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US senators reconsider assistance to Philippines amid drug war

Police examine the rope-bound body of an unidentified man who police believe was a victim in a drug-related killing in suburban Navotas, north of Manila, Philippines Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2016. The man was found floating before dawn in a pumping station under a bridge in the early morning. More than 3,000 suspected drug dealers and users have been killed since July and more than 600,000 others have surrendered for fear of being killed in President Rodrigo Duterte’s unrelenting anti-drug campaign. AP/Bullit Marquez

MANILA, Philippines — An American senator warned that the United States government may take action if the extrajudicial killings and state-sanctioned violence continue in the Philippines.

Sen. Patrick Leahy said that the spate of killings in the Philippines as a result of President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs lack respect for international human rights commitments.

Leahy noted that more than 3,000 people have been killed in the 12 weeks that Duterte announced his war on drugs.

“While there are ways we can find out which units were involved in these abuses, if President Duterte’s government is unwilling to work with us, including by refusing to investigate allegations of abuses, then we are faced with a broader issue that cannot be remedied simply by withholding assistance from specific units or individuals,” Leahy said on Tuesday.

The US State Department is yet to discuss with the Senate their current assistance for the Philippines which will affect their national budget for 2017.

“It may be necessary to consider further conditions on assistance to the Duterte government to ensure that US taxpayer funds are properly spent and until that government demonstrates a commitment to the rule of law,” Leahy said.

The senator authored the Leahy Law which prohibits the US Department of State and Department of Defense from providing assistance to foreign military units that violate human rights.

“I wrote the Leahy Law, which applies worldwide, to ensure that the US is not complicit in human rights violations committed by forces that might receive US assistance, and to encourage foreign governments to hold accountable perpetrators of such abuses,” Leahy said.

Leahy stressed that stability requires legitimate governance and protection of human rights.

“I also know, as do most people, that when governments condone extrajudicial killings and forced disappearances, and prey on vulnerable populations, they are sowing the seeds of instability, not preventing it,” Leahy said on Tuesday.

The senator added that Duterte should instead focus on improving services for Filipinos by holding law enforcement accountable and strengthening the judiciary.

Meanwhile, Sen. Benjamin Cardin said Duterte has “chosen the wrong way” in his war against narcotics.

“President Duterte, in advocating and endorsing what amounts to mass murder, has chosen the wrong way. Senator Leahy is absolutely right when he said that a lack of respect for rule of law and democratic governance breeds instability, distrust and sometimes violence,” Cardin said.

Cardin noted that more than 6,000 people would be killed as a result of extrajudicial killings in the country by the end of the year based on the current trends.

The killings have been attributed to drug suspects who reportedly resisted arrest but the president rejected calls to investigate the deaths and claimed that the killings were lawful.

Duterte has also declared the killings of drug suspects as proof the success of his anti-narcotics campaign, Cardin said.

“But these recent reports of thousands of extra-judicial killings as well as detentions and a lack of respect for international human rights commitments are profoundly troubling,” Cardin said.

Cardin added that the killings undermine the mutual goals of the Philippines and the US to uphold liberal democratic values in the region and to strengthen international law.

“I too am greatly concerned that unless we are able to see a more constructive approach on these issues from the government of President Duterte — an approach that is just as serious about combatting the scourge of narcotics, but approaches the issue in a legal framework — that we may need to consider taking these steps,” Cardin said.

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    1. Profile gravatar of Penance
      Penance Post author

      I don’t think they expect him to…in fact, the child in charge has sworn that he’ll never change just the other day. But, like we’ve been saying…the US isn’t going to just throw money at a country that boots it out. The human rights violations are just the vehicle.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Agreed. Now it’s on Yahoo that he is accusing the U.S of the peso decline. Says he will resign if the UN and EU find that he is behind the extrajudicial killings. All they have to do is get media footage where he says he is doing it and dares them to charge him.

        1. Profile gravatar of Penance
          Penance Post author

          Shit….I’ll do the google search myself. Done in 5 minutes. Now all I have to do is research and find a suitable Flip to take his place…..fuck…put some coffee on…tell the family I’ll miss them. This is gonna take some time…

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            The problem is most filipinos believe everything he says without question and very few stand up or correct him. How long before the attack dogs of child in chief are let loose on Diokno like they were on De Lima? But if Duterte declares a war on stupid people we will have the country all to ourselves. I call first dibs on Baguio prov.

            “In todays news president Duterte says the sky is green and the grass is blue. Filipinos line up saying how they have the smartest president in the universe.”

    2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      I think they are calling to have the deaths investigated by an independent team of investigators. He’s claiming the deaths are lawful. I think the US is saying, “then let us in to investigate if you want to continue to receive aid from us”. Maybe something like that.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Even then it’s not like the pnp or other filipinos will cooperate, be truthful and unobstructive. Then if there are some who do help, are honest and such how long before they disappear or killed after the investigative team leaves? On a side note, I butt hurt NotmyFault and he left. Opppppsssss.

  1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    It’s amazing. Everyone here called this over 9 months ago once he made international news. All the dummy in charge needs to do is say, “we are investigating. The #s are exaggerated. People have been held accountable.” or anything like that. The in and USA will accept it and look the other way until it gets worse.

    But big dummy has to double down on stupidity, cursing, yelling, and now getting close to China/ Russia. It’s funny how such a self-proclaimed tough guy can be so sensitiv. Now that his economy is feeling the effects,,, of course it’s not his fault. It’s manipulation, or any other reason than “I accept responsibility”.

    Everyone bashed aquino, called him weak, gay, traitor, corrupt, etc yet the guy never responded to anything negative with stupidity. Nor did he blame outsiders. The peso appreciated whole he was in office. Dumtard has exactly the opposite approach to everything, the peso declines. “but, but, but, not my fault!! USA manipulates cause they hate me”. Lol!

    Chavez, arrafat, and Gaddafi come to mind.