And The Credit Goes To?

Before I get started, if you have plenty of time, try to search on google “mineski dota 2 team rave cancelled flight”then click the first result .
Rave is a DOTA 2 team which includes 4 filipinos , but they’re from South Korea . Rave became a bit famous because of winning some tournaments abroad and entitled one of the best team in SEA. Winning some tournament = $, $ = PH got their eyes on you .



I’m a native filipino and it’s my first time writing an article on a website.

So i have an American uncle, and he is a previous soldier , he’s now working on South Korea . Last January , he’s here for vacation together with his wife which is my aunt and their two kids .

Then one day , the barangay councilor Eddie Fuellas came to their house and hand over this piece of ancient scroll .

I didn’t bother to know what was that .then tomorrow , my mother told me about half court renovation . She says that my uncle agreed but they have to put the Pistons logo on the basketball board .

At first , i doubt what my mother told me, then my aunt posted the “piece of ancient scroll” on the facebook page of our family .(attached picture)
My uncle commented “Yes!”


I almost “Fus Roh Dah” when i saw it .

I feel sorry for him, I think he agreed because he joined their league about 1 or 2 years ago and he enjoyed it, and of course , the court is like a trash , my beloved past companion dog looks better than the court .

When i was a kid , me and my brother used to join the league , of course it’s fun because we’re still kids .
the last time I join is like 2 years ago, I have the height, but I’m not really cut out for basketball that’s why I didn’t join anymore, I’m more on gaming(MOBA games). And my brother continued to join the league .

How to join the league(past)
You have to pay 50 pesos for entrance fee.

How to join the league(present)
You have to pay 150 pesos for entrance fee.
250 pesos for uniform.Hidden charges:
You have to pay 20 pesos (each player) for “referee”.


Referee , yeah , I’m talking about a referee which I, can do as well although I’m not a basketball fan because he can only call a basic violation . So basic , his brain didn’t even function well to give it a call .

Ages ago,I saw this player, obviously you can call it a traveling violation , of course they noticed it too and complained “it’s traveling”. The “referee” replied: ” just continue , what’s done is done”.

What a league. and the commentator, which is one of the member who made the league just laughed his ass off . By the way , I am talking about midgets.
But when it comes to adults, they will hire a uniformed referee. Of course , 20 pesos each player for them to hire that uniformed referee. Fair right ?

And the previous league , there is no midget, the team includes teens and adults . Almost all of them are from “squatters area”.
I feel for my brother who joined the previous league, he can outplay that barbarian-looking player, but when it comes to defense, my brother can’t do anything because of the physical strength advantage of that barbarian .

What kind of league is that , a 30+ adults and 18+ teens are mixed ?
And now , the upcoming league is still the same as the previous league ,a mix of adults and teens .
Where is “especially for the youth” they are talking about?

Moving on.. yes , the basketball court is ready , the pistons logo is there. What really pisses me off is that , Fuellas’ name is in the basketball board, the face of the vice mayor was there too, which is the wife of our mayor(fuck political dynasty).
I cant even see my uncle’s name. or at least they put something that will serve as thank you for my uncle so the community will know WHO REALLY renovated the court .
I’m glad i didn’t vote last election, and will never gonna vote again. Fucking peenoise officials .

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  1. Profile gravatar of TightWired

    I think you’ll find that most people (Non-Failoppinos) who offer donations/humanitarian work are NOT looking for public recognition . The only recognition that he wanted was for his favorite sports team logo to be shown. I’m willing to bet the only thing you uncle is looking for…is a firm handshake, and a heartfelt Thank You.
    It’s too bad that many times when people show kindness, they are often taken advantaged of. Your uncle will be labelled the rich ‘Kano, the one guy in the neighborhood who everyone will now ask for donations from.
    Shameful but not surprising that the Barangay and other city officials are trying to take the credit. I can only hope that all the money your uncle donated ended up fixing the court, and not in the pockets of corrupt officials.

    1. Profile gravatar of Kevin
      Kevin Post author

      yeah , i am sure these officials used all the money given by my uncle , and the money came from our tax , which is supposed to be used to fix the court will go directly to their pockets .

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    They have to have their ugly faces on everythding,,,,a nd have long winded titles. While living in somee decrepit hole…
    Sorry for thr 5yrping.
    Ever notice filipinos bragging..
    Kano story …me and my brother got drunk!!!
    Flip story ….? Mye břother who graduated manga cumlaude,,,flew ebusiness class next To lucio tan on the planes tOòk a limo from the airport to A FIWVE SSTAR HOTEL with his gucci shoes and on and friggin on
    Frick this i pad!!!!!!!
    Shoot me dead is alive in this crap hole