Adding Insult To Injury in The Philippines…Literally

As if it’s not safe enough on the highways of Philippines, when you actually DO get injured, you have to worry about the incompetence and sheer stupidity of so-called “Paramedics”.

Just because you wear a uniform like a paramedic, doesn’t make you a paramedic. I swear to fuck, Filipinos are imbeciles.

Filipino stupidity

The EMS company is called Lifeline Rescue.

Here’s the Facebook page of the owner of Lifeline Rescue:

More incompetence in The Philippines

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    Phil Doh

    Let me guess – The TV Patrol exclusive was proclaiming about their professionalism, leading the way in Asia in EMS blah blah blah?

    In Davao Shitty Duterte loving morons love to go on about how the city shares the same skills as the 911 services of USA & Canada. Because they share the same emergency number – 911. They don’t understand it’s just a different number in other countries. In their eyes they’re on a par with the US in this field.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      They love to jump to that “just as good as the USA” conclusion ALL the time. I guess that is pinoy pride. The smallest achievements or small pointless acts result in chants of “pinoy pride”.

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          Yeah I saw it. I find actually direspectfull even Im not a pinoy. You should not hate the country, hate the people living in the country which make the country like that.

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Yes it was disrespectful. The odd thing though it looked like a pinoy doing it. No, don’t hate the people, hate what they do. Just don’t trust them.

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        Dude, that is funny. Sad, but funny.
        Guy doing it probably never even had a day of school in his life, but it not like these guys are actually prideful or respect their country/ people/ society/ etc. Just false pinoy pride.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Run off the road on your motorcycle? I’ve had motorcycles damn near run me over while walking down a sidewalk. Traffic slows then the singles drive up on the sidewalk.

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    Dont you just love it when theres an accident or someone is shot dead on the road and the cops and ambulance let all the people crowd close around. Out goes policing and making sure evidence isnt tampered with or tainted.

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    Carl Jilks

    Michael Deakin lists his past employments on LinkedIn as a Food and Beverage Manager, Bar and Restaurant Manager and even the General Manager of the Manila Yacht Club.

    “Lifeline is the first and only dedicated “Emergency Quick Response” (EQR) service in the Philippines, living up to our mission and vision of providing the most reliable and efficient emergency medical response service. With more than 85,000 lives saved over the last 19 years, ours is a trusted name that has earned the right to be called “the Rescue 911 of the Philippines”.

    If you go to you can sign up and give them your credit card number. That is if you have already had a frontal lobotomy….

    1. Profile gravatar of Angeleyes

      85,000 in 19 years? That is very mediocre considering the population. The question I would ask is “How many did not make it?”.