Babies with guns…

duterte-jaywalkerStrap in, boys and girls.  This is going to be a very long ride.  The Child is in charge, and his tantrums are long and bloody.  We don’t know if it’s because his Depends diapers are chaffing too much, or the viagra just stopped working, but he’s on a tear.  Whether it’s accusing the US of not providing bullets and cup holders for the FA-50 jets that KOREA sold to PH, yelling at a few US soldiers to get off his damn lawn in Mindanao, or just being a serial killer in charge, you have to admit that the guy is just an idiot with a gun.  That’s actually pretty easy to understand.  He’s very one-dimensional.  The world has its way to deal with morons like that.  Obama gave him the first clue…on the house.  Anyone else notice how the child in charge backpedalled after that?  Someone got his peepee whacked with a bigger dick.

But now he’s wiped the white stuff off his face and regained his composure.  He’s back to prove he’s the man in charge.  What to do when you need to gather up support from your own people?  Why….you give the green light to have one of them executed, of course!

That’s right.  Maryjane Velasco, the poor Pinay in distress that was tricked into carrying drugs into Indonesia, has just been given the green light to be killed by her own president.  This according to Indonesia’s child in charge, Widodo the DoDo.  Of course the Palace is trying to buy time to put the spin on it, but PH’s resident baby is so crazy about his obsession with drugs that he can’t even consider the thought that anyone…ANYONE might actually be innocent.  Instead, he sees another excuse to whip that limp dick out to fuck over his own people in a show of bullshit machismo.  The child in charge wants so badly to be like an action hero who can walk away from an explosion like a badass.  But in this version, it needs to have a piece of shrapnel knock him in the back of the head.  That would be karma doing it’s job.

ONE MAN said it best, so sadly long ago.  Of course, he was talking about Reagan at the time, but it rings so very true now.

“Ok.  Who gave the baby the gun!?!?”

-Robin Williams



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  1. Profile gravatar of Alex Azar
    Alex Azar

    Her name is Mary jane Fiesta Velasco and I don’t think someone can be that stupid to get tricked carrying into a bag that’s not theirs.
    Back to her name Mary jane Fiesta Velasco why do filipinos give their kids stupid names ?

  2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    The same reason , they dress up their daughters like hookers and put them in beauty pangeants,,,,
    Or put them in a parade with short dresses,,, and march them down some grimy, dirty,, smog ridden street with a bunch of noise and drums pounding away,,,,
    Or they have a parade of kids,,, down a busy highway , but all are marching on the wrong side of the road,,, if one of those shit wagons they call trucks or jeepneys went out of control,, they would kill lots of kids??????
    The same reason,, they let their kids watch shows like wowwowwee,,,,,

  3. Profile gravatar of Chrysalisious

    I am from Indonesia and I was like wtf when I watched news about him visiting Indonesia doing his speech and try to safe this [Mary jane Fiesta Velasco] from death penalty. Seriously? It’s fine for him to kill drug dealer from his own country while want to safe this girl? I have no idea…

    1. Profile gravatar of Lily

      Major cognitive dissonance. But when he and widodo talked, he changed his stance. not surprising though, as he is inconsistent in upholding the rule of law and consistent in killings.