Asia’s Worst Network

Hello to all, I don’t want to take any credit for this post, I’m not a Pinoy book writer after all.  Well I was in the process of checking my email and I managed to stumble upon this interesting article that speaks of how Philippines has one of Asia’s worst internet connections.  This article was posted on yahoo news (yeah, I’m a yahoo user and I normally get a lot of shit for it…… fuck it), it doesn’t detail much, but just from us living here we all have a general idea of how shitty our network is here in the good ol Philippines.  Here is the full story:

Filipinos spend an average of 6.3 hours a day on the internet, the most in the world. Online access has opened up limitless opportunities. Social messaging is becoming the means of contact over SMS texting. Video call applications make it easier for cross-country entities to do business with one another. Online banking and payment platforms have made money transactions more efficient and seamless. With this, the internet has become more of a necessity than a luxury.

An expensive luxury that is. Most are aware that the Philippines has one of the most expensive internet rates yet one of the slowest as well. Just last Sunday, the website of the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) was hacked as a means to send a message to internet service providers for the quality, or lack thereof, of their products and services. Compared to its Asian counterparts, Philippine subscribers pay a premium for lagging internet. Mobile data plans are no better. A number of providers do offer “unlimited” browsing … with a catch.”

To view the full story for yourself, please visit this link:

If this link doesn’t work then just copy and paste it into your web browser.  Once again, I don’t own any content of this article and all rights and credit goes to the credit of the author who posted this on yahoo news.  Thanks

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    Angeles ISP has been promoting “New Fiber” 4MB – 10MB speed. I asked the sales reps “Does that mean your company is saying 4MB connection speed outside the RP”….Blank Stare…”Let me go check Sir”. I already knew what the answer was going to be…”No Sir, 4MB speed only to our RP server”.
    The big families/Business leaders in this country have absolutely no incentive to make improvement. I would bet that every 6 – 12 months all the big businesses get together (like a mafia sit down) and come to an understanding or agreement on prices and services that all can agree too.
    PLDT: Mr Globe, you need to lower your standards because we are loosing too many customers.
    Globe: Hmmm….OK.
    PLDT: Ok. Next business…
    SM Beer: Mr Beer Na Beer, you need to stop bla bla bla….

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    LOL, Unlimited data plans w/ 1.5GB caps. For post paid Sky Cable is truly unlimited, I’m talking able to pull down between 200 – 300 GB in a month, of course I was paying P4k for it w/cable thrown in. I don’t have a clue if PLDT has a cap (SMART doesn’t publish theirs), I’ve never tried them because twice they proved assholes to deal with before it was even installed and decided to go a different direction.

    Pre Paid: For normal surfing (email, blogs, news, FB, voice over IP…) Globe has 1.5GB 30 days P299, 3 GB 30 days P499. SMART Big Bytes 1.7GB 30 days P299, 4.5GB P799 30 days (the P299 plan is cheaper per GB, I just unsubscribe when used up and keep it rolling.

    For downloading on pre paid, Yahoo is definitely wrong! SMART does not publish a data cap on UNLI SURF. Further, the best deal is counterintuitive with UNLI SURF.

    Don’t get the LTE packages, they are capped at 1.5 per day and I’ve heard they have a 3GB a month cap on the P995.

    With regular UNLI SURF I register between 1.85GB to 2GB per day (below 2GB seems to happen during congested times and I suspect a lot of lost packets and am guessing 2GB is their undisclosed cap).

    UNLI SURF 999 Plan for 30 days is NOT the way to go for downloading. You’d only get 2GB a day max and they probably have a 4GB limit a month, although I’m not going to waste another P999 to test it. Even with no monthly cap (which I doubt, LTE does have a 3GB monthly cap, so UNLU SURF probably has a 4GB cap) that would still only be a max of 60GB a month.

    UNLI SURF 50 is actually the best pre paid plan out there!!!!

    Here’s the how and why:
    Between 12 AM and 1 AM SMART resets the daily allowance on all UNLI SURF plans. This INCLUDES the P50 plan.

    So, I try to start the P50 plan between 8AM (avoid earlier incase of a glitch in night time downloading) to 10AM (avoid later because of slower daytime speeds and lower potential) and download 2GB during the day, when I’ve reached the max SMART stops working.
    BUT after 12am SMART resets and I’m able to get another 2GB downloaded. That’s a max of 4GB a day for P50. Over a 30 day period that’s a potential max of 120GB for P1,500.

    YouTube is a pig, try to avoid using it on your surfing SIM, try to stick to UNLI SURF P50 loaded SIM.

    And it is versatile, if you’re not going to download anything big you just don’t spend the P50 for the day. If you really don’t need something ASAP avoid congested days. The after midnight time will get the max easily as long as they don’t have an “enhancement” during the night. On holidays and weekends the day time downloading takes a hit, that’s where I see the 1.8GB, a couple of times I’ve seen it as low as 1.65GB. Mon thru Thu are the best days. Christmas thru New Years sucks big time, but after that they can’t afford more load for their new toys.

    Tips: Shutdown Windows Update thru Services, don’t let it run free, especially with Windows 10 because there is no other way to keep the updates from downloading and installing. You don’t need to update every month. Quarterly is more than fine and you’ll end up downloading less updates that way also, M$ puts out a lot of fixes to their patches from previous months, thus you will avoid about 2/3 of overlaid patches. When you do let it update, do it around the fourth week of the month incase Patch Tuesday (2nd Tuesday of the month) turns into Brick Tuesday. Only let the Windows Update Service run when you’re on the P50 UNLI SURF plan so you don’t suck the shit out of your GB allowance on your surfing SIM.

    Anti virus software can also be configured to give you control of when updates take place as well as most other software.
    Free Download Manager Portable is excellent for controlling most (doesn’t work and isn’t needed on news servers/NZB’s) downloading of large files, much better than built in browser download managers.

    I keep a couple unlocked pocket wifi’s, that allows me to download on one computer with UNLI SURF while surfing with my Big Bytes or GoSurf allowance. If you only have one computer than a dongle is fine. Slow Bro sims work in smart phones and the plans are cheaper than the cp sims data plans.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      I use the Smart Bro pocket wifi with the 999 plan and there are 6 units that use it to access the net. I have never had it shut off with a limit. They say unlimited and they actually mean it, but your wondering what’s the catch. Well from about 0800 to 0030 it might take about 10 minutes to load your comment. Last month I went over 30GB with no problems. The one thing besides slow that pisses me off about it. I can be online and enter a web address and sometimes Smart will high jack it and take me to the smart dashboard.

      1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

        @oldnavyfart Is that UNLISURF 995 plan? Interesting, last couple of times I used it I got fucked, but I wasn’t tracking my usage then. I did also find the single SIM I was using at the time was fucked up somehow on SMARTS system (Smart kind of admitted that to me) I’ll give it a try and track it when I have to load my surfing SIM next time. By 0800 do you mean 8AM? If so are you doing heavy downloading between 12:30AM and 8AM? If both answers are yes, and then your speed crawls until 12:30AM again, I would suspect you are running into a daily datacap that slows down your internet after it is hit. But hitting 30GB a month would indicate that there isn’t a monthly cap on UNLISURF, just a daily cap.

        But with UNLISURF50 the tracking shows I download between 35GB and 40GB every 10 days. 10 x P50 = 35GB for P500 vs 30GB for P995. Like I said, my tracking shows something like 1.85 to 2GB of downloading both before midnight and then after midnight on P50, that’s about 4GB in a 24 hour period. The lower amount seems to crop up during more congested days. Tracking on your computer can be a different amount than your ISP tracking, I suspect this may be due to lost packets. Shitty service = more lost packets.

        On real good days my SIMs still stop once they hit around the 2GB mark early in the day. Great service then nothing, hmm. But if I load UNLISURF50 on another SIM and throw it in, bang, off it goes again with good speed. Again, after between 12AM to 1AM the SIM that got 2GB then stopped kicks in again for another 2GB.

        On that 12AM mark, if it doesn’t kick back in by 12:20AM I am starting to pull the battery on the WiFi and shutdown the laptops completely and then restart everything. And it seems to almost always take off downloading between 1Mbs up to around 4Mbps. I suspect something is cached and sometimes screws it up kicking off again. But still experimenting with it.

        Computers and systems work on variables. Worse, when trying to figure what’s going on you are really dealing with variable variables. Sometimes you think you’ve figured a problem out, but it’s just a coincidence, or just one piece among other variables(s). And this issue really shows up when it comes to the internet and a poor service provider. Poor internet service can be a poor connection, slow service because of congestion, datacap, SIM malfunction, something on SMART’s system screwing up on your SIM, your modem, your computer, “enhancements” or a combination of the above. Datacaps can be enforced different ways, refusing connection, slow down of service (throttling after cap reached), intermittent throttling (throttling to try to keep you under the cap making it appear you have continuous unlimited service), or stopping traffic from your SIM completely. And that can be implemented differently in different areas. So determining what’s really going on is difficult, think cluster fuck. Then again this is the Philippines, they’d never implement such a nasty way to keep the masses dazed, confused and clueless, would they?

        Your information on getting 30GB’s a month out of the UNLISURF is good to know. That would make it a good daytime surfing and youtube SIM. If the daily cap turns out to be around 2GB, you could estimate your days surfing needs, then allow download for the leftover cap amount. I think I’ll try it and let the wife use up my Globe shit, it sucks anyways.

        I’ll post my results. FYI, your WiFi should have a built in tracker that can be reset. Try resetting it and tracking your usage after 12AM until you see it slow to a crawl or stop altogether. Heavy downloading shows consistency with capping.

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          That is the prepaid Unlisurf 995. During the day after 8am I will watch movies on youtube and such so start download the movie and hit pause then wait about 10-15 for bar to be about say 3 inches from left and watch. I have a game I play but cannot play till about 30 min after midnight because from about 8am to midnight it pings at 999 and I have no control. But about 30 after midnight until about 8 am it works great. Right now I have used 28 GB and this load does not expire until the 2nd, 3rd or 4th.

          1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

            Try tracking the amount of data used between 12:30am and 8am and see what the results are. Is what you’re pining in the Phils or outside the country?

            I’m getting some very interesting results on my freshly loaded sim tonight (and it is what I expected from my theory), while my other one stopped dead at 1.92GB. On the freshly loaded sim I’ve gotten 1.25GB registered in the last 4 hours and it’s during the internet rush hours!!! It will take a week, then a month on the P995 to try to prove my theory correct. Your information, especially from a different location is also helpful in my with my theories 🙂

          2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

            The “unlimited” is anything but unlimited. When we were experiencing constant internet and brownouts, I had to purchase about 5 of those pocket wifi’s. Well, on a “PLDT sucks donkey dick” day and no answer from customer support, I had to use all of them to keep the operation going with 3 employees sharing per pocket wifi.
            After about 4 hours of basic internet work, they basically stopped working. The next day I went to Globe and basically said, What the fuck!! The conversation went like this:
            Me: Hey, this pocket wifi is not working. It’s so freaking slow I can’t even check my mail.
            Her: Yes sir, you exceeded the daily amount of data.
            Me: I thought it was unlimited.
            Her: Yes po, it is unlimited.
            Me: So how the fuck do I exceed an unlimited plan?
            Her: Sir, when you exceed 1 gb of data, the device slows down to .5mbps.
            Me: I can’t get anything done with that.
            Me: So then it isn’t unlimited?
            Her: Yes sir, it is unlimited.
            Me: You’re telling me that its unlimited, but if I exceed 1 gb of data, it throttles down to .5mbps?
            Her: Yes po
            Me: Then that is not unlimited. The limit is 1gb.
            Her: No sir, it is unlimited, but gets slow after 1gb.
            Me: That is not the definition of unlimited.
            Her: No sir, it is unlimited.
            Me: What is the definition of unlimited?
            Her: Sir?
            Me: Tell me what unlimited means.
            Her: Sir?
            Me: Explain the definition of unlimited and how it applies to the plan I signed up for.
            Her: Sir, plan 200 is unlimited for 5 days.
            Me: Then?
            Her: Sir?
            Me: Then after 1gb what happens?
            Her: Sir, device slows down to .5mbps.
            Me: Unlimited means without limits. You’re telling me there is a limit of 1gb.
            Her: No sir, unlimited, but slows down after 1gb.

            I had to walk away. I was going to kill her. I know she is just a stupid flip with no critical thinking skills and its just her spouting off what the company told her, but I was about to murder her.
            It was like the scene in pulp fiction.
            “Say unlimited again. I dare you motherfucker, I double dare you. Say unlimited again”

          3. Profile gravatar of BLX2

            Sorry @oldnavyfart, got busy. I’ve been running stress tests against rotating SIMS and different plans. But unfortunately some got interrupted by life. I came across an interesting anomaly but wasn’t able to complete testing it and to see if it was repeatable and I don’t have the time to try it again right now. And some of it would fill pages and I don’t know if anyone would want to look at it and listen to my opinion of what it is.

            The numbers you sent me do seem too low to be something that would be impacted by the data cap and throttle. This shows tracking with heavy download from very fast servers, if there is a fail or slowdown it is the ISP, not the server connection. Being late at night against these servers really make the cap and its relationship to the throttle stand out.

            09/29/15 Day Time
            UNLISURF250 2GB Then stopped on cap.
            UNLISURF50 #1 2GB Then stopped on cap.
            ==== Midnight ====
            Maximum Transfer Rate (Highest Burst speed*) 11.44Mbs
            AVG SPD DL Vol Total Vol
            09/30/15 00:00-00:59 U/K 63.00 MB 65.00 MB * Smart Reset @ 00:50
            09/30/15 01:00-01:59 1.90Mbs 877.00 MB 960.00 MB
            09/30/15 02:00-02:59 0.77Mbs 351.00 MB 1,320.00 MB
            09/30/15 03:00-03:59 0.71Mbs 320.00 MB 1,649.00 MB
            09/30/15 04:00-04:59 0.66Mbs 297.00 MB 1,969.00 MB
            09/30/15 05:00-05:59 U/K 78.30 MB 2,049.50 MB * Stopped on cap (2GB).

            UNLISURF50 #1
            Maximum Transfer (*Burst) Rate 10.88Mbs
            AVG SPD DL Vol Total Vol
            09/30/15 05:00-05:59 1.91Mbs* 862.74 MB 883.18 MB * Speed average actually higher/Started at 05:15
            09/30/15 06:00-06:59 0.82Mbs 370.40 MB 1,266.36 MB
            09/30/15 07:00-07:59 0.65Mbs 292.77 MB 1,570.01 MB
            09/30/15 08:00-08:59 0.69Mbs 313.52 MB 1,894.97 MB
            09/30/15 09:00-09:59 U/K 113.44 MB 2,012.54 MB * Stopped on cap (1.96GB).

            You can see as your data usage picks up you are throttled to lower speeds. But this is in light network traffic in the wee hours. At times I get good speeds in the morning until 5pm like above. Sometimes not. I am rotating sims and testing different plans at different times and loads. I found an interesting anomaly but wasn’t able to complete following it through because I’m getting busy. It’ll be weeks before I can check it out again 🙁

            Sometimes it can be a sim problem, sometimes you can get a sim that works in your favor also. I’ve seen ads about people selling a “bug” sim. I’ve noticed problems in how you’re using your sim seem to screw you over. But I need to test and verify.

            @johnny55, If only you could really get 0.5Mbps after you exceed 1GB. The Globe prepay here is so bad even with new load you’re lucky to get 1.5Mbs and it doesn’t last long at all. I’ve tried Globe pre paid in 3 different places I’ve lived here and it is always useless. I had to unlock my Tattoo WiFi to use it for Smart. It is capable, you can log a short burst of speed, but it is quickly throttled back. SMART doesn’t publish their FUP like Globe does. I read the .5Mps throttle at data cap on their FUP, I might still be interested if you really got .5Mbs after the cap, but on mobile they can’t even maintain that speed when I am under the cap. I really think the .5Mbs is a “Burst” speed, but not a maintained speed.

            For about 5 months in 2014 I was able to stream HD most of the time using UNLISURF995. Service was getting better and better. Then it started to go to shit in the fall and stopped working in December. Since that point can’t stream HD, sometimes in the wee hours but it still stops, spits, sputters, too late and too shitty on mobile data to try. Recently came across a lot of posts from LTE users complaining that in the fall of 2014 Smart put a 1.5GB a day/3GB a month on their LTE UNLI SURF plans. I tested the plans (you can use the plans without an actual LTE connection) and yep, they shut you off at 1.5GB. But real LTE users were getting their LTE sims downgraded to 3G also when they exceeded the cap, and they were real pissed. Of course they got the obligatory sorry po 🙂

  3. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    OK, this is kind of a round about comment, but it will either give you the reason why internet is so slow in the Philippines or simply just make you say, “WTF!! The Philippines is truly the stupidest country on earth”.

    Here goes:
    I saw a shameless fluff piece by the Manila Bulletin doing a story on Bongbong (stupid name right) Marcos. Basically it was like one of those, “25 things you did not know” propaganda pieces. Well # 11 was: – – — He downloads movies from the Internet (While on his way to his hotel from Haneda airport in Japan, he was able to download two movies and was astounded at the speed of the internet connection in that country). (article:
    So, he admits its nice to have super fast internet and steals movies from the internet as well.

    Now, it surfaced over the last 15 years the Marcos family controls a large % of PLDT, through ill-gotten means of course. Then, in typical corrupt style of the Philippines, the court said it was ok for the Marcos family to get their share back of PLDT (or a company that holds a large stake in PLDT). Further, PLDT holds the monopoly on internet coming into the country and they determine the speed, or slow speed at the high price.

    So basically, this senator from the most corrupt regime in Ph history whose family controls about 5-10% of the monopoly company that controls internet for the country is amazed at the internet speed of Japan. Yet, somehow cares less about his country where he holds not only the position of power to change and draw attention to it, but also a large (albeit ill-gotten) share in the same monopoly where he might also be able to impose a change for the betterment of his country. However, he doesn’t seem to do anything about it either way.

    If they could just provide decent, reliable internet and a stable power grid their country would have a nice little jump in jobs with call centers and web-based careers. Unfortunately, Filipinos like to screw each other over first chance they get instead of actually working together. It’s funny cause it seems like they will waste $1 Million USD on tarpaulin signs to promote themselves or some BS project, but to put in $100,000 USD into something actually legitimate that would benefit the people/ community is out of the question and “no funds available”.

    And it turns out they also hold a large share in the Manila Bulletin media company or Bulletin Publishing company. So that is probably the reason for such a nice, propaganda fluff piece. Here are some extra fluff “facts” they printed. For insance:
    #2: He claims to have best record collection in the Philippines (but sadly left this when they hurriedly left Malacañan Palace in 1986).
    – How did he amass such a large collection and why did they have to hurriedly flee the presidential palace? Hmm, could it have been from the uprising that made their family flee in the middle of the night?

    #3: He is a fan of the iconic British band The Beatles (I was a child of the ’60…’70s). (Someone else did a little article on the Beatles in Manila fiasco).
    #7: He invited former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr to return to the Philippines to bring closure to the issues that surrounded the group’s visit to the Philippines back in 1966.
    – Whats the reason this random senator would need closure for the Beatles? Oh yeah, the dictatorship his parents had almost killed the Beatles, beat them up, starved them, and then stole all their money. So, Ringo would not want to go back to the Philippines to say hello to their corrupt senator of a son living the high life in a 3rd world shithole on stolen money? Pretty sure Ringo told him to Fuck off. 1:12

    Here is the link if you want to read more propaganda.

  4. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    The case of the Filipino “unli” deal
    they speed limit the data (i thought i had unli right?) after a set amount of data has been consumed.

    much like smarts UNLI calls — they drop out after 5 minutes 🙂
    you have to keep ringing back to resume the call.

    1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

      I think they do inform you in the fine print about the 5 minute per call limit. Last night I tried out their UNLI20 smart buddy unlimited data, what a joke, a waste of P20. I’m going to experiment using a Bro sim and plan and see if I can get better results.

    2. Profile gravatar of BLX2

      FHPS, I tried a smart bro sim and being curious about another comment Mike made I wanted to test for data caps and tried UNLISURF250 for 7 days. I made sure the bro sim was set up for 3G on the phone and I was getting a HSPA+ signal. Still the phone couldn’t even pull up the Google Play Store with Bro. I made it a hot spot and connecting with my laptop the service was low, 0 to 320 Kbs, but the 320 Kbs was short lived. Took the same Bro sim and put it into a pocket WiFi and I’m running between 500Kbs and 2Mbs, above 1Mbs most of the time. Connected the phone to the pocket WiFi and Google play store is working fine as well as other web apps.

      Just for haha’s I took the Smart Buddy sim with the UNLI20 data plan and threw that into a pocket WiFi to see what happened. I did get a HSPA+ connection (best connection below LTE). It hovered around 200Kbs pretty steady, a lot better results than in my phone, but still poor. Connected back to the freshly loaded UNLISURF250 and am getting between 1Mbs to above 2Mbs.
      and this is between 6pm and 7pm, the slow period.

      I suspect the phones suck as data modem devices (at least here) and the phone data plans (Buddy) also suck a lot more than the Bro data plans. An experiment with Tattoo in my phone and my wife’s phone (hers is WAY better than mine) yielded even worse results.

      Not sure if my phone is just a shitty device and hot sport or if SMART has a way of identifying and throttling them.

      The few times I used the phone data plans (that was like over a year ago) they always sucked, so except last nights try of the UNLI20 (the plan does not allow for peer-to-peer or streaming, a fact they tell you AFTER you purchase it) I just use my phone on a WiFi connection. I don’t have a clue if results are better with LTE since it’s not in our area. I suspect the phone data plans are ok for FB messenger and not much else. You might want to invest in a Pocket WiFi and use that if you want a mobile connection for your phone with much better results. A pain in the ass to have to use/carry two devices to get decent results from your phone, but it seems to work.

      Confused yet? I know I am. In short the phone data plans seem super shitty, connecting your phone to a WiFi device with a Bro promo will give you much better results.

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    I use Globe Tatoo at home. I spend most of the time watching the little circle go round and round and then This Page Cannot be Displayed after waiting 10 minutes. So I use internet cafes for important stuff. What do I have to put up with? Hundreds of screaming kids shouting back and forth about their games, people wearing headphones and singing karaoke, moms chatting with the OFW hubby and then BF on Filipino Cupid, meanwhile her kid is howling. 90% of the people are staring at FB and putting likes, and other bullshit on their friends stuff. What a mess! Not meant for humans.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      Globe tattoo is the biggest scam. I only use it when running around Manila so I can use Uber instead of a taxi. Pays for itself after a couple days. However it is so slow and has a 1gb limit even though they say unlimited. See my earlier rant.