And Now Something Different

Something different HAVE to be different before using that word – and different it was for me to gain a female friend, so let me give you some background;

During my early years as a CEO, I often came about various situations with foreign workers, not understanding the working culture of our country. So mainly I had to adapt a kind of “Applied Leadership Management” for those coming from Russia, Germany, France…and surely Philippines.

I helped me a lot to also have offices abroad, both in London and Moscow, but also have representatives in France and Ukraine.

Employing quite a bunch of Philippines, I had some difficult times with a female worker in 2009. She did her work as agreed, but always had to add personal issues into the the working environment, being a hassle for co-workers and me.

We’re mainly talking about gossip here, she created rumours, stupid gossips on “who’s with whom” – “I know this and that” – simply just stupid, though her work performance were top of the best.

I tried to find answers among other staffs, but to no avail.

Then came the difference…….; I was searching the internet for some answers on human behaviour (related to the above) and found a comment from a member on a certain management board.

To make all this shorter, her comments made me finding a solution with my Philippine Female Worker – and I re-posted on this other woman’s comment writing; “Thank you Rosmarie, it worked for me!”

Then shortly after, we developed a kind of internet-related-friendship, ever so often writing about employment issues, but more and more personal issues we all human face during life.

I never saw a single photo of this Rosmarie, nor did I know anything really personal about her, until 3 years into our first meeting. Rosmarie were hit by polio at age 4, now 42, working with advisory for American companies operating business in Philippines. Rosmarie are bound to a wheelchair, so mainly works from home, although always 6-8 days at office.

We agreed to met first time in 2012 where I went to her office, but later on my stay also visited her home, met her family (quite big), went to see the various charities she did administrative work for – but most of all; saw her real HER as a very good example of what becomes of a determent family, providing care for their children, limitless of illness and means.

Rosmarie have visited me often, as I still come by her place every time I come to Philippines.

During the development of our friendship Rosmarie have been a constant advisor to many Philippine girls working as Au Pairs in my country, she have helped to establish few charities here, providing help on NGO-level for Dump Side Children, sponsored by companies in my country (+ England, Germany and Sweden).

The word “different” surely applies to Rosmarie, not only by meaning, but also by living.

Just to let you know that FlipFlopLand also hold those souls inside, that can make this world a better place.

Please tell me about your best encounters with Philippine Nationals. I’m all yours.

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  1. Profile gravatar of John

    That was inspiring story @denmark2. There is definitely a lot of similar examples out there.
    I have a friend being happily married to a Filipina for over 30 years. Another friend of mine runs his business with his Pinay wife. I can give you more example like this.
    The problem is, Pinoy culture and mentality inside PinoyLand. What I have seen in my 40 days trip was completely beyond my imagination. It changed my view of Pinoys and PinoyLand 100%!

  2. Profile gravatar of Attila

    My wife is the exception also. She keeps telling me that she is one in ten thousand and most Filipinas are bad news for Kanos. She believes that most Filipinas are not compatible with white Westerners and we will be abused. So it seems there is 1 in 10,000.00 Filipina who is marriage material. Where she came up with that number, I don’t know.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Mood swing! Well the other day 2 pinays came to the door because there is a sign out front that says house for rent and asked me about it. Well showed them our living room and showed one the upstairs and we were up therer less than a minute literally right? So wife comes back from other house and what happens? Mom in law tells wife I had a pinay upstairs and now I’m accused of fucking this woman. Thing about it, mom in law was in the house the entire time! Now what man in their right mind is going to fuck another woman with his mother in law in the house and talking to the other pinay downstairs? So what did we learn?
      1.) Pinays tend to be very insecure.
      2.) Pinays are childish in their thinking (or lack of) and reasoning.

      Now wife should have known better right away. Because she knows for a fact it takes me lot longer than a minute to fuck. But hey, another filipino said it so it has to be true right? Think that’s bad? You’ll love this one. Wife had this good friend who was a pinay and they talked all the time. Well one day I’m sitting outside at a table when wife comes out and starts giving the riot act. You’ll just love the reason. Seems her and this friend were talking and the friend told her she had a dream where I was having sex with another female friend of hers. So I get my ass jumped and accused of having sex with someone in a third persons dream!

      1. Profile gravatar of Attila

        I know exactly what you mean. I was attending a Filipino event where a fresh migrant Chinese girl from china was giving a product show about some ginger remedies. She spoke good English and I was curious about her experience in China and how she was able to come to the State. I was pure curiosity. So I talked to her after the show and it was a nice and informative conversation. A few days latter my wife was told by some Filipinas that she should watch out for me and keep check of me because I was flirting with a Chinese women. My wife explained to me that in her culture Men don’t have conversation with a women just out of curiosity like Kanos do. If a Filipino men does it that means he is serous about the women. Filipinos don’t have this intellectual curiosity like we do and also they don’t complement either. She added that you just don’t complement a Filipina either otherwise she will have an ego trip. She just told me next time I should not do it in front of other Filipinos.

  3. Profile gravatar of BarcelonaYuanKi

    This is a very nice and positive article..a breath of fresh air! Here is also one example of a good pinoy inspired by his past circumstances wherein good old kanos changed the course of his entire life and which made him the good man he is today and the help he is extending to very poor pinoys especially children in Manila whom he could relate his younger self with, and he’s also got good kanos helping him achieve this shared vision they have of making this world a better place to live in.
    Pinoys are very emotional people and when inspired i can tell you they’ll move mountains and go places wherever just to achieve their heart’s desire..even if that is a kano man! lol.