Babe Will Get A Baby – and no money from me!!!

I’m very new to this forum, not not new to Philippines.

Had some nice girl waiting for “only u honey” (as she always said).

No, I’m not so sure.

This girl tried to scam me big. Knew her for 8 month prior to this, so I was before the following shit, sure we could make it a bit bigger in our life.

SHE: Honey, you time to speak?

ME: Shall I call or you chat / VIBER.?

SHE: Viber pls

ME: Okay, I have good time now

SHE: Honey, I think I preg

ME: Great, OH…That’s great, I mean; I’m happy.

SHE: U true

ME: Tell me more, yes, happy, kiss you babe


It went on for some more lame chatting.

I was pretty sure I’m not the guy / father.


Later on….

ME: Babe, go to doctor, get a blood test, get a very good work over by the doctor, I pay.

ME: How much you think I shall send you?

SHE: u true

SHE: 50.000 peso

SHE: U ther

SHE: it a true to say cost

SHE: u ther

ME: I’m here. Go to local doctor, I’ll send money when you have paid.


Then we chatted a bit more. Still I’m VERY sure I’m not the guy who f””’ her up.

I*m counting the month – Right it could be me.

I’m checking my usage of rubber – Wrong, could not be me.


3 days after she insist I’m the upcoming father, she’s very pregnant, May 2016 baby will come.


Then I had to take action..;

Told her I need DNA when baby comes around, I’ll get a checkup myself. Naturally she ask; WHY”

Tell her that our (nice) government will pay contribution to the child until age 18, should 1 die before baby get’s 18yo.

Tell her it’s about 9.000 peso a month – and if she single; 14.000 peso per month.


SHE: u true

ME: Yes babe, it’s all true.

ME: You will always get the money, but let’s see the DNA.

SHE: Okayeee

ME: I’m happy


No words until 25th January 2016. I tried to call numerous times, no responses.

Then she finally write.

SHE: no make dna, I die to make

ME: Babe, it’s safe, don’t worry.

SHE: ate leigh say to me dna not for me becx I can die

ME: I need baby’s DNA, not yours.

ME: I don’t need DNA, our government need it.

SHE: u talk them to say no, becx I will die

I decided to call her up, but she never answered.

No connection for 4 days.

Then I got this message:

SHE: u say true u help. u give 5000 euro cash I happy

I never answered and will not ever.

Just for you guys to know; I’m a member on another forum and posted the above there as well. I think she will try to call on me later, so I’ll update you for sure.


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  1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    Some filipinas are so funny –
    They say “im not like the rest (rolls off the tounge easier than the saying “wheres my gift”)
    and then a couple of sentences later asks for money
    sure… no scam in asking for money — simple request right?

    where it becomes a scam is where its blatent bullshit
    but i’ve had friend who showed me a quote for the filipina kids eye op
    I zoomed in and you could see it was all cut and pasted!!

    the other one is HOSPITAL SCAM
    where theres supposedly someone in the hospital and theres not
    the person will say if you say can i come there
    1. no my relations are here and they will be embarassed
    2. no the doctor will see your a foreigner and increase the price
    3. no, the doctor is angry the bill is not paid and he will see you and increase the price
    4. i cannot leave here until its paid (so i cannot make it outside)
    5. baby has died i need funeral money

    by the way theres a guy in Cebu (American) who does DNA testing
    and he says that most of the clients he has arent the father

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      “5. baby has died i need funeral money”

      Had a Pinay in Mum’s town whose Pinoy baby was sick, but Kano sent money to get him treated. Mother gave the money to low life Pinoy shabu addict Pinoy BF. Baby died of course, for lack of treatment (dengue). Kano sent more money to give baby a decent funeral. The low life mother bought the cheapest coffin available and did not even attend the funeral. Poor kid, born and died without experiencing his mother’s love.

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          Thanks for the compliment Mikey , but I won’t be a good mother coz if my brat asks me to buy him/her a Lockheed YF-12 fighter jet, I will probably mortgage my soul to the devil to get him/her one. 🙂

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Ok, fair enough but I am getting pissed off with you. I mean how am I suppose to get first class tickets to Oz for all the guys on PFB so we can drink beer on your yachet while you bust your ass paying for it all if you don’t propose to me, or Al? I know Al would send me the ticket, well he should, well he might, ok we’ll see. Where’s Al?

          2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            I will only propose to you if you allow me to insert a “colon cobra” up your rear end. I promised to use plenty of lubricants, hell you can even have your favorite flavor of bubble gum or cherry. 🙂

          3. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Hummm, will you be securing me to the table with handcuffs, satin or lace? Al wants to know if he can bring his seal bashing club and PK expects a well stock supply of vodka.

          4. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            Nope, it will be leather and whip for you! 😛 Al can hold the colon cobra while I take photos….of your insides that is 🙂

          5. Profile gravatar of Mike

            So during all of this I will be knocked out. How do I know you will shove a colon cobra up my ass and not an aerosol can (could not resist) or a liter coke bottle?

          6. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            Or I could very well shove an eggplant too and you’re none the wiser 🙂 (btw, that’s for you Kalbo 🙂 ). I don’t think I told you that story Mikey, so will PM you later. And let me reassure you guys that Kalbo is in no way interested in eggplants, unlesss served a’la parmigiana 🙂

          7. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Eggplant huh? So what after you have shoved that up my ass? Lay me out in the garden in full sunlight and shove a garden hose up my ass to water your eggplant? I mean after all it already has fertilizer right?

  2. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    These fuckers are sick.
    They think in the moment and talk babies yet don’t have money to keep a baby.
    I cannot work it out how filipinas think (i dont think many could) that they want to have a baby (like everyone else yet expect father foreigner to pay)
    a pinoy certainly wouldnt hang around.

    Whats even more sicker for these sick fucks is the way they use “light skin” babies as a tool for social leverage
    i was in a cafe one time and a lady came in with a obviously baby from a foreigner
    3 times she said in reply to comments
    “foreigner dad”
    “foreigner father”
    “the dad is a foreiger”
    with a big big smile as if she won lotto…


  3. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    What does the catholic church teach Filipinos?
    nothing – in my opinion
    they certainly have low standards, morals and high expections
    and ZERO — FUCKING ZERO Shame.

    take a girl who said she got pregnant to a pinoy
    she then comes to me asking for money for an illegal abortion.
    shameless expectation I would pay as a freind
    this is what I wrote about
    “the filipino bubble”
    where they think
    whats mine is mine
    and whats yours is mine
    and will shame you into their problems
    of getting pregnant to a pinoy, etc

    I mean.. please …
    someone with brains to sell in the Philippines
    would make a lot of money … from people smart enough to know they need brains
    they simply cannot put two and two to-fucking-gether

  4. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    I will never have a relationship with a filipina
    i feel sorry for the guys that marry them
    everytime a filipina messages me i feel a wave of tiredness come through my body
    the strain…
    listening to their POV mentality mind
    where they focus on things all negative, hardship, the next bill, the next problem, struggle…..
    ITS ENDEMIC in the Philippines to have that mindset …
    thats how poor people think
    morally poor
    financially poor
    spiritually corrupted
    just working from a low base in human global society
    fucked up …
    Its affected me… just dealing with these clowns ..
    i hear .. so what you going to say next when you get

    “sorry to disturb …”
    “may i ask you a question…”

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      A wave of tiredness huh? Not me. Anytime a filipino/filipina comes up and says “Friend”, “Hi friend”, “Hey Joe” I know I’m in for something because my asshole shrinks to the size of a decimal point. I assume it’s a self preservation instinct that my body developed on it’s own.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Another side effect I think might be unique regarding anytime a filipino/filipina starts to talk to me. I feel my butt cheeks start to quiver then after they get over the initial shock they work together and squeeze my wallet tightly between them until all filipinos are gone. Guess it’s the anal wallet protection syndrome.

  5. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    “SHE: ate leigh say to me dna not for me becx I can die”

    She’s either too stupid or she thinks you Denmark2 is the stupid one here. Well, what do you expect when these low lifes are raised to believe that foreign men, Kano especially will pay? Guilt the guy into paying or marrying them, out of a sense of responsibility. But too often it fails and the poor babies are often dumped with the grandparents when another victim – errrr, man comes along.

    I feel sorry for the babies engineered to be born as money making machines, brought into this world as a gamble that the Kano sucker will support their lowlife lazy asses in the next 18 years.

    My guess is, she’s pregnant with someone else, likely Pinoy or not pregnant at all, or she could have a 2nd Kano. If you’re sure it’s not yours, you got off by the skin of your teeth. I’d buy a lottery ticket if I were you 🙂

  6. Profile gravatar of Mike

    The things they come up with are boundless and often entertaining. I have heard several of their reasons for asking for money. We all know the regular ones, hospital bill, utility bill, tuition fee. But I do have a favorite one.

    I when back home I would chat with people on line and think a pinay can smell a kano over the internet. So one day a box opens up on Yahoo chat wanting to chat, it’s a pinay so I figure what the hell and we start chatting. Nothing serious, just a routine chat then we sign off. Well each time she would see me online she would say hi and we would chat some more, just routine stuff (pinay feeling out the target). Then within about three months it happened, I was asked for money. I know, a shocker huh? I cannot remember what her “emergency but told her no. So few weeks go by and we chat and she asks for money again for another emergency and was told I do not send money to anyone overseas or to people I have not met. So a few days later I was online and saw her online in the friends on Yahoo messenger and sent a “Hi” and got a reply back within a few minutes. “This is not “Jane” this is her mother. Jane got killed in a traffic accident yesterday.” Now, how goddamn lame is that one?

    Had another say that if I send her money for a visa, passport and airline ticket to my place she would give me all the sex I wanted. Told her if I did that here’s what would happen. She would take the ticket to the airline, refund it then take that and the money I sent for the passport, visa, medical exams and such, disappear and go shopping. Then would ask for more claiming she got robbed or not enough money to get the passport, visa, med exam. Never heard from her again either.

  7. Profile gravatar of Mike

    My favorite part about Denmarks article. First she says she need 50,000 pesos ($1,049.00). Then later she says 5,000 Euros ($5,557.00). I can hear her sister coaching her “Don’t say 50,000 pseos! Say Euros, you’ll get more if you say Euros. Tell him 5,000 Euros ate and I can get that new Samsung phone.”

  8. Profile gravatar of ConCanuck

    Its been a sobering lesson reading all of these comments for the past few months. You might say that I have been suckered into subsidizing my relatives’ so-called emergencies. Everything from haphazard trike accidents, reconnection fees for utilities, medical/funeral expenses to gadgets for communicating with OFW spouses and to mention the bulging balikbayan boxes that they have grown accustomed to receiving.

    In the beginning it felt good to be able to “help” my impoverished relatives, but after being the go-to benefactor, I have reached my emotional limit. I am emotionally exhausted and financially squeezed. I have been called the “best tita” (best auntie), sobrang mabait (super nice), a savior, etc. This only after connecting with them after the death of my father a little over a year ago. At first I was flattered by the compliments, but soon, it became suffocating knowing the flattery was a springboard for another request,

    I know that I am fortunate to have been raised in Canada and have had accessed to a good education and a standard of living that my relatives do not have. I could have easily been left behind to be one of “them” had my parents not had the foresight to sacrifice to move
    to a foreign country and pay the dues of new immigrants all in the hopes of a brighter future. I’ve been living a delicate balancing act of being the lucky one and giving back with staying sane and not losing my shirt…literally and figuratively.

    At this exact moment in time, I could give a two-shits about my relatives. They are both exhausting financially and emotionally. I have been communicating with them on a daily basis for the past year and a half. I have grown to love them simultaneously annoyed to hell by them. Without going into further detail, I have turned my Facebook account off so that I no longer have to read daily texts about so-and-so needing this or that. I could give a fuck. These past 2 days of being Facebook free has been truly liberating! It’ll be nice not having my relatives taking up too much of my head-space not to mention seeing my bank balance head back to black!

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Welcome to filipino culture. Now send me money. My elec, water, cable bills are due, I’m in the hospital and need cash for taxi fare to the airport. Oh the excuses they come up with to try and get money are endless and often times humorous and annoying. I walked out of our subdivision last week and right away had a kid about 10 foot behind me say “Hi” then about 30 seconds later “Give me 5”. Lot of times I just look at them and say “You give me coin.” and walk off.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Like I said, anytime a filipino starts to talk to me my ass cheeks grip my wallet in a death grip while my asshole opens up to suck it in for protection until the filipnos have left.

    2. Profile gravatar of Angeleyes

      I can understand your situation. After my first two trips to the Phils my Facebook friends doubled (From 70 to 140) and then the requests started rolling in and I ignored them all. I got really angry and one night unfriended all but 3 of them, kept it to my wife’s siblings and a cousin. Even now this one cousin keeps asking for money for all sorts of things like she wants to work in Hong Kong, she needs money to fed her kid, she needs to go back to the province. One time her Mum sent her 1000 peso for her daughter then later that day another cousin puts up a selfie and there in the background is this cousin playing cards and there is a fair few pesos on the table so I always reply a blatant NO yet after a month or two another request for money comes in. I have been slowly (over a year now) building my wife’s parents a modest little house. Each time I get something else done e.g Block walls, roof, windows etc, she e mails me asking for money which I find absolutely shameless. One time I snapped and told her straight how she was living with my wife (before she came out to the west) lying around the house I rented all day, helping herself to the fridge, watching tv sitting next to the fan, endlessly checking her facebook on the WIFI, all of which I was paying for and how she had never once tried to get a job of which there are many advertised in shop windows around town. Of course she replied in a manner which made out I had shamed and embarresed her like I had done something wrong, and said she will never talk to me again woooohoooo. Naturally, within 24 hours, she started asking my wife for money but as my wife does not work so she got the same answer I gave her, NO. Now she does not talk to either of us. Funny how they make out they are your friend yet when you do not give suddenly you do not hear from the again. Some friend huh. I actually kept her as a friend because she resolved a massive fight I had with my wife before we got married, a fight that was almost the end of us (I wish she had not of intervened, Id be a free man).
      I have a very strict rule with giving anything to these parasites; I will only ever give to my wife’s parents or her 2 brothers or her sister or her one nephew in a proven emergency and will only ever shout a birthday for the nephew. As I am building them a house I have never had a request for money from her family, except the nephews birthday. Luckily my wife’s mum hates people asking me for money so should anyone ever ask again I will tell her and she will skin their asses. I have to laugh when my wife says it is their culture to help each other; no love it is your culture to bludge and pull each other down.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Their culture to help each other? I have very rarely seen that in their culture. They won’t even give you a chance to cross the street. My wife’s birth mother will help if asked by my wife and what is the first thing we are asked? How can I help? What do you need? NO it’s “How much you pay me?” Once she “helped” and when she asked for more money wife sad no. Then “mom” threatened to burn our house down with our son in it if she did not get the amount she asked for. That is how they help each other in this fucking shit hole. Wife has dropped contact with her.

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          I agree 100% Mikey, It’s the free-loading culture that burns everyone around them regardless of your ties with them (i.e. marriage or by virtue of your birth).

          Don’t forget guys, you are your Pinay’s financial plan/ retirement insurance, hers and her family’s medical insurance, funeral insurance, education fund, the pig’s food source, (for both 2 legged pigs and 4 legged, and one way to make sure that you are “tied” to that commitment is the baby ACE card. If you won’t marry her, bringing a baby into this world regardless of your wishes is the next best thing and fingers crossed that you are a softie when it comes to emotional manipulations, because that is these low life’s weapon…. emotional manipulations. Just so sad that the innocent kids are often caught in the middle and when her plans did not work out, dump the kid to the grandparents to raise.

          Other foreign men are not exempt either. Pinays know that Kanos and Japs pay majority of the time. They’ve tried their lucks on Koreans too, except Koreans couldn’t give a toss. In Cebu city, there was a Korean / Filipino orphanage run by a Korean Pinay couple. These half Korean /half Filipino kids are known as “Kopinos”. The orphanage takes in half Korean children abandoned by their Pinay mothers and unacknowledged by their Korean fathers.
          I’ve seen documentaries about these Kopino children calling out for their Korean fathers to acknowledge them. Nothing but broken hearts and sadness for these poor children, very likely conceived to be used by their mothers.

          I have a great Aunt whose husband used to work at Clark Airbase in AC when it was still open. I loved listening to her stories of old when she used to run a boarding house for the AC prostitutes. I remembered her telling me when I was little that the Kanos are “stupid” because the girl gets pregnant while he was away, gives birth to a full blood Pinoy baby, then tells the Kano “baby is yours, honey ko”. Kanos apparently accepts the baby and gives support. But what these low life whores did not foresee (how many of them really looked beyond the today?) was the Kano going home and not looking back. Who knows if the Kano knew anyway that he’s been played and just went along with it for a free “boom-boom”? Who is the gullible sucker in this scenario? Again, the loser are the poor children.

      2. Profile gravatar of BLX2

        The only Filipinos I have accepted friend requests from on FB have either been a gf or wife, and most of the time not even them. X1 with 5 years, fb friend a year and a half at most, X2 4 years, fb friend lucky if it totaled 6 months. I don’t make it a habit of friending/unfriending, this has only happened with Filipinos. Years ago I did friend a lot of flips, obnoxious and they also started bugging my daughter and tried friending other family members. I’m so sick of FB shit here I won’t even friend my best expat friend to keep unconnected from flip fb bullshit.

    3. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      It does suck cause you wish there was a genuine family connection there, but when you realize your always giving out money and the family connection is not their priority your attitude can change quickly.

      If it makes you feel better, I have well-off cousins whose only concern is to keep stealing family property as much as they can. So, its not just the poor people in that country who are shameless, the culture is shameless.

      I have zero respect for the culture. They pretend to have these catholic morals, but simply look in any direction or scratch the surface you’ll see they are the opposite of what they go to church for. The pride themselves on being great family members. However, I think its cause no one ever leaves home for financial reasons and the successful/ hard-working ones are always being guilted into providing.

  9. Profile gravatar of ConCanuck

    Mike – your comment about your ass hole shrinking to the size of a decimal point was priceless! Thanks for the much needed comic relief. I too can relate. Every time I read the phrase…”pera problems” from relatives, I start getting hives!

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      There are two ways to keep your sanity if you live in the philippines. One is to develop a sense of humor. The other is to “go native” but the jury is out on if going native means you still have your sanity or went over the edge without knowing it.

  10. Profile gravatar of Denmark2
    Denmark2 Post author

    Dear Friends.
    Thanks for all the nice and sober comments.
    Naturally I’ve heard nothing yet from this FlopFlopFailiureFemale, but think my inbox will be beeping as nearer we get May ’16.
    Funny though since she never before tried to scam or beg me for money, and yes, I’m sure I deeded eject that fertilizer into her.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      They also have another favorite one they like. So your in a consensual relationship for year or two and then you decide time to leave, they love to yell rape at that point. Google “Daniel Smith and Nicole philippines” , Jane Doyle, harry Doyle.

    2. Profile gravatar of loco_loco

      Denmark, I was with my Ex nearly 7 years together…she did never ask for cash …but one day…she got a friend working at the bank….
      The both faked my account passbooks , spent a huge amount of USD from my cash …and i didnt note it because after such a long time I did trust her and had no time to check weekly the cash in the accounts..she had no access to my bank accounts …but a good friend who worked at the same bank where i had my accounts…

      Ive read ur story…and i call tell u ..DO NOT look back, Do not take her to our nice Europe even she is really pregnant..DO NOT believe one word which comes out of their mouth..if u believe u might be a profi in lies…then u will find ur master in a pinay when she has smelled money and how to catch u in ur weakest moments…These bitches are profis to find out ur weak point , and when they have u , they will not doubt to manipulate in all ways they can do

      1. Profile gravatar of Denmark2
        Denmark2 Post author

        Since I wrote this post, I’ve tried few times to call her and write her on Viber, but as expected no answers, not a word.

        Just prove to me I’m not “the guy” who have something baking.

        I admit, I were scared back in December and took it all in – accepting that if I’m the father, I would stand by and help.

        Just yesterday and today my many friends connected to FlipFlopLand have supported me and warned me as all of you here. Basically using the same words for her as a scammer.

        Really, we had some nice good 8 month, nothing to be worried about.

        You had 7 years and a flat account.
        It’s so sad these people can not be trusted in any way

        1. Profile gravatar of loco_loco

          No question of course…if u have a real proof u would be the father of the kid…then its no question to support and try to be a father …because the kids especially in this country and with these people here ..are pretty much fucked ( just when its a mixed kid ) Its one of the most bad weapon a woman can ever use ( and sad to tell that , I know and have seen a lot of women who use a kid as weapon against a man)
          As I wrote..these bitches * not all , lets say 98% here in da Land of Fail, are absolute Profis how to find out a weak point on u , even it takes years …even they smile into ur face and are friendly and good in bed or what ever you wish and want…they search the weak point in u and once they have find it, they will give you the most bad fuck of ur life.Manipulations, Lies and more lies a total construct of lies without doubts ( Sorry if read this the good Pinays out there in the world) The Problem is simple..most of them are lazy dumb fuck asses…who want a never ending freeload in their sad life which is full of self made problems..And the only solution is there a foreigner and a Baby…wait till its time when the baby will be delivered…prepare urself for the most heart breaking stories ( the baby has no milk, baby does cry all the night of pain and hunger, ur own blood ( baby) will die , because you dont care u bad kano etc etc etc) expect these stories which will come to you…these stories are made only to find out ur weak point…

  11. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    Be careful buddy, that is a tourist trap in this country. I knew a few guys who got caught in this scam as well. I’m sure the kid isn’t yours, but it’s not the truth that matters in this country, it’s what they can prove, and sometimes the proof here can be fabricated if they pay the right people. Stay sharp!

  12. Profile gravatar of Denmark2
    Denmark2 Post author

    @oldnavyfart; I got the photos, both in December ’15 and at the end of January ’16. Oh yes, there’s a bread in the oven…!

    @fafi: I’m pretty sure that IF I WERE the father, she’ll be ringing day in and night out. She don’t.
    She will try to talk to my soft side later with; “please help”.
    I’ll give nothing for a lie.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      My wife cannot bear children anymore, the plumbing has clogged up some way. Now if I’m wrong members here will correct me. I can take my wife to a doctor and get proof that she is infertile. Then I’ll bet you the 5,000 Euros that the very same day she can get a certificate from a doctor saying she is 3 months pregnant complete with pictures.

    2. Profile gravatar of Mike

      I don’t know how old you are or your experience with filipinos. I am in my 50’s, married a pinay when I was 19 and have lived here for a number of years. Here’s the best advice I can offer. Stick firm with the demand for a dna after the baby is born, no dna, no money. Talk to your version of the foreign office and if they have preferred places in the philippines that does the dna, she goes there and no where else. Then if baby not yours the matter is settled. If it is then you need to sit down and think about what your going to do.

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Could be self rising except for one problem. In all my time in the philippines I have never found self rising flour in any store. Shit, come on, gotta have chicken and dumplings sometimes.

          2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            C’mon guys, this is a Catholic country! Have you not heard of Immaculate Conception and Virgin births? 🙂

          3. Profile gravatar of Mike

            A virgin in the philippines? Not even on a catholic Mary medallion!

          4. Profile gravatar of


            “A virgin in the philippines? Not even on a catholic Mary medallion!”

            I know one. The Virgin Island near Bohol. Propably the only one in the Philippines.

          5. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            I gotta tell you this guys, but I do have a friend who had been looking and is still looking for a young Pinay virgin. I told him “you’ll be looking forever!”. Last time I talked to him, he was still looking 🙂 PK, I might send my friend to that Virgin island in Bohol 🙂

      1. Profile gravatar of loco_loco

        Correct advise Mike…!!! DNA test only in an institution which is for sure accredited by any european or american , hospital, gov, laboratory etc… u dont need her 5K euro to get a singature and official papers from a Dr. or a Laboratory

    3. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      @oldnavyfart is completely right. The DNA test is simply a “hurdle” she will figure out how to get around. I’m sure she has already thought of a fake test or someone has told her about how to do it and which “doctor” to talk to. I’ve heard of this scam a few times. It’s popular near Angeles City for obvious reasons.
      I’m not sure where to go or how to go about it, but you may need to go there and get the swab yourself, then bring it to a DNA testing clinic yourself. Also, if she has no idea what your DNA is, then they have no comparison other than simply saying, “the baby is half-pinoy, and anglo-DNA”. I don’t think they would be able to simply say it belongs to you unless she was smart enough to save your previous “DNA contributions” so they can match it.
      That is a question for professional nurse @sarahfin. How exactly would something like that work?

  13. Profile gravatar of Denmark2
    Denmark2 Post author

    I’m so sure it’s not my bread – as she also know it’s not mine.
    She sees me as the man who can afford a child, hence I’ll be “called” the father.
    Sure, if I’m the guy with the gun to shoot yeast to her stomach, for sure I’m the guy who will pay, no matter what.
    Actually, in my country, if you have a child abroad, they do require DNA as proof.
    I’m not worried at all and can afford a child on the side.
    I’m in my fifties and still going strong (I hope).

  14. Profile gravatar of Esteban Magtaka III Jr
    Esteban Magtaka III Jr

    For my sins, my partner is a Filipina. Like the majority of Filipinas, she allowed herself to be knocked up by the first Pinoy who expressed a ‘romantic’ interest. As a result of this genuine and heartfelt romance, – and because kuya Bangbang didn’t invest a few pesos in a condom, or at least have the common courtesy to pull out – she was ‘blessed’ with a daughter.
    Of course, kuya Bangbang vanished long before the first garish custom-made plastic banner could be printed for the kid’s baptismal celebration ; and has doubtless been boinking his way across Luzon ever since, leaving a trail of red horse bottles and unwanted rat-like offspring behind him.

    I set out my stall when I first met my girl. I told her that I needed to save money for my own retirement and would not fund any member of her lazy work-shy family, because I believed that able-bodied people should work to support themselves., and because I had left home at 16 and had never had anything handed to me on a plate during my lifetime….
    I also told her that – as I wasn’t present at the conception,- there was no way in hell that I was responsible for raising kuya Bangbang’s offspring. However, I did promise to give her (and only her) a much better life than she had, which is a promise that I have upheld. We are still together 6 years later.

    1. Profile gravatar of ConCanuck

      Esteban – I can truly appreciate a man or woman that has upheld promises. She’s lucky to have you. My question is: what happened to kuya Bangbang’s offspring? Is said-offspring living with you and lucky Filipina partner? Or has Bangbang come to his senses and owned up to his paternal obligations? Share please.

      1. Profile gravatar of Esteban Magtaka III Jr
        Esteban Magtaka III Jr

        ..A Pinoy male who owns up to paternal obligations (or any type of obligations for that matter) ? That’s about as likely as a pig flying past my 30th floor window right now whistling dixie…
        I came along around 5 years after Bangbang had sowed his wild oats…Sadly, the child had the same illustrious start to life as most Filipino kids – Left with the grandparents at not even a year old, because the mother – along with her four sisters – was forced to go and work abroad in order to support those leeches.
        Filipina returns once a year to visit. I do not – and will never – have anything to do with the parents or family. People with such low moral and ethical standards are beneath contempt.