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Since coming to Philippines, have you been angry, experiencing feelings that you are cut off from the THINKING world? You’re a nice person, fair, reasonable, and you consider yourself understanding and patient, right? Of course! But chances are, you’re experiencing thoughts and feelings that conflict with that person you know yourself to be. Thoughts like, “What the fuck is wrong with these idiots???” and “I hate to say this to myself, but holy shit, these people are absolute imbeciles!”

They are certainly uncomfortable and conflicting feelings, am I right? You can’t help but begin to have feelings of superiority, and you have NEVER felt that way before, right? They’re not good feelings at all. I have laid awake at night sorting through these feelings, trying to find some understanding, some reasoning as to how I can stop these thoughts and feelings. But no matter what, I always end up back at the conclusion that Filipinos in general are mind-bogglingly ignorant, stupid beyond comprehension, and unbelievably, blatantly dishonest. And you have come to the conclusion that intellectually, yes, you are superior.

You can’t help but to describe this country as like some massive elementary school project where 2nd graders took an extended field trip to a group of islands and their assignment was to govern themselves as a nation, and become a country. It’s like very young children playing house, or “playing country”. It’s full of envy, childish vengence, rules for the sake of rules, not reason. It’s like unknowing, incompetent little children who have not yet developed a sense of reason, and who naturally want to “one up” each other, who will look at you right in the eyes, with their mouth covered in chocolate and cookie crumbs, and deny they took any cookies from the cookie jar.

Don't Worry, You Are Not Alone

In a very bold, blunt, and often harsh manner, this blog openly expresses our observations, frustrations, and experiences of and with the people and policies of The Philippines in general. And when I say “general” I am speaking about the common and cultural mindset, or vast majority. This blog does not apply to ALL Filipinos, but the vast majority of native Filipinos.

Are we just evil foreigners making up lies? Or are we what we say were are; people who came here and were shocked and confused as to how any nation of people could be so fucking rude, ignorant, deceptive, dishonest. We have a hard time dealing with Filipinos with no logic or ability to rationalize or reason. We need to release the frustrations by sharing our true experiences in a backwards nation of mindless ignorance and stupidity. It’s therapeutic in a way.

We are not racists, as often accused by Filipinos, which is the immediate reaction to any criticism, constructive or not. Filipinos take immediate offense to any form of criticism. And anyone who offers criticism is a racist in the mind of the average Filipino.

Pinoy Pride

The most delusional thing is this idiotic “Filipino Pride” bullshit. WHAT THE FUCK DO FILIPINOS HAVE TO BE PROUD OF? I know you’re thinking that. You look around at all the filth, the rudeness, ignorance, the way they treat each other like animals, the way they will lie, cheat, and steal from you, as if it’s the normal, right thing to do, and not have a single reservation about it. They vote their corrupt leaders back into office over and over for 50 pesos per vote…the list can go on and on. And you wonder, WHAT IS THERE TO BE PROUD OF???? These people will steal from their own mother, and their mothers will steal from them, AS IF IT’S EXPECTED AND COMPLETELY NORMAL.

If they are proud of being about the most stupid, incompetent, corrupt, dishonest, delusional imbeciles on earth, then I understand “Filipino Pride”.

Many of us had no idea what we were getting into when we came here. Yes, it’s our mistake to not have made a month or two long visit before deciding to stay here. It’s not all bad here, and you can certainly live much better financially on your dollars here than in USA or most other industrialized nations. Most of us not unhappy here. Just because we write truthfully about the utter stupidity here, it doesn’t mean we’re unhappy here. We’re just pointing out facts and frustrations, far more numerous and mind-boggling than most countries.

Many of us have decided to remain here despite the frustrations. This blog helps us vent the frustrations, ignorance, and bizarre “filogic” we deal with daily in this country.

The purpose of this blog is for our own personal therapy and venting our frustrations as a community of foreigners in Philippines. It also serves as informative to those foreigners who may be planning to stay here long term. Philippines will not tell them the truth, nor will travel agencies. This blog serves the foreigner with REAL LIFE DAILY EXPERIENCES from those of us who have been living here for several years. This will give the foreigner some real accounts and a general idea of what to expect when they get here, or to help them decide whether or not to come here at all.

I really don’t believe this site will help native Filipinos, nor is that the purpose of this website. We have come to the conclusion they are helpless because, on the most part, they are completely shut down and closed off to real progress or change or accepting truth and reality. They obviously prefer to remain steeped in their delusions and crab mentality. On the same note, I am certain it won’t hurt them any more or less than they hurt themselves every day with their crab mentality, hypocrisy, and senseless thirst for revenge against each other for even petty little bullshit things.

They do not listen or care about criticism of any kind. They go about their lives piggy-back riding on the on the backs of a few Filipino’s successes. They go about their lives thinking they’re the best, therefore there is no ability to see their faults, or see the need for improvement.

So this blog is not here for the Filipino. This blog is primarily here for FOREIGNERS AND EXPATS who must live here or stay here long term and are as frustrated and mind-boggled as I am about the level of idiocy, stupidity, and absence of logic and reason in Philippines.

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Pinoy Pride?