Analyzing Causes Of Bad Customer Service

Ok, so this isn’t so much as an article but more of an insight I received as to WHY the customer service might be so horrible here.

It’s because they’ve been trained….Chinese Style!

It’s true, and to support my theory, I first offer this important fact:

How many “generous” Chinese have you ever met?  The phrase alone is an oxymoron.  I’m far from a racist, but I have never, ever seen such a stingy group of people in my life.  And I’ve spent time with elderly Jewish people.  They may pick up every penny they see on the street, but a Chinese businessman will make sure that penny is all he has to pay for wages.

Now that I’ve set that point, let me tell you a story of something that happened to me just a few weeks ago.  If it doesn’t convince you of my point, then I wish you a long and wonderful honeymoon period while you’re here in the Philippines.

The story goes….I had just come back from a 6 month stay in the US.  I needed to get another SIM for my unlocked Galaxy Note 2 that I got previous to my trip to the US, but had lost my SIM during the travel.  So, I go to one of the nearby “Load na dito” holes in the wall you find everywhere, and nicely asked for a Smart SIM.  I hand her 50 pesos, she hands me a sim.

Now keep in mind that this sim is covered in various packaging that makes it hard to determine exactly what kind of sim it is.  Also keep in mind that a Note 2 (like most smart phones nowadays) requires a micro SIM.

As I start to open the package, I realize that it’s a full sized SIM.  The conversation goes a little like:

“Miss, this is the wrong size SIM.  May I have a micro SIM please?  You can have this one back”

“Sir, you must buy another one.  That one is open.  I cannot take it back.”

“Look, I just opened the package a little.  The SIM is perfectly fine”

“Sir, my boss won’t let me take it back”

“Look, I was going to leave you out of this, but since you’re being such a bother….YOU should have asked me what kind of SIM I needed in the first place.  This is your fault.”

“Sir, the customer is not always right.”

“WHAT?!?  Excuse me?  The customer is ALWAYS right!”

“No sir, they are not.”

“Yes they are.  That’s why every other country in the world has better customer service.  They actually care about the customer.  So tell you what.  You get your boss here.  I want to speak to them RIGHT NOW.”

*She starts dialing the phone*

“I’m not going to settle for talking to them on the phone.  I want them down here face to face.  I have nothing to do today, so I’m not going anywhere.”

*She starts talking Tagalog on the phone.  I can hear the word ‘foreigner’.  Then she hangs up and hands me 50 pesos from the drawer*

“Damn straight.  Next time, remember…the customer is always right because the customer pays your bills.  You might learn a little respect for them.”

*I walk away, laughing my ass off*

So, to sum up my point here, I honestly believe that all these Chinese businessmen actually train their employees to be complete dicks to their Filipino customers because, well, Filipinos allow it.  As I’ll likely bring up in future articles, the Filipino’s greatest tool is the ole “Make a sad face and hope they feel bad”, which has never worked to their advantage, but bless their soul, they just keep trying.  The Chinese, however, are completely immune to it. I, fortunately, am not a Filipino either.  I’m an American, and there are two things you do NOT mess with when it comes to an American….their family or their money.  It just so happens I enjoy enforcing that around here, especially to Chinese trained monkeys.  We’ll just call it……therapy.

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  1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    wife buys electric water heater with ” free instalation”’ 1 week later no tambays show up.. wife phones the hardware store and hardware has record of the job being done.. no it is not done..
    2 (yes two people for a simple one man job) idiots show up.. Install water heater. they write out a bill for 165 for extra electric cable,,AND 300 PESOS FOR installation fee,,,,,,,, I told them it was FREE INSTALATION. but sirrrrrrrr,,,, we had to hook the wire up to the junction box,
    through the maid,, i explained if you have a wire there always 2 ends of the wire,,,,
    phone wife,,, wife goes apeshit… on them.. they drop the extra skin tax fee
    Every time you do busines with a flip,, nothing is cut and dry.. papaer contracts are used for toilet paper..
    good to have you back fafi