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  • This is troubling for those that wanted to see Duterte make a difference in the Philippines.  The story below showed up in Yahoo news feed so it is out there internationally and it looks like the desperate moves […]

    • Idiot,
      So far I have not experienced any blow back on the anti American scene. Most what I see is increasing in anti American on Yahoo and places like that. My theory is that the filipinos are building up courage to move it to the next stage. Instead of liquid courage it’s internet courage. I did notice though that Du trust approval rating has dropped quite a bit. He is now at 64% compared to in the 90’s when running.

      On a side note. On the news last night they had a trust rating survey about how filipinos feel about other countries:
      1.) USA +66%
      2.) Australia +64%
      3.) China -33%

      Then like I said Du rating is 64% so he scored lower with filipinos than the USA did. So maybe there is hope yet. Now when you come back here, “Where’s my gift?”

      • “I have a shotgun.”

      • Mick,
        Well Im back in the land of good food and people with manners.
        The weather is cool , best time of the year and no more American Politics back to back on TV.
        BUT WITHOUT DOUBT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        The Philippines is on everyone without fails lips.
        Every Australian I have met in the last 4 days has heard about the idiot ( Their words) running the Philippines. They compare him to TRUMP on steroids.
        They have a very good understanding about everything he has uttered and knew exactly where he was last week. Everyone knew he was in China and what he was uttering.
        I guess I would venture he is much better known here than Aquino ever was, I WONDER WHY THAT IS.
        Without stating the obvious this bodes badly for the Philippines if the average punter in Australia is aware of this moron how much does the International Investor Money Men know.
        I cannot see much future if the average Australian understands his attitude, they also showed last week the Aussie who was set up by the PNP and was jailed for 6 months with a full interview on National TV.
        Hope they don’t have nay national disasters over the next 6 years, It will be tough getting anyone to help him from this hemisphere.
        Hope all you guys are hot and bothered, I think I will put on my UGG boots its chilly on my poor footsies.

        • Don,
          Well that Aussie on YouTube is still spouting shit about how great Du is. Now he has been joined by another westerner saying how great the retard is. Yep, just go to youtube and in their search bar google mikey spikey and you’ll find vids he watches. Go to the one about Du and read his comments. He’s giving you mates a bad name with his ass kissing.

        • One other. There is a news report that miss Universe (the pinay) was arrested in Malaysia for trying to smuggle 10 kilos of cocaine into the country. So far she left Manila and busted in KL.

      • Of course. Whoever has the money in their hand will always trump (no pun intended) what ANYONE has to say…


      1. 3 koreans shot dead
      2 a dutch guy in Mindao shot dead (with a sign on his neck saying hes a pedophile)
      3. UK tourist shot dead

      • FHPS: not to mention all the foreigners being rounded up on shaky grounds. The Aussie who was only released because of undeniable CCTV footage and a Canadian convicted in the swiftest conviction I have ever heard of in this country. Now a Brazilian woman busted for coke at the airport. IMO the war on all foreigners. not just USA, has just begun to be unleashed.

    • Yeah, I think the “scars” from 1906 about the Americans only Duterte bares. And here’s the thing. They are so desperate for a hero, and no matter what DU does, they’re tunnel vision has them focused on him being their hero now. They think he’s going to miraculously turn Philippines into Singapore in a few short years. Duterte is one of a kind. And the only thing he’s doing is starting something that no other successor will be interested to finish. He’s crawling into bed with China and Russia. Where do you think that’s going to lead?

      I think he’s going to fuck things up so bad, and another Yellow will come in and clean up, put everything back the way it was, and DU will be forgotten.

    • LOL idiot. You are going to piss off a lot of gullible old foreign men in pinas with this news. Some live in an alternate world to think I sexy young women would be interested in a man old enough to be there father or grandfather. Geez VERN im in pinas and you know what the laws of attraction don’t apply here. WRONG she is in love with the status, atm card or both. I read another guys post about having a go bag packed and flight booked. This DUTERETE is a very unstable guy. My crystal ball is low batt but I know his next move is to kick out the evil americans. Shit this guy is slaughtering his own people. Just imagine if he gets a sweet deal and a big check from the chicoms and knows he don’t need the US aid. He is a physocpath who holds a grudge from when the CIA secretly removed one of there lackys who blew his own leg off in a hotel in Davao with a grenade meant for duterete. You American ex pats have been warned by many sources to get out. We got to ask ourselves if that young soft shoping machine is worth our freedom or life. Me thinks its better to return to the world and be ignored by 30 yr old women

      • Its gotta suck to be a young dude with a pretty girl on his arm then look over and see a dozen old farts sporting the same ornament. You’d have to come to the conclusion that your hottie would also drop her drawers for a seventy year old guy had you not come along or that perhaps she already had done that before you met her. In the end a young dude has to confront that he really has nothing more to offer and sometimes much less to offer than a well off retired guy. Otherwise, why would a guy get his panties in such a bunch that an odd couple found a deal that both benefited from? I’m just saying…

        • It don’t matter young old pangit gwapo. All that matters is $$$$. They will spread their legs for anyone. I throw them in the street after 4 days and go get a new one. They are not very smart. They think they have hooked after 3 or 4 days and start telling sad stories. I cry with them for a few minutes then throw their shit in the street. Lol

    • I can’t stop laughing at the “…or else” in the photo…. Or else what ffs? Most people can’t wait to leave.

    • Fear not, the mighty PNP have ingenious ways of dispersing anti-US protestors

      • Obviously a Pre-Departure Incentive from Dutourette! – The PNP are above the law!

      • Hey now, who are you going to believe? The Chief Sup or your own eyes?

        “Hindi naman sila sinagasaan (They weren’t run over). The rallyists were trying to flip over the patrol car,” Chief Supt. Oscar Albayalde, National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) chief, said in a text message to
        “In the process, the driver extricated the patrol car and inadvertently hit some unruly protesters who sustained minor injuries,” he explained.

        • Leaving,
          If memory serves me right your car does not have plates yet. After watching the video I have to ask,,, “can I borrow your car?”

        • The Inquirer video was changed before the article was syndicated. I managed to download the original, if anyone is interested?

          • DD,
            I’m interested. Put the puppy up!!

            • The original is still on PhilDoh’s link but International Versions have been sanitised! I’m away from the shop at the moment. Will post links tomorrow!

            • DD,
              I say we go and steal Leavings car and play filipino baseball, a knock off of mailbox baseball. Be sure to wipe your prints before we take the car back.

            • DD,
              I just went to and the article is there. But the surprise is that in the comments majority of filipinos are backing the U.S.

        • I was laughing my ass off watching that video with the one dude jammed up under the front axle. His shoulder made the perfect wheel chock and his head would probably done even better. Those multi cab based vehicles are so light weight and under powered they can’t do that much damage to the dumb shits trying to stop the vehicle.

          • Idiot,
            I think he could have better been used as a speed bump.

            • Mike, you are a genius for finding the one job they could do without fucking it up. Pinoy speed bumps, Pinoys used to fill ditches so tanks can drive through obstacles, Pinoy dunnage for stabilizing cranes, Pinoy piles for stabilizing soft ground during instruction, and Pinoy filler for making Chinese artificial islands out in the Spratleys.

            • Idiot,
              You mentioned filler for the shoals. Well there has always been the rumor that the Chinese did use workers that were too weak to work or dead as filler on the great wall.

      • Honestly, I don’t see what the problem is. I mean it’s like that just trying to cross any street at a crosswalk. But it’s filipinos running you over and not PNP. Soon as I find out what the daily bag limit is I’m getting my drivers license and a Hummer.

      • The irony here is the protesters are Duterte supporters, yet the police go there to beat them down. They should be encouraging the protesters, since the PNP is firmly pro-Duterte also. Apparently the cart blanche they have received in killing suspected drug dealers and users has made their natural belief in their impunity even stronger, to the point they just beat protesters down.

        • This could work in rudedirty’s anti-US favor. He gets back from China and scolds the police for being heavy handed and encourages them to stay away from future US embassy protests. More protests, more numbers, more anti-US rhetoric.

          You know shit has gotten bad when embassy staff leve the country.

    • Anti American Sentiment Coming? No. It’s here. Looking more and more, time to go.

      Got the same off RT. These idiots have gone global. Now the world will see how fun it is in the Phils,

      Oh, and jumping in bed with China…what could go wrong.

      • Hey Joe: the new tourism campaign will have more “specifics” about where and when the fun happens. Can’t hardly wait!

        • Leaving,
          I agree. Filipino baseball will be a big draw and money maker to the tourist and expat crowd.

        • Leaving
          Been here for around 7 years. And I sure as hell have not found the fun yet.
          I will admit it was mildly amusing watching these savages run each other over. I also find some amusement if the fact that now the entire world sees the truth in this island paradise that so many lie and make profit off of said lies, get their just rewards.(MB)
          Sitting back, beer in one hand, popcorn in the other watching this place self-destruct by their own hand.

    • The people don’t trust the Chinese much:

      USA +76
      China -33
      Australia +47
      Japan +34

    • When he comes back on Saturday with $150bn in his back pocket, they’ll trust China a whole lot more.

      Money talks.

      Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

      Do you want roads, railways, schools, hospitals, efficient utilities, and jobs or do you want some clapped out weapons?

      No contest in the people’s eyes.

      • @kevr

        Where did you pluck this $150bn figure from?

        Let’s pretend for a moment that there’s enough money for roads, railways, schools, hospitals, efficient utilities etc. By the time the money has greased the palms of the higher-ups they’d all be built with the shittest materials and Filipinos won’t be skilled enough to maintain the crumbling infrastructures anyway. People will believe the bullshit of their master though and all the while China will be helping themselves to what ever they want unimpeded by their puppet in the palace.

        That’s without even talking about the effect a potential end to the BPO industry, other western investments and Fil-Am remittances would have on the economy. Or has China got Rudedirty’s back there too?

        • Kev
          150bn P or $ ? have seen no such numbers in the first place. Even if true, anyone think China is going to uphold a deal? to pinoys??? LOL, you are kidding…right?? DU30 the great deal maker. Right!. 150bn USD for proven oil reserves.
          Hey Einstein…(DU) you just got fucked! And HARD. Thought you said you were smarter than all the lawyers in the EU and the states?? wahhhhhhhh Ha

        • Phil, Joe,
          Kev is just as delusional as the Du supporters and Du himself.

      • Kev,
        The filipinos have gotten billions over the years in aid from a lot of countries which they squandered away instead if making improvements. So what makes you think they will actually put it where it belongs just because China gave them the money? Pinoy pride demanded that you come back huh? You might not be filipino but you are in the pi and looks like have gone native.

      • @kevr. He’s coming back on Sunday with $750 billion! Get your facts right for a start and I will too!

      • Whatever money he might get from the Chinese (or Russians, or whoever is fool enough to give those baboons money), you can be darned sure that 99% of it will end up in peoples’ pockets (the people being the Duturd himself and his cronies).

        Now, if there were only a way to warn the Chinese….

      • Johnny replied 2 days ago

        “Do you want roads, railways, schools, hospitals, efficient utilities, and jobs or do you want some clapped out weapons?”
        – Its the USA’s fault the Philippines can’t have any of those things? LOL! Idiocracy can attest the Philippines has some of the highest taxes in Asia and higher than the USA. Then you have all the loans and charity given to build all those things you mentioned. They’ve built state-of-art roads, bridges, schools, utilities, etc a hundred times over,,,, on paper. The money was spent somewhere to somebody, but all that was built and/ or repaired was something shitty and pinoy.

        Seriously, you’re blaming another country cause the Philippines has shitty infrastructure. This doesn’t all in the realm of cultural or national responsibility?

        • Johnny,
          I don’t know about you but I just love how KevR absolves filipinos of any wrong doing. I also like how he fails to mention how polluted China is and how they are running out of natural resources. KevR is just another Cinese and Duterte mouth piece and just like Duterte all he spouts is bullshit.

        • Yeah, high taxes on the middle class but everyone except the wage slaves are cheating their asses off to avoid paying the tax. They survive on their import duty and VAT tax which is tough to evade, unless of course you are greasing palms at Customs.

          From an investor standpoint the place is truly fucked. Unless you are willing and able to grease the skids with an amount equal to your needed investment for building a factory or business it is going to take you years to get to the point where you can import needed supplies, materials, and equipment. All those “incentives” they tell you about are flat out lies. We “qualified” and received a CRTE, Certificate of Registration of Tax Exemption back in July of 2015 and to this day we are still forced to pay the VAT tax because despite the “automatic” 100% export category the BIR simply refuses to audit and provide the tax exemption credentials. The Chinese are going to build infrastructure alright, using Chinese materials, Chinese supervisors, Chinese engineers, and slave labor wage rates where the Pinoys will pay for their “requirements” and get screwed over like the average SM store clerk. Take a look at Africa’s experience with the Chinese projects, plenty of riots, even killings over supervisors “disrespecting” local workers (expecting a day’s pay for a day’s wages).

          In the end the Chinese are going to dump worthless U.S. dollars into these projects and get decades of interest and principle paid back by Filipino exports of raw materials. They will ravage the environment and as someone that has spent about three months learning their environmental law and permit system I guarantee that either the permits will be waived or the projects will never get done. I need to write a post on their version of the EPA called DENR and how frigging vast their reach is and how much it costs small companies to comply.

          • Agreed, I saw a Vice episode on this exact issue. The corrupt, shit-hole gov’ts love china cause they get a bunch of money with no strings attached,,,, to them at least. They are always happy to take the money since they dont have to pay it back or worry about the environment. They love it even more cause China loans and gives this money without any care or concern of how these shitty, awful, human rights abusing leaders abuse their people.

            The lesson might be from China later on when the next leaders are forced to pay the bills. They might say no and China is out with no one to complain to.

            It is so funny how all this shit was literally predicted on this blog. Someone predicted the minute the USA or UN complained about his HR abuses, he’d throw a fit or the trouble would start. Then he’d run to China. We also predicted a weaker peso as soon as this happened.
            Of course idiots like Kev are too stupid to see reality.

          • Idiocracy,

            Like I said, You can attest how high the taxes in the Philippines are. So for all those taxes, where are the roads, highways, bridges, schools, or anything that doesn’t crumble in 3 years?

    • I had a discussion with my wife about this and the majority of them think foreigners are stealing up their economy and all their businesses under the impression they have been robbed unfairly. The truth of the matter is, if they conduct business on their own they treat each other like the blacks treat each other in ghettos pulling each other down and trying to out do the other. Crab mentality. Look at black lives matter for instance. They burn their own businesses and homes down destroying their own black communities when they are mad at the evil white oppressors all the while they commit act of oppression on themselves. Its no different over there. Chinese and westerners thrive because they have a business mind, know how to work as a community and thrive and have the ability of handling money smart. Filipinos generally have poor money habits. They just want to spend it and by useless items. They are worse then the western phenomenon of materialism. They have adopted the West and abused it.

      I think this change of cutting the foreigners out and letter local Filipinos conduct business will be the most amusing and despicable display. They will without a doubt, drill what’s left of their economy into the ground. I say, let them show their “pride” and “accomplishments” in business, sit back, have said drink or two and watch the comedy show enfold!!!

      • PL,
        Haven’t you heard? NOTHING is ever a filipinos fault!!

        • You could be cleaning your Remington .308 rifle with parts scattered all over the table and a fi,ipino will say ^^^ that isnthe wrong way^^^
          They are all experts at everything except paying back loans.

      • Consider last night if you will. Son gets back from school at 4pm and wife takes him out of house at about 4:30 pm and does not bring back until about 8:30 pm. Then feed him and bed at 9:pm. So he did not study for a test today and it’s his fault, not hers for keeping him out shopping for shoes.

        • Ah the type of shopping that involves using inordinate amounts of Shoe Leather in order to find a Bargain? – Rather like driving for 100 Miles to find Petrol 10 Centavos Per Gallon less than Local?

          • @dingdong interesting you should raise that
            i have seen much stupidity when it comes to
            1. filipinos put ZERO – yes, ZERO fucking value on their time.
            They will travel 2 hrs to collect something from the market or something they might as well had couriered by LBC at a small premium to the fares paid to get to the place of pickup and back.

            I had an ex that travelled to the market 2 hrs away as it was cheaper
            but spending like
            50p each way, 2hrs waiting and travelling
            only to buy a few hundred of groceries TOPS!

            That analogy (by the way Filipinos cant understand sarcasm, irony AND analogy – so they wont get that what we are talking about)
            was a joke in western countries referring also to a person driving accross town to save 5c a litre on their gas.

      • Crab lives matter?

      • The comparison of poor blacks and Filipinos is spot on. Both groups have a crab mentality, lack the work ethic and willingness to provide good value for the consumer’s money that is needed to make commerce work. A trade deal or transaction has to be a win-win situation for both sides or trade grinds to a halt. Reminds me of that story about catching monkeys, hide a treat in a coconut chained to a stake and once the monkey gets its hand closed around something it wants it ain’t turning loose even at the point of capture and death.

        The gf is learning but their attitude of time versus money is so out of whack that it is difficult for her to understand the nature of an investment that takes a lot of time and money invested to get to the point where the pot runs over and you have a profit. They live for today and have a tough time seeing that you might spend $20,000 manufacturing a container of product and spend $10,000 getting it to a market where you can sell it and still make a profit. They see $30,000 “lost” and don’t see that the product can be sold for $70,000 to realize a profit. When you boil it down it is an unwillingness to share with others to consummate a win-win deal. They also have a hard time seeing that overhead is constant and one of the largest expenses in most products so they fail to understand the need to crank out product each day to keep the overhead percentage within limits. And they can’t plan to save their frigging life, you can set up calendars and supply check lists till you are cross eyed but every day will be in crisis mode because some 200 peso supply or consumable wasn’t bought or stocked to keep production running uninterrupted.

        As businessmen they don’t have much of a future until they learn to share with others.

        • White southerners, African Americans, and the Indians all share the welfare state crab mentality. Eventually there will be a similar welfare state heading for the pinoy since their president is a devoted commi. More socialism means bigger deficits and bigger ghettos along with little to no purpose or prosperity for those tied to it. Detroits are blooming everywhere

    • OK $15bn first kiss.

      Read this beauty:

      He’s in Japan tomorrow with a crib sheet from Xi Jinping.

      Interesting weekend ahead. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    • Johnny replied 2 days ago

      Your article is about 1 day ahead of its time. Dutard just told the USA to piss off and bent over for China.
      That was his plan all along. He just faked outrage to make it seem like its the USA’s fault. He had no intelligence on any foreign policy, the USA, the EU, or anything resembling rational thought. This small-time, idiot mayor never suffered under “imperialist USA” cause we could have given 2 shits about him. He’s saying in less than 100 days in office the USA has oppressed him? LOL!
      The USA never oppressed him and has done EVERYTHING possible for the Philippines. They can’t handle their own country and its not like they are going to accept responsibility so I guess its just easier to blame the USA.

      Amazing how this self-proclaimed patriot just sold out his country to the Chinese. I mean, where is the jet-ski ride he would take to plant the Ph flag on the disputed islands? Lol! he turned so fast and now has a sack full of cash to show off. I guess its easy to live with selling out your people if you’re a maniac incapable of conscience.

      More amazing is this “tough guy” didn’t even try to stand up the Chinese, but the last president who they called gay and weak did. This “tough guy” can’t take criticism (in a leadership role no less), but the last guy did and kept going. This “tough guy” can’t go 1 week without dying his hair jet-black either.

      • Johnny,
        He said:
        1.) He would ride a jet ski out to the shoals, plant the pi flag and dare the Chinese to shoot him.
        2.) Said he would defend Pi shoals. Said it would be a bloody war.
        3.) Said would not be a puppet or in back pocket of any country.

        The AFTER elected:
        1.) I’m going to ask China for permission for filipinos to fish the shoals.
        2.) I will work things out with China.
        3.) Fuck the UN ruling in our favor.

        So what has the world learned?
        1.) Duterte is two faced.
        2.) Duterte sold out the filipino people.
        3.) Japan, Australia, South Korea and Australia are worried about this asshole.
        4.) All the other Asian nations who have a dispute with China over the South Seas no know Duterte is a traitor and not an ally.
        5.) The laws and constitution do not apply to Duterte.
        6.) Duterte thinks he can completely bypass congress, senate, justice system along with department heads and cabinet.

      • How sad that the beggar nation status is so accepted that Duterte will be celebrated by most for coming back with a commitment of Chinese “investment” (AKA massive debt that their grandchildren will be paying off) for projects built by Chinese firms.

        • Idiot,
          Now there is a video up on YT by Presidential Tracker claiming Duterte got the grandest welcome of any president, honors Duterte.

    • I love how he says “America has lost”. Lost what, exactly? Bases in Southeast Asia? Vietnam will be happy to base our ships, now that we are no longer trying to force them to be a French colony. If Truman hadn’t idiotically helped the French rebuild their colonial empire, we would have been friends with Vietnam for over 70 years! And considering how many times China has invaded Vietnam, I don’t think Vietnam would suddenly court the Chinese. I guess he thinks he can squeeze more out of the US if he says he will go into China’s camp. Yeah, that kind of attitude worked so well in the 90’s when they wanted more to let the US use Clark and Subic, but filipinos just refuse to learn, don’t they?

    • What amazes me is the guy has zero mandate for his foreign policy. None of the stupid shit he has said & done was announced before the election. He is neither going to learn or shut up. When are some decent Pinoy going to do right & delete this phucktard?

    • Has anyone of you read this article?

      God I can talk shit about how much I hate all these filomonkeys stating their idiotic arguments all day but it’s 12am here and I’m about to hit the sack.

      • chlor,
        I like the part where he blames the U.S immigration officer for doing his job because Duterte was not mature enough not to lose his own paperwork. Then there is the comment where all Americans coming to the pi are pedos. He said he was denied a visa when he was in college. I wonder if he was denied the visa because he shot another student in the hallway at his college had anything to do with the denial. Just goes to show that he has been a psychopath from an early age. Also notice that he was very vague about details on his layover at L.A. airport? This little twerp has already proven he cannot be trusted and will say/do anything as long as it benefits him. Then filipinos are so gullible they refuse to see through his bullshit.

        A google search:

        “In the Philippines prostitution is illegal. In Davao, by city ordinance, police ensure prostitutes have a valid health card but do not arrest them. In 2010 the Philippine Child Protection Unit stated that Davao was one of the top 5 areas for child prostitution and sex tourism in the Philippines. Jeanette Ampog, the executive director of Talikala, a Davao based NGO that helps prostitutes, said in October 2016 that child prostitution had sharply increased over the last two years. She said that children were cheaper and more marketable.”

        Now, who was the mayor of Davao during this time period? DUTERTE!!!!!!!! Makes one wonder how much he was getting on the side not to arrest prostitutes or child molesters in Davao does it not?

        A google search:

        “In the Philippines prostitution is illegal. In Davao, by city ordinance, police ensure prostitutes have a valid health card but do not arrest them. In 2010 the Philippine Child Protection Unit stated that Davao was one of the top 5 areas for child prostitution and sex tourism in the Philippines. Jeanette Ampog, the executive director of Talikala, a Davao based NGO that helps prostitutes, said in October 2016 that child prostitution had sharply increased over the last two years. She said that children were cheaper and more marketable.”

        Now, who was the mayor of Davao during this time period? DUTERTE!!!!!!!! Makes one wonder how much he was getting on the side not to arrest prostitutes or child molesters in Davao does it not? The above info obtained by google search “duterte” and found under wiki.

    • US BPO investor: “Sh*t got real, it’s time to leave the Philippines”

      I have lived in The Philippines for nearly 2 years and own (as much as legally allowed) and operate a medium-sized BPO company with around 40’ish employees. Doing business in the Philippines is a no-brainer for me. From my experience here, it’s been very easy to find intelligent, loyal and hard-working employees. Native English speaking ability is also a huge bonus as are some of the tax incentives the government offers for foreign investors. The thing that I love most about being here and having a company are the people. Living here, building my business and making friends has been the most rewarding and fulfilling experience of my life.

      I run my business the right way. I pay my employees above the going-rate for the field we are in, offer extensive benefits and incentives and we have a hell of a lot of fun every day on the job. A lot of my employees worked previously for Chinese/Japanese/Korean run companies and have told stories about unreliable pay, lack of benefits, poor working conditions and terrible, unsupportive management. For me, having a positive place for people to work and earn a living has always been my top priority. I earn enough to live a comfortable life in a place I love. That’s all I need.

      Apologies for the long setup but I’m getting to my point.

      I’ve watched with mild amusement as the Duterte circus has come rolling into focus. I like a lot of the things he said during the election. Having seen, first hand, much of the corruption and inefficiency that he railed against, I was optimistic that he could bring about some positive change. I laughed off a lot of the more extreme rhetoric as a quirky character trait. Well, after today, I’m not laughing anymore. Shit just got real, and for the first time since starting my company here, I’m nervous about the long-term viability of doing business in the Philippines.

      I’m no fan of America’s interventionist foreign policy agenda. We do a lot of things I disagree with and to be honest, I don’t miss living in America at all. The current US election cycle represents the level of insanity and corruption we have reached. That said, the US and Philippines had a pretty sweet, mutually beneficial partnership. The economy has been strong and middle class has been growing in recent years, in large part due to foreign investment in the workforce. Not just from America but from many countries, worldwide. Still, I’ve always been proud to tell Filipinos that I’m American because of the unique bond our two nations hold.

      In the blink of an eye, it seems that this is all at risk. I worry about Duterte’s retaliatory mindset for what he perceives to be wrongs that America has committed to the Philippines. How far will he take things? Visas required for US citizens? Limiting US investment in the country or taking away PEZA benefits? It’s a total wild-card at this point.

      It’s not direct action against US interests which worries me the most, however. It’s the future consequences for selling a nation’s soul to China. It’s aligning with Putin and oppressive regimes in which dissent is met with brutal force and freedom of speech or expression is not tolerated. Duterte is picking sides and backing himself into a corner where the only ones who can save him are dictators with no regard for anything but their own greed, power and control. Is this an exaggeration? Perhaps. But we don’t need to look far to see the devastating effects that partnering with China can have on a country’s future and economy. There are plenty of examples in Africa and South America which prove this point.

      The bottom line is that I’m worried. Other foreign business owners are worried too. Indonesia and Vietnam are beautiful countries but it’s not as easy to do business there as it is here. India? I’d rather go back and work a desk job in America than run a business there – even if my cost of doing business is far lower.

      In the coming weeks, I’ll begin the arduous process of researching alternative locations to run my business in the event that The Philippines will no longer be a viable option. It will be an extremely sad process because these countries all lack the one thing that makes the Philippines such an amazing place to live and do business: the Filipino people. While I worry about the future of my business here in the Philippines, I worry even more that the people of this great but tragic country will get beat down yet again. The plutocrats stamp their feet and the middle class and poor get smashed into the ground. This is the way of things in the Philippines. You all deserve so much better.

      • Fail,
        Might I suggest something that might be of help beside a cyanide capsule with Du as president? Google “Duterte” and read what his bio om wiki. A lot more info has been added that includes quotes from him, past history and so forth. That might give you an idea what to expect from this retarded 2 year old trapped in the body of a 71 year old “man”.

      • He had me going till he mentioned how easy it is to do business here in the Philippines.

    • I wish Obama would grow a backbone and stand up to this dirty Filipino president. Fine let the dirty rice eaters fend for themselves. Fucking Obama lets some dirty monkey looking old man play him. What a waste

    • Interesting.

      We’ve got a blog full of vitriolic criticism of the Fils as a race, being dirty, ignorant, exploitative, dishonest and acquisitive, and then we’ve got Mr Failapines who sees them as a race of angels.

      Well I suppose we all have different opinions and that’s what makes the world go around eh?

      Tonight’s point is that no-one seems to understand how the Chinese work. Yes they want your minerals and yes they want to get inside your business world. They have the money and they have the expertise, but they don’t want it for nothing. They call it win-win and they’re very, very good at it.

      Let’s look at the new train line between Ethiopia and Djibouti. This lets Ethiopian coffee, their biggest export, get to a sea port. Previously it was an eight day road trip because the French built railway which is 50+ years old had fallen into total disrepair because of the lack of on-the-ground expertise.

      So the Chinese built a railway, opened it last week and will run it for five years whilst training Ethiopians to run it and maintain it from then on. What does China want? The first five years profit, less training costs, and the opportunity to build more Ethiopian infrastructure on the same basis.

      Now. As a US satellite state, and an ex-colony what has America done for the Philippines? If, as you mostly seem to say, it’s a shithole, why?

      william Estep’s comment shouts loud.

      ‘dirty rice eaters.’

      Classy, and oh so typical.

  • Non-Filipino’s don’t know what its like to apply for a job in the Philippines. If you have had a friend, girlfriend or wife that works in the Philippines, you will know what I am about to tell you and how […]

    • I’ll add to that. It is common in the West if someone works at a store, restaurant, hotel and so forth they get a discount on what ever is offered.

      I knew a PNP who retired in QC and spent 15 years at the same station working with the same cops. So Benji retires and opts to take his retirement lump sum and goes in to collect it and there is his boss. Yes, the same guy he worked with almost everyday for 15 years. Boss ask Benji for his ID, Benji shows his Id only to be told that his ID was expired and could not get his check. But the supervisor out of the kindness of his heart tells Benjie that he can give him the check without valid ID if Benji gives him 50,000 pesos.

      • @oldnavyfart The staff if they get the order wrong and the customer returns the meal has to pay for the cost of the meal. the business doesnt even give them the returned meal at a discount!!

        I did hear from a guy working in a chicken store he got a slight discount on unsold chickens. Why? because the owner ordered NO CHICKENS at the end of the day to be left. He had to buy himself and sell to family, friends etc in the village. So the place closed at 8pm and he has hardly any food at 5.30pm left as he doesnt want to be selling unsold BBQ chickens. TALK ABOUT STUPID BUSINESS

        • After I heard that workers must pay for wrong orders I never entertained the thought of telling the waiter that my order was wrong. I just eat it, or put it to the side if I can’t.
          All this abuse stems from
          The Chinese business plan. Eighty percent of the largest companies here are Chinese owned. Duterte has no clue what he has done to the Filipino by kissing China’s ass. Paying off people to do business is also a Chinese norm. You don’t grease palms in business circles in China, you get nothing done.

      • @oldnavyfart SAME – ITS COMMON – i know someone also like your example, 2 years, pay is paid into a bank account. As I mentioned in the article in order to get the FINAL PAY by cheque issued only they had to prove who they were. They had to go and get a postal id – it was over 1,000!! ??? so she went to a printer in Cebu and got a fake postal ID for 700 pesos. Then after that – had to wait 3 months to get the cheque to be collected in person by the ex staffer


        • The ‘Alimango System’ becomes self-perpetuating! If you were a 25 Year-Old with a Good Degree working as a Bank Clerk on a ‘5-5-5 Contract,’ knowing that you were NOT going to receive your last Cheque, what would you do? – Cream all of the information regarding High Value Accounts, and then sell it on! (Established BDO Policy apparently) This is no different to VAT Inspections by BIR! – They arrive (supposedly) to do a VAT Audit, they then ask for a ‘Bung’ to NOT Reveal to Competitors who your Clients are! Then they still sell the information to the Competitors! – Corruption would take Generations to eradicate in this country, even if the majority were willing!

    • ‘How had we used to manage?’ – When recruiting here, it often begs the question ‘Have I been doing things wrong all these years?’

      My own staff have been rather surprised when I conduct one interview, agree terms, and ask ‘When can you Start?’ Neither do I discriminate on Age, Gender, Marital Status, Whiteness of Skin, Flatness of Nose, Height, Antecedence, Address, Father’s Occupation, Previous Employer, OFW Status or Educational Establishments. However, I do not permit any promotion (Overtly or Covertly) of Religion, Politics, Greek Letter Societies, or Freemasonry! Neither am I concerned with Previous Salary, and/or Leaving Certificates, etc. – I know precisely how the ‘Alimango System’ works! Indeed, rather than a Leaving Certificate, I prefer to see evidence from a Previous Employer that all Deductions and Withholding Tax has be paid (The equivalent of a UK P45) which also declares a Period of Employment!

      I will acknowledge that there is always a ‘Risk’ when recruiting. However, recruitment is not a ‘Science!’ – There is rather a lot of ‘Gut Feeling’ and intuition required. Should things do not work, it is always better to Draw a Line! – Part Company on good terms, and move on! – This should always be done as quickly as possible, and applies both to Employer and Employee. Attempting to mitigate all risk, does not work! – It also takes an inordinate amount of time – Therefore, costing money!

      In the past I have had a ‘Human Remains’ Department carry out all of the checks, only to find later that the New Start had some ‘History’ but gave a ‘Bung’ to the HR Lady for it to ‘Go Away!’ – I have even experienced a ‘Different Person Starting,’ to the one I interviewed! – Again because ‘Human Remains’ were trying to achieve the highest ‘Admission Fee!’

      My own Recruits do not have to part with One Centavo! Rather than wait weeks, or even months for a New Start to accrue unnecessary paperwork, most Pre-Engagement Checks can be done without leaving the office! – That is what my Local Partner is for! The only Costs incurred by me are for a thorough Medical Examination, and the Polo Shirts used as part of the Dress Code.

    • You just wonder. When giving the people in the Hotel who did the housekeeping a tip my gf was saying something about not necessary ect.
      i reminded her and told her that they get this from me because the job is not paid well and they get treated like shit on the job. some of them were really too stupid to change a dirty towel and leave some soap. others did it well.
      setting it with the flips that you get a tip when you do a good job works wonders on times.
      my gf had a workcontract with a termination fee. would she quit the job before the contract ends there is a fine of 20k php to pay to her school she was teaching at.
      the teachers and the quality of lessons are just beyond idiotic on quite some parts.
      the students are brats for the most part which think they do not have to do anything follow any rules and homework is too much.
      requiriung them to write something is answered by stupid shit ” i can type it on the computer or the phone” – ” why would we do this ?”
      not all of them are like this but it is clear it is set from the stupidity of the parents and they even go so far to “buy” the students better grades or come to the school to complain why their rotten offspring is so blatantly stupid and gets the grades they deserve.

      To change this country of the Flips is like wanting to freeze Hell in the current state imo.
      They do not make space for ambulances, they do not care of people are bleeding on the streets.

      The same it is with the employing. Low salaries, no professional equipment. Why is a printer for 70$ modified so you can use the cheap refill in the schools not possible ? they charge for every student and have 400 500 600 students or more – charging 500 php upwards there is enough cashflow. . i do not see investments in buildings.
      Schoolbooks for 1000 or 2000 php have to be bought for 4 year old kids.

      Seriously. i do not see this country really developing well without basic things such as school being free.
      Education on hygiene being give and exercised and these dumbass brats learning by cleaning a toilet ( such as being done in japan) some dignity and respect.

      The above mentioned things for workcontracts yet alone even being employed and then if female being harassed by some filipino who likes to employ mainly girls which are young and good looking is just disgusting.
      3rd world countries have the smallest chance of something like even just slight equal opportunity.

      a few guys and girls i met are not greedy dumbasses and if i ran a business i would instantly employ them and pay them even a bonus for their good work.
      it is like a nasty bad loop these people go through. bad education or total lack of it and even most teachers are total impolite assholes without manners.
      i am happy not to be born there.

      • Hence the reasoning in Mike’s Post that ‘Alaska’ is a country!

        • That’s right.. Oh. Can I say that.. flips are never wrong and know everything. To the stinkin’ Pinay driver who tried to push me off the road… GO FUCK YOURSELF.. I pointed that she get back on her side of the yellow line.. if you can’t program a VCR you shouldn’t be allowed to drive.. it’s not even driving.. it’s pointing the vehicle down the road.. God forbid they should have to make a turn.. morons..
          Workers get a 6-month-contract… If I get a bitch cashier she’ll be gone in no time and good riddance.

      • yep you will find most hotels use OJT where they have staff for NOTHING. PAY NOTHING – incredible. That is why you get shit staff doing ghost bookings and creaming off the money eg. not recording the incoming guest and taking the cash and using another book. I have even seen building renovations where things like the old tvs which were being replaced with flat screens (the old ones) went missing. USUALLy the hotel will sack ALL THE staff

    • The minimum height and fair complexion requirement for a bloody call centre worker, where the only requirement is to make/take phone calls, is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard…. A height requirement of over 5ft excludes 95% percent of Filipinos from employment as they are nearly all shortasses.

      • try my friend didnt get a job because she had to get an XRay of teeth AT HER COST!! which was rejected as she had some teeth issues. come back when fixed. @riceganda but this had no impact on her voice or talking. she is on a phone as well.

        • Couldn’t she put them into s Glass? Philippine Dentist = Egyptian Abortionist!

        • The medical examination to be cleared to work overseas as a housemaid includes a full anal examination.
          I’ve never worked out how they actually decide who passes and fails , but just imagine how many Filipino ‘doctors’ are employed soley to stick a finger up strangers asses all day.

      • It’s insane. Canada banned anyone from posting job ads stipulating age, race, sex, height, weight or any other physical requirements in the ’60s or ’70s. I was truly blown away the first time I noticed the classifies here.

        Also, the big ads that screamed “It’s Summer! Have your sons circumcised!” Apparently there’s a discount… but that’s a whole other story. Lol

        • We had the same in the UK, but initially it did not deal with Small Firms of <5. The law changed after someone placed an ad "Secretary required. Male or Female. Must have Big Tits!"

        • funny @leavinglaspinas that you should raise the circumcision bit
          i saw a mobile circumcision van article in the paper one time
          like a medical mission going around – doing the kids
          quite horrible really

          @leavinglaspinas SEE BELOW
          free circumicision and if i hear that fucking word “sharing our blessings” ONCE MORE =—- i will scream!!

          MORE than 1,200 people availed of free medical services during the medical mission held last May 23 at the Paknaan relocation site.
          The medical mission organized by Three Sixty Pharmacy was in partnership with the Mandaue City government’s Housing and Urban Development Office (HUDO), Unilab and Sangkai Construction.
          At least 25 nurses, eight dentists, 10 doctors and 50 volunteers from Three Sixty Pharmacy rendered the free services, including free circumcision by six medical personnel.

          Services included laboratory screenings for body mass index and glucose/sugar, medical consultation, dental services, family planning seminar and feeding.
          Nevaline Miranda, marketing manager of Three Sixty Pharmacy, said this is the first ever medical mission they have conducted and they are targeting to conduct two more medical missions this year.
          “This is our way of sharing our blessings to the community through our corporate social responsibility,” said Miranda.

          Read more:
          Follow us: @inquirerdotnet on Twitter | inquirerdotnet on Facebook

          • I have to admit I had my sons circumcised… it was in the 70s and you just did that when they were born.

            But on the topic if health care in the Failippines. Have you ever gone to a doctor’s office here for anything and not had your height weight and BP recorded? I haven’t. Even when I was just trying to get a scrip for Xanax to get me through a flight home.

            My former housekeeper went to her doctor with a sprained ankle and came home with a scrip for antibiotics. She also swore that a faith healer had reached inside her and cured her appendicitis.

            Share the blessings? Lol. I’m just happy to be in relatively good health at this point. I came here in 2004 and for the first 3-4 months thought I was going to die from gut pain, no doubt brough on by the ultra-hygienic food prep practices. I’ve never set foot in a Jollibee or Chow King. The BK across the road from me is quite good though!

            • Leaving,
              You need Xanax to fly out of the pi? Hell your lucky!!!! We need itand Valium, beer and rum to live here!!!

            • Mike — I need Xanax to live in t his country! Unfortunately I have lost my GP and it’s not easy to find another one here in the middle of nowhere. Any recommendations? Lol

            • Leaving,
              Your asking the wrong person. I* refuse to go to a Dr or hospital here. I tend to myself and if I can’t then I just suffer. These pricks can’t even do a circumcision right. Back in oct 2007 I broke my left ankle. Damn thing swollen twice it’s normal size from Oct 07 till end of Mar 08, no Dr or hospital for me, not much walking either.

          • FHPS,
            Time for you to share your blessings and give me coin.

    • sorry i was in a hurry. lots of mistakes in my post but i guess it’s not that hard to understand what i meant.

    • And to think I used to wonder why the flips were so proud to get a chance to work at Tim Hortons in Canada…

      Hell, I paid my house helper and driver well above call centre wages (plus plus) and my ONLY requirement was that they do their job. Not even meticulously most times, as I tend to forgive easily.

      I have no idea why anyone would ever get involved in business here. Foreigners, in particular.

    • Let’s see, out of four workers hired last year none had NSO or birth certificates. Three were obtained with a couple of trips to the office, the other still hasn’t been able to get her NSO, well actually she did but it was her twin sister’s NSO that lists the birth as a single birth. I think they have been working on getting her through the process of a late reporting of birth of some kind since August of last year and it still isn’t done. Took over a several years to get the gf’s parents NSO, started about the time of that big earthquake that devastated Bohol, must have been mid to late 2013.

      All these requirements are sometimes mandated by law like the med checks and police checks, their way of creating “jpbs” churning paperwork. On the PEZA zones they will ask for matching uniforms for workers and closed toe shoes, no flip flops. Good luck getting a guy that has never worn shoes in his life to wear a pair of sneakers.

      On back charges or fees, if I recall correctly from my research into labor law there the charge backs can’t be more than 25% of the workers wages. LOL Mighty white of them to limit it to just 25%.

      • it creates government fees is right @provider-of-nosebleeds
        1. BARANGAY LEVEL – ie. barangay clearance
        2. MAYOR – mayors clearance
        3. NATIONAL LEVEL – police pnp to other NBI clearance
        ….everyones getting a lick and it provides jobs.

        • And the amazing thing is that most of the Bullshit is totally irrelevant! – Did the Barangay check to see if my Address was valid, and that I lived there? – Err NO! The ‘Cedula’ Process is totally irrelevant and died with Spanish Colonisation! However, I have one! – Once obtained I was then directed to Comelec! – “But I am a Foreigner and cannot vote!” I was then told that it is ‘Part of Procedure!’ I never went, and was not turned into a ‘Pillar of Salt!’ Like I said earlier, it is best not to conform! – They cannot deal with it! Run on the ‘Edge of the Law’ and keep several steps ahead! – Otherwise forget it!

    • “The Alarming Thing”

      A few months back I had Lunch at ‘Vikings’ (Mega Mall). I noticed that Waiters had to wear ‘Inventory Tags,’ so that if they left the restaurant, the alarm would sound when they passed the mast at the door! Wilcon is an establishment I loathe with a vengeance! When staff move from one Concession Area to another, they have to stand on a Wooden Box, and be ‘Patted-Down’ by Security Staff! – This is done in full view of customers!

      • yes, and you know what – probably go behind out of view of customers like i did with other restaurants, some in full view have signage.

        1. friend turns up – fine 100p
        2. wear shirt unbuttoned – fine 100p
        3. stand here – fine 100p etc and on it went, signs everywhere.

        Customer returns food – cost of meal deducted from your wages.

        cannot leave individually, all have to leave at the same time – thats why you see them after the doors have closed at 10pm all sitting around doing nothing untill everyone is finished for LET OUT. THAT Is also why sometimes if the close is 11pm say they have started winding up and the guard has shut the door at 10.45pm, or 10.30pm to wind down and staff can leave at 11pm on the cracker as they problably had the shits for losing all those times at their personal cost

        and we know how filipinos are time vs money conscious dont we …cough cough

        fucking unbelievable.

      • I worked for an international organisation based in Manila. A good mix of locals and foreigners. Depending on their status, a lot of the local employees had to be patted down when they entered or left the building. Seriously, what can you say about a country that does not trust it’s own people? I mean, I know there’s a reason but it is shameful nonetheless, and does nothing but perpetuate the status quo.

    • I saw a ‘Classic’ at Robinson’s (Antipolo) a couple of weeks ago! End of Month (Pay Day) coincided with Saturday Trading. The Mall and the Market opposite were both ‘Manic!’ However, the staff at Bench/ were all sat against the Roller Shutter even by 11:30 AM! The security man made a fe passes and made the stand up. Then a Mall Manager arrived to impose a ‘Mall Rent Fine!’ – Failure to open at 10:00 AM! No one had the foresight to think of a contingency for when the Shop Manager was sick! Quite possibly the staff who had arrived would not be paid either for something that was not their fault!

    • Now one can understand why so many flips are willing to work as virtual slaves in the Middle East! But even that is fraught with numerous hoops to jump through, bribes (oops, I mean FEES) to be paid, paperwork out the wazoo, airfare, etc. etc., but evidently the pay is much better than they will get in the Land of Imbeciles.

      Speaking of imbeciles, if the people would only stand up in solidarity for their rights, demand that the politicians pass and enforce laws preventing such abuses and providing a living wage, this could all change for the better.

      But I don’t think I need to tell anyone here on this forum that you will never see that happen. Why? Simple–they are IMBECILES.

      So the business owners continue to abuse prospective, current, and past employees with ridiculous requirements that would never be permitted in any civilised nation. I’ve even heard that some employers demand that their flip males show proof that they were sexually mutilated (oops, I mean circumcised)! I’m sure that many young, good looking pinays (and probably some handsome looking young pinoys) have been hired on the “couch” (and probably also had to spread their legs to get police certificates, mayoral certificates, COEs, etc.)

      As for “Offer Time”, that is common in the so-called health care industry, where recent nursing grads have had to “volunteer” at hospitals so they can gain experience, all to work a job that will pay, at best, about PHP300/day (I make more than that in my first 10 minutes at work).

      But those baboon business owners can get away with all that stuff because 1: There are so many people and so few jobs (if they were to stop boinking like rabbits that would take care of that problem, but we know that will never stop), 2: Each one of them will only think of himself/herself, and 3: Nobody there can be trusted.

      So the insanity goes on and on and on and on….

      As a side note: When I started traveling there for mission/humanitarian work, I noticed nice cars and SUVs “sharing” (in a relative sense) the road with motorcycle taxis, bikes, old jalopies, etc., and I once asked a missionary over there, “How do you make money in this country?” He responded, “It’s very simple–have your hand out when no one is looking!”

      • @snakebitbytheflips on the last bit i asked my ex-gf what her thoughts were in seeing a priest driving a mmmm old merc, but nice one – she said – he is entitled to it and supported the guy. Bit strange to see a priest going around in a mercedes even if it was an older model … its the principle.

        • FHPS,
          Here’s what you ask a filipino. Since Duterte is giving the pi away to the Chinese and China just hates religion and the catholic church who do filipinos choose, God, China or Duterte?

    • Alright, time for a little bit of levity….

      A dog applied for a job as a high-powered secretary with a multinational company. The advertisement stated that the successful applicant must have good keyboard skills, a command of shorthand, and be able to speak a second language.

      The interviewer sat the dog at the computer and watched in wonderment as the animal successfully carried out the most complex functions, including spreadsheets and e-mail. Then he gave the dog dictation and was impressed by the hounds ability to write a hundred and twenty words a minute in immaculate shorthand.

      “Well,” he said at the end of the interview, “It looks as if the job’s yours. There’s just one thing. What about the second language?”

      To which the dog replied: “Meow!”

    • Agree with 99% of the posts got a young lady friend works in a hotel and suffers the same shit treated like slaves in leg irons and has to pay for everything.
      But at least she has a job and not prostituting herself to survive and with a little help from me she is semi ok.
      But worker exploitation is not goung to go away anytime soon….

      • A lot of these places though don’t pay or pay like 200 pesos a day salary which is under law.

        • Tell me about it. The law says pay 310p daily. I know someone working for a billionaire mall owner paying him 200p. He”ll lose his job if he complains.

        • Yup, the going rate for a male worker outside the PEZA zones in Central Luzon is around 240 p a day, 200 if you provide a shack or stairway to sleep under and some dried fish and rice. I’ve had some tell me they will work from 7 am till 10 pm if needed for that kind of money. I’ve seen sales clerks offered 160 p per day for 11 hour days and some of the top clerks at some of our suppliers might earn 240 p a day after they have been there several years and know the ropes. I go by the book though and pay the legal minimum wage.

          Which by the way Duterte is talking about raising to 750 throughout the Islands. Right now it varies by up to 200 pesos per day depending on region and the cost of living. Duterte thinks that the NCR’s higher labor rate brings people into Manila without thinking it is he higher cost for rent and everything else that gives the labor boards cause to have higher wages in the NCR. Some talk about 100 pesos raise though so surely they wouldn’t double the daily wage and cause immediate job losses or inflation.

        • On the one hand the concept of a Minimum Wage or Living Wage can only be applauded. However on the other, the Minimum becomes the Maximum! But hey! – Remember where we are! – You just pay someone for the problem to go away! – And, even if staff leave, there will another along in a moment!

    • ‘ONE WORD beginning with “R” and ending in “T”’


      Now, I don’t mean to be rude or anything, but, errr…. well, y’know….

  •     Well if you have cable or satellite tv and the History channel then I’m sure you see the previews about Jaime Dempsey “Ride and Seek Philippines” show.  You know, the white chick that has tattoos all over and […]

    • Cracks me up about Mooon Cafe’s filet mignon. It’s fucking sirloin strips rolled into a medallion as you stated. Talk about utterly blatant deception. But they know filipinos won’t stand up for themselves and complain. They’ll just fuckin’ eat it. It’s more likely the will not even know it’s not a real filet. Idiots.

      • Capt,
        Want another joke? Veterans who are service connected did not get a COLA increase in 2015 or 2016. But Obama gave us one this year,,,, ready?/ You sure?? Ok, service connected disabled vets get a raise of 0.3%!!!! So if your monthly pension is $113.17 Obama raised it to $113.57!!!

      • @filofail i have a picture of a salad i got at moon cafe – it is unbelievable. its such a sad photo i will put it in a future post some how how horrible food presentation is (no doubt the business doesnt want to pay for training, after all, — its a cost) – filos will never complain – when you do they will
        1. expect you to pay for another meal
        2. say dont like it leave
        3. say no one else complains.

        the fucked up thing is i had a guy who got a hair ball in his soup and the guard wouldnt let him out of the place until he paid for it!!
        another i heard found a hair in his ice cream and was told “its not human hair sir” and do you think they woud be nice to say “sorry sorry sir … let me get you another one”

        the other fucked up thing i encountered (non food business) was buying movie tickets. my gf at time spoke in perfect lingo to the local girl who sold us the wrong ticket.
        the girl said sorry sir, no exchange (even though the wrong movie was 6 hours away and the movie we wanted (pointing to the fact we should have been in another line – so despite hearing the wrong thing sold us the wrong ticket) – told me to walk around and talk to customers and see if i could swap or sell it to someone


        • Yeah, they are fucking clueless about customer service, or even giving a shit about each other. What a horrible nation of people.

        • Oh, that reminded of my first trip there in 2006; I heard about Jollibee (but not the bad stuff about them–yet), and on one of our mission group’s off days one of the flip chaperones, another group member, and I went to “tour” Manila by rail (the rapid transit lines that are in the city) and we also visited a museum. Around lunchtime, we saw a Jollibee and I suggested that we eat there for lunch just so I can “experience” the place (Hey, when in Rome….). I order a [mystery meat] burger meal, asked it be prepared a certain way (no cheese, only lettuce, tomato, and ketchup on it) and when they finally came out with my burger it had mayo on it. I brought that to the server’s attention, and after the “blank stare” for what seemed like 5 minutes, he brings a manager out. Now, here in the civilised world that would be no big deal (“Oh, I’m sorry sir–we will bring another out to you right away!”), but in the Land of Imbeciles I experienced a healthy dose of “culture shock”–blank stares, blame-shifting, denial, etc. I politely stuck to my guns, so the baboon manager brings it back to the “kitchen”, and several minutes later brings out my burger. Surprise, surprise, it was the same burger–all they did was scrape the mayo off.

          That other group member who was with me spent the rest of the day on the toilet.

          Welcome to the Philthippines.

          • My first visit was also in 2006 (Jeez where has the last 10 Years gone?) I made the mistake of going to KFC!

            • DD,
              You’ve never really lived until you wolf down a Champ hamburger from Jollibee. Yes 5-6 hours later your stomach is cramping, upset when “the champ” decides it’s coming back up. Now after 5-6 it should well be into it’s journey into the abyss more commonly known as “the wormhole of the intestines”. But no, it comes back up completely undigested, chewed but undigested. That is one tough burger huh? Then just when you think your over it because it’s out “the champ” that did make it through the intestines then decides to let it’s presence known via “the Hershey squirts.”

    • I caught this show on History channel here in Malaysia. I stopped watching it out of disappointment after the show where she did some snorkeling activities which revealed she was as flat as a pancake.

    • Mike, if your son brought that toy gun to schooling the US, the least he would get is a permanent suspension. But you know that. Good story though.

      I don’t get the H channel but I did once see an episode of “Don’t Drive Here — Philippines”. It’s a Canadian show. The guy came here, got a driving license, drove a jeepney and whatnot. However there was so little traffic in what was supposed to be Metro Manila that I almost lost interest. Plus, even without traffic, he didn’t even attempt to turn left from the far right-hand lane, so what does he know?

      • Hell, their kicking kids out of school for pointing their fingers like a gun and playing cowboy.

        • Don’t forget the kindergartener in the U.S. who was booted from school for shaping his PopTart into a gun. This is no lie. In 6th grade, in 1970, we were given a choice to report on anything we wanted. We had to bring in the item and explain it. My friend brought in a 12 gauge pump shotgun with a round of ammo. He gave the report without a thing said like it wasn’t shit.

    • I was in Baghdad in 2010 all the kids there played with toy guns!

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