ASG Releases Hostage. Duterte: Lets Make This All About Me

Earlier this week the Abu Sayaf Group released Norwegian hostage Kjartan Sekkingstad after almost a year in captivity. It’s hard to imagine the hell he must’ve been through, witnessing his friends’ beheadings, stuck in the middle of fuck knows where not knowing if he’ll ever get alive. Below is the video of the press conference of the announcement of his release, and it’s absolutely excruciating to watch, complete with cheesey intro music and the camera permanently fixed on Duterte. And like most pinoys at work he manages to squueze a nap in on the job.

When they announce Sekkingstad’s name he stands up expecting to take to the mic, but Duterte gets there first, leaving him standing there awkwardly. The man child wastes no time moving onto his war on drugs and his frustration at not being able to kill everybody himself.

Duterte even looks surprised that Sekkingstad plans to leave the country asap with the ambassador. The dickhead even suggested he might want to stay a little longer and tour “my” city. Yeh right, maybe a nice little trip over to Samal Island too, where he was originally kidnapped from. He then jokes that he shouldn’t worry, that terrorists are everywhere, and even New York City just blew up. WTF?

I think it’s safe to say that as soon as Sekkingstad was released he had a multitude of pinoys telling him if it weren’t for Duterte he’d never have been released. No mention of the $30 million ransom paid. Or was it $50 million as Duterte had previously stated a few weeks earlier? I guess it wouldn’t be a surprise to find out a few palms were greased who aren’t Abu Sayaf?


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    I wonder if Mindanao Bobs website had anything to do with him coming here, believing the lies that spew forth. So says he might stay a little longer and tour your city. If that happens in your city I would expect duterte to go with him for the publicity. If that happens the filipinos will spout how compassionate, caring duterte is, how he is a great ambassador to the world and such.

    But here’s a question, does anyone think the Norwegian will become a spokesman for philippine tourism?

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        To answer your question I will quote P.T Barnum “There’s a sucker born every minute.” Then there is the oldie but goodie “A fool and his money are soon parted.”

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    I’m looking for the stitches around the neck of the Norwegian. The way he looks makes me suspect the ASG did cut his head off. He looks like walking death warmed over.

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    after he has finished with one round of terrorists – he will, if he stays have another round of terrorists. HARASSERS… the cancer’s that come after white visitors (the ones that don’t seem to bug tourists only resident expats) for money to a point they will bleed you dry and annoy you 24/7 and say BULLSHIT things like “not all filipino are like that sir” and more – fuck i should release an album with songs..

    FHPS filipino bullshit CD album – volume 1
    1. not all filipino are like that
    2. no money, no honey
    3. no food here
    4. wala kwarta
    5. no medicine
    6. can i pay you back next salary day … promice
    7. can i bother you
    8. sorry to bother you
    9. you have a girl there don’t you (as you never answered my 57 phone call, then hangups – missed calls)
    10. can you buy me some (load, food, fare etc)
    11. can you send the money now by (m’hullier, cebuana L’hullier, palawan express)
    12. my cell phone has broken

    and bonus tracks include
    13. can i borrow for job requirements
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