Are You A Victim Of The Filipino Bubble?

There is a term I use called the Filipino bubble. You are either in the bubble or outside the bubble. Let me explain –

A – Foreigner newbies to the Philippines or foreigners overseas tend to live outside the bubble. I’ve heard many remarkable comments in defence of Filipinos from people that have been here in the Philippines only weeks or have never visited the Philippines. These foreigners have not endured the real Filipino way, have largely been living outside the bubble and so see Filipino’s as what is often used “kind, caring, happy smiling people”.  More often than not these ignorants who have been living outside the bubble would call anyone seen to be putting down Filipino’s as racist.

In the Philippines,  many of the outside the bubble living people experienced Filipinos at a hotel level and of course there’s a different level of interaction especially when you’re outside the bubble.

It is therefore not surprising that some foreigners have rose coloured glasses on and will see Filipinos in a different light – that is, from outside the bubble.

With foreigners living overseas. They have nothing but praises for Filipinos despite not having visited the country – they experience a dose of filipino through interactions mainly at a work level e.g. hospitals where a lot of Filipina workers are employed. What they don’t realise is that these workers are much the “brains”of the country that have been driven overseas to seek work leaving behind the largely uneducated, unskilled workers in the Philippines – the “crumb feeders” feeding off the oligarchs.

It’s true to say OFW’s support the lazy families back in the Philippines who you will see at places like Ayala eating up meals that clearly they cannot afford. The movement of workers overseas is largely  the result of a repressive 60/40 constitutional ownership rule which have stifled a lot of business from foreigners in a lot of areas in addition to Filipinos who are traditionally known to rip-off foreign companies that have come to the country by renegotiating contracts, estafa scams etc. and having a legal system in the country which serves only the good of filipino’s no matter how bad they are.

As I say, what foreign company is going to invest large amounts of money on a 60 – 40 basis and have no financial controls or protections in the legal system which is severely bogged down in what is a corrupt system where not only judges but jurors being paid.

B –Filipinos living outside the bubble: A a lot of Filipinos delusional -theres no question about that. They make comments about their own Filipina kind to me and online dating sites and what annoys me is a statement they roll out like parrots “not all Filipina that”.  It’s just common as hearing the term “if you don’t like it leave”.

Filipinos all seem to say and believe that they are standouts and unique.  That they have no shame to bear and have a squeaky clean image. No matter whether in the north, middle or south of the country they all have this delusional opinion that only a minority of their kind are manic, stupid, failing, scamming, narcissist, and all the other things that we have discussed here. I’ve even had conversations on numerous occasions where the person said that statement and came out quite defensive over filipino’s asking for money all the time and then a couple of sentences later they asked me for money! And here’s me thinking not all Filipinos are like that sir.   They will cover up their own language with weezal talk by using the words “lend” when they mean “give” (with no repay) and see themselves as being honest! bahhh!!

Yes, from an arm’s-length point of view not all Filipinos are like that… but when they enter into your bubble or you theirs – they change – LET ME REPHRASE THAT — COMPLETELY CHANGE! Filipinos fucking change.

95% of Filipina that I have dated from hundreds and hundreds of women over a decade have changed and changed quickly. So I can say not all are like that but I can say most (95%–other friends say 98%%!) of Filipina are like that (money grubbers and opportunistic as if you are a provider or ATM with no care about you as a person, just they want the money and will heap guilt and shame on you if you don’t provide it) when it comes to asking especially for money.

When you’re on a street level there is not a problem, but when you get into a relationship or friendship level then that is when you get into the bubble.

Being in the bubble is especially dangerous in a relationship– WAIT! even as simple as a friendship you are taking the first steps of entering into the bubble.

When you’re on a street level there is not a problem, but when you get into a relationship or friendship level then that is when you get into the bubble.  Filipinos expect you to pull your weight, even when they don’t themselves and of course they think foreigner equals rich, equals will pay the majority if not 100% of everything they ask for (As the church says – ask and you shall receive… and most believe this!  A great level of self entitlement comes out, and this comes out early in the piece not later as soon as the bubble is entered by you.  Justification based on church mumbo-jumbo is used and lived by .. shame is put on those that don’t give, its humble to be poor, the joy is in giving, share your blessings… blah fucking blah.

The  Filipino bubble is about accepting a person and their problems and situation.

Heard the saying “accept me for who i am”, “someone to support me and my studies or family” – RUN! This is a cultural trait that what is yours is mine and mine is yours.  The mentalism of the Filipino is so fucked up they would think its normal for someone to provide a life to them, they just got to pray harder and god will provide it.  When they found someone gullable like a foreigner, look out…

Just remember Filipinos bring nothing to the table

Just remember Filipinos bring nothing to the table, so they don’t have anything to give back to you, really other than sexual comfort – theres not much there in terms of intellectual interaction upstairs, worldly and life experience other than saying “have you eaten”, “drink your medicine”, “who’s there with you now”, “don’t forget to eat your dinner”.

Then when your in the bubble and get deeper into the bubble, YOU WILL start getting the family saying what is mine is yours and yours is mine but in effect they are just bleeding you dry.

The family will enter and thats the bubble starts blowing bigger.

I find this really disgusting, imagine telling your friends that your flying 20 hours say to a land called the Philippines to meet people to support the family, a girl, who has possibly one to 3 kids plus, little education, nothing really to say and talk about, a low level of mental and social skill, has no assets, no money, no job, no future, and you tell your friends you going there to provide them with your income, get them out of the shit, provide and support them for anything they ask. You will be living in a country where you will have little legal right. That everyone in the country is wanting to get out of the country and you are Visa ticket, the gold lottery winnings to getting out of the country but the catch is you have to pay everything also. Your friends would think you are stupid! – Right?– but this is the power of the Filipino bubble once inside — many foreigners get sucked in to this power and the only way to break free is to pop the bubble, leave, let it burst, let it implode. You’re playing with people who have high level of self entitlement a matter how much effort you have made, no amount of effort or financial giving is enough there’s always a demand, there’s always a need, there is always someone in need and who has a problem and not a lot of THANKYOU to go along with it.

Some at this point would call it a black hole… even if you gave a Filipino family 50,000, 100,000, 500,000 pesos a month miraculously there would still be demands and needs and … problems 🙁

These are highly dependent people.  They have no idea how to move forward and get themselves out of problems and see you as an easy meal ticket.  BE NICE TO FILIPINO = SIGNING YOUR OWN DEATH WARRANT.

Filipinos work on the simple principle, if you don’t give just move onto the next provider.  If you don’t like it leave.

Filipinos work on the simple principle, if you don’t give, they just move onto the next provider.  If you don’t like it leave.  And this is where many foreigners get burnt after giving and giving and giving and getting nothing back they start scaling back the giving only to find the  Filipinos will just leave because they are getting less and less and less social benefits.

I have helped a number of people and found them simply dissapear easily when the money supply runs out.  You would think this ungrateful race would reciprocate in some way but by nature they are takers.

Filipinos are not interested in  you. If you weren’t buying beers for the uncle, giving money for food for family gatherings, paying fares etc, . then they would follow this statement of they don’t like it they’ll just leave. Love to Filipinos is about money.  Money is first, second, third on how that will help them in the future to survive – survival mentality.

If you arent giving therefore you must not love her!

Therefore, your entry into the bubble is extremely quick – mind numbingly quick in a lot of cases where you expect picture financial weight from paying for grandma’s funeral costs to birthday parties to tuition fees.

And on Filipino friendliness? The reason why Filipinos are friendly is a social benefit factor. They are continuously seeking benefits – everyone’s heard the saying “where is my gift” but they are opportunistic in every way looking for opportunities to ask for something. It’s quite simple mathematics that if there are no social benefits you will not find the Filipina hanging around much longer. They are living with their necks just above water line so why waste your time with someone who is not gonna be a giver. They even do this when they haven’t proved themselves, expecting you to give as a complete stranger. In some cases perhaps they are scared off because they’re so used to being asked for money from family members who have bled them dry – that it keeps them poor and soon as you are sick in hospital, down on your luck – guess with Filipina will go – out the door.

I often tell those that are saying “not all Filipina like that” that the Filipina have no rights to talk about that as they have no experience in what they are saying other than a Filipina to Filipina level of friendship. So when it comes to dating someone, being in the bubble…. they cannot talk from experience. They have never dated another Filipina unemotional level nor had sex with the Filipina so therefore cannot talk much like a male cannot talk about having a baby is a female can.

I have dated hundreds and hundreds of women here in the country and I can tell you that 95% of Filipina have given me problems.

I have dated hundreds and hundreds of women here in the country and I can tell you that 95% of Filipina have given me problems. The Filipina bubble comes out where I am being asked to give a helping financial hand and I am really sick of it, the lack of respect they show people visiting this country. I don’t give a shit about how they treat themselves but as I’ve seen they don’t treat themselves very good either.

Be careful of being in the Filipino bubble:  The Filipino bubble applies to both foreign and males and Foreigner females dating here. I have met women who have given much of their money and possessions into the relationship only to find the bubble pop. One girl I met literally had the shirt on a back and she was staying with another Filipino lady who had helped her. I’ve met females who have been financially stung by lying and cheating pinoy’s. Much talk is about the males had been burnt in this country by the Filipino bubble but equally applies to a lot of females.

The Filipino bubble just keeps blowing and blowing and blowing and more people keep coming into the bubble each year from overseas to experience what the bubble is like. Some stupidly from overseas think that they will not get affected and that those that have been burnt to date are the result of their own inactions or inabilities. That way of thinking is just fraught with danger, having dozens of family members guilt and shame on your girlfriend and making demand expectations far outweighs your abilities that you have to protect yourself in a foreign land. Many come here and experience the Filipino bubble where more and more demands are made, for monthly rent payments, for electricity, medical costs, for babies upkeep and school fees and university fees.. Until it pops. The Philippine dream is all but over in the foreigner returns to the country with a tail between the legs.

At its peak, the bubble will blow to such a scale that regular demands will be like them receiving a weekly wage. Demands for monthly allowance, food, house repairs, new vehicles, set up a store for mum, provide computers and help for the brothers. I’ve known many foreigners who have been induced in the power of the bubble and purchased the brothers tricycle businesses and blocks of land for other family members. Most my friends including myself have been caught by the shame being heaped by the family that the foreigner is not doing enough for them also. That the girl does not have land in her name or that she does not have a car in her name. Of course a car is wanted because you can then run mum and dad around and big-note yourself amongst your Filipino friends. Of course they want a house and what so the family can come and stay as I’ve experienced a cousin and sister moved in – did not give one cent in contribution yet expected to be fed as well. This is from someone who glowingly says not all Filipinos are like that!

The Filipino bubble gets bigger and bigger, Filipinos will even let their children prostitute themselves in bars. They have to know – they’re some of the most codependent people I have met in large numbers. At the worst level they prostitute the children for money.

I’ve met many girls who send money back to their families, some in the order of 50,000 pesos a month in one case (yes 50,000 pesos a month when most Filipinos and 8000 to 10,000 pesos per month if not a little higher) and yet she was working in a bar receiving regular income from foreigners. You tell me what retired mum and dad in the province will be doing with 50,000 pesos a month? I’ve met Filipinos who in one case a friend of my ex-girlfriend was proposed to buy man from America within eight days of meeting and now she is back in the US. Some of these foreigners that are coming here so stupid as to not understand what Filipino culture and bubble is about.

The problem is you can’t explain the Filipino bubble to Filipinos – Filipinos can’t even understand jokes other than Filipino jokes, irony and sarcasm. The bubble will keep building and building and building and building to a point where it will pop. For situation where it doesn’t pop, a foreigner would have to be extremely patient and happy with the circumstances and surrounds. Many have moved to another island or location in the Philippines just to get away from the family and all take their Filipina overseas with them.

The other problem is that the bubble keeps building and building and building to point it will pop.
And when it pops the foreigners left with nothing but to simply walk away, legally they have little rights in the Philippines and are unsupported by the Philippine National police is to getting the things back. Usually people come in and things turn nasty where the Hawks will swoop and make claim on things.

Sadly Filipinos inherently in their minds want to rip people off.

Sadly Filipinos inherently in their minds want to rip people off. They will do this unknowingly even, they will even say no I am genuine, caring person but deep down culturally there want to rip people off. I say this because most of the people I’ve met have a survival mentality with their heads just above water. They simply want to grab anything and as much of what they can because of scarcity in their minds, or lack, opportunity that is presented before them. The been living with this scarcity mentality and lack for all their life lack of food, lack of jobs, lack of opportunity and when is presented sure that a lot of people off but they also do one of the left with the raw end of the stick – so they will try and get as much as they can and give as little back as possible.

Subconsciously the first people that they are thinking about when they are calculating what’s fair in a negotiation strategy is grandma, grandpa, mum and dad, the brothers and children. As a foreign outsider is simply that an outsider. And many times even referred to as a foreigner or alien and in this country?

And with the bubble goes a great level of ungratefulness, self entitlement to the highest level, lack of appreciation showing appreciation to the provider.

It’s a sad fact that the Catholic Church has engrained what has become a total lack of appreciation for what they are given. They just see it simply airs God provides, the joys and giving, God’s gifts and blessings. There is never any appreciation and linkage between the gifts given by foreigners and a real genuine gratefulness. When you’re in the Filipino bubble it becomes an expectation on norm rather than something that they would feel grateful for. Just think it’s something God is giving them, and foreigners are hanging around every corner lining up to also give to them as well from what I’ve experienced. If they play their cards right there wouldn’t be so aggressive in demanding that they become demanding and more demanding as time goes on and Filipino bubble keeps blowing up.

What is even more disappointing is that over 10 years I’ve given things to Filipinos they are more likely to go to church on the weekend and say thank you to the Lord and posting thanks the Lord on the Facebook page is a gift from God with no acknowledgement to the actual giver.

So always remember where you are in the Filipino bubble sometimes it might be better to just pop move on and walk. CUT YOUR LOSSES. I will never have a relationship with a Filipina after two long relationships over 10 years. There are many other cultures around that have greater levels of respect for “foreigners” as a human being and not treated with a grab mentality as well as bringing more to the table, even just to have a decent conversation and not sit there like a bag of rocks. You gotta remember that this bubble will just keep building and building and the needs and wants of the people in the Filipino bubble will just keep growing and growing, IT DOESN’T REDUCE – just take stock and be careful.

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  1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    Excellent article Foreign!!! Ten +++ likes from me! 🙂

    “You tell me what retired mum and dad in the province will be doing with 50,000 pesos a month?”

    NOTHING!! Absolutely fucking NOTHING! After all, there’s plenty more where that money came from, while little “Inday” is capable of gyrating her still fresh young ass, the low life parents and siblings will enjoy the fruits of little “Inday’s” ass, and while she’s at it, these low lifes will hope that “Inday” will score some rich foreigner to marry her, take her to his country so that the low life family back home can live happily ever after. Does not matter if “Inday” marries an old, ugly as a dog foreign man, so long as she can keep him in that “bubble” so the money and balikbayan boxes kept coming. And oh, does Dong go look for a job after he finish his college degree? that’s if he finish his college degree…. of course not! Why should he? Little “Inday” and her balikbayan boxes and pera padala comes regularly while the poor Kano sucker is kept in the bubble.

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      Salamat Sarah .. 🙂 for the feedback – yup, nothing. I would put another 50k on it. Probably if had sisters they’d be gathering more pesos by spreading their legs for locals as they do

    2. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

      ……”while little “Inday” is capable of gyrating her still fresh young ass, the low life parents and siblings will enjoy the fruits of little “Inday’s” ass, ”

      Beautiful Sarah, just beautiful!!!!! 🙂

      I will commend you to the Nobel Prize of Litterature! This simple sentence shows that you’ve got what it takes!! 🙂

      This is the best sentence I’ve ever read since I came to these shores! True, exact and funny!


    3. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

      I never quite understood “commodities”, until now! Little Indays ass must be worth……..Billions! No single commodity apart from gold bullion can have such a value on the open market!

      No wonder the flips have a laid back life-style, they’re producing the second-costliest commodity in the World!

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        Ah, but Muffa, that Pinay ass depreciate so very quickly you know, especially when little Inday does not reign in the rice.

        I am not quite sure if little Inday’s ass is worth the weight in gold. I doubt it. After all, there is plenty more where she comes from.

        Ever heard of the term “cherry girl”? They’re the virgin Pinays newly introduced to the whorehouses. They get auctioned off to the highest bidders. Apparently it’s usually the Japanese, Chinese and Koreans who compete to win these “cherry girl” bids. What’s up with these people and their hang up on virginity?

        1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

          Anyway your Sentence was costly Sarah! 🙂
          Never heard of “cherry girl.

          ” Virginity”…its a very old “cultural” “thing”.
          It’s…a combination of superstition and pure lust and dominance.
          The japanese, korean etc. as their private parts are very small they need
          something to boast of;-) one of these ” boastings” are “virgin”.

          A bit like eating deadly pufferfish to prove your manliness, terribly infantile actually. You get a feel of how ” elevated” these cultures really are…

          In Africa (at least s.a.) they believe that fcing a virgin will releave them of hiv…. even leading politicians! Sickos!

        2. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

          I am sad to hear about the depreciation of little Inday’s ass!

          I would have treated it much better! I would have fixed it’s value to gold or swiss marks and it would not have depreciated! 😉

          ‘Tis sad when the most costly commodity a country can produce depreciates! With the new fatsotsunami it may depreciate even more.

          Oh well, back to coconuts! 😉

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      I had an ex who’s pinoy dad was in middle east, he chatted to a lady in US (ex pinay from Philippines) unhappily married. Would you believe they nevr met each other!! only from same village, bought property together via local contacts and proposed marriage / said engaged when overseas – all over skype. She was under 4″10″ (or very short for that matter!)… he was ex basket ball player … so into 6 foot. I used to have a laugh re: sex thing thinking .. what the hell if they got married .. and he hadn’t had a test run, you’d be pretty fucking miserable if you couldnt get it up.

      1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
        FHPS Post author

        How are filipinos that stupid towards marriage – no divorce but rush like lemmings into it .. soon after meeting …

        because the church says — marriage is bliss????

        ps: i was told many times … so you been out with xxx for 6 months ..thats a long time … arent you going to marry her.
        “yea… baby … they bring nothing to the table… just a kid from a previous pinoy whos run, no job, no assets, no nothing!!” of course … got nothing to lose have you.

      2. Profile gravatar of Harley

        It boggles my mind how ANYBODY and I mean anyone can think they are having a relationship and have never met in person !!!! christ people! i know this is the age of the internet and all but for godsakes ! holy fuck … giving money online to someone never met . buying land together … the stupidity of even the foreigners also

  2. Profile gravatar of Barry Smyth
    Barry Smyth

    Like what you said and I refer to what you said daily while living here and like you I have seen it all before and will continue to see it all in the future.
    But you know so many as you described think you are just a RACIST PRICK when you are warning them of all the pit falls that lay in-front of them.
    I regard myself as being very astute and if I even suspect something is not quite right I boot them so fast they forget they were ever there,they as you said they are not very smart but cunning and the tell tail signs are always there if you look for them.
    I do not think 1 day goes by that I do not hear one more pathetic story about some poor stiff being taken to the cleaners by the love of his life or the deal that is too good to be true.
    Thanks for your incite well written and well said ——–

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      @stantheman thanks mate .. yup. I guess (AND IM GOING TO USE A GENERAL THING WORLD OVER) … they will do what they want you to hear to woo you…act on their best behaviours … then the true person will come out in the relationship say 4, 6 months later. Just, the difference between dating many cultures i have found is theres so much cultural programming in these girls that all seems too familiar that they have read up a manual or something .. and this i havent found with many other cultures.
      I hear the same lines,
      the same lies,
      the same process of rolling out needs and wants

      it just seems in the Philippines .. “MOST” have come out of the same factory and you can see it as soon as they blurt something
      like …. “excuse me… can i ask you a question” or “can i come and talk to you” etc…yawn

  3. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    You only get the sex comfort until you’re trapped…. and babies are these bitches’ ACE card. “Don’t want to marry me?, fine. I’ll just get pregnant so you can support my lazy ass for the next 18 years”. Then you are trapped. This only works half the time though, as some guys couldn’t care less. Koreans are notorious for doing a runner. So sad really to see these half Korean kids crying to see their Korean Daddy. But then, makes you wonder if the mother’s don’t teach them to perform for the TV. “Daddy, please come home”….. with the unspoken words “so you can give us a good life” – meaning buy us material things.

    1. Profile gravatar of

      “You only get the sex comfort until you’re trapped…. and babies are these bitches’ ACE card. “Don’t want to marry me?, fine. I’ll just get pregnant so you can support my lazy ass for the next 18 years”.”

      Well, Im married here and have a 5 months old baby. Me and my wife both working online(dont feel poor for me, I also feel poor for myself with the internet in this country). My wife is actually having 2 jobs right now where she is working 12 hours a day and take care of the baby (Im working just 6 hours a day). She is interested in politics like me. I could never imagine to get married to someone who dont understand me and the only thing I can talk about is the weather. No support to the family and no contact with them in the last 1.5 years.Whos idea was it? Hers idea. We made a plan for the next year. I never hide my opinion to her and she agreed with most of it( she is the one whos is complaining in the supermarkets while Im saying shhhh it willl not help) We will move, first Thailand, for 6 months and for fixing the passport for our baby and her visa to Poland (no polish embassy in PH and btw I love thai food).

      I strong believe that I was lucky enough to meet the good filipina, however AGAIN I was lucky.

    2. Profile gravatar of
      David Harden

      Lazy and fat is what they get once they have the kid, even after they had to take the class on birth control, and you agreed no kids, I forgot to take the pill. Then they do nothing, want everything, sweep the house and think everything is done. Arggghhhh, Love my daughter and glad to have her but wish I would of used 2 methods of birth control, just to be able to get rid of the wife and finally have some peace and quiet. Ah, come on, my wife aint that bad, but very lazy and getting bigger by the day.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

        It’s not only pinay who gets lazy and fat, many women all over do! Many of the signs quoted typical for pinay are the same all over.

        If a man takes his time and uses the big head a little he will see the signs of laziness and stupidity long before she is pregnant, if not he’s a sorry ass! No wonder women live longer, there are just soo many naive men out there, just praying to be used, abused and mooched upon!

        1. Profile gravatar of Harley

          very well said .. its not just Philippines .. but it would appear that Philippines is the most blatant raw and ‘in your face’ about it … no style at all but look at the positive side at least you see them coming and those who don’t see it well blind … because these people are most raw and brash about it

  4. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflips

    Gosh, as I was reading that post I felt like you were writing about ME. I confess that I fell in to that trap. What is worse is that, though I was given numerous warnings about those smooth-skinned baboons, and even before I set foot on Philthappine soil 8-1/2 years ago I read stuff about their “culture” that made me want to wretch, but I thought that, since I was going to be with self-proclaimed “evengalical christians” there, those people would not be like the others.

    By the time I realised that those self-proclaimed “evangelical christians” were just as bad as everyone else in that poor-excuse-for-a-country (in spite of their claims that they “are not like the other pinoy!”), I was stuck in “The Bubble”.

    Any boy, I lost Big Time. Even back home in civilisation, I would travel all around the metropolitan area searching for things to send over in balikbayan boxes, regularly sent “support” to the parasites, and even invested about $30,000 in a trucking business, only to have them continue to ask for more, and more, and more, and more….

    My sacrifices were so great, I needed to keep my heat to a minimum during the winter (I had my house thermostat set to about 50 degrees so I can save money), I worked a high-paying (but hard working) assignment at my job (which was stretching my body to the limits), and at one point, I was financially hurting so much that I was in a thrift store (which sells second-hand goods) debating whether I can afford to spend 49 cents on a pair of socks! And I make a very good living, in fact, I make more money in one week than most flips make in an entire year!

    So push came to shove, and, just under two years ago, I wrote a very apologetic email (how ironic, that I–the provider–had to apologise to those vermin) to the aswang, saying that I had to go on to a lower paying assignment at work because my body needed to rest, and therefore I would have to reduce my support. In true flip fashion, instead of showing any measure of understanding and empathy, the aswang gave me a very inflammatory response!

    That was just a couple of days before New Years Eve, 2013, and a few seconds before Midnight, 2014, I removed my wedding ring and never put it on again.

    I am truly thankful to God that I did not get the aswang pregnant, because it was much easier to walk away.

    In summary, foreignerhardpinoysoft’s lengthy and truthful observation should serve as a WARNING to any foreigner who thinks that he (or she) can have a good relationship with a flip. It’s not gonna happen. Please, do yourself a favor and stay away. There are many other countries with beautiful-looking women who would truly appreciate having a relationship with a Westerner and not merely see him as an ATM and Sugar Daddy for herself and her family.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      Well said, very honest. One of the purposes of this blog is to give warning to those considering getting involved with the vermin here. If this article doesn’t warn them, nothing will. Most of them are thinking with their dick, and not their brain.

    2. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

      So very true Snakebbflips! Luckily I discovered this blog in time. The ones who Really need it the most will probably get here when the damage’s been done, the aswang will be pregnant and many are not bright enough to take…”the korean leap of freedom” 😉 but will faithfully stay, only to get mired deeper and deeper into despair, until the nearest bridge seems a relief to good to pass…..

    3. Profile gravatar of Harley

      very well said .. its not just Philippines .. but it would appear that Philippines is the most blatant raw and ‘in your face’ about it … no style at all but look at the positive side at least you see them coming and those who don’t see it well blind … because these people are most raw and brash about it

    4. Profile gravatar of Harley

      sorry to have to inform everyone but this does happen in many other countries out there … but Philippines is the WORST most heartless most raw and brutal of all .. still with that said take great heed to what snakebitbytheflips is saying here very true sad story

  5. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB

    Truly one of the best articles written on this blog. Thank you for such a brutally honest insight that which some of us struggle to put so eloquently into such a near perfect word picture.

    I began to relate a relationship with a Filipino with a relationship with, say, a dog or cat. But that quickly flew out the window because anyone who has a beloved dog or kitty in the family knows how much love and loyalty they give back. Far beyond any average human does.

    So this article essentially tells me that in order to be satisfied with coming here and entering into a marriage or relationship, you really need to have a thirst for giving. To deny yourself and be 100% giver. You must have no desire whatsoever for reciprocation. If you are a man who simply wants to give, and you love giving, and you absolutely do not need anything in return, then you are perfect for Philippines. I suppose there are some people out there like that. I think it really goes against human nature. But if you enjoy being one of them, then I say you’re an extraordinary person.

    Thanks @foreignerhardpinoysoft for an excellent contribution to this site.

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      Thankyou for the feedback @filofail
      The people in this country are generally amazing but mostly for the wrong reasons.
      No matter if you are in the north – Luzon, Middle (Visaya’s) or Mindanao they all exhibit that
      similar way – filipino’ism. Its amazing!! Some have never been out of their area where they have
      lived all their lives, theyve had very little online and global exposure other than TV and
      TV Patrol and interaction with other Filipino’s…..YET …they all act with the same intent.
      I find this extraordinary. Their focus all seems same as if its come from a text book.
      Our particular chapters is Chapter 101 – HOW TO EXTRACT MONEY FROM A FOREIGNER.
      No matter where in the country I’ve been through the same
      process and the girls have all had laid out thier plans in a similar way…..

      To answer your mention – yes, the joy is in giving and you have to be “self less” in giving
      concerned more with the needs and wishes of others than with one’s own;
      because the families are so big, say i had a birthday at the ex’s … the list of
      hangers on wanting to come to the party in the villager at white boys expense
      would number 50. Party cancelled.

      So … “obssively selfless” would be an understatement.
      you gotta wanna accommodate for families, hangers on, uncle,
      momma, dad, cousins…. to be used and abused

      and when its ALL GONE … don’t have a care

      In some cases … you gotta be religiously abused
      that would be ideal … lol as i heard a preacher say in SM Cebu … give it away
      and enter the gates of heaven poor god loves the poor!!

      PS – i had surgry on my left hand so cannot type. I dictated that through
      a software program to text. Reason being, i spotted a lot of errors in the text
      and grammar issues. Im sure people understand the jist of the story.

      PS2: @filofail and thanks for the site… awesome!

    2. Profile gravatar of
      David Harden

      that sums it up, been married 5 years almost, daughter almost 4, and I can count on both hands the amount of sex I have had with her, I can count on less than 1 finger the amount of sex where she actually participated.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

        Hmmm, seems like the poor sods thinking they come to ” Paradise” with easy sex with…”,smooth-skinned baboons” are in for a little surprise! 😉

        Like…high bills lots of quarreling, strays, roosters, and finally gotta do the sex-thing….single handedly!;-) Pamylia of 100 mooching……Throw in some dengue, malaria and rabies for spice…. Topping-up with Lots of garbage! Sounds like fun! 🙂

  6. Profile gravatar of PhilippinesBasher

    You describe that foreigners praise Filipinos who have never been here. That’s not always the case and online and people, they have nothing but disdain for the Filipino. In a discussion, I had on HUFFINGTON POST, there were as you said people that stupidly defended them, but one other poster and I went at the Filipinos. This poster ,that lived in California and never been here, said they were the MOST dishonest people in the world and lying was as easy as breathing, particularly when he dealt with them in real estate deals. There many others that trashed Filipinos because of their duplicity.
    Online , with the Philippine Daily Inquirer, I slam the Filipino, when they do stupid sh1t and pound them. They can’t believe a foreigner has the gumption to go after them with everything I have. It’s from a man that has lived in this country for many years and agree with a lot of what’s in the article.
    Yes, for a DAMN Filipino, it’s all about money, money, money. They are blood suckers of the biggest type and if their not given anything, they’ll ignore the person. They’ll buy lots of beer with lots of money, but won’t pay for a ticket to attend his late mother’s funeral. This was my eldest stepson who is a waste flesh living in Daet, Camarines Norte.
    The worst betrayal is that one person I thought was a good man is really a money grubbing POS SOB! When I was looking to sell the house his late mother wanted me to sell, so I could go back to the USA, this slime ball claimed the property. This is after I had educated him through high school, 4 year college, gave him the money to enter the PNP- which was more than $1,000 USD. I gave him the money so could buy weapon for over $650 USD for .45 Caliber -10 round semiautomatic. He’s now turned from being a good man to a fat slobbering PNP Buwaya (crocodile). Without going into great detail, he’s turned to the dark side like Darth Vader. He’s gotten money from questionable sources and wouldn’t be surprised him to become a total loss.
    I had been fooled for many years, when my wife was alive that I was part of the family. After my wife was buried, my sister-in-law said I had no more family in the Philippines. She was telling me I wasn’t any part of the family and that gave me enough not to trust Filipinos too much after. This would come in handy 5 months after the death of my wife.
    This year, April, 2015, my erstwhile sister-in-law and brother-in-law tried to make me sell the house way below the market rate. BUT these slime balls had one of their neighbors to act as the straw buyer and thinking I could be that stupid. I found out and confronted them. Like a lot of Filipinos caught, he tried to avoid me and I blasted him for his attempt. Like a lot of Filipino Families, they know that their family member did something this bad, BUT these idiots have the thickest faces and now avoid me. I won’t invite any of my late wife’s brothers or sisters to her first anniversary of her death and will say no if there’s attempt to invite them.
    Even worse is my wife’s eldest daughter-in-law. She’s talented in cooking and running a business, but she’s more of scum bag then I thought. My wife actually alerted me to the scum bag side of this woman and her involvement in massive fraud in Baguio. I watch her carefully , even if she lives under my roof. I can’t trust her after my daughter sent $400 USD and only told me of $150. When my daughter learned this robbery, now I get all the money and keep receipts. I send her a financial report, even she doesn’t want to see one, because she works very hard and was cheated by this person. This happened in September, 2015. I am tough with this woman now and she doesn’t mess with me after I want to know what the money is used.
    Yes, I live in this country and is not taken by the fake smiles. As many foreigners know, if a Strange Filipino gets too friendly, then it raises red flags. These slicksters are looking to get money by hook by crook! Now, I watch the Filipino a lot more carefully!

    1. Profile gravatar of
      David Harden

      they ignore the person, so true, Her relatives dont ask for anything, but neither do they offer anything, not a hello, happy birthday, Merry Christmas, all about the wife and our child. Nothing about me, no invites, no pictures with me, nothing.

    2. Profile gravatar of Harley

      Sorry to hear about your loss PhilippinesBasher. Sadly many people only find out the very long hard way. People who grew up in western countries like us have been conditioned to assume a certain level of humaneness. But in other places in the world, especially Philippines sadly, they are vicious animals. People in western countries can be cut throat also but here its raw savage very thick faced. I wish more people would take heed. Not because I care about my fellow western people as if they were all so lovey dovey or something. But I hate to see how filipinos screw people so barbaric and savage. Smiles? Come on people please smarten up. The only smiles or friendliness is if they think they can get something out of you. Of course Joe Blow that comes cruising in here for the first time loaded and staying at nice hotels and money oozing out of every pore … of course the people here can ‘act’ nice a little bit just as long as to get some of that coming their way. And Joe Tourist isn’t aware of what’s going on since thinks the money isn’t that much (but it is quite a lot to these people). Then later on when Mr. Tourist starts to live here and gets screwed over a few times he finally realizes the truth. I wish more people would take warning but sadly many people experience it first hand the hard way. Every guy thinks he’s found a ‘good one’ out of the millions of ‘bad ones’. Everyone like to think that he can beat the odds. But remember as with the casino the house always wins. Even if you think you’re winning (for a while) the house will get you in the end…bleed you dry. I heard one of these loaded rich guys tell me (arrogantly and foolishly) to pony up to the big table and play with the big chips and the big boys table. And he should know better, he’s been burned before. So sad. I am absolutely certain it doesn’t matter if you are spending $5 or if you are spending $500,000 on these people, none of that will matter, they will all leave you and screw you over in the end. They will still steal from you and bast you out with their loudness. VIP means ‘very inflated price’. The concept ‘you ALWAYS get what you pay for’ yes in many cases that’s true in the rational sane world. But here it all goes down the drain and you don’t get better quality people here in this shit hole for paying more. It will all be squandered away. Not a good investment. Investing in a shit place and shitty people. You can’t fix stupid.

  7. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    “The worst betrayal is that one person I thought was a good man is really a money grubbing POS SOB! When I was looking to sell the house his late mother wanted me to sell, so I could go back to the USA, this slime ball claimed the property. This is after I had educated him through high school, 4 year college, gave him the money to enter the PNP- which was more than $1,000 USD. I gave him the money so could buy weapon for over $650 USD for .45 Caliber -10 round semiautomatic. He’s now turned from being a good man to a fat slobbering PNP Buwaya (crocodile). Without going into great detail, he’s turned to the dark side like Darth Vader. He’s gotten money from questionable sources and wouldn’t be surprised him to become a total loss.”

    PhilippineBasher, welcome and be careful. These Flips smile in front of you, but will take revenge the treacherous way…. when your back is turned.

    As I mentioned in another post, these people (if you can even call them that) do not know the meaning of gratitude. You can save their miserable lives several times over, feed them, house them, but they won’t lift a finger if they see you drowning. Flips are the lowest form of humanity (if we can even call them that!) I’ve ever come across., and that includes natives/tribal people from other regions. The are the most entitled assholes ASPD/Narcissistic scums I’ve ever had the misfortune to associate with. I’ve only been going to the Failippines 7 years. The whole Failippine experience has left me with a bitter taste and disgust for all of them! No exceptions because I honestly have never met one who can be exempted! And that includes family! Sad huh? And I’m not even married to one. So I feel for you guys who are.

    I own property there, but will slowly cut my ties from those scums after next year. If I can’t sell my property, I will walk away from it rather than throw good money after bad. Time will come that those low lifes will need money for medical/funeral expenses. That will be the time when I will gladly tell them “The bank of Oz is closed to you assholes!”

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      You never will, Al! Unless the low-llife will need money again to perhaps save his miserable low life, then you will hear from him. Is Al’s bank of Canada still open for “loans” to Flips? 🙂

  8. Profile gravatar of kalbo

    An extraordinary session is convened at the Senate.

    Senator Pacquiao rises to speak..

    “Ladies and Gentlemen! Today we are celebrating the Philippines, it’s culture, diversity, intellect and it’s vital contribution to the writing arts the world over. So, I am hereby given the opportunity to announce the winner of our national campaign to find the author who has done the most to promote the talents, delight and sheer wonder of the Pinoy. A cheque of 1,000,0000,00000 pesos goes to the winner…Mr….”

    [Sarah seeks over and passes Pacquiao an envelope]

    “…Foreigner Hard, Pinoy Soft!”.

    [ Pacquiao chokes on his tongue].

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      I’ll bring you half a dozen seedlings next time I’m headed that way, Al 🙂 Oh, even though I can’t stand filthy Manila, I shall sacrifice my comfort to deliver you these trees 🙂

      1. Profile gravatar of Sappho

        Many Filipinas said that I’m cheap because I like to stay out of cities. Lol. I’d rather eat steam vegetables and eat fish than dealing with fakers.

      1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        They wont kill you,
        But you will wish you were dead.
        They have Little hairs that stick into you, water of any type feels like some one pouring acid on the skin.
        There was some native remedy but I cant remember , maybe too old and crotchety nah.
        That is the one thing even the Aborigines are scared shitless of in the Nth Qld rain forest.
        I’m surprised they are not in the PI, they are in PNG and Borneo I think, must research.

  9. Profile gravatar of loco_loco

    Indeed I am a total victim of this Filipino bubble…i am going now to play their game and till i have them there where i want ( u cant imagine how much self discipline is needed and how often i fight against the logic in my own mind ) and then i will be very happy to go one time down on their dumb fuck level.
    IF your a foreigner doesnt mater how old you are , i give you a great suggestion ….DO NEVER EVER BELIEVE any Filipina or Filipino, ur an amateur when it comes ” to manipulate” , they are the real profis. They have patience to win your trust ( they can hide their fucking real face over years )
    Handle them never like a human, handle them like the Spaniards did it and they will respect you. Be never pity on one of their fake stories,

  10. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    Interesting reply to foreignerhardpinoysoft’s article, from a Filipina. She replied quite extensively, but I wonder why she did not reply here?? Here are some of her comments…..

    “Just remember Filipinos bring nothing to the table” (Foreignerhardpinoysoft)

    From a Filipina: “WHAT A PATHETIC STATEMENT. I personally take offense on what he said. Really? So why did you picked a Filipina vice your home country girl? There are so many things that NO MATTER HOW MUCH MONEY YOU GOT when you find the FILIPINA that you’re looking for (with her imperfections ) because SHE COMPLETES YOU. She might not have the money like you have but she will give you a HOME (that obviously you didn’t find in your home country), she go nuts when your upset and will do anything to please you, she’ll cook, do your laundry, bear you kids, “clean you up”, take your BS anytime of the day, be a good lover to you, make you look good… seriously, such ignorance!!!”

    You can read the rest of her comments here”:

    1. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
      Random Numbers

      Even better, read the 2 comments by guys on the first page of that blog. Here is the important point they agree on:

      “However, I think you are right that the REALLY smart ones DON’T leave but stay behind and live off the ones who do.”

      So they think it’s not just ok but SMART to leech off your family, and think we complain too much. Some people wish they could be scammers, too!

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        Many times the justification to take from a foreigner is “he should have known what he was getting into” or “he’s here simply for sex so he gets what he deserves”. That’s not really a good attitude to have cause it justifies leeching on someone or stealing as long as its justified.

  11. Profile gravatar of Harley

    I read the Filipina’s comments on the cebuforums and its a very typical filipino reaction, all huffing and puffing and the “I am offended!” Then the blame shifting and saying it is all the foreigner’s fault.. then the wild assumptions ‘he must be getting low desperate prostitute type of girls and not good ones like me’ crap. None of this changes the indisputable fact that the entire country is a shit hole because they (the filipinos) made it that way. If you’re looking around in a trash heap thinking you’ll get lucky and beat the odds and find that one good piece of food to eat in the hung heap …. and if you think that one good piece of food in the hung heap hasn’t gotten dirty by being in the trash heap …. well , you get the picture. Lets say foreigner Joe thinks he’s got a good one because oh she has a job and has some responsibility. Ok granted. But then do you want to marry the whole tribe that comes from the trash heap? They are all leeching off of her as the only one working to support all their lazy asses. Then enter foreigner who marries this ‘good one’. Then things change. She starts acting more and more like them … oh I forgot she did come from them right…