentioned these points to certain family members who questioned my support of the Filipino culture.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Filipinos. But I would very much like for them to change. If not nationally, at least one Filipino at a time. One, by exposing myself to the harsh reality of silly Filipinos as seen by others on this website, maybe I could grow as a person and not be butt hurt all the time whenever something about the Philippines come my way. Not that I am in this situation at all, but rather to rationally understand where the alleged “hate” is coming from, and decide whether it is actual racism or just an expression of opinion meant as an attack.

    Keep up the good work!

    I will be posting some of my experiences soon. I hope to include helpful tips in dealing with relatives in the Philippines and also most importantly, from Filipino relatives, who despite years of living in the US, still maintain the backward stupidity exhibited by local Filipinos.

  19. Profile gravatar of Kennyboy

    Instead of throwing around well-deserved insults about the many Filipino mental shortcomings that I have come to know over the years, I would like to relate a story instead. I have related this and other stories to people over the years and some have said, after I told them the last part of it “the kicker” as I will refer to it, that I was flat out lying or exaggerating. These people have little to no experience with filipinos.
    The Story (or Story # 1)
    My ex-wife is a filipina. She was raised in this country (the U.S.) by filipino immigrants. They came over here to be nurses after being “educated” in the Phillipines. When we had our daughter, she was born 6 weeks premature. She spent a couple of weeks in a NICU (Neo-natal intensive care unit), then she was released home. Which is pretty quick for that scenario, but she was/is crazy strong of body and mind–not to suck my own cock, but she does not get that from her mother. My wife had an idea, that sounded good at the time–shock, that we should move in with my in-laws for a couple of months so that her parents could care for our daughter while we went back to work. In her words, “after all, they’re her grandparents and both nurses, what better care could she have”. Yeah, that sounds good, but that would be assuming that filipinos are not unbelievably, unimaginably, incomprehensibly stupid. But alas, they are. In the first few days that I went back to work I noticed that when I came back home and fed my daughter in the evenings she was voracious. She was always a good eater, even as a premie, but this was on a whole other level. My radar was up. Then my mother-in-law approached me and said, “there is something wrong with M (my daughter).”
    “What’s wrong with her?”
    “When I try to feed her, all she does is burp and spit up”.
    “Well, that’s odd,because she has been really hungry for me”.
    “She just will not eat for me.”
    I knew something was wrong and that it was not my daughter. So the next time that I was going to feed her I asked my mother-in-law to do it. I left for a few minutes and came back to see what was going on, what I saw shocked me. She was sitting in a chair with my daughter, my daughter was mostly upright in her arm. She had the bottle mostly upright too. What I mean is that the nipple was on top and the milk was on the bottom. My daughter was just sucking air crazily trying to be fed. And, of course burping and spitting up. I watched this for a couple of minutes and then said, “well, here’s your problem mom, you have to invert the bottle so that the milk is at the nipple. It’s not just going to magic itself up into the nipple.” I then physically turned the bottle upside down. At that point my daughter began to feed normally–well at least for about thirty seconds. Because at that point my mother-in-law became mad and defensive. She turned the bottle back to the wrong way and said something to the effect of not to tell her how to feed babies, after all she raised three children and was a nurse for forty years.

    This is the kicker though–she was not just any old nurse for forty years–SHE WAS A F****NG PEDIATRIC NURSE FOR FORTY YEARS, IN FACT–SHE WORKED IN A NICU FOR THE LAST TWENTY YEARS OF HER CAREER.

    She continued to try to feed my daughter that way every time! I mean, damn, you were a baby nurse for forty years and you cannot wrap your mind around the complexities of a baby bottle. I do not know and have never known what to think about the levels of human stupidity that I saw on display from my ex’s family.

    I did not return back to work for very long. The final straw in that decision will be related in story # 2.

  20. Profile gravatar of Kennyboy

    Story # 2 (or why I only returned to work for 4 days after my daughters arrival home)
    Shortly after the bottle incident (the next day I think) my daughter developed a red spot on her eyelid. It quickly got bigger. I knew something was wrong. I ran it by my in-laws. You remember them right, both filipino nurses for forty years. I wanted to see what they would say about it, not because I was going to listen to them in any way, shape or form, but rather just to gauge their stupidity. They of course said that nothing was wrong. I knew better and took her to Children’s Memorial. She had a hemangioma above her eye. This is nothing serious if treated, its a birthmark on steroids if left untreated. The docs put her on a cortico-steroid to reduce the inflamation. But they told me that since she is a premie that dosing her can be a bit tricky and that she may have a reaction, a very serious reaction, if the dose is too high. If that were to happen that I should get her into them ASAP. No appointments, no waiting, no bullshit–IMMEDIATELY. Since my ex and I were still of the mindset that her parents would take care of my daughter when we were away I related all of the instructions from the doctors to them. These were not complex instructions–if she has a reaction of any kind, let me know and get her to the hospital–that’s it. So, the next day after she got the initial dose, I was getting ready to leave for work and I stopped to check on her. My wife had already breastfed that morning right before she left for work and had failed to notice anything unusual–far be it from a filipina to not notice something f****ng blatantly obvious. When I checked on her though, she was covered from head to toe in red blotches and was obviously in a state of distress. She was having an anaphylactic reaction, and a serious one at that. When I started to rush around like a madman getting her ready to get the hell out of dodge and to the hospital. They took a look at her and both told me that there was no need to take her to the hospital at all. I was just being silly. She just had a rash from me kissing her or something. And they were serious about that too, they were adamant that nothing was wrong and that this was just a sudden whole body appearance of a rash. I looked at them stunned. I said what about what I just told you two not even 20 hours ago about the steroids and the possibility of a reaction. They reiterated that in their medical opinions that this was just a kissing rash and that I should not bother taking her to the hospital.


    I mean, if this was just out of the blue and they had no idea about what had happened to her the day before and were not completely and totally warned to look out for this very thing happening, then I could almost understand it. Well, not really since they have a combined 80 years of medical experience, but I was trying my best at the time. But, that was not the case. This was not out of the blue, this was not unexpected. I told them specifically to monitor my daughter for this very thing while I would be away. Having full information like that makes this inexcusable. I am pretty sure that if I had not stopped to check my daughter that morning she would be dead right now. Her throat would have eventually closed up as the reaction progressed and they, being filipinos, would have looked on and figured that she was napping or something.


    I got her to the hospital of course and she was fine. I stopped at work on the way back and told my boss that I could not come back to work for two months because we had arranged for daycare to start after this initial period of grandparent care, which was to last two months. I lost my job but I do not give a damn. It was worth it to shield her from dangerous levels of filipino stupidity.

    1. Profile gravatar of JoeyG

      What you so eloquently described has nothing to do with Filipinos in general. It simply specifically applies to your mother in law. She is stupid. Not that other Filipinos (like myself) are not stupid as well.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike


        I disagree with the part it does not apply to filipinos in general. YES it does and here’s why I say that and others will also. The philippine medical and education personnel are complete incompetents. I got admitted to a hospital here with severe cramps and fever of 102 and what did they do? After HOURS waiting they started an IV and put me on a bed in the hall. When doc did finally come around hours later he said it was the stomach flu.

        Now I have had medical training and know bullshit when I hear it. So what happens? My fever continued to rise to the 104 and still climbing and these dip shits just watch. My wife took me out of there against their will and we got it fixed. Stomach flu? NO, my intestines were blocked up about three foot from the exit point. Now you’ll say that was just one incident. No it was not, just one I decided to mention. I could also say about my son and the filipino “doctors” treatment.

        Yes, most filipinos are stupid. If they were not as you say then the philippines would be in much better shape. Now you might get away with telling Kenny there how smart filipinos are because he lives in the states. But as for most on this site that will not work as we live in the philippines and see the stupidity of filipinos everyday. What I do fine odd though is this. Your first reply to Kenny you say filipinos are not stupid. Then in second reply you say you are frustrated with the stupidity of filipinos. Which is it? That is called fence sitting.

  21. Profile gravatar of JoeyG

    As a Filipino, I find this blog to be AWESOME! I, too, am frustrated with the many stupidities I encounter from people who simply refuse to make their lives better, and yet expect others to do it for them. I get exasperated when other Pinoys try to get one-up me, thinking they might get their foolish ways with me. Every time I vacation in Manila, I always have to have my best buddy with me almost 24/7 just to make sure I am not getting screwed by my fellow Pinoy at the other side of the counter. I remember having threaten a sales person throwing a fit in a department store just to get their supervisor to help me find the exact item I wish to purchase. Oh, well…

    Good luck and may other Pinoys find their way to this blog as well!

  22. Profile gravatar of

    I have been reading comments here for a few months and it has been extremely enlightening. I’m starting to understand my wife better than I could have on my own and the blog has opened my eyes to a few family issues. I was getting that feeling that something was not quite right and didnt know why I felt I was being an arrogant foreigner. Im not normally like that. Thankyou very much to everyone who has made comments. I think I have learnt something from every one.

  23. Profile gravatar of krot

    Very enlightening indeed. Several posts / sections of post could have been exactly written by myself – eerily recognizable. Will contribute myself at some point with a comprehensive account of my experiences.

  24. Profile gravatar of Lester P.
    Lester P.

    This is some scary stuff. It cannot be from inbreeding, right? So how can people not grasp simple concepts. I was always told that a mixed breed of do is healthier and usually more intelligent. They are mixed. What is up with that? Seriously. My GF was the same way on vacation. I tolerated her, but got sort of shitty for a bit because of her attitude. No logic at all. It is like, ” baby can’t speak”…. and I think.. ok…. “baby needs something”, but daddy cannot find out because he doesn’t speak Filipino-ease. Hmmmm. I have never met any other people like this and it is too messed up to try to figure out. It is like they are Muslim converts on a silent Jihad with confusion as their weapon and Pride as their shield. Who knows?

  25. Profile gravatar of BigBirdPH

    I’m a native of the Philippines (born and raised)! However, that does NOT mean my family, friends, and I don’t notice our fuck ups as a country (so much so to the point that quite a large portion of our conversations when we hang out are about those failings)! It also greatly helps that I have family that live abroad, have friends who are from other countries, and travel internationally quite a bit!

  26. Profile gravatar of Mindanao

    Congratulations Captain PFB, at the very least for letting people get our their frustrations. But also to organize the character defects of the Filipinos into a coherent body. I think the Filipino Pride principle stands at the center of it all: being prideful with no reason. That core defect is what results in zero introspection, zero learning, zero respect for evidence and logic or better ways of doing things. Stupid pride.

    I love my wife dearly and have an awesome life with her and our children. But there have been moments of justifiable rage. I’ll relate a story about driving instruction, and if anyone has ever tried to teach their Filipina to drive, they know what I am talking about.

    I didn’t realize how invincible this stupid pride was until teaching her to drive. She had a bad attitude about being instructed. After all, she was a Pinoy so she automatically knew best. To make the car go straight for example, you made the icon on the steering wheel straight. So she is looking at the steering wheel instead of the road. I was instantly terrified and couldn’t figure out what the hell she was doing. She would get angry at me just for the sin of telling her how to do something. So when her strategy of watching the steering wheel instead of the road didn’t work out very well it required me raising my voice just to get her mind broken free of her wrong thinking. But that meant more anger from her, and… quitting.

    There is absolutely nothing worse than doing something wrong and then quitting. It is extremely destructive behavior. It not only guarantees failure, but causes completely unnecessary strife in a relationship. It’s how a person with bad character punishes a person who is giving them life saving instructions, but is so immature that she takes no instruction from anyone. Since it is impossible to predict where her bad ideas are going to come from, you can’t anticipate what problems lie ahead. Instead of listening to what you say, they make up some idea off the top of their head.

    Once we got on the road, another disastrously stupid behavior emerged. She would pretend to be cooperating and even say “yes” when I gave an instruction, and then just ignore me. The first instruction was “slow down”. She knows what “slow down” means, but she figured you don’t have to slow down for a turn. You get to the turn at 60 mph and then just spin the wheel. The car will magically turn 90 degrees. Nodding yes and pretending to co-operate was how she was manipulating me into thinking she was paying attention, while putting our lives in danger.

    I would say slow down in a normal voice. Then SLOW DOWN. Then SLOW DOWN! and SLOW DOWN!!!!! – none of which had the slightest effect on her, blissfully smiling away. I had to pull the emergency brake and steer into ditches in order to prevent being killed several times. Then of course she would get angry.

    I tried to have her repeat instructions back to me. So if I said “slow down”, she repeated it back but still ignored me. I went ballistic, with every right to because of the life-and-death nature of driving. But I was in the wrong in her mind. I tried to extract out of her what “slow down” meant to her. But she was still using her stubborn Filipina pride, trying to fake me out with a vague response. The truth is she was still ignoring me and just trying to get me off her back with deception. This was one of the traits about her that really drove me insane at times – the deception. The root problem was her stupid pride: nobody tells her what to do, and never admit to not knowing something. So she feigns co-operation and deceives you into thinking she is going to slow down next time.

    We broke out of this horrible pattern with a simple agreement. I got her to agree that her bad attitude was the whole problem. Before starting the day’s instruction, just going down the driveway I would give her an instruction that made no sense, like to stop or even turn off into the lawn. If she did not immediately do as I said, the lesson was over. It worked great, and I did indeed abort at least two driving lessons for her not following instruction. I don’t care if you agree to the instruction. You don’t know what the hell you are doing and you have to cooperate.

    This is a perfect example where false Filipino pride has deadly consequences. Where they think they’re so much smarter than you by pretending to cooperate when in fact their attitude is “fuck you, nobody tells me what to do”. They’re smiling and nodding “yes” when inside their mind it’s truly reprehensible thoughts.

    The deception is really maddening and even now she isn’t completely free of it. I just have better radar for it. Filipinas learn a tactic in school I call “guess and correct”. Instead of memorizing what “left” or “right” mean, whenever you say “left” they will just guess. If they guess correctly, great. If they guess wrong, then they correct it and smile with a giggle. But the next time you say “left” they’re going to guess again. Her teachers never cared if they learned anything. The students learn to read the face of the teacher. The objective is “make the face happy”. So you throw out some vague bullshit while you read the face of the teacher, and correct whatever responses make the face unhappy. God Damn what a monstrous personality disorder – all based upon deception. I have learned not to let her see my face when I have an important question I want to see if she knows the answer to. Because she is going to lurch into her face-reading strategy instead of thinking.

    So when teaching her what “clockwise” meant for example, it was not enough to explain that this is the direction the clock moves. She can even repeat it back, but the next time you tell her “clockwise”, she is going to guess, while looking for your reaction. I would tell her to show me by motioning with her hand what “clockwise” meant. She would BARELY move her finger, just an excruciatingly tiny movement, up and down. It was baffling because she was deceiving me, and it led to justifiable anger on my part. I would raise my voice and tell her to make her movement big enough so I could tell what the hell she was doing. More deception. She is ON PURPOSE moving her hand neither clockwise nor counter-clockwise, but either up and down or back and forth because she doesn’t want to say “I don’t know” and if she guesses wrong then she loses face. So she knows that whatever she does, she better not move her hands in a circle. Maybe an up and down movement will fool me. Then I can show her, she can mimic, and never learn what it means.

    So just look at all the unnecessary anger and frustration this kind of stupid pride causes. It is abusive. To put me through all that and have me conclude she doesn’t know instead of just SAYING “I don’t know” is malicious behavior. Then the victim, who is justifiably angry, is blamed for their anger.

    With everything new, I have a pattern now. The first thing we have to do is set her false pride down. No matter how simple the task, she has to AGREE that she is going to set down her pride before we begin with whatever it is. She has to ADMIT that she doesn’t know how to do whatever it is. You need the patience to walk through it SLOWLY with her. For example with “clockwise”: Close your eyes honey. Imagine a clock. Look at how the second hand is moving around the clock. Put your finger on the second hand. Follow the movement of the second hand with your finger.

    It isn’t that she is stupid. I was impressed with her mathematical ability when I first met her. It’s that this false pride is so debilitating it means blocking out any kind of instruction. It causes an unbelievable arrogance that is concealed beneath a fake pleasant exterior that watches your face and body language in order to manipulate you. The schools don’t want critical thinking. All they want is complacency. That’s why students adopt the “guess and correct” strategy. There is no point to using logic and data to answer questions in a system of arbitrary authority. The answer is to “make the teacher happy”. So you become accomplished in deception and manipulation – and reading faces instead of thinking through anything.

    I have to admit I have put up with some tough stuff, but how else is a fat old man going to marry a teen hotty? She knocks herself out for our family 98% of the time. She really appreciates her husband and has given him license to do things very few women on the planet will allow. When the old false pride kicks in though, it can be a motherfucker.

    1. Profile gravatar of 86andBelow

      Yup “nobody tells me what to do” (even when I can understand/see it is beneficial advice to follow) – perfectly sums up their approach to any help being offered.
      I have taken over 4000 taxis in this hellhole. Notwithstanding the fact that only two of those drivers I have ever met would pass the basic ability to drive a car at the required minimum standard to pass the UK driving test, I also noticed that they use 20%+ more fuel than they should.
      These professional drivers, e-hem, not one of whom possesses a map, use the gas pedal like an on-off switch. So, to maintain a steady 80kph they press the pedal down to (let’s say ) 5000rpm position and then release the pedal fully. Thereby giving a jerky ride and increasing their fuel consumption. To maintain 80kph they should “fix” their foot position at (let’s say) 2,800rpm and NOT MOVE IT (except for hills etc) therefore maintaining constant engine revs and saving fuel.
      I have, in the past, explained the above and only one driver has “got” it. He was a returning OFW and it was his own taxi. Oh, and I offer a hundred pesos if they can do it, but to do so would admit they were wrong, so no guesses for how many times i’ve paid up…hahahaha!

      1. Profile gravatar of Mindanao

        lol. That reminds me of a time we were passed by a dump truck going at least 70 mph on the highway to Cagayan De Oro. I own a dump truck and am extremely conservative with it because any kind of mechanical issues, especially transmission, is going to be thousands upon thousands $. When this guy passed us I started yelling – I could not believe what I was seeing as he careened around a corner and charged up the hill in front of us. My whole family looked at me like I was insane. About 2 km later the dump truck was crashed on the side of the road, smoke billowing up in the sky and people running around waving their arms in the air.

    2. Profile gravatar of Idiotocracy

      Ah, that was a good comment, ought to be a story of its own.

      Had a hell of a time teaching my gf to drive and even bought an automatic to make it easier.

      The first time her cell phone rang was priceless. I had her practicing in an abandoned housing development, lots of blocks of streets, no houses, a car would show up once every hour or so. So the phone rings while she is tooling down this road about 35 km an hour. She says “Oh!” , turns loose of the wheel with both hands, turns 90 degrees to her right to her purse, grabs her phone with both hands and proceeds to answer it. Yes, I proceeded to f****ing screamed at her, or pitched my voice in her terms.

      Bought an old beater for the first car, ran okay, not the nicest looking minivan. Caught some heat for that with people, including her, saying I can afford much better and why? Told all of them the car would be wrecked in six months. Backed into trees shattering the back windshield, rammed into jeepneys and by jeepneys when she panicked and slammed on the brakes. Sold it for 70K less than what I paid for it five months later and figured I was lucky.

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        That is so funny cause I have been telling my fiance for the last couple of years how dangerous it is to use a cell phone while driving. She texts, talks, etc. I’ve bought her about 3 different headsets so she could talk freely and have both her hands for driving. I’ve bought the wired ones, earpiece bluetooth, and finally optional wrap-around Bluetooth headphone where the earbud can easily be put into your ear when a call comes in. The last one I even bought in a girly color as well. She’s refused every single one. She absolutely must drive with her phone to her ear.
        About a month ago, we went to my home town. Cell phone laws are very strict in my state. So I have the bluetooth earphones and when a call comes in I simply put in the earbud and start chatting. I show her how easy that was and she still could care less. She simply said, “I dont like that way”. To which I had to reply, “Well your way is very dangerous and against the law here cause it causes accidents”. She scoffed.

        It can be such an unreal experience trying to teach something new to a Filipino. They resist learning anything new that benefits them. The culture is honestly insane.

  27. Profile gravatar of 86andBelow

    I recommend re-reading this post every six months as a sanity check and also to reinforce that your view is still correct. All Hail Cap’n!!
    When exacerbated by the incredulous vapidity that surrounds you, refer to the foreigners’ rules:
    Rule #1 = remember where you are…..
    Rule #2 = refer to Rule #1……

  28. Profile gravatar of dr

    I’ve been reading the posts on this fantastic blog. All I can say is THANK YOU for uncovering the truth about this race of parasites. They invade countries and siphon out millions of dollars to continue their diseased “life” in their dirty islands. And no, I’m not racist and I’m not white. I just had ENOUGH of their unbelievably stupid mindset, their idiotic arrogance, their “whatever” attitude, their lies and fake “pride”. Filipinos are some of the most hypocritical people in the world!

  29. Profile gravatar of Bart

    I am so happy to have found this blog. I was beginning to lose hope. I am half Filipino and have no good things to say in the way of their intelligence…..at all. And the ones I do know and encounter, are SO rude. It’s appalling. Why do they all tend to lack tact? My conversations with them tend to be underwhelming and they tend to only be concerned about superficial things.

  30. Profile gravatar of Harley

    I wondered for many years why are they so inconsiderate, not tact, no class or style …. I was angered at how loud they are. Even grown adults still behaving as if they were 5 years old… The restaurant staff and the hotel staff jump on each other and grabbing each other, the guys shouting and laughing loudly and the ladies screeching loudly like they were all back in grade 1. Then in later years I never grew to like it but I realize the huge stupidity , just stupid …

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Ever notice the way they sneeze? Even when they sneeze they have to make loud noises like it’s a duty to make sure as many people as possible hear it.

  31. Profile gravatar of Lily

    I’m a pure Filipino and I’m not even offended! I want to learn more from you guys and I hope I can offer you some insights as well on what’s happening in the Philippines. 🙂