All Is Forgiven If You Love The Philippines

How to make friends and succeed in the Philippines? Just tell everybody how amazing the people and country are and you can pretty much get away with anything. Take famous pornstar Maria Ozawa for example. Doesn’t her career choice go against everything “catholic”? Fuck it, she says she loves the Philippines, so let’s give her some media exposure and welcome her with open arms.

I’ve got nothing against the adult entertainment industry, but do have issues with mainstream media openly promoting it to an audience where there is no age censorship. I know this is not an issue confined to the Philippines, but it is typically hypocritical of a nation of tens of millions of god fearing, holier than thou morons.

How many curious kids are going to come across the below uncensored articles and google, “Maria Ozawa porn”? 

The only thing filipinos appreciate more than money and gifts is praise, regardless of the source (in both cases).

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  1. Profile gravatar of beameup

    A “pornstar” should be held-up as a role-model and teacher, as she assists the Philippine (Medieval-Spanish) Catholic Church in promoting fucking and breeding like rabbits. Afterall, all those babies become “souls” for the (Catholic) “Kingdom” when they get water sprinkled on them, diba?