My Argument with the Monkey in my Building

So I’ve always followed this blog, but I’ve never actually posted an article until now. Something happened today that completely mind-fucked me with the stupidity of Filipinos that I had to submit this story.

A bit about myself – Born in the Philippines, left as an infant at the age of 1, I don’t speak the language, I somewhat understand the culture, I’m an ignorant American by nationality, Filipino by ethnicity, and I’m working in the Philippines.

Now, on to my story.. I live in a very pleasant, semi-upscale high-rise condominium that is even maintained and managed by an international property management company. I assumed that because the property was being managed by a company that I’m familiar with and I’ve seen growing up in DC and Virginia, that maybe they would at least filter out the rotten apples before hiring them to work in my building – today I realized I was wrong, a Filipino will still consistently fail in life no matter what company he or she works for.

My condominium unit included 2 parking spots, which was not a problem until I purchased a 3rd automobile 5 months ago. I had a meeting with the admin to inquire about renting a 3rd parking spot, everything went smooth, and we secured a 3rd parking spot from a neighboring tenant for a 6 month rental period.

This morning I get a phone call from one of the security guards asking me to move my car or the admin will have it towed. I went up to the admin office to find out what the confusion was about and I spoke with a “newly hired” admin. Our conversation went something like this:

Admin – Sir, I’m sorry to inform, the spot your lease is expired na po.

Me – I think you’ve made a mistake, I have my receipt here that shows a 6 month rental beginning March 27.

Admin – Sir, i’m also hab those record at your file here. please looking to this one you signed 6 months ago. (pulls out the carbon copy of what I already had a copy of in my hand)

Me – Yep! so you see that’s dated March 27 and it’s for a 6 month parking lease, that means I’m good until September 27. Glad we could clear that issue up, let me know if there’s anything else you need, thanks! (Tried to walk away).

Admin – Sir wait lang poh (starts counting with her fingers and mumbling some filipino shit) Sir you see march 27 plus 6 months is end august 27 so you’re expiring na today. your hab to moving your car now or we will tow at owner’s expense po.

Me – (facepalm) No, i think you should pull out a calculator so you can do basic math of +6 and realize you’ve made a mistake here.

Admin – (blank stare)

Me – Do you understand or should we sit down and do the calculation together?

Admin – (blank stare)

Me – I’m not going to be the idiot that tries to argue with a bag of rocks, so pull out your calculator and figure it out. Bye (tried to walk away).

Admin – Sir wait lang po, I’m sorry i’m only work here 3 months and I’m try to organize the paperworks from old admin. (begins to count with her fingers and mumble in tagalog again).

Me – Okay it’s fine, apology accepted. Is this issue sorted out? Can I go now?

Admin – Yes sir, but if your leave your car there, then you have to pay additional 3000 pesos for additional month extension po.

At this point I was so frustrated that I stormed out. I went and knocked on my neighbors door (the neighbor who had actually owned the spot and agreed to rent it out to us for 6 months) to confront him and find out what was really going on here. He was a logical Canadian guy and he invited me in to talk. He was actually surprised when I told him what the admin was saying. He showed me the copy of his email to the admin explaining what he wanted.

Basically he needed the parking spot back and in his email he explained to the admin that he was willing to compensate us for terminating the parking spot lease early. In the email, he clearly states that he’s willing to refund us for the 1 month and pay as an additional month for our troubles and pay parking. He also said that he already gave the admin 6000 pesos to give to us if we are willing to accept his offer.

So the whole ordeal ended up with me, the Canadian, and my girlfriend (who speaks better tagalog than I) going back to the admin office to confront her. In tagalog, my girlfriend spoke with the admin as a translator for myself and the Canadian.

Turns out she accepted the 6k from my neighbor, thought she was super smart in her plus 6 FAILED calculation, tried to scam us for another 3k, thought she could get away with never telling us about my neighbors offer, and walk away with 9k pesos total.

Then this dumb bitch looks at us and says “sorry poh, it’s not my fault kasi there’s a mistake on the date March 27”. (super face palm)

Lessons learned:

1. Filipinos will always try to take advantage of others.

2. Filipinos will consistently be stupid or play stupid because it’s easier than facing reality.

3. Filipinos will never accept fault or accountability for their actions.


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  1. Profile gravatar of L. "Dead Man Walking" K.
    L. "Dead Man Walking" K.

    Prime example how corruptions is every where in this god forsaken country.

    Personally I’ve experienced corruption at DFA, Customs, PNP, Barangay, Churches, Pastors, ghetto black markets and ghetto canteens.

    DFA/Customs. They are always trying to steal from international charity groups with unlisted fees, and trying to sell their own form of logistics so a few shipments can be magically lost somewhere during transit. It’s only gotten this bad this year.

    PNP arrested one of my colleagues for false reasons with no evidence and witnesses that don’t exist, I asked my good PNP friend very high up in the hierarchy about what the fuck is going on. He showed up to the pnp post and slammed the hammer on those tooty peckers. My good friend said they had the audacity to ask him to ask me to give them a “gift” to let my colleague go. NOPE! Being here for charitable purposes you make, some really good friends. Instead i gave my good friend and his family to a nice weekend breakfast.

    Barangay, they were the peckers that initially detained my colleague illegally and drove him to the PNP post. Couldn’t be contacted or bothered after they first picked up the phone and spoke to me and hung up.

    Churches/Pastors/Religious fakers. One time i was at a PNP Precinct, and all the male prisoners were singing together i could hear it from 3 stories below. My good PNP friend tells me the gang lord that runs the inside activities of the jail cell (yes singular, not plural, just one big cell they stuff 100 people in) are of the religion Iglesia ni Cristo and they are singing verses from their teachings. That explains everything! the tenant that was living in my apartment months before i arrived left a bunch of PLDT, Cell phone bills, and 2 months behind on electric and water bills is a follower of Iglesia ni Cristo. For the love of god they claim to be religious but they are apparently criminals in every stupid right you can think of in this god forsaken country. On my journeys from province to province, i have met countless pastors that have convinced the locals they are supernatural healers sent by god. These corrupt pastors have a huge house/church maybe 1-3 cars and always a full belly and no shortage of cheap domestic beer while siphoning money from sick and diseased people hoping for a miracle cure.

    Those ghetto black markets. Selling you bootlegs software and movies. 19/20 times software is full of malware and viruses. Locals don’t know better, heck the sellers dont even know that there are malware and viruses on these copies. When they see me they say “GAMES SIR!! 1000 PESO!!! SIR! PROMO! GOOD BUY.” yeah i can pirate shit too! With my overpriced PLDT slowband internet.

    Ghetto canteens. I have lots of good friends here, but when they see my white skin and hear my poor tagalog accent they increase the price 3 fold. Especially so at these ghetto canteens that my friends designate as meeting locations. On the rare occasion that i eat something at these ghetto canteens do i have to pay 150-300 php when the guy infront of me paid 30-60php. My friends arrive they start yelling at the clerk. This has happened over 6 times. I can understand this happening maybe once or twice but over 6 times at 6 different corners of Manila. Jesus fucking christ the natural state of flips is disgusting.

    1. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
      Marius O.

      I’m not doing charitable work here, but I believe it has social value. Unfortunately, I’m on my own. I’ve discovered that most Filipinos – especially those in positions of even minor power or those with licenses – cannot be trusted. At all. Ever.

      At best, they will take your money, make a load of excuses about why they’ve done a bare-minimum or nonexistent job, and disappear. At worst, they’ll use their connections and power to fuck you over bigstyle – not because there’s any real benefit to them in doing so, but simply because they can (which in my book is the very definition of “evil”). They know that the law will support them and not you. The dirt-poor ones are generally more reliable, but sadly they have barely enough brains to make it through the day without accidentally strangling themselves in their own flipflops, so there’s not much they can help you with.

      So I do everything myself, and avoid Filipinos like the plague that they are. So why do I even bother? Because I know that there are still a few – a very few – Filipinos who are interested in what I’m doing, want to see the results, and may even spread the word. I’m also at a point in my life where I want to do something “useful”. And then there’s sheer curiosity: if I can make it work here, I can make it work anywhere.

      1. Profile gravatar of Jay

        Don’t waste your time…. You already know the people don’t give a shit about your good intentions so Why bother. The problems of this country are too deep to mend and if the people that were born and raised here don’t give a fuck why should you.

        1. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
          Marius O.

          Oh, I agree. Filipinos know what they know, Kanos are all stupid, and the Philippines has nothing to learn from anybody else because they’re already the best in the world and they know everything already. I just leave them to get on with it.

          But I’m doing this for me, not them. It’s a fun project. And as I said, I think I can take the knowledge and experience I get and make it work someplace else.

          1. Profile gravatar of TheD

            Sorry to correct you, but you said “the Philippines” when clearly you meant to say “North Korea”.
            Oh wait, shit, what’s the difference? Its two sides of a fence except North Korea doesnt export its values like the Philippines seems to.
            Is the Philippines an American North Korea?

      2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        When I first got to the Ph, I did a charity event for Christmas. My company was still new and we did not have a lot of funds, but a couple of my employees also donated some stuff along with my mother and some friends. I bought a bunch of educational supplies, rice, noodles, and the other people donated toys, candy, etc.
        We did a little, “hey, your welcome”, “please take care of yourselves”, and “get a good educatoin” type of speaking for about 15 minutes. I purposefully followed up with the statement, “please take care of your environment” where I went on about the surroundings and I asked them repeatedly as the ONLY condition of recieving free shit, was please do not litter. I asked them not to litter or throw the wrappers of the things we gave away on the ground.
        Then we gave out everything. It felt great to help everyone and I really wished them all well. However, as soon as the crowd started dispersing, I could see trash all over the little patio where they were all seated. Nothing but candy wrappers littered the place. This was about 10 minutes after I just asked them basically, “in order to get free shit, please do not litter”. They still could not do it and it was translated by the people nearby.
        From that day, I realized Filipinos will always be the international, professional beggars or victims of the world. Why? Cause they don’t care. It is all about receiving what you can instead of going out and working your ass off.
        I became very jaded that day. Its sad cause I was an idealist before that and I believed, “if given the proper opportunity, Filipinos will get better”. They never will. They will only take the opportunity to beg, lie, cheat, steal, or 85% of them will.

  2. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
    Marius O.

    I get shit like this all the time, but they’re so stupid it’s usually obvious from the moment they open their mouths that they’re pulling some stunt. They don’t even have the brains to scam properly. And you know what really, really pisses me off about these retarded scams? They think you’re as stupid as THEY are. They quite honestly think you are so dumb, you will accept their idiotic, illogical rambling at face value, give them money (because that’s what Kanos do, right?) and go away.

    So what happened to the idiot employee who (in any other country) would be speaking to the police about now? I’m guessing nothing at all.

    The problem the management company have is that, to operate in the Philippines, they are obliged to have a mostly-Filipino board of directors and employ almost 100% Filipino citizens. They have absolutely no choice in the matter (you should see some of the racist court judgements published on the internet regarding companies that dare to step one millimeter outside the letter of the law). Basically, the owners are not permitted to apply first-world standards of ethics and common sense because they will be instantly overridden by a team of Filipinos.

    One of the basic problems the Philippines has is it’s pervasive lack of understanding about how money works. When you read any document (say, from the DTI) about foreign investment, they think “investment” = “capital” = “money”. These are related concepts, but really very different. The best investment a foreigner can bring to a developing country is knowledge and skills. Money (foreign $) is irrelevant unless he wants to import capital plant (which he’s not allowed to do anyway). Your building management company has been permitted to bring foreign exchange into the country, put a few token foreign names on the list of directors … and then leave Filipinos to piss their investment down the drain.

    1. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
      Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

      The ignorance, stupidity, greed and incompetence that I’ve experienced here knows no boundaries. I have COMPLETELY abandoned all hope of ever doing business in this God-forsaken land of imbeciles and thieves, save for using Philippines registered corporations to isolate local liabilities for leasing, employee entitlements, etc. I wouldn’t invest in even a pencil here, that I wasn’t prepared to carelessly toss out on the street and just walk away from. Even the thought of investing in substantial capital equipment that might create local employment opportunities is beyond any form of consideration for me. For most of the local population, I wouldn’t piss their ears if their brains were on fire. I’m so close to just packing the fuck up and getting out of here. After more than four years here, I still struggle to believe just how utterly mindless the vast majority of Pinoys really are.

      1. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
        Marius O.

        I agree. I don’t expect to ever be able to run a functioning business here. Filipinos just don’t understand the concept. It’s pointless. For now, I’m really just having fun (as best one can in a country like this) – experimenting with different technology/systems/concepts and finding out which ones work better. I can then (hopefully) translate my experience to a country with a functioning economy. The Philippines just happens to be geographically close to my home country, and the resources I need are cheap here.

        1. Profile gravatar of TheD

          The first and major issue I assume you have is trying to first convince them that there is a problem with the existing system. The first step to solving a problem is first admitting that a problem exists.

          There are no companies I know of who actually do what they say they will do. You can not run the business unless you are local. The problem persists. You can not break it unless you first solve the issue of incompetent people running the show.

          Hell, maybe incompetency is due to dishonestly taking money they shouldnt. Crime pays and most of the companies here are criminally run. Not that the people running them are criminal, but that the way they are run is criminal.

          If you rock the boat, they simply push you overboard.

    1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      Captain jack sparrow said,,,,” the problem is not the problem”’ the problem is your attitude toward the problem”
      that sums up da phils

      1. Profile gravatar of Deacon45

        As I navigate my household…whenever I raise a question, I am in the wrong…regardless of the subject at hand, or actual factual information…oy….a clued in previously clueless American…

  3. Profile gravatar of TheD

    I lived in so many places like this where nothing worked. In the last village I lived in the security company hired to provide 24 hour guards at the gate was the cheapest company they could find. At least 2 of the guards that I know of were removed as they were on drugs while on duty. Note that they were not sacked, the security company simply moved them to a different client.
    Then my neighbor and I found a dog with wire wrapped around its mouth, bleeding from holes and unable to open its mouth enough to eat anything but soup. We later found out that the guards had caught the dog, wrapped metal wire around its mouth so it couldn’t bite them and were trying to sell the dog for meat.
    The positive end is that we rescued the dog and my neighbor kept it as a pet.

    Another example of the association is that they would invoice us for over 900 pesos of association fees per month and itemized each section.

    Maintenance of the pool: Each month we paid for maintenance of the pool even though it was never maintained, was full of rain water, mud and mosquito’s. When they finally got their shit together and fixed it, they then wanted to charge us every time we used it. But to save money, they would only clean it if you told them in advance that you wanted to use it.

    Grass cutting services: Each month we paid for a grass cutting service within the village. The service was provided by the squatters in the neighboring factory who let their goats roam loose around the village and this is MANILA!!! I asked the association if the goats pull a wage, pay tax or provide official receipts and was met with a blank stare.

    Now I live in a village that charges just 300 pesos per month and I am constantly seeing workmen out fixing the road, paining the lines on the road and speed bumps. The guards are absolutely excellent and can not be faulted. My immediate neighbors are also fantastic and have helped us no end when we had issues.
    I need this nice village so I can come back from being out on the hellish roads to my own sanctuary where I can relax.

  4. Profile gravatar of

    My goodness, what an airhead. This story is infuriating – and true. I wonder how your Canadian neighbor saw fit to leave that amount of money with the “admin”. And I would hazard a guess that after these shenanigans, the stupid lowlife still gets to keep her job there.

  5. Profile gravatar of VirginiaHustle
    VirginiaHustle Post author

    So to conclude, we politely declined his offer and inquired with a supervisor in the admin office about getting a 3rd parking spot at the end of September. The supervisor didn’t seem too intelligent nor did he seem like the type that would take any action against his admin.

    I informed the rep from the building’s board of directors and they said “we’ll conduct a full investigation into this” – he was filipino so basically this will take months of investigation and then about a year later, nothing will be resolved. I’ve come to terms with this so now I just do a really awkward stare down with the admin when I see her in my building.

  6. Profile gravatar of JackTheBlack

    Ah, admin office. I love the people so much that I refuse to deal with them. Here’s couple of example from the joys they have given to me.

    1. Parking lot
    I moved into a brand new high rise and needed a parking lot, but even the parking area was half empty I was told in the admin office told that all the places were taken (they never offered any help to find one for me). I kept visiting them twice a month but they never had vacancy, and when I asked about waiting list they told me that there isn’t one. After couple of months I learned that there had been waiting list all the time (still don’t know if they lied to me or were too stupid to remember it when I visited them). I asked to put me on the list.
    After month or so I went back to ask how many people were before me on the list only to learn I wasn’t on it. (I still don’t know if they didn’t put me on it intentionally). Soon after that I moved out which brings me to the next fail

    2. Moving out
    Day before moving out I went to admin office to clear everything so I could move my stuff into my car (that I already had) on the same evening. I dealt with the head of admin office and after hour or so we were done with all the clearances, payments etc… or that’s what I thought.
    In the evening when I started to move my things into my car the security came to stop me and wanted to see yet another clearance. Because I didn’t have it they refused to let me to continue. I got so pissed off that I spent two hours demanding the head of the admin to come and clear her mess, and eventually was able to pack my stuff on that night.

    3. Disconnecting cable TV subscription means disconnecting cable broadband as well
    Before moving to another high rise in predominantly expat area I asked my landlord to discontinue the cable TV subscription the unit had because I don’t watch TV. I thought everything was OK because I didn’t receive any invoices until few months after admin started to demand money. Before asking admin to cancel the cable TV subscription I verified that it can be done without interfering my cable broadband connection. I even sent my helper to tell that to the staff in the admin office 3-4 times and made them swear that they will not cut the physical cable as is so common in here. Well you guessed it, the dumb fucks did exactly that and I lost my Internet connection.
    After 2-3 days I had them delivered a letter where I stated that I will charge them 10k pesos for each consecutive day the internet doesn’t work, and my helper even got them sign acknowledgement receipt. Did I get any money from them, no, I decided not to claim anything after I received formal apology from the head of the admin.

    All of these are case examples of how stupid Filipinos are. They cannot even handle simple things that happen daily/weekly/monthly. How difficult it is to do same paperwork time after time when someone moves in or out in a high rise with more than 100 units? How difficult it is to maintain waiting list? How difficult it’s to listen warning someone gives? IMPOSSIBLE in the failippines!

    Another great example is my lawyer. Even she processes mine and many other expats working visas annually she still cannot give all the requirements in one time. It’s like Pinoys can see only 1 meter ahead and at a time, and everything after that comes as a surprise… in one meter slots.

    I’m also confident that Pinoys have two automatic switches in their head. One in the ears and second in the brains. Unfortunately when ears are turned off brains are on, and vice versa.

    1. Profile gravatar of TheD

      They all have tablets and phones, but for some obscure reason they do everything on paper.
      There is a distinct lack of any logic in their process. Ask them to walk you through the logic and they look at you like you just asked them to describe Pythagorean theorem.

      You just cant win. They repeat the same lines like robots. “I understand your concern…” no you clearly dont otherwise you would have sorted it by now.

      I talk to agents in a call center who NEVER put notes on the account EVER. I often wondered if they are tied up. After being told for the sixteenth time that they would “escalate the concern to the relevant team who would follow up”, I informed them that I thought they were making this team up or if they did exist, had they all died of a gas leak and no one had checked they were still alive. They dont get sarcasm either.

  7. Profile gravatar of Richard aka Dick Head
    Richard aka Dick Head

    “Lessons learned:

    1. Filipinos will always try to take advantage of others. AGREE 100%

    2. Filipinos will consistently be stupid or play stupid because it’s easier than facing reality. AGREE 100%

    3. Filipinos will never accept fault or accountability for their actions. AGREE 100%


    Majority are STUPID. Only a stupid population will elect an equally stupid president and pretend that the incumbent is doing good and believe his government’s claims that the economy is doing well and on track.

  8. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
    Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

    You have to love admin. We lived in a condo in Ortigas for a year. We left there last November, and moved to Quezon City – taking our phone number with us. We still regularly (as in twice so far this week) get calls from admin about access to our (former) condo, and the guards about guests in the lobby, etc. This is in spite of telling the same morons who call REPEATEDLY that we left there last November. Despite clear direction from us to do so, it never once occurs to these worthless imbeciles to remove our number from their records. We’ll be leaving our current home soon too, and will not be taking the number with us. I have no doubt whatsoever that whoever possesses that number in ten years time will still be fielding calls from these complete fucking idiots.

  9. Profile gravatar of Lalaine

    You are Filipino by ethnicity as you said but you downgrade all filipinos just by one situation? Don’t you think that is stupid? Just because you had a better life and speaks english gives you the face to look down on people who have probably less than you. Let us just say, those who dealth with you concerning your rent, may have less education or may have misunderstood rules on their management.

    If you don’t like us, the filipinos and this country, you can leave. Just so you know, the whites will forever see you as brown whether you speak with an american twang. You can’t deny your color unless one of your parents is white. Moron! Even you drink bottles of Glutathione. You are worse than a monkey with your attitude.

    1. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
      Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

      A spectacularly intelligent response! Just the sort of thing that will make me change my mind about the majority of Filipinos being fucking idiots. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

      …oh, hang on – one situation? Oh fuck! There’s a whole blog here full of “situations”! OMG, Pinoys really are fucking idiots after all!

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        how many do you want?????????? ”situations”,,,ripoff taxis, dirty oily smog,,noisy inconsiderate neighbors,, chaos that passes for traffic,,, untold amounts of fees for everything,, kano skin tax,, late or cancelled planes,,, offloading of filipinas at international airports,, endless red tape and carbon paper and lineups for tambuays signature,,,no online government services,,,, slow and expensive fone and internet services,,
        All of the above are suffered by kanos and locals,
        JUST SHOOT ME!!!!!!!!

    2. Profile gravatar of Stu Pidasso
      Stu Pidasso

      I have been reading this blog for years and would like to welcome another bright spark Filipino contributor “Lalaine”. You never let us down. First comment you write has the usual ‘If you don’t like us leave the country’ cop out.
      Next we get the usual excuse for the Filipino idiot behavior as ‘misunderstanding’
      Then the attempt to distract from the badly written piece we are offered some big word like ‘Glutathione’ to suggest some higher education. This is a crack up. I guess Lalaine is doing some plant biology homework and just thought to throw in a strange word for no reason. Impressive!
      Right after that we are shown the very childishness of this dabbler in words with “You are worse than a monkey” Nya nya nya nyaaa nya…you are a monkey bum face toilet head! ha ha ha ha
      And finally to prove stupidity and ignorance beyond any doubt, focuses on the least relevant part of the whole article. The author’s Filipino ethnicity by birth. We know this one too my wounded little petal. You really hate when your own people tell you how pathetic you are don’t you? It’s time to put them down by reminding them of their skin colour bla bla whine whine…

      Hey genius….didn’t you read this blog enough to know how predictable all these idiotic attempts at intelligent discourse would come across?

      The main point was that this idiot woman was conning this person and that’s all there is to it. Otherwise she was too stupid to do simple arithmetic and should instead be working as a janitor rather than an administrator.

      Now do you really have anything honest and borderline intelligent to say to us all instead of ‘Brown monkey boo boo blah boop donkey dick mumble jumbuck nonsense?

      It’s clear that your heterodimeric glutamate cysteine ligase is in dire need of mono moronic synthesis before the globulin in the kopf coconut goes whoopie doo doo.

      Have you had your daily dose of MSG today? Well? what are you waiting for?

      1. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
        Marius O.

        Aurelius: glutathione is snake oil that the more retarded Filipinos drink in the belief that it will make them white (as a consequence of their other stupid belief that being white makes them civilized and upper-class and stuff). A bunch of American marketers told them it’ll work, and of course they believe anything they’re told.

        1. Profile gravatar of Stu Pidasso
          Stu Pidasso

          Ah I see. Thanks Marius O. I haven’t kept up with the skin whitening stupidity for some time now. I had to look up the word on Wiki and if I read further down that page I would have learned that Glutathione is an important element to stop ‘browning’ in white wine making. Maybe that’s where this idiot myth comes from and if so, I’m going into the ‘Whitening White Wine’ business here.
          Just imagine $$$$$$$$$!!!!!!

    3. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      There’s the standard idiot Pinoy response again. “If you don’t like us, you can leave”.

      Listen Pinoy moron, if you think “if you don’t like us, you can leave” is going to solve the insurmountable problems of mass stupidity, corruption, poverty, ignorance, and apathy of 99% of your people, then you are every bit of the idiot we speak about here on PFB.

      This is why all the suffering and corruption, and mediocrity of your country does not improve or change. Because all you can say is “if you don’t like us, you can leave”. It is that very problem, the denial of your problems, which keep you in the failed state your country is in.

      In order for things to change here, you are going to have to learn to stop saying, “If you don’t like us, you can leave.” and start saying, “I’m sorry for our refusal to take control of our country and the government. You are correct, we have a huge problem of ignorance and blind Pride that keeps us from progress. I’m doing all I can by making the change in myself, and encouraging others to change, please bare with us as we slowly begin to admit our faults and problems, and stop ignoring and denying them.”

      But you just don’t have the dignity or honor to say so. Welcome to being the average idiot Pinoy. Well done.

          1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

            sorry to burst your bubble,,but with warfare.. they do not bases,, they have drones, aircraft carriers, modern technology

          2. Profile gravatar of TheD

            And they launch the drones from? Bases and ships. If launched from a ship, you need a base close enough to refuel.

            Please feel free to repeatedly burst my bubble. When I’m wrong, at least I can learn something new 🙂

    4. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
      Marius O.

      LaLaine: Did you cut-and-paste that off a YouTube comment? It’s the standard one posted by a million other Filipinos to pretty much anything.

      The poster was relating ONE particular example. Do you expect him to catalog his entire list of evidence here? I’m sure he could, but the site probably doesn’t have enough GB to store it all, and he doesn’t have enough lifetime.

      As for “face” and “education”: I’m going to call you a bad person for making such ridiculous excuses. The person in the story is clearly guilty of theft and attempted fraud. In a functioning country, these things land you in jail, and being poor or stupid does not get you off the hook. Why? Because even if you have no education, you are expected to know the difference between good and bad (and especially so if your country is nominally “Christian”). Also because such crimes, multiplied over a large population, bring the entire country to its knees. Do you want proof of the latter, or do you have eyes in your head?

      And what the hell does skin colour have to do with anything? The criminal here is being judged on her actions. Do you honestly think we’re ranting about the Philipines because they are brown and we are white? In my experience, I’ve heard more stupid comments about brown skin from Filipinos than from foreigners in this country.

      In summary, your post is a standard-issue stream of illogical bullshit. You’ve expressed it in excellent english, but it’s still illogical bullshit.

        1. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
          Marius O.

          oh, I see what you mean. Sure, the dumb building management girl probably figured the white person was a legitimate target for theft (and Lalaine seems a-OK with that, too).

          1. Profile gravatar of TheD

            Maybe the thought if she could cut a deal, there was profit in it. Completely not realizing that that is theft and fraud.
            I’m not trying to defend her, wrong is wrong, end of story.

    5. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      To lelainie,, I am sorry to say but to tell the truth,, i do not want to leave and I can not afford to leave..
      The western world has got so expensive with all the extra fees and taxes, high house prices, high car prices,
      also, lots of us are getting on in years (old), so the job opportunities are very few in our countries.
      Maybe we are stuck with each other…
      You really have to actually live in a country to find out its faults ,, by that time,, its too late.. we may have families and businesses to take care of….2 weeks of being drunk in angeles is not the way to find the faults.
      Lelainie,,, we are in the same boat,, so screaming at each other will not help.
      Thank you for your time,

    6. Profile gravatar of TheD

      You should see my grades from school, I failed in everything. I dropped out of college and then got a notification that I had passed.
      I agree everyone is different, the issue I think is the mindset that is fostered here. There is little or no room for intellect. It has no place.
      I also have to agree with you that most of the things said about pinoys in this forum are brutal and hurt.
      I think a major difference is how we talk to one another. In the west, we could see our friend doing something stupid and could out them, calling them a fucking retarded idiot and they would laugh it off.
      I dont think the issue is with the person here in particular, it is just infuriating that they can not answer simple questions such as “but why?” and we Kanos are always met with blank stares when we use intelligence and logic.

      1. Profile gravatar of

        The problem with Filipinos, we take everything personally! I, on the other hand, just laugh it off! 😀

        True that TheD, this forum is way too brutal about us Filipinos, but hey, these are FACTS!
        Keep ’em coming!

        1. Profile gravatar of TheD

          Sorry disagree again @Aic constructive criticism is one thing, being brutal is another.
          For us, so used to rule and order, to be faced with complete illogical patterns that can not be explained and utter incompetence, it is hard to cope.
          Case in point: SkyCable have been installing our internet for over one month. You ask them when it will be installed and they give you a canned response “I will escalate your concern to the engineering team who will provide feedback”.

          “When will they provide feedback”, I ask.
          They reply “I will escalate your concern to the engineering team who will provide feedback”.

          It is like talking to a wall. I dont think these people are stupid, but the company is exhibiting signs of utter incompetence. Most likely due to the refusal to change as “this is how we always did it before”. Before what? Before the 1960’s?
          How can a communications company have offices WITH NO PHONES? AGGGGGHHHH!

      1. Profile gravatar of TheD

        Absolutely, I have some thick as pig shit friends and they’re white.
        The pinoys I deal with on a daily basis have higher grades than I. Yet we face utter stupidity at every turn when trying to do something that really should be simple and logical.

    7. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      This does not happen once. Get pickpocketed or scammed a couple of times and that only adds to the stress. Deal with thieves or corrupt PNP adds a little more. Drive around for a while and get more stressed at the stupidity and selfishness of the “great catholics”. Then before you know it, you just wake up one day and realize the only way the Philippines will get better is when an asteroid hits it.

  10. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB

    “And what the hell does skin colour have to do with anything? The criminal here is being judged on her actions. Do you honestly think we’re ranting about the Philipines because they are brown and we are white?”

    If there is anyone who upholds the skin color importance, it’s the Filipino. We have all lived here long enough to see that Filipino culture says “White skin = superior” and “Dark skin = inferior”. They treat each other in this manner, you can see that people with lighter skin end up in front of cameras on TV, they get the better jobs, they are considered superior. You see endless skin whitening products, and people use them to get whiter skin, because it means more respect and status.

    Judging someone based on skin color is undeniably considered racist. Therefore, if anyone is racist here, it’s the Filipino.

    1. Profile gravatar of Stu Pidasso
      Stu Pidasso

      Exactly!!! 100% correct!
      We know Pinoys find it a convenient weapon though. When they can’t answer fair criticism from foreigners based on real issues they always find temporary refuge in the ‘Racist’ accusation. And that’s because it comes from someone with skin even lighter than the whitest (or palest) Filipino. This skin color elitism is also rampant in India and has been for centuries.

      What about the ‘English ability arrogance’? Wealthy and well traveled Filipino snobs like to show off their English skills just to demean the uneducated classes and this is most effective when in the presence of a native English speaking foreigner. Wealthy landladies are expert in this subtle humiliation as many of us must have experienced.

      I remember in my Manila condo I was on the elevator with 4 well-to-do ladies and one Not-so-well-to-do maid. They were all conversing fluently in English. To impress me and to belittle the maid who was looking at the floor all through the ride. As we reached ground floor I flippantly asked all of them ‘Do you speak Tagalog?” All I got was awkward smiles as they quick-stepped out of the building. With the little maid quicker-stepping a few feet behind.

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        Can somebody kindly answer me? what is that skin whitening soap to make skin white.. it must be something powerful and cancer causing..

        1. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
          Marius O.

          I doubt it. Things that are powerful and cause cancer are usually expensive.

          It probably contains nothing at all, or something cheap with a complicated chemical name. Ever seen the commercial for (I think) tinned tomato puree? “With lycopeeeene!”. How many Filipinos have any clue what lycopene is? Doesn’t matter – a multinational conglomerate tells them it’s good for them, so it must be true, and they’ll buy whatever-it-is that has lycopene in it.

          Same deal with skin whitening soap. It doesn’t have to actually work. The advertising just has to be good enough to convince gullible Filipinos that it will. Most businessmen have figured out that it’s pointless trying to run an honest show. Far less effort to just give the retards a half-assed product and watch them fall over themselves to hand over their money.

      2. Profile gravatar of kalbo

        Good point!

        Your point has a wider, more far reaching impact thought. I’ve realised that Flips will speak ANY LANGUAGE THAT ISOLATES OTHERS IN ORDER TO BOOST THEIR OWN EGOS!

        So, Tagalog in front of Kanos.

        French in front of English speaking Kanos.

        English in front of Tagalog speakers etc!

        In using another language, they can feel superior, inflate their own egos and look down on others! Voila!

    2. Profile gravatar of TheD

      Another example. I worked at a few events for a friend of mine. I did so for free. He walked past the guard who said nothing to him. When I walked past he smiled and said “Hello sir”. I was an unpaid worker, the pinoy he blanked was the event manager!
      Another one of my pinoy friends is black as hell as he is always outside. We walk into a mall together talking and my bags are glanced at, his are emptied out and thoroughly searched. As we walked away I said to my friend “told you it would be safer to put the gun in my bag” hahaha

  11. Profile gravatar of

    That’s exactly what i tell to my English boyfriend (for 6years), ‘NEVER TRUST A FILIPINO’.
    I am a 100% Filipino myself, Proud but not ALWAYS! LOL.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      @Irine So when you are proud, can you please tell us what it is you are proud of?

      I have never yet heard a Filipino be able to answer that question. What about being Pinoy are you proud of? Hopefully you can answer it.

      1. Profile gravatar of Ai

        After reading most of the topics in here about us Filipinos, I feel disgusted and I am now taking back what I said of *being proud as a Filipino* because clearly, there is nothing to be proud of. It sucks.
        PS; do you guys meet up for drinks? 😉

    2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      in today’s world never trust anyone.
      I grew up in a time and place where you could trust your neighbors because they were there for a 100 years.

  12. Profile gravatar of VirginiaHustle
    VirginiaHustle Post author

    @lalaine this is fuckin hilarious, you completely set yourself up to be crucified, butchered, and trolled. What are you even doing on this blog?! I’m not the type of Filipino in denial that constantly needs to claim being one ethnicity or another, but since you assume to know everything, including my skin color, let me explain – I was born with blonde hair, to a Spaniard father and Filipina mother. I never claimed to be white or brown or yellow, just regular plain old Filipino. I’ve never been ashamed of color, I just never gave it as much thought as the rest of our fellow countrymen.

    Glutathione is an antioxidant in the rest of the world, but somehow, in the Philippines, it’s used as this miracle whitener from heaven that all of you dumbfucks think will make you more attractive – sorry my dear, you are definitely wrong here.

    Lastly, “if you don’t like us then leave”? This has to be the most typical response ever! If you can’t accept fault, then you can never realize there’s something wrong, and you can never change, and nothing will ever be done about it. This has to be most common Filipino comeback.

    …. Oh shit, I guess I’m the idiot again for trying to explain to a bag of rocks smh

  13. Profile gravatar of SpatandemOhgod

    Lol this is off topic but just today I was told by the UK looking old style aussie that it was because of people like me that they aren’t rich…omg…she was referring to me renting a unit or apartment condominium whatever from the block of units in the complex im in currently.

    They have been so rude to us telling us to leave the foyer because we are not allowed to wait for anyone there..duh..and never make a noise (which momentarily gave e a feeling of satisfaction but actually tar and feathered me after the wife yells) They told me not to park in the carpark here because it was only for holiday makers haha, shit it doesn’t end there we have a lease for 3 months.. Which should make us comfortable, but today this woman who manages the property makes a gun sign at my head and said it because of people like me she isn’t richer..i was gobsmacked..haha, everyone already complained to the real estate people about them (a old Irish///English couple) omg back in Australiaaaaah. haha. There is even a captain cook statue that looks like the old saddam statue from Iraq..monumental, its even making a hitler sign at the oncoming cars (20 meteres high statue)..where the fuck is the Australian blog. we have only been here since july 14…like danger business arrangements

    1. Profile gravatar of SpatandemOhgod

      The old couple are managers and get a ten percent cut of all the holiday rentals. So she was angry at me because I was paying my money to the wrong people…people that legally bought a property from the owner haha, the holiday scene in aus is corrupt as to australians

      1. Profile gravatar of TheD

        Sorry? The irish / english couple are the managers? I didnt quite follow.

        People are idiots the world over, it is a human pandemic of stupidity. A mere stagnation in the gene pool. Goodbye evolution, hello devolution.
        You watch, the next generation will not have opposable thumbs 😉

        Best thing to do is act like a complete psycho. Make a lot of noise like you are killing someone, but not too much noise that people complain, splash ketchup on yourself then put an old rug in bin bags and drag it out to the dumpster.

        Start muttering odd things to yourself, twitching as if there is something seriously wrong with your mind.

        Act like a complete retard and strike up a conversation with them, repeatedly telling them how all your knives absolutely, positively have to be sharp all the time and you spend hours sharpening them naked. It turns you on. Ask them if they have knives in their bed.

        Go psyops on their ass.
        You dont need any weapon, paranoia is the greatest weapon of all.

        Cops cant do shit unless you break the law. If they turn up, just tell them you’re winding up the couple because of what they have done. Building owner can not do shit unless you break the rules.

        This reminded me of a funny story, which in its self is quite unrelated, but what the hell.

        A good friend of mine back home would be walking through town with me and see a pile of disguarded fliers on the floor or in the bin which we would promptly pick up and hand out to people walking past. Naturally most wouldnt take them and he would say “just take it you miserable bastard”. They would shout back “I’ll report you, you arrogant twat” and we would argue back “do it, call the number on the flier, see if I give a fuck” and walk away. The guy would be on the phone screaming at the poor company the leaflets belonged to.

        I’ve never laughed so hard in my life as I did when he would do that.

  14. Profile gravatar of L. "Dead Man Walking" K.
    L. "Dead Man Walking" K.

    My taxi driver today couldn’t seem to grasp the concept of charity relief, to give aid and not expect anything in return. Whenever i would finish explaining my objectives he would follow up with “so how much do the people have to pay a month for these new apartments you are building?” “how much do the people pay for your emergency food?” etc etc it was like talking to a deaf man that could reply back.

    This doesn’t surprise me considering the other posts that have been made on the topic of gratitude in the philippines.

    1. Profile gravatar of TheD

      They do not seem to be able to grasp it. How can you not receive something in return? If you give items away for free and you are not the person paying for them, how can you not take some for yourself?