Answers To Filipino Ungratefulness

Conduits for Gods gifts?  Is that what you are? Its some fucked up cultural programming I have thought is very real amongst Filipinos. What do you think whether this is a fair statement to say happens when you live in the Failappines that you, me and the Lord are being “used” by these takers (aka users) whom don’t give a shit about you (the helper) and have only their own end goals in mind – themselves.  Filo-lovers and foreigners unfamiliar with Filipino’ism wouldnt understand this.  Those in the “Filipino bubble” would however. More on this soon.

As time goes on I am helping Filipino’s less and less.  I have gotten used to the general lack of gratefulness whether it be my time, largely financial etc, even where I don’t expect anything in return.   I’ve often felt just used as an ATM machine would be (by people that I’ve known quite some time) or similar to be called upon when and if needed as a social welfare mechanism.

Often I’ve seen the result of what help I’ve provided ending up as a Facebook post or worse still, the person to come back after crying firstly hungry for food money to ask for money for items such as a handbag!

Filipinos have  a “lack” mentality.  That lack mentality will be played out in full gear towards those that are generous and kind.  Show a Filipino kindness and your fair game to be used and abused for your kindness.  Its just in the Filipino nature whether they know it or not to want to take Filipinos at the end of the day are takers and not givers in society.  They may not realise it, but they have been used to “lack”. They’ve grown up with it all their lives or had this social programming passed onto them by their parents and peers.

By growing up with a lack mentality I mean …..
lack of jobs,
lack of opportunity,
lack of food (lets get real the number of Filipinos i met going hungry through not having money to buy food),
lack of stocks (lol!) …
lack of support in society (welfare, infrastructue etc)…
lack of common sense…
LACK OF MONEY and on and on their toilet roll list of problems go.

Foreigners to the Philippines know that second to stupidity and lack of common sense is a lack in Filipino society compouded by the senseless earbashing you get of demands and begging.

Most … not all “shit dump” their lack onto foreigners, but most Filipinos will be takers and not givers if you allow them too.  Open the doors to hear a Filipinos problems and your opening a flood gate.

The lack mentality turns into lets rip this opportunity for all its worth as we may never have it again even to the point of creating “lose-lose” setups. which eventually bust friendships.

I guess poverty has largely influenced their thinking to a subconcious level but also the Catholic church which litters their brains with mantras such as: “the joy is in giving”, “if you dont ask you wont receive” and on it goes,  theres also some distortions in their thinking about taking from the rich and distributing it to the poor who will  through ignorance distribute to the church and enter the gates of heaven before God … penniless.

filipino beach philippines

Filipinos never thank the provider publicly, they thank the Lord for the “blessings” – thats why they seem ungrateful to the provider.  Your not the originator of the gifting process, the Lord is.  The thanks are always saved for Sunday mass only to ask the Lord for more blessings in the future (takers).

Filipinos wont thank you …they will thank the Lord as a blessing – your just the hand that passes the “blessing” from the Lord to the Filipino requesting the blessing.

The Filipino culture has an EXPECTATION you will give.  The rich will provide for the poor  and you know Filipinos never thank the provider publicly, they always from my experience thank the Lord for what the provider has given.

what?!… I just feel fucking used by this Filipino mentality that seems so fucked up as if foreigners are just conduits of the lords gifts and that the hand of the foreigner that put it all together needs no appreciation returned as it was the lords work all along!

Around Christmas time you will get used to being asked often by complete strangers “wheres my gift”.  Its no joke when you get asked several times a day to a point of irritation and just highlights this fucked up notion that Filipinos have that “the world owes me something” and these foreigners here are going to give it if I annoy the crap out of them.

Worse still, I often think giving to Filipinos is a THANKLESS task.  Theres absolutely no thanks at all.  The kick in the guts comes when your generosity has been posted on Facebook thanking god for the gifts.  Where are they getting these gifts?  From foreigners of course.

“Thankyou Lord for your blessings” with a picture of cameras and other electrical items eg. cell phones. 

I have seen someone I have helped between jobs have a photograph of her standing outside her old employment place and saying – thankyou Lord for all your blessings and that I am not working here any more.  What the fuck.  Theres no, ZERO, nadda, zip mention to say hey thanks to “Joe Blow” for helping me out during my transition from one job to another and I was about to go out and prostitute myself like my other Filipina friends to get money for food and rent.

What the fuck! – theres absolutely never a mention of the foreigner or male (more often than not) that has provided this help for what may be on many of these Facebook posts.

The real kick in the guts after spending time, (including listening time) to these asswipes problems is  seeing all the friends gloating as if she got really blessed and the greed and envy wanting it too ie. the holiday, camera, bag etc.  gimme, gimme, gimme.  The long time spent in discussions about how lucky she is to have that.

I’ve seen other posts where handbags and gifts are nicely laid out in a luxury hotel, pictures of food, hotel and more and … yes you guessed it.  Not a foreigner conduit to be seen let alone a mention of thanks to the person providing it.  Lets be honest here.  Filipinas living in a rental place of 2000-3000 pesos a month cannot afford a room at a five star Manila hotel and other gifts can they.

I saw once a girl holding many 500 peso notes in her hand with a huge smile.  This was posted on Facebook.  What she didnt say was that a foreigener who was kind enough to pay for her semesters fees and a laptop left the country and she got a refund on the fees and pawned the laptop (both at huge penalties to what paid) as she wanted to get the cash.  Not a word.  Just, thankyou Lord for your blessings.  SickFucking sick Filipina.

Essentially Filipinos dont give a fuck about you or the good Lord.  They care ONLY about themselves and their end goal in mind – its “core” basic survival/primate mentality.  They don’t care if you have nothing left after giving generously.  Filipinos don’t want to know what your problems when push comes to shove, thy will jus go onto the next listening ear.

Whats worse is when Filipina associate giving with love.

I find it really disgusting that once the greed starts and the Facebook promotional machine starts  running amongst the friends network and family that doesnt stop them.

One thing that Filipinas have is the mental programming of gifts = love Filipinos have this firmly in their heads theres a relationship between gift giving and love.  The more a foreigner gives, the more the foreigner loves the girl in her eyes. thats fucked up.  Many are living in a delusion of the relationship statemnt “looks don’t matter,… age doesn’t matter” …yes, what matters is the smell of the wallet and gifts.

Want an example.  I know a guy who gave a lot.  He bought food, drinks which of course (ratchets up to more and more need) to a block of land and tricycle bikes for two brothers.  Like wtf?! – He got in return statements from this greedy, needy taker, “I don’t think you love me”.

Filipino’s will shame – Shaming is something that is known well in the Philippines.  It perhaps originated by the teachings of the Catholic church.   You will find they will say something that is quite common, again this association with gifts and love.  “My family are ashamed of me, my foreigner hasn’t put a house and lot into my name, etc. like foreigners do” LIKE ..WHAT THE FUCK.  This is bullshit.  They don’t expect that of their fellow arse-wiping Filipinos but they have double standards towards foreigners to ask with no shame at all.  They have stories that run around in their minds about how all foreigners are buying house and land and cars and jewellery for their filipinas to show how much they love them.  Seriously, this is really screwed but goes back to – lack.  take it while its there.

Thats one thing you’ll find in the Philippines – Stories.  And these stories run riot amongst  the ignorant Filipino mind.

Are we just a conduit for Filipinos fucked up thinking about god? 

Am I mistaking something.  Am I right to say from my experience and that of the other readers here that Filipinos think the money or “stuff” they have been given by the foreigner is more from the  hand of god than the hand of the foreigner? as God has blessed me to pass it on to dearest Filipino.

No mention of the work (ex taxes) and sweat I put in to get that “gift” benefit to them.   Therefore, you get little reaction to any form of help other than to be ABUSED FOR MORE.  Ringing me at all hours of the day and nigh, texting every 5-15 minutes manic style, crying, carrying on, pleading for more help saying their crying and trying to do a time close on me?

Filipinos are takers and not giversI just find it so fucking sick.  I’ve dated girls from nearly every country in Asia except Brunei.  Filipinas and Thai are the fucking worst and they dont have a good reputation overseas.  Not only there is no thanks for the help, they want more through their prayers!


I went to christian gathering with my ex and witnessed people with microphones on stage saying how they were blessed with eg. 5 sales this month … but Lord .. yes sweet Lord… give me more!
I got this car … but Lord .. give me more …
I bought a house and lot but … Lord … give me more
I got over my sickness Lord .. but Lord .. I want money for a …
Oh my fucking god—- PLEASE!!

Well, the Lord must be tired of all this greed from Filipinos.

Do Filipino’s show any thanks to the Lord in return other than
a “thankyou for your blessings” post in Facebook? 

THE BOTTOM LINE IS — Filipinos don’t care about God’s gifts

In reality, Filipinos are hypocrits.  They say they love the Lord but they are ignorant in a lot of ways.  Filipino’s talk the talk and not walk the walk when it come to loving what are noticable blessings given by the Lord.

Filipinos just want to  take … take … and fucking take until they cant take no more and move on…..

when the going gets tough and the lifeline runs out … so do the Filipino!

enviornment in Philippines

This is how Filipinos give thanks to God’s gifts – USE AND ABUSE. These “takers” will never give back in return.  They keep taking until nothings left and move onto another provider.   That is the sick mentality of Filipinos.

General society abuse Gods blessings – the blessings of nature, the rivers, the oceans, the animals.  Have you seen how animals are treated in the Philippines?, how the environment is treated?, how they litter throwing rubbish on the streets and out of vehicles, how they don’t even care to put recycling waste in the right bins or local governments putting in place BASIC …READ: BAY FUCKING SICK environmental measures that are low budget programs.

The bottom line is Filipino’s rather than showing some respect for the environment, each other, doing something in return to protect Gods gifts (of nature), they also take from God and destroy it.  They’re only interested in themselves and material goods.  They don’t really care whats around them, the bigger picture environment – no matter how dirty it is.

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  1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    Now you will hear all about the environment, there is supposed to be 100 billion dollars a year put into trust for the curbing of global warming and helping developing nations. (China and India among st those)
    Thats what the whole global warming bullshit was about how can we tax air and water.
    Can you imagine in our tiny brains how they are going to get 130 billion over ten years out of the Americans for this fund, our idiot Prime minister opened his big mouth and donated a billion over 10 years Canada 2.3 Billion well America has 14 times the population of Australia and Canada so they should put up thirteen times as much.
    Fuck just print it and give it to the UN in Benjamin’s
    That will inflate the fuck out of the currency..
    Anyway, one of the rules is the money is to be used for helping reduce their carbon footprint, so the Flips will want money for, trikes, jeepnees buses coal fired power take them off the road and shut them all down.
    We all know who will steal all the money

  2. Profile gravatar of tambok

    Did you see the google post of fucking Trudeau welcoming the refugees with open arms? They were complaining cause they had to stay in a hotel for a week after the long flight!!!!! All paid for by tax dollars. Unbelievable left wing asshole. Just wait, mosques and suicide bombers everywhere!

  3. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    Yes,, western Canada is in an uproar and wants to separate too. Can you send the web link about them complaining about hotel rooms, typiccal syrains twats,,,, I was wondereing when the first complaint was going to come out of thier lying mouths.
    FRIG me ragged as they would say in The Great White North!!! That is Canada for the rest of you ossies and kanos… hahah

  4. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    Funny you point out how they abuse gods gift of the environment. They are crying climate change nonstop and now they want the world to start giving them money. Nevermind the fact they have personally fucked up their own country that was once beautiful.
    Even Aquino said, “no one is exempt. Everyone must do their part” at the climate conference in Paris. He failed to mention Filipinos love fucking up the environment. However, they want others to pay for it cause it flood more now. Of course it floods more now cause the garbage has choked the river, clogged the drainage, they’ve cut all the trees, and overpopulated all the waterways. Not denying or accepting climate change, just saying the problems of the Philippines does not come from climate change, but the direct actions of Filipinos themselves. They love the climate change debate cause is gives them an excuse for all the problems they have caused themselves. Bascially, they are saying, “Compensate us for the problems we cause”.

    By the way, if Filipinos are always so proud of such a shit-hole, low standards, corrupt culture, and just overall failure, then what exactly are they ashamed of?

  5. Profile gravatar of

    Johnny, Kiribati is worse. After sueing Aus/NZ/UK in the 70s and being given money and another island in Fiji to move to, they didnt go because they wouldnt have anything to complain about and therefore receive money from other countries. By the way they tried to sue us again not long ago. They still wont go to their island in Fiji. They are addicted to foreign aid. That’s why global warming was so convenient for THEM!!!! Interesting that their sinking attol was a large part of the Paris BS discussed this week. Only whinging fucktards will win……………….

  6. Profile gravatar of dpjb2923

    Back when I was naïve about these people
    I met a lady on line (No I did not send money) We go to know each other and she seemed like “I am not like the others” type.
    I was going there and we agreed to meet up in Manila. She asked me if I would buy her some particular Protien drink in Japan and she would pay for it when we meet and I agreed to buy and be paid for the drink when I get there. On top of that I buy her some chocolate for her and daughter along with some packaged ramen noodles (I did not expect to be paid for this) I went all out to find what she wanted
    We meet and I give her the goods and showed her the receipt for the protein drink and said 1000 peso will be fine and I eat the rest. She gives me an excuse that I do not have the money on me can I send it to you? I thought to myself “Hmmmm” and agreed. I got back to Japan and she started being down right rude to me when asking her to make payment.and said she never agreed to pay for it blah blah blah. I told her that since she is a church going person, what would your god think about what you did to someone who was nice to you, Well at least you have something to say when you go to confession next time. What would your Angel of a daughter think about mommy if she heard this? She gives me shit about how I talk too much. Then and there I gave up and put her on my blocked list as she was sending me another nasty gram. I may also add that I bought her dinner that ran me 600 peso too.
    Granted it was only about 2000 yen.
    Last year in Dumbagueti, I met up with this cop who had two daughters. dinner, movies snacks for the family. All in all it was not as much as protein lady, but here is what happen
    I paid for the rental of a motorcycle so she can take me around and she drove. the rental went overtime and she asked for another 200 pesos to pay for the overtime on the bike rental which I thought fair. I only had a 500 peso note on me and gave her that and she could return the rest the next day. the next day came and gone, so I asked her for the change and she gives me a pitiful face of what 300?. Yes it is not much, I grin and bear it but felt she had no integrity around money and stop communicating after I got home.
    I know there are many trust worthy Filipinas out there, but I refuse to trust another Filipina woman again because I don’t trust myself to find a trust worthy one…Rant over

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      One of my Kano friends hooked up with a dirt poor Pinay who would not even earn P10,000 a month selling cosmetics. Put her up in a nice condo and supplied her with P100,000 a month for her expenses. She chose to return to her mountain hut in the provinces with the rest of her freeloading relatives then complained to my friend “money is not enough”.

      Then the bitch got pregnant. My friend was elated since he really wanted a child. Out comes a half Kano baby boy 6 months later. BUT…. DNA did not match! WTF? said my friend. He did a 2nd DNA test….. still not a match! So confronted the slut, who cried “I got drunk”. She pointed the finger at an Aussie who denied the baby was his. He’s had a vasectomy apparently. So I asked my friend “if it’s not yours, and not the Aussie’s, who’s baby is it?”. “who knows?”. For awhile my friend supported the unfaithful slag for the baby’s sake. But what did she do whenever she did not get her way? Called my friend a “good for nothing man, you’re so ugly, no one else will have you!”. I told him to dump the bitch and move on. He did. He’s now got another Pinay who seemed to appreciate him more. But time will tell……

    2. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

      Wise! Many are very sweet, but most have no morals, no integrity, even if they are good at hiding this fact! Better to find a culture where women still have integrity, though this number is declining as fast as Species go extinct!

  7. Profile gravatar of FilamboredinthePH

    Wow you fucking hit the nail on the head with this quote

    “Filipinos wont thank you …they will thank the Lord as a blessing – your just the hand that passes the “blessing” from the Lord to the Filipino requesting the blessing.”

    I have a very casual acquaintance I’m friended with on facebook. He’s a very successful local businessman (He’s 100% pinoy btw but I can tell he’s very educated and very different than most) and it’s easy to tell he’s loaded and not just pretending like most. Anyways like most rich people he has a young very hot GF who I also have added on FB. He showers her with all sorts of nice trips, fancy dinners, gifts, and etc. Everytime she gets or does something nice (Like a new iphone 6s or a recent trip to a foreign country) she’s on FB proclaiming to the world her love for god and thanking god for this and thanking god for that. I’m like…. what the fuck this guy is hooking you up and you don’t even mention him once in your weekly flaunt posts!

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      yep. my ex i see her new samsung phone. … mmmm where did that come from. she said thankyou for your blessings lord to that. really crap. the who culture is crap.

  8. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    Next time our Flip relatives approaches us for money for medicine, I will send them to church to see Padre, see if Padre can/will squeeze a few pesos out of the alms from the poor before the funds get sent to Rome.

    No wonder our low life Flip relatives just take everything for granted. After all, God giveth, not us Kano suckers. Easy come, easy go. Give them anything, laptops, tablets, phones. If it’s not sold/pawned off, it gets broken easily. Example is my old Nokia phone. I had it for 5 years. When I gave it to my Flip Aunt, it was in as new condition, not a scratch on it. 12 months later, it was barely working! Bakla cousin had the gall to ask me for any of my old phones! I have about 3 spares here. I’m keeping them rather than send them to Flipland.

    1. Profile gravatar of 86andBelow

      Sarah. Maybe you should take a pic of your 3 spare phones, post on FB with “thank you for your blessings of three spare phones Lord”. Await the guaranteed “Gib me” reques……demands, then explain that you cannot change Dogs will and giving away the “spare blessings” may upset Dog and you don’t wanna risk it….


      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        I woke up from my nap this PM and there were 2 messages from Cebu, “Ate, I know that you’re busy. I just want to wish you a merry x-mas and hope you have not forgotten us”. *hint, *hint. I have not been replying to messages from the Failippines. They can wait till next year!

        As for my smart phones, it will be 4 spares soon….. 🙂 Ohhhh, wouldn’t the low life, ungrateful beggar Flips would just loved to get hold of them….NOT!

  9. Profile gravatar of djbuett

    sadly the grateful thank you to the donor is a missing part of todays culture in American Christendom as well….if gratefulness is expressed, it implies an authentic relationship and a tie in with said donor. I have given gifts as of late here stateside where even within the family there were those who thanked me and then there were those who proceeded to go to church with their praise reports and never mentioned boo to me. I think the latter has a screw loose. Christianity is all about relationships….with Him of course, but also with close to us and with those we interact with on a daily basis. When I read online that Fat Auntie (the internet cafe owner and instigator in my fleecing: see Stupid Lunch post) was going to church with her daughter and with a big shit eating grin on her face it took everything in my power to turn away without writing something nasty…..probably should have…something along the lines of hoping the priest mentions something about the golden rule and how she should take it to heart. That the act of “going to church” becomes “the thing to do” and more a social event rather than enraptured interaction with the Almighty is probably a given, but we are just as guilty of that here in America. Some of the most dishonest, disfunctional, ungrateful and socially incompetent people I have had to deal with here on this earth are hard core church goers….It is one of the reasons I don’t go much anymore, and I know I am in good company….thanks for a great, thought provoking post

  10. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
    Phil Doh

    You can see the ungratefulness in the tiniest things. There was an instance which always stuck with me, something so simple, but totally summed up so many pinoys in general. I was going into a restaurant and as I reached for the door I saw another westerner on the other side of the glass on his way out, so I stepped back and held the door open for him. He gave me a big smile and thanked me. Behind him came his flip entourage, about five of them, and not one of them even acknowledged my presence, let alone thanked me.

    After six years of living amongst an entire population where common courtesy is literally non existent I now appreciate it more than ever.

  11. Profile gravatar of tambok

    You are so right Phil, it happens to me all the time. I open the door to go out and get pushed out of the way by school kids. Happened yesterday at the internet café, I opened the door and a whole bunch of them rushed in and pushed past me shouting as usual. No manners, no regard for others, then they start shouting, one hour, open time, like they are the only ones there.

    1. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
      Random Numbers

      I can’t think of a time when someone tried to cut in front of me. Of course, I am a big, hulking, ugly kano, and I walk faster than most pinoy, so I think it makes them nervous that I might just walk through them. On occasion I have bumped people that I was walking past who could not walk in a straight line – sometimes I say “excuse me”, sometimes I say “watch where you are going!”, depending on how swervy they were walking.

  12. Profile gravatar of Idiotocracy

    I know that the post author allowed that there were exceptions to the rule here but so far I’ve had good luck with my Filipina and the family members working for me. Part of it was I had read the horror stories online about the sucker Kanos getting drained so I laid the law down before we even met. I’d help the young ones, might invest in something IF there was a sustainable business plan that made sense, but I would not be supporting anyone or spending money on family.

    Poor girl, poor family, some initial expectations once her family realized she was dating a Kano but she set them straight to much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Papa was ashamed of course, his Kano wasn’t providing like the sucker Kanos in the province. I just said that it was his problem, not mine.

    Now nearly 2 ½ years later things are fine. The Filipina is grateful for what I provide, so is her little sister who I am helping put through High School and later college IF she keeps good grades and stays out of trouble and minds her big sister. Really we have a problem sometimes where the kid needs something and doesn’t get it because big sister is kuripot with the Kano money. Ten K budget for condo, utilities, phone, Philhealth, and around 3 1/2 K left over for food. Rest of the food comes out of her own salary but I’ll make sure they have a freezer full of food, canned goods, and buy a 25 kilo bag of rice for the house before I leave. I cover health care when needed and fixed their teeth (big sis and little sis), pay for a vehicle, fuel, and repair when needed. Take them both clothes shopping and spend five to ten K each time I visit.

    The Filipina has been taught to save and handle money responsibly and use it as a tool, if she sent 1K to mom and papa 1 K goes in the savings account. I taught her how to keep books on her personal spending, using a remote laptop sitting right next to my easy chair at home so I know she is saving and recording her spending. Every once in a while we will need more cash than we can withdraw through the company debit card (U.S. card) and without asking she will go grab 50 K out of her savings account and “loan” the company the cash and pay herself back the next few days.

    Working family members are pleased with minimum wage and the benefits, first time any of them ever earned that much in their life. Long walk to work, I’ll buy a bike if they keep it running, but the bike belongs to me if they quit. Last trip there was some grumbling about not bringing them a gift till I explained that they were employees and not living in my house so why should I bring them a gift? Problem solved. I treat them well, provide lunch supplies each day with a monthly budget of 1K per worker. Past that, I tell the Filipina that if I don’t hire family I can save that 1K per worker, don’t need to be concerned about the workers spending a fifth of their pay on fare getting to work, and can put non family workers on contract basis so I save on benefits. And they do their job or get warned and fired after three warnings. Butt simple really. Take it and smile big or go back to work at half what I pay with no benefits or holidays.

    I don’t doubt the mindset of the average Filipino but it takes two to dance. Set the ingrates straight right from the get go and don’t put yourself in situations where who is paying is left unsaid. If you want to go somewhere make it clear that either you invite the guests and have control over who and how many or they can come and pay their own way. The only ones in the Philippines that truly deserve assistance is the kids and only after a long talk on what is expected in return. Luckily for me there is only one minor in the immediate family in school but once the brothers start a family I’ll not mind helping on school fees (properly documented) and they can work during vacation once they reach 15 to help pay their own way with 90% of the earnings going into a savings account for school. Don’t want to work after you are old enough? No help for you kid.

  13. Profile gravatar of D-Dogg

    This is on/off topic but some of the worst people i’ve experienced here in Metro Manila are the elderly. More specifically, elderly who feel they are entitled to everything, and I don’t just mean health benefits. My wife and I have a favorite mall we frequent(I won’t name it but it’s an upscale mall near Makati), and the elderly people there are the rudest bunch of people i’ve ever come across. Whats worse is that everyone else just lets them get away with it, I guess because there’s this stigma of giving older people “respect.” But this is too much; I was buying donuts for my wife one day and as the employee was packing my order there was a man and his young daughter in line about to pay. The girl was happy to hand the money to the cashier and from out of no where this elderly man literally pushes her hand away and shoves himself in fron of her so that he can pay for his order first. The dad just looked at guy and held his daughter and didn’t say a word.

    A more personal story, at the same mall my wife and I were in line to buy movie tickets. We were lucky enough to be members of a loyalty program that gave us access to a special “members only” line; this line is off to the side away from the regular lines. We’re waiting in line and there is one couple in front of us, then an elderly man enters the line behind us. After about 30 seconds the elderly man walks around us and then slides in front of us. Growing up in Los Angeles i’m not afraid to speak up so I politely say, “excuse me, we’re in line here” and at first he gives the “pinoy stare” because he’s lost for words since he’s not used to people speaking up. His only response is, “this is a senior citizen line” and both my wife and I quickly point out the very big black sign with yellow letters, “members only line.” He again just stands there silent as he doesn’t have any more arguments and my wife makes a loud remark about how he’s just a rude asshole and he’s the reason why the country is shit. The man then quietly shuffled back behind us.

    It’s just that sense of entitlment thats so strong here; everyone thinks they’re owed something.

  14. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflips

    This post is spot on! Just about everything I experienced with those smooth-skinned babboons was mentioned here. Flips have that “entitlement” mentality that basically goes, “You (the kano) are rich (because you live in a country where the streets are paved with gold and everyone has a money tree in their backyard), and I (the flip) am poor, therefore YOU OWE ME! (notwithstanding the fact that I–and all of my fellow “kanos”–have nothing to do with your being poor). Sigh….

    I fell into that trap, and it took years before I was able to bust out of that “bubble”. One thing that reigns in my mind is something that my adopted fatoer told me, several years ago, that I was the one who had gone through the studying, the hard work, the sweat and toil, and the long hours to get the point where I am in my financial security–NOT them.

    But I felt so “sorry” for them so I did what I could do to help. Did they show appreciation? NO. Instead, they wanted more, and more, and more….

    “Where’s my gift?” “Pasalubong, po!” “Give me money!” etc, etc, ad nauseum….

    And that was from the people I had done so much to try to help!

    Case in point. I “invested” (actually WASTED) about US$30,000 in a trucking business in an effort to help provide jobs and livelihoods for the aswang’s family and extended family. I was sending, at times, as much as $1500 a month, allegedly to keep the business going. In order to do that, I was working very hard-working assignments with long hours, six days a week. By the end of 2013, it was really wearing on my body and my stress level to the point where, on some nights, I would have both of my wrists in braces and the pain kept me from sleeping well. I had to change assignments to one that worked less hours but paid less money. A couple of days before New Year’s Eve, 2013, I sent a very apologetic email (ironic that I was the one apologizing, even though I was giving so much) to the aswang explaining that my body just cannot handle the hard work and stress, and I had to reduce my level of support because of my change of assignments. In response, I got a very inflammatory email from the aswang which showed no level of empathy or understanding.

    At that point, I knew that it was the end.

    Just a couple of seconds before Midnight, New Years Day, 2014, I took off the ring and never put it back on.

    My adopted father said I could do it “with a clear conscience.”

    He was right.

    Which is why I would NEVER recommend that a Westerner–not even my worst enemy– get involved in a relationship with one of those smooth-skinned babboons.

    The Westerner is much more deserving that that.

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      @snakebitbytheflips @snakebitbytheflip

      1. the memory of Filipinos is very low
      2. when its to do with them – they remember everything.
      3. underlying is they don’t care. they wont care if you said, this money is for my food for tommorrow. If my transfer doesnt arrive to the bank I WONT HAVE FOOD. They don’t care. In that example they still focus back on themselves and will keep harassing you.
      4. strangely they are like dogs. In one spot kick them up the ass they move to anoher spot and start howling.
      dude, i know your situation.

      You would have started off with simple requests
      bills etc
      then it grew and grew to what you described
      thats how they do it.
      The world owes it to them. Thats the fucked up reality of the filipino.

      1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
        FHPS Post author

        Mate, your dealing with primates.
        people that are socially illiterate and don’t know how to treat animals right let alone human beings.
        As raised many times – Filipinos are narcissists.
        They put themselves first, second and third — down to 100th
        take all, give you nothing .
        They don’t mean to be assholes.
        its just bred into them.
        its bred into a Filipinos subconscious that whatever is on offer may not be around tommorrow.
        OPPORTUNISTS – that I have a mountain of “mga problema ko” many problems
        in fact … life for a filipino is swimming in fucking problems.
        The filipina have an advantage. They can just spread their legs as they do and
        get pesos for cash (simply go to Angeles, Manila, Cebu etc as you know)
        and its a sea of filipinas trying to survive spreading their legs for pesos.

        Simply, the filipino don’t mean TO SCAM and RIP PEOPLE OFF.
        Sometimes they dont know theyre doing it
        they have beome NUMB to their actions
        its second nature to lie, steal, not return things, not look after things
        use and abuse something that someone has entrusted in them.
        Its just secon nature and they will swear black and fucking
        blue to your face that they are not like the rest.
        Filipinos will
        1. worship the same god
        2. eat the same food
        3. have the same mannerisms
        4. be drowning in problems like the rest
        5. have the same social skills/reactions
        but they will swear black and blue that the money they are requsting
        WILL BE PAID BACK — as they text “i Pr0mic”
        and they are so highly defensive in this denial
        they live they will feel offended when you
        say … mmmm based on 10 years in this country
        and 100’s of people ive given loans too (actually small amounts
        load, etc) all under the “pr0mic” to repay
        NOT ONE
        Yep not one arsewipe has repaid.
        1. because you are white
        2. because they live day to day
        3. because they cant manage their money
        4. because the problems are so great they have no capacity to repay.
        AND ABOVE ALL…
        they will buy beers, handbag, jollibee
        more so .. if the sister or greedy unemployed cousin comes along
        to feast on your money in your absence
        before even thinking of paying you back yoiur money.

    2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      Well, my greedy Flip relatives are at it again. In the last few days, I’ve had several cousins messaging me “Ate, merry Christmas. Don’t forget our pinaskuhan”. Sure I will forget!

      What would you do if you don’t have the money to visit your sister or mother or any of your relatives living in another island? You won’t go, right? Not for Flips! My dumb as a bag of shits Flip Aunt messaged me yesterday asking me to pay for her fare so she can spend Christmas in Manila. This is the same Aunt who allowed me to get ripped off by the low life carpenters she hired to do the fencing on my property in the city, same low life carpenters who kept asking for advanced wages (which she gave!), then did not finish the job! Same Aunt who kept collecting garbage (tins, bottles, metals etc) then just dumping them on my property for storage, “for later collection” apparently. I’m about to develop stomach ulcers out of stress because of her. And she expected me to pay for her airfare to Manila? I know she’s dumb! But golly, I had no idea how dumb!

      Now, here is the root cause of the reason why she’s running off to Manila to spend Xmas with Grandma and co. Aunt and her daughter in law had a massive falling out recently because daughter in law wanted to borrow P250,000 from Aunt, because she wanted to have a grand church wedding! She and my cousin married at the registry office 6 years ago, when she was a 3rd year Nursing student because….surprise, surprise! She got pregnant! Anyone tell me that a 3rd year nursing student don’t know shit about contraception is not living in the real world. She wanted to marry my cousin, but he was hesitating. So to force his hand into marriage, out come the ACE card… baby!

      So fast foward 6 years later, she suddenly wants to remarry in a church and with a grand wedding, for which they have no money for! Further more, dumbass Flip Aunt don’t have a job, don’t have money, and no SS (long story about that one). So she has been living off the sale of her other house in the province.

      Who in their right mind would want to borrow P250,000 to feed some ungrateful parasitic low life relatives for an unnecessary wedding? On the Flips of course!

      1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
        FHPS Post author

        ON THE WEDDING BORROWING – Filipinos as you know love to borrow money but rarely do they pay back as you also know. Filipinos think in the moment and not the future so paying back in the future is something foreign to them as in the moment they are always in a state of survival from 1 peso to the next.
        The worst thing is the view of all foreigners being rich. Even the smelly, crusty old ones.
        My friend got asked to contribute to a wedding. When he had a look at the family they had property (in the province) on the beach, drove SUV’s and were qualified accountants and lawyers. Not hard up for a peso or two.

        The problem with Filipinos apart from their memories is they are stingy when it comes to spending outside of themselves. When he proposed a wedding they didnt want to contribute. Typical, you can not only NOT Trust a Filipino but when push comes to shove they are never around and cannot be relied upon to do their bit.

        So after doing a lot of preparations and some money payments, my friend finds out the sister has a wedding on in the same year. Mmmmm your sisters getting married and you didnt raise this? How fucking absent minded can you be (oh wait, we are dealing with a filipina here whom equates to a pole on my shoulder with a bag of rocks at the end!).
        The deal is the sister got in first and therefore you canno have 2 weddings in the same year. Of course, they want to not eat too much pork in one hit and save a feedup to the next year so they can eat and get fatter.

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          Actually, it’s Filipino superstitions that two siblings should not marry in the same year, and preferably, the older sibling should marry first. It’s considered bad luck if 2 siblings marry in the same year. I can’t quite remember the reason why older sister should marry first?

      2. Profile gravatar of FHPS
        FHPS Post author

        @sarahfin on What would you do if you don’t have the money to visit your sister or mother or any of your relatives living in another island? You won’t go, right? Not for Flips

        1. They will defy advice
        2. they act on emotion and impulse
        3. if they have one way fare – they will go and then work out about getting back when they are at the other point. Think this is isolated? its so common i had many Filipinos ringing me from Manila, Leyte, Northern Cebu, Mindanao “please!! please!! im stuck, i have no fare to come home”. I knew what their movements were beforehand so it wasnt the traditional filipino scam but STUPIDITY.
        I had one friend took 3 jeep rides to a place and then had no load, no money and no family there and sat at a place overnight and borrowed someones phone to ask me for the jeepney fare home. yes, to go to the e-padala and send like 50 pesos! for 3 fares to get home. Some have been delayed a week and returned to find their stuff stored outside their room. Forgot to pay the rent 🙂 in another case my friends rent was 3 weeks in advance so no problems but was away 2 weeks and came back to find her boarding house room relet and all her stuff put out on the balcony. What the fuck. The stupid, dense and dog shit for brains owner said he hadnt seen her for 2 weeks and presumed she had left… mmmm despite paying in advance.

        1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          I operate differently if I get approached and have twice, I pay the one way there, I tell them they have to budget their money for the return so don’t ring me ever, Ill pay it only one way.
          Then as we all know, BUDGET that OXYMORON WORD IN the Philippines.
          It took her mother a year to get back home, her brother is still there he hasn’t gotten the money together on the same trip yet his 70 year old mother did, says a lot about that lazy prick.
          It took the sister and two children 9 months to get home.
          Now they had their money for the one way and I was asked to contribute , so I got the child bride to go and buy the tickets down, up to them to budget to get back.,

        2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          A few years ago, the Ex and I had a very strange encounter with a very young Pinay. She looked underage, actually. We were returning from dinner at about 11PM. We left the Jeep in front of the hotel since the restaurant was nearby.

          As we approached the hotel, we spied this young Pinay sitting on the passenger side of the jeep. We told her she was sitting on our jeep and what was she doing there? The odd thing was, she was barefoot and was only wearing an oversized men’s t-shirt, obviously not hers. She did not reply to our question, instead she kept repeating “please help me, my mother will kill me. Please help me, my mother will kill me. ” The ex gave her P50 and told her to get out of there. She boarded the next available bus which stopped right in front of the hotel.

          We speculated if she might have been a prostitute, then did not finish the job, done a runner. The Ex thought that she might have had a rendezvous with her BF for a sexual encounter, then changed her mind and grabbed any clothing she could find. With these mischievous Pinays, who would know?

        3. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          You know the amazing thing is the child bride will see me hunker down at the end of the month and stay at home, not even go for a beer waiting for the budget to be topped up at the end of the month, but get her to stay home, not on your fucking life.
          Life goes on , hand comes out and wiggling fingers.
          Wallah money she does not believe it even after all these years of me being on a pension.
          Ive changed her plans for the future she will not be getting a lump sum , she will be getting a monthly stipend from my family, they will control the capital until the day she dies.
          I wonder if I can put her in the coffin with me dead or alive.

          1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
            FHPS Post author

            thats right @don-quixote i even said i have had a delay in getting money. I have ONLY FOOD money. Nope, they don’t believe, still hound … then wtf!? ask me can I buy a hand bag for work.


          2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            Don, I knew a Pinay here who became a widow after only a few years of marriage. When her husband was dying, he had the foresight to put her under the public trust (Guardianship Act). She was your typical Pinay… no sense when it comes to money. The late husband knew that she would never manage her money and she’d he a target for fortune hunters, although she was not wealthy by any means. He left her with enough to be comfortable and not have to work. The public trust paid all her bills and only supplies her with a small amount to buy herself anything she might want to buy. She particularly loved pretty clothes.

            The merry widow soon found herself a youngish BF after a few months. He was ambitious. He wanted to take over managing her money. I told her not to allow him to over turn the trust fund. Apparently, he tried but failed, then he left her. She was upset, but I guess she loved her money more 🙂

      3. Profile gravatar of

        Sarah, 250k would pay for a very grand wedding. Ours was pretty full on for half that! I guess the 250 includes all sorts of cash handouts for everyone in the family?

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          I have no idea Wombat. I do know that the sister in law is a social climbing, pretentious little bitch. You know the type. Even if they don’t have it, they lead a lifestyle that gave false impressions that they were rich, even though my cousin was working back to back.

          Thing is, Auntie has no income whatsoever and has to pay for expensive medications for her high blood pressure and heart disease. If she loans the money, and she does not get paid, Auntie will be screwed. She has no other assets to sell. Well she does have her house in the city, but if she sells that too, where’s she gonna live?

          1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
            Don Quixote

            If you mortgaged the City house for her so she could have that fucking wedding, and somewhere for your aunt to live ,you would then be just a money grubbing loan shark who wanted her house, they would all soon forget the fucking wedding plans and turn on you when you got the house because they could not ever pay you back.
            Good intentions have no reward in the fucking PI.

  15. Profile gravatar of

    Tomas, sounds like you married my wife’s twin. We were married 10 years ago too. I do love her but she can really push my buttons. This blog helped me see what is going on.

  16. Profile gravatar of Straightedge

    Sarah your posting and waning about relatives and what have you in the Philippines prompted me to sign in to this site.I just wonder if you tell them straight to their faces about those hateful things that they are doing to you or trying to do to you all the time? Because believe me, although i know there are lots of truth to all these matter.I couldn’t help asking you if you told all of them point blank?

  17. Profile gravatar of Harley

    I’ve talked with many foreigners in Philippines that are buying houses for their girlfriends and even giving $1000 (yes you heard right 45,000 pesos) month allowance and the girl still says ‘why you so kuripot! (stingy, a tightwad) , or ‘i think you don’t love me’. Look bottom line as stated already here is they don’t give a shit, they are users and takers. Seriously people, honestly, this boggles my mind I don’t get how other foreigners can do that. They must have got some filipina magic spell put on them blinding them. This is really stupidity on the foreigners part … I mean christ …these guys buying houses and lots and cars and tons of allowance …. and ok he’s getting a little sex when he comes on his trips here …. is that worth it? If the guy is that loaded why not spend those huge amounts and get an American girl for what he’s pumping into this place.

    The answer to their ungratefulness is that they are of a tribal mentality. They share and pass things around within the tribe. They don’t and never will care ANYTHING about the outsider, the ones outside their tribe, even their own countrymen. Yes their greed is very sickening, even worse when they accuse others of being greedy for not giving or taking care of them …. like WTF!!!!!! That’s how twisted they are. They are fat belching pigs chowing down on your dollar and as they fart and belch some more they accuse you of being greedy for not giving enough! Then when they do ‘score’ and some dumb foreigner gives them a cell phone or nice clothes it immediately gets posted on facebook so that others can be jealous and demand the same from their foreigners. A vicious cycle. Where does all of this lead to? What is to become of all of this? Well read also FHPS other great post on how filipinos aim for the Lose-Lose . Its like as if they want to burn bridges (remember tribe mentality, those outside the tribe don’t matter) get all now more more more while its here now so the tribe can all grunt bletch fart and increase their greed lust for more.

  18. Profile gravatar of Harley

    And if you stop giving or lessen the giving (especially if you had been giving alot) then its cannibal time! They will hunt you and even kill you. I’ve heard stories. This does happen. Remember its tribal mentality.

    FHPS has some great topics on here. This one in particular the ungratefulness hit me especially strong. This issue of the ungratefulness is what really broke me here in the Philippines. Its their attitude. Regardless of how poor or unfortunate, from the very beginning, when I saw how widespread that attitude is that they don’t care and are unthankful and even seek to abuse the giver more and more and more…. that was the last straw… that broke me… I didn’t want to give anything ever again to these vipers. I saw how it is all a game to them… they play up their crying desperate poor situation more than it actually is. Most of them are not starving or going hungry …. Oh yes they will sure act like it.. They just want the newest cell phone to show off. I don’t believe anything they say…unless I can verify it myself. Those in other asian countries have a little more style , at least pretended thankfulness … but these savages here are in a hurry to burn the bridge as fast as possible.. and move on move on to the next sucker