Another Philippine Scam – This time against Mitsubishi Motors Montero

This is in the news at the moment…. Basically over 100 people have claimed that their Mitsubishi Montero suffered from sudden unintended acceleration (SUA) which in turn caused a crash.

The main thrust of the current argument started after Mitsubishi Motors Philippines (MMP) announced its P60,000 pre-order discount on 9th November.

You have to realise that the Montero has been sold by the hundreds of thousands in lots of countries and has never had this incident occur.

This is the response of Mitsubishi Motors –

And this is Philippines Top Gear take on it –

I leave you to draw your own conclusions but if pushed Mitsubishi Motors will leave the Philippines with the loss of over 2000 jobs….

MMP think that it is driver stupidity/error that causes these SUA’s – Maybe this post should be filed under Philippine Stupidity as well?

Cut off nose to spite face?

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    VW did it and in fact in some countries threatened people (via lawyers) that they would approach their employer and show them the emails complaining about their VW mentioning that the emails must have been written in company time using company emails. VW also have a scam of faking emissions results.

    On Mitsubishi, perhaps its just Filo drivers that cant work out PRESS brake = stop, PRESS that thing to right side = accelerate. I am amazed how many nose to tail accidents i see on the NLEX, SLEX etc .. Filos bit absent minded people, slow to respond.

    And on Mitsubishi Montero which is every Filo dream in “ive made it everyone, i got my house and lot and a Montero”. Its amazing how no matter how well qualified, how many SUV’s including the famed black Mitsubishi Montero these Filos drive my friend asked for some contribution to his wedding and nope… they werent interested in providing. These are professionals, accountants, lawyers etc who drive late model SUVs – but funny, when they want something .. they come running to him. Thats right .. he white, rich, hambsum foreigner lalake – even filos driving a Montero would consider themselves still poor… its that kind of mindset they cannot shake.

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    I worked with an ofw,, he posted on facebook about his security camera at home,, then he got an oil change and posted that too. He is not working now,,,maybe he can boil a tire for supper

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      haha .. What I cant work out is how easy the words “can i borrow” roll off their tounges shamelessly and the amounts of “ONLY” used for gives of P2000, P5,000 even P10 or 20,000 pesos!

      I’ve met people and on the same day or next day they are harassing me for money like that.. The weird thing is they will attend a place of business activity (i refuse to call it work as Filipinos don’t work, they use these places for the airconditioning and to sleep during breaks or on the floor when say something runs out or a brownout), and will work all week for say 2,000 yet say “only” when they want 2,000 and expect me to hand over on the spot.

      Cant work it out???

      As mentioned – Filipinos dont value their time. They will work 6 days a week for 2000 or cry, begging and want 2000 instantly and say only as if its NOTHING to them.

      Then havent you had those parties where YOU MR FOREIGNER paid and people such as a cousin or sister turns up, EATS YOUR FOOD and DRINKS YOUR ALCOHOL and doesnt say a word all night then leaves and then a couple of weeks later you get via someone you know (that knows them) if they can borrow money off you as they are wanting to cover expenses to go to Dubai and work and will pay the next salary “PromiC” quote/unquote. haha Filipinos are just out of this world.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

        A nauseating mixture of greed, self-absorbed, disregard for all but own needs, shamelessness! It’s amazing they can live with themselves but that’s the elegant trick of no shame or self-critic whatsoever! Impressive!

        This must surely be the most abhorrant race on earth! Unworthy to be called humans! There should be a fee for calling such disgusting creatures “humans”! A large, punitive fee! Even ” creatures ” is too good a word! “Amobae” is more like it!:-) Venomous, slithering, sliding, sickness-creating toxic amobae, now we’re getting closer! Allthough many amobae would be insulted by the comparison! Even amobae have some rudimentary intelligence!

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    Hello FHPS!
    They have no shame because they were brought like that!!!! In my day, if i asked someone for a nickle, a good swift kick in the ass wouldbe applied by my mom. Here they learn how to beg at xmas from their parents. THE first words they hear ,is,,,gimme money,,,,
    Baxically no shame whatso ever,,,,,!!!,

    I am begging for a laptop this new years,, but dont think will get it.

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    Ooooo, the foreigner fears,,,,malaria, rabies, venomous creatures!

    …….stays away from the jungle by fear! No crocodile farm he visits! Underground rivers he avoids, danger from falling rock and the like! Stay away from dangers of the sea!
    Wisely drinks only bottled water. Careful in traffic!

    ……….approaches areas where sweet pinay abound! Ooohhhh how ill adviced is he!

    When damage done he bemoans himself and Destiny, alas, too late!

    Self-respect, material-wealth, hope, all robbed! All is lost! Slowly he walks the last paces to the Bridge…..

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    SUA = hitting the accelerator instead of the brake. This dates back to what… the 80s with Audi`s? Was proven there is nothing wrong with the vehicles other than an idiot behind the wheel. Same with the Toyota case a few years back.

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    My family doesn’t believe SUA is real! Most of the so-called SUA cases we read about are just panic-induced errors by elderly drivers who are clueless on how to properly work an automatic transmission vehicle!