Always The Same Recipe; Stupid A La Carte

I came here and saw the deep suffering of expat under pinoy rule. “These people need a bit if cheering-up, I said to myself, and so I try, to the best of my ability!” 🙂 On the other hand there is also good fun to read these stories of exquicite stupidity and childishness. It’s obvious that the Lord wanted, on this Earth, a playground where people never grew up, “and see, He created it!” 🙂

Anyway, it has been discussed if pinoy stupidity stems from the colonizer, but empiric studies seems not to confirm this. Even though the spanish cannot be said to be the most intelligent in the World, except being the most cruel, arrogant and greedy people, it is obvious that you would have some of the same stupidity in Spain nowadays, if it came from them, but you don’t!

It is good to see that the spanish are being punished for their wickedness! Soon their nation shall fall apart, but this is a small price for the evil they have visited upon the Earth the last 500 years, torturing, killing, looting! Their crime shall never be forgotten!

The pinoy pride on the other hand resembles much the spanish arrogance, so here there is obviously a connection through the blood! We must consequentially suspect that the stupidity have been lying there, ingrained for thousands of years, and that the Conquistador, though greedy and cruel, cannot take the honour for filipino stupidity, sad though it may be.

The rudeness, impoliteness and inconsideration for each other on the other hand, surely is the result of a slave-mentality, after hundreds of years of being treated worse than beasts by the spanish oppressor, they have become such!

But, instead of hating the original oppressor, Spain, which would be logical, they go on hating every foreigner and each other, which is not quite so logical. Maybe this is a clear proof of stupidity, or at least irrationality.

Cloaking it all with a beautiful, shiny veil of catolizism, God and masses, it all looks quite nice..

It is very difficult for an outsider to understand the pettyness, crab-mentality etc. but it is not unique for Philippines. All parts of the world which are rural, tribal and low or no education it will be the same. Where The Philippines differ (from other stupid countries) is that they are very proud of their stupidity, and try their best to institutionalize stupidity at every level of State, here they have been very sucsessful.

As they have nothing intelligible to talk about (This would take a too big toll on their heads) lowlife gossip is all they have, and so the spiral can only go downward.

As the truth is too hard to bear they come here, from time to time, pathetically ranting: ,”We”re not stupid, we”re Smart!!”……swearing…..misusing God’s name…then….”hahahaha”…like insane madmen…..pathetic!..Oooh, one almost would feel compassion, hadn’t it been for the ugly smell of the whole “package”.

Always the same ” recipie”, also a good proof of stupidity, not even being able to find a new angle.



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    It’s only expected for a pinoy, who can’t take responsibility for their own actions, to blame the imperfections in their modern culture. Yes, the Spanish had brought oppression upon the Philippines, but at the same time they had also integrated positive cultural influences as well, as I would assume since Spain isn’t nearly as bad as the Philippines.

    I think of Philippines as a bad sponge, which only has the ability to absorb the worst of each culture. Think about it, Spain did occupy other countries in the past, so what the fuck happened to Philippines? America had occupied Philippines for about 10 years, but what has become of it? Well you already seen it for yourself. If Philippines had took after the positive influences of their oppressors, they wouldn’t be in the foul state they are in today.

    So I don’t blame colonialism, I blame their mentality. Everyone has the power to change and make a difference, but Filipinos refuse to take that first step forward and live the life of a spoiled child. They throw a tantrum if you disagree with them, they want to believe they are as powerful as their imagination, you can’t tell them ‘NO,’ they don’t take insults very well and act on their emotions, and they fail to see the world in any other perspective except for their own. The only thing about this that rages me is the fact that other nations continue to give into this childish behavior. We are not giving Philippines the chance to stand on their own two feet by flushing aid to them whenever disaster happen. I am well aware that Philippines has the funds to support themselves if we other nations didn’t spoon-feed them every time they need it. There should be no reason that their politicians are filthy rich while having people so poor that they are starving on the streets. I find the populace here to be extremely unbalanced, and we are only encouraging this by giving aid, which allows the corrupt officials at the stop to stay in power and unopposed.

    There isn’t enough words out there to express my disgust for this country, so I’m just gonna end this by shaking my head left and right 🙁

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      “giving aid”. Helping on an international level or on an individual level, in the big picture we are wasting our assets and effort, getting bitten for our sacrifice and only feeding the fire that ultimately keeps them down. It helps keep them living like spoiled children. We pay, they play.

    2. Profile gravatar of Angel

      “…they want to believe they are as powerful as their imagination…”

      This. I personally know a fuckton of Flips like this. Even my nemesis in the PH is exactly like this, spouting nonsense. Like I said before, Flips are all bark, no bite. Being Catholics, I don’t think they realize that PRIDE is a sin. The Devil’s sin, to be exact.

      1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

        As for the “Being Catholics” part, my beliefs on that topic is that I think people who advertise religion are the ones who need it the most. I’m not claiming that religion is a successful remedy to any situation (I personally think it’s not), but I even came across some religious fanatics in America who talks big about religion, yet also commit some of the most heinous crimes. That says a lot about religion for ya 😉

      2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        That “honest catholic” bs is just that. I think going to church and believing in god for them is a way to build up credit or to say, “I can’t be a bad person, I’m a devout Catholic” so no matter what actions are performed and no matter how evil, they will never say, “I’m bad or I did something bad”.
        We had family members steal blatantly from us and even say, “well you deserved it”, but they were in church every sunday. They had zero remorse or guilt about it.
        Further, if you just take a look at the catholic church’s history, you will easily see they are not exactly the most honest group. They are in no position to act as the “moral authority”. When I see priests hanging out with Binay, Imelda Marcos, or my corrupt local mayor instead of speaking out against the biggest thieves, they will never get another cent out of me. Especially, when diocese of Manila alone has over 30 BILLION in stocks. They don’t need my money anymore.
        Think about it, if 50 Million Filipinos give 10 pesos per week to the RCC, that is P500,000,000 per week. They are doing ok on the stock dividends and property rentals alone.

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        Ah come on Angel… You have Catholics and catholics… Back in Poland we are also 97% catholics, but Im sure if you asked anybody that know Poland like my Germans friend here they will say that flips have diffrent believs than catholics (look f.ex. on the aswang issue)

        Its not about the religion, its aobut the stupidity.

        While in Poland people got more clever about the church, Philippinese is still same as they were for 300 years ago.

        I remember one situation for some months ago when they closed the streets because “Mamma Maria” statue came from Cebu. We asked our neighbor why they closed the streets. The answer was aaah because “Mamma Maria” came from Cebu… wtf, I thought that she dead for over 2000 years ago…. But well in the same time I thinking that all the TV stations around the world should be here so they could see the miracle by themselfs (sarcasm) buhahah

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      America actually colonized the PH for 48 years roughly until the Japanese came (1942-45). Once the US wiped Japan’s ass across the pacific, they decided to “turn over control” of the islands to the Filipinos but in reality the country was still definitely under the control of US govt. politics pretty much until now (despite kicking their military out in the 90’s).

      I still like to imagine though what would have become of the PH if the USA actually annexed this place back in the early 1900’s instead of Hawaii. Even though native Hawaiians still hate the “Haole”, the islands themselves are an amazing representation of 1st world meets paradise. The PH at the time was FAR less populated and rich with resources waiting to be developed. Now it would never happen of course because that would literally mean taking on 80,000,000 welfare recipients.

      1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

        Actually the plan and time to turn control of the Philippines over to the people was set prior to WWII. The U.S. may of had limited influence after, but definitely has no control of this shit hole. Forget everything else that is so far out of whack, the 60/40 rule alone proves it. Free Trade is the number one policy of the U.S.

        1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

          ”dugout’ Douglas Mcarthur ruled these theives b 4 ww 2…then he hightailed it to japan where there was more glory and fame.

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          But still they got all the bad habits from all the people they got here. Exempels:

          Chinese: Balut
          Spanish: Religion
          Americans: Guns and lack geography

          Why they are not learning the good habits from those countrie?

      2. Profile gravatar of Angel

        The PH had their chance. But they all got Pinoy Pride to think about and kicked the Kanos out. Now most everyone who’s got a little smarts wants to get out of the damned country themselves.

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          You Americans should thank the fact that the Philippines is far enough for the Flips to swim! Were it close enough like Cuba, hell you’ll have 50 million Flips in the US by now! 🙂 The remaining 50 million would rather sit on their asses in the Philippines relying on that 50 million in the US to send money home.

        2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

          A Filipino studying at Harvard we going thru old usa records regarding Filipino history.
          He found messages and files recommending the Philippines not be given independence yet. He said it would take another 10-20 years to get them caught up. He said the 3 centuries of Spanish rule had them set back so far, they were not ready for democracy as evidenced by countries in s. America.
          Funny part is, he said the ones leading the charge for independence and ruling up the people were those Spanish type oligarchs,,, like quezon who said, “better for the Philippines to be run like he’ll under Filipinos than like heaven under the Americans”. Well, he got his wish, but he has his own motives for independence and it was not in the interest of the country or Filipinos.

          1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

            They are still using that excuse on the massa to this day.
            Just like going into the 1920’s in this country

          2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            Quezon is typical of his ilk… get into power by sounding patriotic, then plunder the country. Not sure if he got the chance to plunder it since war broke out. But I agree with you Johnny, his desire for independence was not driven out of patriotic desires to improve the country.

          3. Profile gravatar of TightWired

            I’m sure the majority of us have learned about our countries history from History Class in school, etc…Most countries write these book from the context that everything is Perfect/Good/Great.
            As a Sepo (Thanks Don) I was taught Washington/Lincoln/King walked on water, did nothing wrong. “Sadly” the truth isn’t always the most flattering. Washington was Bankrupt, King had multiple mistresses, Lincoln freed the slaves largely for political reason, etc… I actually hold these figures now with more respect because they seem more human with their flaws.
            It really must be difficult teaching Fili-fail history. Roxas/Quezon is really all I have heard of…and that’s because every 3rd street is named after them.
            I read an article that pretty much said the Fili-Fail Guerillas defeated the Japanese in WW2… the Sepos were just back up players while the Fili-Fails did all the fighting.
            The GF didn’t know that the Allies fought the Geman’s during WW2…”who are the Americans fighting now ???”…The Germans…”Why are they fighting the Germans…” Scary.

    4. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza
      Mufazzza Post author

      @fafi I like your “bad sponge” metaphor fafi. And It seems you are right. But the u.s. occupied for 48 years. They probably would have been better off if they hadnt been left to their own vices. 😉

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        Mufazzza Post author

        I’m reading about Telstra call center. Obviously there is great need to show off, pinoy style: “we filipino is better than outher country, because were trained and better than aussie people”.

        So, there you see Sarah, flips are obviously much smarter than aussies…its good they have such high self-esteem…;-)

        Judging by the grammar they are also much better at english pronounciation….

        1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza
          Mufazzza Post author

          Anyway, I see the same signs in most of the pinoy callcenter comments as I have seen here: There is nothing wrong with Them, their english is perfect, and if it isn’t the aussie customer should learn tagalog?!?!

          Completely insane logic when this is supposed to be a payed customer service for english-speaking people!
          Then a lot of complains that the aussie customers are so “racist”, probably because they dont understand the pidgin-english and complain!;-)

          It’s obvious that Any kind of constructive critic is totally wasted, they are simply Infallibe like the Pope! Must be fantastic to be so sure of oneself…

        2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          I had to change my travel itinerary with Jetstar about 3-4 years ago. Jetstar call center was in the RP. Bakla Flip tried to sort my new dates of travel. “sorry Ma’am no seats on that flight”. OK try following dates. “not available”, In the end, I ended up canceling the return flights (8 months away and not available at the time of booking), but they won’t give me my money back, must book return dates which don’t suit me. So ended up booking an earlier return date, heard Bakla Flip muttered “hay Ate, ang gulo mo!” (big sister, you’re so confusing!). I said nothing and continued till he’s made all the changes. He then asked me if there is anything else I can do. I said in Tagalog “sa sunod, careful kung ano sabihin mo sa phone” (next time, be careful what you say on the phone). Sudden silence on the other end. I wished I could have seen the Bakla’s face right there and then. He must have been shocked. 🙂

        3. Profile gravatar of FHPS

          Actually there were so many complaints about the Filipino call centres that Telstra did a backflip and bought some of the business back to Australia

          back in 2009 it pulled out after six months in Philippines

          “The move back to Australian staff followed complains from corporate customers, and from small business customers who said poor language skills undermined the Memo service, which saw Filipino staff act as virtual secretaries.”

          Let’s just say history will repeat itself is not much on Filipino culture is changed since 2009

          1. Profile gravatar of Angel

            The call center agents from the PH Telstra account were actually defending their failures, citing Aussie customer “racism” as the reason behind the unfavorable reviews and complaints.

          2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            “The call center agents from the PH Telstra account were actually defending their failures, citing Aussie customer “racism” as the reason behind the unfavorable reviews and complaints.”

            Rubbish! absolute rubbish! I bought the Aldi sim card approximate 3-4 years ago. I could not get it to work on my Australian purchased phone. Called their support center and….you guessed it! – she was from the Philippines. Totally, totally unprofessional! There was so much background noise I could hardly hear her. The noise consists of a mix of vehicles, a kid screaming and some clanging and banging (kitchen? laundry?). She was most unhelpful and with such a broad Pinoy accent, I doubt she had education past elementary. I ended up hanging the phone and discarding the SIM card. It is so refreshing to get an Australian accent in Telstra these days. And that’s not because of racism. It’s because they are more professional and know what the word “service means”.

            To be fair also, I’ve had Pinoy call center agent sorting my mobile phone service with Vodafone just this last week. He was most pleasant, helpful, easy to understand (just a touch of Flip accent – but that doesn’t matter really) and very polite. Kudos to whoever trained the guy.

          3. Profile gravatar of BLX2

            @sarahfin When their English is that good they trained themselves. Same with service and learning. TV and the internet are filled with crap and things you shouldn’t do. But for someone who wants to do things the right way they can also be a great reference point. Especially the net. Instead of putting all your time into FB it can be put into how things are done in the real world. It just depends what you’re looking for, to excel at illusion or reality.

          4. Profile gravatar of FHPS

            Filipinos can’t speak English fluently enough they take the literal meaning of a word but cannot link that word to the other words to get the context e.g. when I say no pork, no baboy, , no meat, no chicheron et cetera to be included in my soup and I get back fried bacon… I ask what’s that is at meat? Yes sir. Didn’t I say no meat to be included in my order? yes sir. So what’s that I ask? Is Bacon’s sir…
            Understand what I’m saying it stupidity.
            Just like C vitamin versus vitamin C she didn’t know the difference in the chemist I get this shit all the time where you could be told nothing is available when it is but they just misheard you or not related to the context of what you said!

    5. Profile gravatar of Kane Malarky
      Kane Malarky

      Yeah, instead of a mandatory class for good manners and right conduct; that ain’t working…. I think it would be better to have a class called “Philippines, and the rest of the world”.

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    The top of homepage says Filo is gone for a few days. QUICK!! Everyone to Filos to raid his fridge, drink his beer and crash at his house. Bring the tribe and we’ll claim squatters rights.

  3. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflips

    “It’s obvious that the Lord wanted, on this Earth, a playground where people never grew up, “and see, He created it!” ”

    Oh, it’s a playground all right. The Devil’s Playground, to be specific. That has been one of my pet names for the Banana Republic of the Philippines for a few years now. It seems that the Lord, after creating a playground where the people never grew up, gave it over to the Devil’s rule. And look what ended up as a result. What a disgrace….

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      I always thought he created the philippines in the middle of no where so they could not fuck up the rest of the world. Then what happens? Here come the Chinese, Spanish and others in ships but they were still contained mostly. Then comes the airplane which let loose the filipino plague upon the rest of the world.

      1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

        And that’s what separates modern day immigrants to U.S. and Canada. They scraped or willingly became indentured servants, they braved thirst, hunger, horrible conditions for months at sea in the belly of wooden ships for a chance to work their ass off for the future. No welfare, no handouts, no free medical, no Kano paying their way for an easy life and opportunity. Even before and after there were slaves there were indentured servants. Being the land of hopes, dreams and opportunity meant something different, easy street it was not. They paid it forward. This is the stock they came from. Now they jump on a plane, many on someone else’s dime, have in flight meals, and arrive the next day. Instead of being grateful to their benefactor many scheme to drain the shit out of them. We don’t have a right to exploit them, but we need laws to keep them from coming and exploiting us and what has been built through hard work and sacrifice. Worked with a immigrant once who’s wife had Lupus. He was incensed that for two years he paid into Social Security and his wife couldn’t collect from SS because of her illness. Waiving his pay stub around, bitching at the deduction. He was a programmer with good health benefits and pay double the median American worker. Not even an American born citizen can collect SS after only two years, but he didn’t care about that, he felt his wife was entitled.

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    ”’bar girls refer to Japanese and Korean guys as 3x3x3. It means: 3 kids, 3 inch dick and no more than 3,000p.”’
    I found this on Craigslist,,, Kind of sums up da feelippines!!! hahahahha
    Please take care of your selfs in this land of theives.

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    foreign man seeking relationship

    my experience in butuan, proud of what? what they seemed to have in common was
    bad manners eating habits
    no boundaries or respect
    lacking knowledge in many areas inc nutrient,hygiene, education, current events
    have no sense
    lack empathy and ready to use anybody
    strong ties to the family and clan, and why? they prostitute their kids , interfere in their relationships, destroy their happiness because they expect them to support them and the rest of their mooching family. support them for what… alcohol and other material things not for what they need its just what they do….

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    foreign man seeking relationship

    yes what they do exactly is create a dependence on each other, then all strong family ties….. its not love because so as some member of te amily as a job or kano its will be about sharing with them.. and using them… this is not love

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    foreign man seeking relationship

    yes what they do exactly is create a dependence on each other, then call it strong family ties….. its not love because soon as as some members of the family have jobs or a kano it will be about sharing with them.. and using them… this is not love… this is why they create this dependence and loyalty with their children siblings etc…. its simply enmeshment, having np boundaries which they dont and exploitation…. what a horrible experience meeting my gf family and knowing there are people who think and live like this…