Am I Cursed?

I don’t expect this to get a lot of attention, mainly because it doesn’t really have an answer.
I just need to type this out to relieve my eternal frustration; no not frustration, more like torment.

I have written about this before, and if someone else has read any of my post’s they will see what I have said about it, and how it affects me, as well as the reason it affects me so bad.
The question “Am I cursed?” is fairly stupid, but the overall point remains the same. Call it karma, bad luck or quantum science, I don’t care; something is causing this to occur and I don’t know why.
Oh….. Allow me to wax fucking philosophical now….Why… the eternal question of the Philippines concentrated into a single fucking word………..”Why”…
In this case, (though there are many) I’m once again speaking of the national bird of the Philippines; the resilient Filipino fighting cock.

How does my “plight” continue under the oppression of such a simple creature? Well allow me to explain yet again. I wrote once before about how I am not only amazed, but sickened to my core, that such a creature has found itself into “godhood” in this country. A little feathered fucker that is NOT the barrel chested barn sitter as seen in so many children’s books crowing at first light; but in fact is a god damned awful creature, that like their pinoy handlers do not understand how to shut the fuck up!

WAIT, Excuse me I made a mistake >> “like their pinoy handlers”
That isn’t clear enough, what I meant to say was:  Like their Red horse drinking, jobless, ass scratching, wall pissing, noise loving, lip smacking, remittance hunting, mother fucking brethren; who don’t know how to shut the fuck up!
I was innocent too once. I thought that roosters only crowed at first light.
Then I came to the Philippines and my first experience was immediately a horrible one.

Like every other problem with this place the horrible things come in excess, come in absolute abundance. NEVER an ounce of god damned hope, never a shred of light at the end of the tunnel. ONLY PURE,  CONCENTRATED SHIT!  So my first contact with these bastards had me looking for a place to live within 4 hours. You see that first time there were not one, but 5 roosters on short leashes within a literal 5 feet of my bedroom window. That was in 2001, yet nothing has changed.
Wherever I go these horrible cunts follow me.

I recently moved away from my last location thinking it had to be better. In fact I think that all the time, every time I move. “It has to be better”. NO! …You foolish, foolish child!  “Look around you” I say to myself, there is no hope for a better life.
So here I am now after having moved yet again. At first I thought everything was finally OK. I thought finally the “curse” has been lifted.
I was wrong….
Over the last few months some fuck nugget has been collecting his cocks. Setting them up in little square meter cages (In a common area), and because he is a god damned dumb fuck, has decided to add another one every few weeks, because it is good to gamble and win the “monies” for the red horse drinking all day.

So WHY GOD DAMN IT!!!!!????????????????????????????????????
I look out my window and see yet another one tied to a table, and I feel like I got punched in the stomach, I immediately got depressed and wanted to cry like a little bitch. Nothing will save you! Crying, bitching, even this little “blog entry, or whatever” will not help me. There is no catharsis, it’s meaningless.

Try to complain and some fucker will try and kill you for insulting is god, his precious fighting cock.
So I’m asking myself the question.. What am I mad at exactly?
Am I angry at the chicken, who doesn’t know any better, or the animal wearing pants that should?
There is a reason for my current anger; I have explained it in past comments.
I’m getting to the point where I’m worried I’ll do something reprehensible.
My fantasies of torturing chickens in slow brutal fashion for their incessant noise making have shifted drastically; I don’t think I need to elaborate on what and who it has shifted to.

The Philippines is death by a thousand cuts. It is war by attrition. It is the person putting the straw on the camel that will eventually break its back.  It is always “One more thing” “One more problem”.

You don’t like noise? Here allow me to turn the volume way up!”
You don’t like trash littering everywhere? Here allow me to not only throw trash on your property, but piss on your door as well.
You don’t like having only one electric outlet in your whole apartment? Let me make it 110 even though all the appliances are 220.
You don’t like having a water faucet that is wrapped in cloth to keep It from leaking? Well then you will love the broken pipe under the sink that explodes because someone used a literal rubber band to hold it together.

All I can say is…FUCK THIS PLACE! I’m about willing to go take my chances with Obola, I mean Ebola.

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    Spartacus_killingus Post author

    I guess one of the reasons I’m pissed about it is because there is clearly an ordinance in this area I live. No one is supposed to have such animals inside the compound and especially in the common area.

    Ok, so when did a filipino ever give two shits about an ordinance or law, or rules?
    So not only are there not just an increasing number of roosters being tied to anything anchored to the ground, there is also a “hut”/”Shed” of some sort down there right next to them. Everyday people are in it drinking, and eating, and singing on their videoke.

    The reason being I believe, is that there was some square meters available so why not fuck shit up and break the law? They walk about 5 feet away, piss on the wall, turn around for the world to see while shaking their dicks ( doesn’t matter that children are around).

    They then waddle over to their roosters, squat down and look at them face to face. The roster then crows directly in the guys face. I wish roosters breathed fire, that might be cool to watch.
    Anyway, they then stand up, lift their shirt over their protruding beer gut, scratch their belly, dig in their ass for a few minutes; then waddle back over to their food and beer. I assume such amenities were purchased with money won through cock fights.. Because getting a real job is well, you know; such a god damned hassle.

    1. Profile gravatar of etherian smithee
      etherian smithee

      Wouldnt you be happier and less stressed if you were living in Europe? Maybe in the European country where your family originates (since no white person is actually an Indigenous American or Canadian, Australian etc.
      Wouldnt you be happier in a land where there are a majority white population? Why would you desire to be in a state of constant misery?
      Im sure your White relations in Ireland, Poland, Italy or wherever they floated in from would love to have you back home.

      Wouldnt they?

      1. Profile gravatar of etherian smithee
        etherian smithee

        And btw Spartacus
        Having first hand experience with Flips through my job, I agree with your assessment of their mentality…I also agree that it is genetic with them and they will never ever change….But the real question that needs to be asked is, why put up with it when you have a perfectly good passport….R-E-L-O-C-A-T-E…….and be happy where you can be happy…Are you addicted to pain?

        1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus
          Spartacus_killingus Post author

          “and be happy where you can be happy…Are you addicted to pain?”

          Where exactly would I be happy? Obviously for all the horse shit I stand in here I still see something worth staying for. I have been to a lot of places, and I have pretty much settled here. But you are right, I should probably go somewhere else, I just haven’t found “that place” yet. I cant live like I want in the states, so I guess I choose life here to give me what I feel I’m missing there.

          Probably don’t make sense. But thats how I feel.

          1. Profile gravatar of etherian smithee
            etherian smithee

            You are like a battered woman, who always complains about the battering form her husband but never leaves him.
            In fact some even secretly like the battering so they can have something to live for.

          2. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus
            Spartacus_killingus Post author

            Ah,….Okay, well thanks for clearing that up.
            You seem to know me pretty well from a few blog posts, so what else?
            Im listening.

            Im working, but Ill take breaks to read your comments.

          3. Profile gravatar of etherian smithee
            etherian smithee

            I know your type…You live to complain….You dont feel alive unless you have something to bitch about…
            If you moved someplace that would fulfill your obligations of happiness, it would bore you because you like misery…It makes you feel alive and living around stupid people makes you feel superior…You’re in heaven and stop pretending you would ever entertain ever leaving a place that makes you feel so superior….It would literally take an act of God to get you to live your hell because you have found you comfort in hell.

          4. Profile gravatar of etherian smithee
            etherian smithee

            Now lets get back to what this site is supposed to be about…Talking(writing) about how fucking stupid and dishonest these Flips are….I enjoy this site so much because it confirms my thoughts about these Phillipinos and people say things here that I was thinking but I thought myself a bad person for thinking them…I will be away from these people in about 6 months and I will ever forget the experience…When I first started working with them I thought the women were so cute and the culture so friendly, but I quickly came to realize that the women are money hungry, green card diving sluts and the men and women habitual liars…Not to mention the delusions of whatever the phuck they believe themselves to be in their minds…
            Please go back to your normal activities.

          5. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus
            Spartacus_killingus Post author

            Well, let’s see.
            There is a class of Filipino I speak about here. Perhaps “if” you took the time to peruse the site rather than nitpicking the messenger as you are doing now , you would see the “type” of filipino I speak of. You know, the ones I have pegged.

            But whatever, you are having as much fun as I am reading line after line of your total bullshit, so please keep it up, by all means, LOL.

            Go cry in the corner about how insulted you feel, OR stroke your ego over how you are showing me the error of all my ways, I’ll be here. You got it all figured out, so lets hear that fantastic wisdom smithee.

      2. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus
        Spartacus_killingus Post author

        Uhm…..Actually I’m Native America mostly. 🙂

        My mother is 100% Native American and My dad is 1/4th Of similar Nation.

        I have always turned down living on a reservation because in the US reservations are basically “the Philippines”.
        So instead, I go wherever I want, or wherever is legal for me to go, be it flying, walking or…….Floating.

        1. Profile gravatar of etherian smithee
          etherian smithee

          And I know what is pawned off as a “Native American” nowadays….A white person with a ponytail and with a great grandfather who raped and abandoned some poor “homeless” squaw in 1885.

          1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus
            Spartacus_killingus Post author

            Can’t read very well can you?
            Not only have you failed to read my reply to you adequately enough to respond with some common sense; You also have failed to grasp the point of this site, (Which is to share complaints of problems in the Philippines”. Though admittedly you did try to save yourself at “October 24, 2014 at 9:24 pm”. Better late than never I guess.

            I feel like you are probably drunk, if you aren’t Filipino, you are one of these old geezers that comes to the Philippines to drink what’s left of their life away. Well more power to you, but you are obviously drunk, because you’re statements are just so god damned absurd.

            Meh, I was bound to run into a troll on this site eventually, I guess today is my lucky day huh?

            Don’t be a hypocrite smithee, Read your own statement and use your inebriated brain, ….Smithee says “Now lets get back to what this site is supposed to be about…Talking(writing) about how fucking stupid and dishonest these Flips are….”

            Well, I’m not a “flip” so why are you trying to focus on me so much, affects of the alcohol maybe?
            Again, don’t be a hypocrite, it makes you lose all credibility that you may have had before your drunken fingers started phubbing away on the keyboard.

            But holy shit… If you really want to continue looking like a fucking troll, go right ahead, this site loves seeing Butt hurt types who feel they need to fight for the filipino, just adds to the entertainment value of it all, no one is going to take you seriously now anyway.

          2. Profile gravatar of etherian smithee
            etherian smithee

            Im not drinking any alcohol and I am not Filipino…I originally found this site because I thought either something was wrong with the Filipinos I was working with or something was wrong with me….I put in terms into the Search Engine like “Flips are liars”….Flips are stupid” etc. etc. until I found this site and all my questions were answered…It wasnt just me noticing what I was noticing about these people and I read some of the stories and all I could say was A-FUCKING-MEN…
            So I started reading the blog occasionally to relive myself of the stress of having to deal with these little monkeys, but I also had to question a couple of the more prominent posters like yourself as to why you would put yourself through the stress….I have a end date for my departure because I dont like my work environment and I dont see it ever changing…But I just needed to ask you, why dont you just pack up and go home (or to another place)..
            Remember what your response was to me?
            You stated that you, yourself cannot make sense of it (not verbatim)….So why would you expect me to make sense of it….At least I had the decency to ask.

          3. Profile gravatar of etherian smithee
            etherian smithee

            And you are right…I do feel like I am trolling you a bit…
            Excuse me for asking but I was just curious as to why you put up with something or someplace that obviously causes you great misery and discomfort…
            It was just an honest observation and question…I wont question you anymore…Lets be cool with each other and have a good time here.

          4. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus
            Spartacus_killingus Post author

            Im jacked up on 7 cups of cold black Nescafe dude. My hands are shaking, and I’m paranoid as hell right now. Honestly, I would have taken offense to getting a blow job from a playboy model at this point. I’M EDGY AS FUCK!

            It really isnt you, you did ask a legit question. I guess I got a little sour over the white guy with a pony tail shit, when my mom is 100% Cherokee. Now, do I look white…Yeah, I really do so damn those observations! No pony tail though.

            In Fact, only my grandmother tried to instil any of the Native american stuff on me since I was a small child, but my mom wouldnt allow it. They didn’t always get along very well.

          5. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus
            Spartacus_killingus Post author

            You are right…..”You stated that you, yourself cannot make sense of it (not verbatim)”
            I can’t and moreover I won’t argue that point. I honestly don’t know why I am here. But I think Im probably lying to myself at the same time.

            I have a daughter here 8 years old now, and well the family she is with have made things “complicated” for me. I still visit her, but I promised I wouldn’t leave this place without her. I know that reason probably doesnt hold any water with some people, but it’s a promise, and I plan to keep it.

            I suppose that reason alone is why I dont float my ass back to the US.

            I don’t think all Filipinos are stupid, the class I refer to as “walmart people” of the Philippines are the ones I have a grievance with. Then there are the others I tried to hire that made life a living hell.

            I do complain a lot. Sadly that didn’t occur until I moved to this place, especially shit hole Manila for God’s sake, go figure.
            I think I get a little vitriolic when someone questions me because I DO WANT TO GO, but I’m not sure what to go back to.

            I feel like this site is a therapy, wherein 12 years of bullshit can be released finally. It does help immensely.

            One of my former clients, asked me the same question, “Why are you there?” My answer is………I had no answer. Not really surprising is it, at least not to me. I’m trapped in limbo of my own making, Hotel California style. lol

            I checked my ass right into this place, and now I’m not sure how to check the fuck out.
            I don’t really want to go back to the states, as I don’t have anyone there. I also don’t have any belongings, a car anything. Everyone is gone, or dead, and whoever is left I don’t want to bother with my problems. So Im in the process of saving money for solving those issues.

            It is actually a little more dynamic than what I have stated here, but I dont want to make it about me. Like you said we are here to bitch about everyday craziness that is the Philippines.

          6. Profile gravatar of etherian smithee
            etherian smithee

            Okay, then I understand your position much better…You actually have family and roots put down there now…Thats a game changer…In a situation like that, a responsible person cannot just up and leave tomorrow morning…Im glad I kept my pecker in my pants and partied mostly with other expats.

          7. Profile gravatar of etherian smithee
            etherian smithee

            For the record , I dont think all Filipinos are stupid either….Just 93%….The other 7% are too delusional to qualify as stupid….They’re just mentally ill.

          8. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus
            Spartacus_killingus Post author

            Thats something I facepalm myself over all the time. I always think if I could just go back in time and beat the shit out of myself to prevent this. I was 20 years old, and delusional myself. Do you think I would listen to myself, or would I need a good old fashion ass kicking?

  2. Profile gravatar of constantino

    actually there is an ordinance, if you live in a subdivision the Housing and Land Us Regulatory Board clearly states that farm animals are not to be kept within the subdivision.

    but the problem is a lot of people are just plain inconsiderate. for you its roosters, im my neighborhood it’s the constant boom box in the morning and karaoke at night. thank God i’m only home 3 months in the year. i tried to file a complaint with th barangay and ended up being the bad guy. at the barangay hall the owner of the karaoke place said “kay seaman ka abi mo mayo ka na guid sa amun”? (just because you are a seafarer you think you’re better than us?)

    you just cant reason with these people. but good luck with that, hope everything works out

    1. Profile gravatar of JoeyG

      One New Year’s Day, I was supposedly in deep sleep after being so drunk from all the partying the night before. Suddenly, at about 4 AM, I was awakened by loud karaoke singing from the neighbors. And, mind you, this wasn’t good karaoke singing at all. This was just stupid drunken karaoke bellowing, 4 fucking AM! Thinking I could not deal with this by myself, I call on the neighborhood watchmen to please go to the place and reason with the drunks next door and get them to at least lower the volume. I mean, they can hear on the other end of the line how loud the noise was. Their ear drums were probably at breaking point as well. You know the response I got? “But sir, it’s new year’s day. Let people have some fun!”

      Only in the Philippines!

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike


        We had neighbors that lived about 250 yards away from us once. One of their kids graduated from school and they rented one of those machines on a Thursday and had it full blast we could not talk in our own house. Then here comes their friends celebrating something. To make a long story short They had that machine full blast from Thursday am until Sunday am 24/7.

        So I went and complained to the PNP who had them turn it down but as soon as they left it went right back up. It only got turned down when filipinos complained and PNP showed up with AR 15s.

        Never a grenade around when you need one.

      2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        I give the tanods some cigs, pesos, merianda, etc to smooth the way in case i need to get them to turn a party down,,I know that is caving in,,but dis is da feelippines….
        Actually, our tan ods did a good job of rescuing an old ossie who was right out of it.
        If that ossie was 2 blocks away, they would have foundin a canal…

  3. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus
    Spartacus_killingus Post author

    ” I tried to file a complaint with the barangay and ended up being the bad guy.”
    Tell me about it.
    Also, ordinance be damned in this country. I don’t expect anyone to adhere to any law at all.

    “just because you are a seafarer you think you’re better than us?”

    LOL, I love this part. Mainly because it really shows the mentality of that kind of person. you being a seaman, really has nothing to do with anything where they are concerned, yet they strained to get something on you.

    It’s like, what does me being a seaman have to do with you being an obnoxious and inconsiderate prick? lol

    At any rate, it must be nice to be able to get on a ship and just go. If I were a Filipino, I would have tried to become a seaman for sure. From what I hear it pays pretty good, and you get to be away from the annoyances here.

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      I know how it is being viewed as the bad guy here. I filed a few complaints to proper authorities here in concerns to the discomfort of my living situations (I can specify if you like), then it was all spat in my face as if I’m the bad guy for complaining. The best example I have of this happening to me was when my professor tried to have me arrested for espionage when I complained to her about her students’ destructive noisy behavior. I recorded it to show her, but she said I was being a spy and wanted me arrested. That’s probably the dumbest load of shit I was ever told, but that just to show that we (as foreigners) don’t have the right to complain about THEM. The biggest crime to them is us trying to violate their right to be a bunch of dumb fucking annoying loud imbeciles. Just keep this in mind next time you try to complain about them. There is absolutely NO hope for this country. Remember that buddy.

      1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus
        Spartacus_killingus Post author

        When people talk about stories like yours, I feel like some type of human inferno, my skin begins to smolder , start grinding my teeth, and I’m looking to punch someone in the throat for being so fucking stupid. Espionage, REALLY? As in like a wire taping law? Oh GAWDDDDDDD…… I will just stick my dick in the first available meat grinder I can find, because I think thats the only pleasurable thing that I can think of which will keep me occupied long enough to not go on a killing spree.

        1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

          I knew how obsurd you would feel to hear this story, and it actually happened about 3 months ago and I first pm Filo about this same event, so he knows exactly what I’m talking about. This is my first time making this story public since I finally have some relavance to pin this story on. I am helpless in this country. When something assbackwards happens, I guess it’s my duty to just bend over and just TAKE IT, because trying to struggle will only make matters worst. It totally sucks, but it’s true in most cases here. At least you are only hearing me talk about this story, being in my shoes when this actually happened would be 10 times worst. I can only imagine what another foreigner would do if they were me. I just have the restraint to withstand a lot of bullshit, because I’ve been fed a lot of bullshit almost all my life. FML…….

    2. Profile gravatar of Samuel

      Being a sailor myself it is nice to say fuck it and hop on another ship. Used to be I could take the monkey mentality for months at a time but the longer I’ve lived in manila the less I can take. My retarded flip wife refuses to move out of manila because everything is “its too far eh”.

    3. Profile gravatar of constantino

      well i think the guy was really saying is because i have a job overseas that makes me better than him, i could have been a nurse, construction worker or heck a guitar player in a lounge i would have gotten the same reaction.

      when was younger it was. i even looked to it as an adventure, to see all these cities and get paid to do so. but 15 years working as a grease monkey i don’t feel that adventurous haha. but it pays the bills and i have put in some savings and investment to retire someday. hopefully in the near future

  4. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    what did i do wrong in my younger years to deserve this????? ,, some flip kid went to the top of our next door apartment and turned on the koroke.. Sounded like a bunch of cats getting killed. they build some sort of chicken coop and tarps up there to breath in the sweet smelling cancerous smog rolling off Edsa. Of course everybody is friends of the landlady ,, or her first cousins,, so talking to that bush pig is out of the question
    I have went 3 times around the world, worked in 12 different countries, survived desert sandstorms and Artic snowstorms, countless plane trips,, airports, ships,, trains, but one flip on a koroke can drive around the bend and produce a head ache in my left temple.
    then to top it 1/2 grown men are watching some mind numbing cartoons very loudly on tv. wtf….

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        you know the cartoons 4 year olds watch in usa…. well, 16 year old kids going to college in this country watch them,,,,, give them national geographic and they will spend 20 pesos shit movies to watch;.or wow wowwee.

  5. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    I feel what you mean Spartacus, even in the predicament with Smithee about you relocating. I deal with a motherload of bullshit here on a daily basis too, and like with all Flips (or people who thinks like Flips), their first solution for you is to just LEAVE. As substandard of living as this place is, it’s hard to leave from a place full of extremely attractive (yet stupid) women and living here at a fraction of what you would pay for back at home. It’s hard to leave with just those two reasons alone, too bad we have to put up with the bullshit that comes with it.

    Like I said, I know what you are going through man. Trying to figure out the perfect country to settle in is tough, and you are currently at a stand-still in your decision making. I feel that I am at that stage too, and Philippins is pefect for that. I’m not spending too much money while I’m thinking about it, and I may end up doing what most foreigners do and open up a business to accumulate the funds I need to leave this hellhole and live somewhere else peacefully. Just don’t do anything foolish like I did and get married here, because that will only delay whatever plan you had in mind.

    I’m ready to get the fuck outta here too, and my crazy wife thinks she is coming with me. The last thing I want is a souvenir reminding me of how I visited the stupidest fucking place on Earth. So why in the fuck would I bring a piece of Philippines back with me? Anyway, that is still in question.

    I may seem to be prone to putting myself in miserable situations by being here, but I’m gonna make the best of it and use this place up for all that it’s worth, then leave and pledge to never come back to this shit-hole ever again.

    1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus
      Spartacus_killingus Post author

      “I may seem to be prone to putting myself in miserable situations by being here”

      THAT ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

      Is the story of my life. Or at least the last 13 some odd years. The day I arrived off the plane in the Philippines and I said to myself……”What the fuck have I done?”

      Well, fast forward to today, and I have created a right nice mess of my life. I did it all with these two clumsy fucking hands of mine.
      Now cleaning it up and washing it out is all I am focused on. you are right, I also use this place because it is financially expedient to remain here and save some tax free money. Im trying to make a small career change, and living cheaply really helps facilitate that. When the time comes I can leave Ill be able to do so, and hopefully have a job that pays more than enough to take care of me and my other little issues.

      1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

        My gut told me that your finances is probably what is holding you back from leaving this place, same with me too buddy. This is what I think: If you are a foreigner who fuckin hates it here, and have the money (and VISA) to leave and start a new life, then something is wrong with you. I seriously haven’t met a rich foreigner staying here long term in term in this shithole because they were rich enough to leave.

        With that said, you pretty much guessed it. I’m not rich either, well to a Filipino I am, but not rich enough to leave this place and have fresh start at where I plan to relocate. My income is pretty stable, but it only last as long as I am here, and with my leach of a wife (and her family) grabbing down my pockets, it doesn’t make my transition any easier. Good luck to ya buddy, I hope it all works out well.

        1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus
          Spartacus_killingus Post author

          Well, I do have a plan. At least I got that much right? lol
          Lets see how well it pans out for me in the next few years.

          In the worst case scenario Ill be tied in some way to the Philippines until my daughter is 18. So I guess ten more years. What will that put me at, 45 I think. So not too bad, though most of that was spent here by that time.

          Now……Ready for the kicker?

          I plan to remarry……………………………..and she is Filipino. LOL

          Been with her for 4 years almost. Not single problem, not even close.
          No communication problems.
          Not lazy
          Smarter than me at many things
          Speaks English like shes from California
          We have the exact same job so we have that and many other things in common.
          Despises the pinoy method and works against it at every turn.

          Well, Im willing to take a chance see what happens. If it fails then smithee is right, Im a glutton for punishment and must love it. I deserve the life I make for myself.

    2. Profile gravatar of etherian smithee
      etherian smithee

      I am going to make a quick observation about your situation and I am going to have to classify what you are doing as EXPLOITATION of non white people….In 2014, the world is literally the WHITE MANS BROTHEL and white guys can pretty much go anyplace in the world where non white people live and because the people are being economically exploited, they can easily induce the women (and children in some instances) into PROSTITUTION… In your case, you get angry because the 200 years of these Flips getting mindphucked/Colonized/Miseducated by various European conquerors….Then you get upset because not only do you want the tight pussy at discount prices, but you also want them to be in their right minds…You cant have it both ways…If they were in their right minds, they wouldnt allow you to exploit them and fuck their women and children at will.

      1. Profile gravatar of etherian smithee
        etherian smithee

        What convinced me to reply to your post was you stating that you are fucking a Flip, (who may even be your wife) but you say she is fucking crazy if she thinks you are going to take her with you when you leave that hell hole…
        I think that is at least as disgusting as Filipina women using European men as tricks…You both deserve one another and stop pretending you are above the game…Just play the game fair….But Colonizers have been doing the same thing as you for 500 years….Going around the world, without taking their women, then fucking the Native women where they invade and leave a bunch of confused bastards scattered to infiltrate the culture and be ambassadors of their white Colonizing daddies.

        1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

          You almost had me figured out smithee, but you did leave a few things left out. Yeah, it pretty much is a white man’s world, but who ever said I was white (in case you had that impression), but I’m not here to lay my race down because this blog isn’t about me, and like all pessimistic individuals, they will always find something negative to say regardless of what I say. If I said I was Indian, Mexican, African, Japanese, or Brazillian, you would say something to contradict whatever my ethnic background is, or something in some form against it. So as a non-white person, you are pretty much saying that I’m talking about myself and destroying my own credibility, am I right? Oh well, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but let me get back on track on answering the rest of your question.

          You said something about me getting mad about whatever reason you are talking about, but you are generally basing your analysis of me from just the 1 or 2 comments I wrote. Sorry buddy, but I have been on this blog for quite a long time. Just read my other articles, and comments associated with articles written by other authors, then you will SEE why I am so angry and frustrated with this country. It’s not just about tight pussied women being dumb as fuck as you think, but that is one of many reasons. Not just the women, but the dumb fuck Pinoy guys at well.

          You speak of me as if I’m the devil for leaving my good-for-nothing wife behind when I leave this shithole as if I did something wrong. Ha! You really don’t know ANYTHING about me now don’t ya buddy? You think I’m using her? *Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off* Sorry man, but I’m not going to waste my time telling you my life’s story from the beginning, but if you browse my previous articles enough, you might have some leeway to make some accurate judgments of me. Your observations of me is completely laughable and not worthy of my feedback. Read around some more then come back and see me when your hypothesis of me is on point. Have fun reading smithee 🙂

          1. Profile gravatar of etherian smithee
            etherian smithee


            i am enjoying the website as I find it a great stress reliever….Allow me to correct one thing your response to me..
            I dont believe I used the term “using” as it pertains to your relationship with your Filipina…
            I purposely chose to use the word EXPLOITATION….The exploitation I am specifically speaking of is economic exploitation for sexual access to poverty stricken women…The rest of what you say makes perfect sense because as you state clearly, I really dont know anything about you except for what you write on this blog…Since, both you and I are both anonymous, I find it unlikely we will ever go beyond reading each others words….I find that people can even be more candid and honest about who they are when they do have the shield of anonymity….lease dont think I am trying to read you..I am only processing your own words.

          2. Profile gravatar of etherian smithee
            etherian smithee

            Also, as quiet as its kept….The Filipino people are mostly LITTLE PEOPLE….They’re not exactly midgets but they are a people of small dimensions….That means by proportion everything about them would be smaller than a Caucasoid or a Negroid of normal height….I am saying this to say, Filipina women therefore by nature have a smaller vaginal orifice that White or Black women….Even smaller than full blooded Mongoloid Chinese who are of Aryan stock originally…
            Little Filipina pussies are made to fit little Filipino penises…Its not fair that giant men from other races come and ravish their women and their small vaginas….I know it makes the men feel powerful to finally meet women who they can handle in the bedroom,but it just dont seem sportsmanlike.

          3. Profile gravatar of Todd

            LOL!!! Too funny man! The tightest pussy I ever had was an Ethiopian girl, not a Filipina. Just saying!

          4. Profile gravatar of Todd

            Just stating a fact that is is a myth that Filipinas over here all have small Vagina’s. How is that inappropriate? You brought up Filipina have small vagina’s. LOL!!!

          5. Profile gravatar of Todd

            I think some guys come over here looking for that awesome pussy experience but honestly lately, the foreigners I have seen in my area seem to be liking girls that look a little young. Maybe they realize the pussy is not as tight as they thought so they are going after high school girls or at least they look that young. Man, these guys could be pushing it and are going to get in serious trouble if it is true that the girl they are with is under 18.

          6. Profile gravatar of etherian smithee
            etherian smithee


            That is the ultimate backstage pass and undercover reason why places like the Phillipines and Thailand is such a popular destination for Europeans…. SEXUAL ACCESS TO CHILDREN….
            Girls and BOYS, with no legal pushback or ramifications……Fat , pot bellied 60 year old men with 15 year old girls….Pedophiles taking sex vacations to exploit little street boys….Making films that they in turn sell on the black market….Probably even snuff films included ….They’re own politicians sell these children out for personal gain….Disgusting….

          7. Profile gravatar of Todd

            I agree with you smithee but the foreigners here better beware. The NBI is watching out for this now. I already saw on the news they have busted a few foreigners for human trafficking and for being with minors. You are right, it is disgusting and I won’t cry one bit when these perverted guy get kicked out of the Philippines.

          8. Profile gravatar of etherian smithee
            etherian smithee

            Those no job having, red horse drinking, cock pighting, balut eating fat gut Filipino guys get at those young girls right out of 9th Grade (which I believe in the Filipines is the end of their education…
            These Catholics dont have anything to do except for fucking…A slick talking pimp with a few peso’s in his pocket can easily seduce and knock up these young girls with nothing to do except prepar for a miserable life as a housemaid.

          9. Profile gravatar of Todd

            Have you ever noticed that the places the Spanish ruled and brought in Catholicism are poor ass countries. The Filipinos here love to show the world how conservative they are yet I never have seen so much fucking by a group of people. They cheat on each other like there is no tomorrow. No wonder there are so many people here on these islands and poor at that!

          10. Profile gravatar of etherian smithee
            etherian smithee

            I have noticed that too…The Catholic religion seems to be the most religious and by nature the most hypocritical of all christian sects…Not to mention Catholicism is the first established branch of Christianity….The more religious, the more poverty because the more religious a person is the less accountability and responsibility one seems to have for their own condition…They wait around for someone to come out of the clouds (or out of a remittance sheet) to solve their problems while they wait around for their rewards in the here after..
            “Say 3 Hail Mary’s and dont butt fuck your little cousin anymore amigo, God Forgives you Okay”

          11. Profile gravatar of FAFI

            Well if you are going by what I had posted, then try to read more of what I had posted if you wanna judge me accurately. You think that by having sanctum behind a screen is what is making me feel content about being honest? There is some truth to that, but I can be frank both in person and online, the distance/location has no relevance towards my honesty. If you displayed a better sense of diplomacy, then maybe we wouldn’t be so anonymous. 2 members on here already knows almost there is to know about me, even one of you met me before (you know who you are). But I’m not here to make you believe, think, or judge. We are all just here to talk and converse about our personal experience with the dumbfuck Filipinos. Nothing cease to surprise me about the Filipino, so I’m just gonna keep writing about them until my fingers fall off.

          12. Profile gravatar of etherian smithee
            etherian smithee

            if this response is not to me then I apologize…If it is towards me then I have no idea what you re talking about as it relates to me…That fact in and of itself should be enough to prove that I wasnt directing a comment specifically to you…Just make general observations that in more cases than not applies to male expats in the Phillipines who were attracted to the land and lifestyle originally in the form as SEXUAL TOURISTS, seeking CHEAP and easy sex with impoverished young women of color….Sometimes even children….You know the old saying about throwing a shoe in the dak and the hit dog will holla.

          13. Profile gravatar of FAFI

            I will just take not that you are trying to make a general discussion while trying to indirectly figure me out with your subliminal messages of Sexual Tourists. Just to be frank, you gotta improve your analytical skills buddy, because you are quite inept at it. But I’m not here to start a dick measuring contest with you, everyone is cool in my book unless proven otherwise. I don’t speak in riddles, so if my reply is directly under your reply, then 9 times out of 10 it is being directed towards you, but to stand correct, that remaining 1 out of 10 may never happen. Well anyway, I forgot why I logged in today. I will come back later when some more interesting stories come out (or to write one myself later in the week). L8er 🙂

          14. Profile gravatar of etherian smithee
            etherian smithee

            I am almost 100% certain you are not black….A Black Man living in and amongst Filipino people and mixing in with their family wouldnt last 6 months in the Phillipines…They would be demolished and murdered…..The only reason white men are able to subsist in that hellhole is because Filipinos have been subjugated and conditioned to look up to Europeans as their Gods…Even then, they will still, rob, cheat and lie to God just the same because a Beast has no mercy…But being white gives you an air of superiority that puts fear in the hearts of the Natives that tells them to harm a white person is like harming Jesus Christ and Mary.

          15. Profile gravatar of FAFI

            You have a valid point there, but you are light years away from knowing anything about me…..

  6. Profile gravatar of etherian smithee
    etherian smithee

    The Institution hospital I was working at are filled with single, or what qualifies as single Filipino chicks (a woman with two children back in the Filipines by some jobless bum they call their “husbands”)…One of the older Americans was starting to talk marriage with a Filipina and we did our best to try to talk him out of it …We advised him to take his retirement and GO HOME….If he loved these woman so much, take her with him to the US….But she talked him into buying a home in the Filipines and 2 years later he is dead….He wasnt in the greatest of health but we all feel if he went home he would be alive today…His wife was 25 years younger than him and we tried to tell him they were gonna take little chunks out of his money until he was living month to month and we were right…They ate him alive and he got sick…Probably was happy to see the Angel of Death after ahile.

    1. Profile gravatar of etherian smithee
      etherian smithee

      Thank the Baby Jesus and all that Is Fucking Holy that I was >< this close to banging a beautiful Filipina broad at work and I thought better of it…..iTS A VAGINAL TRAP, that is very difficult to escape from as I have learned from this blog….Plus my wife wouldnt have been too overjoyed about it either. I would have lost on both ends and paying both ways if the big head had succumbed to the encouragement little head.

  7. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
    Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

    The fucking roosters finally did it for me. No longer able to tolerate the incessant crowing. No longer willing to hold out hope that moving to the next place will improve things. No longer willing to trust my capacity for restraint. Fearful that I may go on a rooster (and Pinoy owner) slaughtering rampage – I’ve given up. I bought my own rooster.

    Nah, just fucking with you all! I moved my ass to the 21st floor of an expensive condo, with a body corporate that tolerates no shit from the condos inhabitants (that was hard to find). The only time I ever hear those little fuckers now is on those nights where I sleep with the windows open, and there is so little traffic that slight crowing can be heard. I couldn’t stand it anymore.

    I’ve also decided to spend less time in the Failippines. At least half of the year I’ll be elsewhere from now on. I’ll be here to exploit the cheap labor pool, swim, jetski, dive, sail, spend time with my Pinay Princess – and do the things that I used to enjoy about the Failippines before I ever lived here. They finally beat me. The roosters were the last straw. Time to get on with a happier life!

    1. Profile gravatar of etherian smithee
      etherian smithee

      You think European women would travel to the Phillipines for sex vacations?
      The dicks are too little in the Phillipines….They go to Jamaica , parts of Africa and other Carribbean locations to get their swerve on.