That is the motto of the Filipino nation. God will provide, via OFW mother, sister, brother, son/daughter and Kanos with a generous heart (ok, sucker if you must). Whatever happenned to saving for a rainy day? Standing on your own two feet, study while you got the money or work, save, plan for your future?

Financial planning,….what is that? asks Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms Pinoy.

My mother’s little provincial town only has a population of 40,000 people. No industry there, most people eke out a living as farmers and fishermen, and whatever they can do to earn a peso. A few were lucky enough to get employed by government departments. .

There is one beauty parlor in the market area, and surprise, surprise, it is heavily patronized by Pinays and ladyboys. I have never seen a race of people so obsessed with their looks. Observe any Pinays in a restaurant and count how many do you see put lipsticks and make ups on immediately after their meals? Surprising still are the “clown faces”, those Pinays putting on white make up, but forgetting that the rest of their bodies are brown!

I am sure that the Filipinas know that their looks are their capital. Shame they don’t think that those looks eventually fade and quite quickly, especially as majority of them don’t have any idea about healthy diet, or too lazy to exercise anyway.

So now we come to the real topic of my story.

I have a house in the city. Most of our neighbors are Pinay/Pinoy couples, but quite a number are Korean or Pinay/Japanese couples. A few are Kano/Pinay couples. Some of the Pinays are married to Japanese or Korean men. A fair number are mere mistresses of Japanese or Koreans. A few are widows to Japanese men who chose to return to the Philippines. A couple are faded Japayukis. The widows and faded Japayukis are supported by their half Japanese children who stayed in Japan. Now, some of you might start asking “why did they not save money while they were young and rolling with money?”. We’ll get to that later….

As usual, the deal is, Korean/Japanese man are married back in their home countries, leaving the Pinays alone for most of the year, which suited the Pinays for as long as the money kept flowing. Do they save these money? Of course not!! They are spent on shopping, parlors, manicures, and facials.

So fast forward 10-20 years, and the once young slim pretty Pinays hit middle aged. More frequent visits to the parlors did nothing to delay aging.

Soon enough, the old Japs started noticing their mistress’ fading looks, the once slim Pinays have now lost their waistline. Japs talked to each of getting new young mistresses, forgetting that some of the Pinays can actually understand Japanese and told each other what their lovers and husbands were planning to do. One Japanese man bluntly told his older mistress that he wanted a new young GF, and he specifically told his middle aged mistress that he wanted her young niece, promising her that he won’t neglect older mistress and their child.

The niece by the way was only 18 years old, and surprise, surprise, agreed to the deal that she’d be the second mistress and with her own apartment.

Now, if I was the 18 year old, no way would I agree to be a mere mistress to some geriatric foreign man, especially after knowing that the now middle aged Aunt had been discarded. I’ll be demanding marriage and citizenship. Although that might be a bit hard since the Japs and Koreans apparently only give citizenship by birth.

But of course, a lot of these women only think of today and worry about tomorrow. Bahala na bukas, for God will provide. So the deal was sealed and young niece is now installed in her own apartment, complete with maid. I told the niece she’d better make sure the maid is not younger and prettier than her!

In the meantime, faced with the uncertainty of their future, some of the soon to be exes, the middle aged wives and mistresses are now scrambling on the internet dating sites, trying to find western men to marry and take care of them.

One of my Aunts is a member of this “bahala na bukas” gang. She herself was married to a Kano who eventually divorced her. She had the opportunity to study while she was married to him, but did not. I asked her and some of these women why they did not study while they were young and had money. “oh, our brain was too rusty to study anything”, “too hard”, “we thought he would stay forever”, was the reply. Ha! “we thought he would stay forever’….. I told them that to depend on another person for their existence is just a bad financial decision, very, very bad. The stock markets don’t work on hopes and prayers. Answer? blank look…..

Some of these Filipinas have children from these foreign men. You can bet your bottom dollar that these children will be raised just like them: Bahala na bukas, God will provide. I just shake my head as they waved me goodbye yelling “don’t forget my pasalubong next time you’re back!” and “find an Aussie for us!”. The hell I will!

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  1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB

    Good article Sarah. I like the start of it “God will provide”. You are so right that is the motto here. And how I always respond to that idiotic, lazy minded bullshit is this:
    When you were born, god provided you a brain, eyes, ears, arms, legs, hands, and feet. He equipped that brain with reason, logic, and many other human cognitive devices which make humans the dominant species on the earth.
    That’s what god has provided. But you Filipinos have decided to forego their use, and continue to ask god for the things he equipped you to provide for yourselves. Not only that, but all he asks in return is for you to be honest, kind, and love thy neighbor. Instead you cheat thy neighbor, drive like ignorant rude dumbshits, you are inconsiderate on a grand scale, and you’re corrupt. Yet you have the BALLS to keep asking god for shit you can get for yourselves.

    You are really a pathetic culture!

  2. Profile gravatar of beameup

    The whole nation is frozen into inaction. Everything is “God’s will” and they are but “observers” of whatever comes their way.
    I had an interesting discussion with my anesthesiologist. She is one of a tiny minority of doctors that can prescribe pain killers. She said that of all Asia, the P.I. uses a tiny fraction of the opiates, compared to other countries. When she gives her post-op patents painkillers, they feel “much better”…. UNTIL she tells them what drug they have been given. Their immediate reaction is “I don’t need that anymore”. She says that the post-op patients feel it is “God’s Blessing” that they are allowed to Suffer (like Jesus suffered). The P.I. has the strictest S2 drug enforcement and the opiates are a “monopoly”, and taking them is “frowned upon” by other family members, even when the patient is in extreme pain. So, needless to say, it is a real pain-in-the-ass for a foreigner to get any opiates. Oh, did I mention, it seems that opiates are the only available drugs sold in the P.I. for pain control. Hydrocodone is NOT available in the P.I…. oxycodone is available but hard to find, and the price is 4X that of the U.S./Canadian price.

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah
      Sarah Post author

      Thanks for your comment Beameup. That explains why when my Grandad was dying in 2013, he was sent home with nothing… I told my Aunts that since Grandad’s prognosis was grim, to send him home rather than get the family into deeper debt for nothing. I told my Aunts to ask the Philippine Doctors to make sure he’s prescribed morphine, sedation (Diazepam, Lorazepam or any from the Benzodiazepine family) and oxygen. The idea being to give him palliative care at home, and hopefully he won’t be much awake to know that he was dying.

      Can you believe it? He was sent home with NOTHING!! when I asked why, I was simply told “don’t be silly, this is the Philippines, we don’t have those things here”.

      Yes, the Filipinos hang too much onto God. I’ve seen them on Facebook “thank you Lord for my tablet”, “thank you Lord for helping me pass the exams”, and even severely disabled babies are regarded as “God’s blessings”.

      But back to Bahala na bukas…. my Grandma used to say that a lot whenever asking us for money. I remember that one time when the tax for the house in Manila was due, she hang it on my Mum, saying “oh well, if you don’t give we could always live on the streets. Bahala na bukas, God will provide for us somehow even if you don’t help”. What an emotional blackmail! That was when I started to take note of Filipino failings, the greed, the emotional blackmail, the over-reliance on God, to name a few.

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        To Sarah..
        I have seen them buy big ass stereos (boom boxes) and spend all day shopping for it.
        What do they have??? NOTHING!!!!!!
        It sounds like they did not want to buy medicine. Sad really.

      2. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Our neighbor is pinay who has a Korean “husband” who comes here once a month for about a week. Well they have two kids together and seems to get along for the most part but there are a few odd things. Any time she brings up marriage he says his divorce is not yet final (after 6 years) so I contacted a lawyer in Korea who said it takes 1 month for a divorce to become final. Here is what I noticed regarding both of them:
        1.) They have a Chevy which is in HIS name.
        2.) They have a condo in Metro which is in HIS name.
        3.) He pays all the rent and utilities in advance.
        4.) He gives her 5,000 a week.
        5.) They have 2 maids that are live in which he pays for.

        Ok, now I showed her where it takes a month for a divorce to become final in Korea, no reaction from the pinay. She has a hard time keeping help because she feeds them Lucky Me noodles and very little if anything else. The other day she went somewhere with the Korean and left food for the two helpers and two kids,,,,,,one can of sardines.
        What has me wondering is this. I know she has no savings, does not shop a lot so where does the 5K a week go?

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah
          Sarah Post author

          “What has me wondering is this. I know she has no savings, does not shop a lot so where does the 5K a week go?”

          To the parlor Mikey, to the damn parlor!! These Pinays loved to be treated like a Queen. Next time you pass a beauty parlor, have a peek. The Pinays getting facials and manicures looked oh so smug! who would not want to get treated like a Queen even if she spends her whole week’s allowance paying for it?

          P5000 a week is generous! One of our neighbor in Cebu only gets P10,000 a month. That’s for food and everything else. The Korean is smart. Our Japanese neighbor is only half smart because he put the house in the GF’s name. BUT it’s only a very small house. And oh, the GF with the P10,000 a month allowance, she does not hesitate to spend P1500 on hair rebonding (whatever the hell that is).

          Either that or the Korean’s Pinay has a Pinoy BF/husband on the side.

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            She does not leave her house that much and never see anyone go in. I know her family mad at her and she avoids taking the Korean to visit her town. Seems when he was gone once she gave another Korean a roll in the hay.

  3. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    The family is full of shit Sarah, sound like they were too cheap to buy it for the old man. Typical me first attitude
    I had an Australian mate who was dying of bone cancer.2008
    Before we could extradite him home we visited the local pain clinic in Olongapo .They had an Anesthesiologist who was the only one locally who could dispense morphine.
    We got the script for Morphine and picked it up at Mercury Drug Company.
    I could not get my Panadine Forte anywhere but could get Morphine Opiates.
    No Codine apparently.

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

      Dude, the pharmacy industry is both the worst professionally and negligent:

      1. the staff talk behind the backs of others and in front of customers
      2. they issue drugs in PH with no advice!! wtf some are even dangerous to cause ulcers if not taken on a full stomach
      3. chemists sell booze, cigarettes and junk food and yet dont sell condoms? sounds fucked up?
      4. the worst one is the stupidity of trained staff and pharmacists.

      me: have you got – [name of drug]
      F: no sir, no stocks
      me: have you got [same drug but pharma name]
      F: no sir we dont have
      me: have you got [different brand, same drug]
      F: yes sir, we have
      LIKE Huh!!? you could have made me go accross town if i hadnt known the different brand and also you stupid filipina would have lost a sale.

      2nd example;
      Me: do you have vitamin C
      F: no sir we dont
      Me: [spots vitamin c on counter] whats that?!
      F: its C-Vitamin Sir

    2. Profile gravatar of Sarah
      Sarah Post author

      Full of shit indeed Don! But I think it was a combination of ignorance and not wanting to ask challenging questions to the Pinoy Doc in case they offend him. Can you believe it, Grandad had cancer from top to bottom and likely end stage emphysema (was a chain smoker).

      Yet the Doc was going to do a tracheotomy on him, after which he’d need a voice box. The operation would have cost P200,000. You can guess who they’d ask to pay for that. I told the family to ask the Pinoy Doctor if the surgery would save Grandad’s life (I knew it would not). Thankfully the Doc was honest and said “no it won’t”. So what’s the point of paying P200K?

  4. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
    Pinay Lover

    “but this happens everywhere” would be the typical response from a Pinoy to this post. They love to take make general statements like this to make you believe that everyone and every country is just as dysfunctional as the Philippines.

  5. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    Foreigners get that filipino lines virus as well eg.

    “not all filipino/filipina are like that” – yes, not all but MOST = 95%
    “it happens everywhere”
    “its like that in back home”
    “its the same …”
    have you heard these sorry foreigners saying that shit?
    the ones that have been here less than 6 months, have been sitting around the resort pool, havent been through any relationships or engaged on a deeper level with filipino business and day to day activities? or been to the province areas?

    I fucking hate generalisations where people will say that and based on what? thin-fucking-air thats what as the only evidence

    ive seen eg.
    a guy got his leg amputated through what appeared to be the result of staying in hospital and not his accident.
    someone replied (more or less)
    “thank god you didnt speak lowly of filipinos like other expats do ”
    another replied
    “yea you get bad medical practices no matter where you go in the world”
    what the fuck!!
    UMMMmmmmm NO

    the FB groups (which i dont go to — sorry for peace of mind I GOTTEN MY EXPERIENCE OFF THE STREETS AND IN THE TRENCHES) are full of these sorry expats
    one guy got kicked out of a group because of his unchristianlike comments
    another chastised because he said filipinos are only good for wiping old peoples bums and cleaning toilets outside of that he wouldnt employ them. Some half caste guy born to a filipina mother foreigner dad seemed to have not woken up to the place and was the most vocal of the lot in kicking this guy out.

  6. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    SCAM – this is real and quite common:
    1. foreigner has to go back
    2. say you wanna work online
    3. say you wanna study (if not #2)
    4. foreigner say ok, wanna see you get ahead and not “give head”
    5. foreigner pays – entire years student fees + buys computer
    6. foreigner leaves
    7. girl, cashes in second semesters tuition fees (gets huge loss with cancellation penalties)
    8. girl, pawns the pc to the pawnshop (gets huge loss with selling a now secondhand computer)
    9. girl – doesnt go to school as promised (why would you trust a filipina promise anyway – 100% liars and break their word anyway)
    10. girl – has cash from pawned pc and refund from school
    11. girl – gets friend to photograph her on her mobile bought by her bf
    12. girl posts onto facebook picture of her smiling with cash (wish i could show you guys :() and saying LOOK AT ME, god is providing, im so good, look at me .. blah fucking blah


    and… some sorry foreigner might say “but you get that no matter where you go” and some sorry filipina might say “not all filipina are like that sir”. what the fuck i give up.

    Point being is FILIPINO
    1. dont know how to treat gifts especially gods gifts (eg. they trash the environment (just look at the beaches are full of litter but to filipinos – THATS NORMAL PARADIGM They live in), they litter, they dont give a shit about animals and wildlife – MOST, not all, MOST and certainly a SIGNIFICANTLY larger percentage than in the west).
    2. theres no RESPECT especially for gods gifts (church is about going to pray and asking – its in asking and you shall receive heard that??)
    3. she has no respect for the guy what he provided – thats normal. filipinos in my books see foreigners as GODS PROVIDERS – the gifts are from god VIA the foreigner giver AND when on FB there is usally no THANKYOU john Doe for this – nope its “thankyou lord for my new DSLR, thankyou lord of my job, thankyou lord for this wonderful trip and holiday”
    4. my EX gf even had a photo outside her old work place thanking her for not working in her old job !!!!! as i said get the fuck out of there and covered her transition by an allowance to her new job. wtf.

  7. Profile gravatar of

    So true. My wife is so afraid to talk about her past because she had so many. If I ask its balik balik and Im leaving you. God is with me not you.

  8. Profile gravatar of Sarah
    Sarah Post author

    Saw this on someone’s post at FB, friend of a friend, a Pinoy.

    “ Lord Jesus thank you so all the blessing we received…thank you for courage and strenght you shared to me…you allow everything to happened…‪#‎everyday‬ trials to test how strong we are…guide me always w/ your strenght, patience,trust and your unconditional love to be a better person to others.. — feeling great.”

    Typical!! BTW, the above post was unedited, therefore the grammatical and spelling errors are his.

    1. Profile gravatar of 30-30
      30-30 Lord Jesus thank you so all the blessing we received…thank you for courage and strenght you shared to me…you allow me
      to [piss all over the place,,, throw my garbage on streets,,, drive like a dickhead,, eat shit food,, and go to church on sunday to listen to another dick head flip who is the same as me
      Good Lord

  9. Profile gravatar of Zaxx

    Nice article. True indeed. Pinoys have No sense of foresight. To cope for it’s lack the Pinoy’s strongest sensor is their money detector. Usually reads High when they spot a gullible foreigner to victimize. The Filipino dream is early retirement – and there’s no easier way than to dupe a foreigner into funding their vices for as long as there’s blood to suck. Phil national anthem should be changed to eh serah serah what ever will be will be …. But you have to hand it to their fighting spirit – they will survive and even multiply under the worst conditions like rats and cockroaches in a hot humid sewer.

  10. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    I really think MOST (not all… you filipinos who love to say like parrots reading this “not all filipina are like that”) yep, not all, but MOST (meaning 95%) of filipinas under 23 must have Asbergers
    They annoy the shit out of me – the nagging, the immaturity, the idea that they just do nothing the world will come to them and more.
    1. I say im busy – i will call you after 3pm (4 hours from now) – 30 minutes later theyre texting me again!
    2. i say im working AT WORK, I HAVE TO WORK NOW – 1.5 hours later they are texting – have you finished your work???? is that fucking work!! 1.5 hr day?
    3. I say ill ring you later in the afternoon and we can go out around 6pm – 6pm ON THE DOT (no filipino time here when they want something for nothing) they are their, waiting, confirmation or not with two friends, or cousins! wtf
    4. 3am – what are you doing YES THREE AM – im sleeping. I get messages – im down stairs – wtf? did i say i was at home? im sleeping elsewhere – i didnt ask them or invite them.
    5. IM AT WORK – texts – im walking there to your work ! what the fuck.
    6. I SAY IM GOING TO SEND THE MONEY IN THE MORNING TO YOU – at 9am they ring and text ring and text … fucking 25 times +++ always have load when these bastards want something dont they!! — we are waiting here now at the mhullier, are you sending the money!! ? FIRST FUCKING THING IN THE MORNING. always prompt, always reliable … when they want something filipinos.

    its all moronic madness. Its like you are dealing with spastic children. Dont filipinos teach their kids how to behave and act WITH RESPECT??????

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      I have had them push my son out of the way on a jeepney and even had one sit on his leg, a full grown pinoy about 40 y/o even. I just spoke up and asked “him what the fuck? Why don’t you just sit one the rest of him? Not even a fuck you and you just stay on his leg. That’s a problem with filipinos they have no fucking manners and don’t teach their kids fucking manners.” What did I get “Sorry Po.” Then my son said something to me and the pinoy finally knew it was my son he sat on. Fucking morons.

      1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

        They’re not deep thinking people and so what gives me the shits is
        If they’re wrong..reply from Filipinos is bahala ka..
        I hate that ikaw ang bahala (up to you)
        Don’t like that they been stumped with information.. Bahala ka
        Don’t wanna talk about the situation… Bahala ka

        AVOIDANCE … Rejection.. Don’t want to admit wrong… Only look at positive and not any adverse situations that may happen

        Filipinas as partners ..wives etc are overrated ..

        1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

          this is so true,,
          just walk down any street and see the number of old business signs,, I told my wife that one resto was going to fail.. sure it lasted 2 months,,, why,, because the rent and electricity was too high,,
          They open up a ”franchise ” for just one product ”donuts”, but across the street 7/11 sell them for 1/2 of the price. 7/11 sells lots of other stuff,, Who do you think is going to prosper??
          Then they get sucked into ”seminars” that will make them rich. If the product was so good,, why doesn’t the fool that is giving the ”seminar” sell it himself. They have a twist or scam just to suck more money out of you.
          Then they do not follow the basic rule.. ”stick with what you know” Nope,, they want to sell that they know nothing about,, Do they ask other people about selling rice???? NO.
          they just jump in and flounder around
          As for profit and loss statements,, record keeping????
          WHAT IS THAT????

    2. Profile gravatar of BLX2

      I always thought about sending them an old transaction number. Let them run around. “I just called them, they confirmed it was waiting for you. Go back and check”. “Damn corruption, I think the clerk stole your money”. “Oh so sorry, I send it thru WU”. “I didn’t say WU, I said Money Gram”. “What do you mean LBH says they don’t have it, no not Money Gram, can’t you read English?”. Alas just a spiteful dream. Although a few times I have sent P1,000 for the bus trip shit. I play what the next stupid ass story will be. For P1,000 it can be entertaining, got a little mileage out of them. Had one show up a month later begging to stay with me and pick her up at the bus station. Sorry, I already have a new GF.

      1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

        Dude I did that! I saved a number and gave to friends.

        You know how people ignore you..I said to my friend salend this. He placed the number in a chat window and sure enough (the first words appear as a preview) they responded!!!

        How to collect etc.

        I had someone cousin of friend of friend send me.a request saying ” give me 5000″ warm hows your father..kiss my ass
        Just a request

        I sent the fake wu and it went to a Zamboanga place. They wrote back the number is incorrect. But they were INDIFFERENT morons I said must be a mistake ..and started fake playing its a hassle to get to the shop etc …like expected these SELF ABSORBED NARCISSISTS just want the money they don’t care about you..your time.. Your problems…the time to go to a transfer company.. No appreciation …nothing to acknowledge your ankind human .. NO FUCKING WAY!!! They are indifferent.. They don’t value the time they waste. They got nothing and are worthless people so money vs time fucking around doesn’t enter into their mind. It’s like the response is how they are..that response is “arr ok” ..blank blank.blank like a dog kicked up the ass they move onto the next person… Pffft its out of their brain in 2seconds that something fucked them around as to them it cost them nothing. They’re worth nothing as people…come with nothing..go with nothing. The only contribution is making shit..that’s all unemployed Filipina are worth

  11. Profile gravatar of Sarah
    Sarah Post author

    Before I sent the Balikbayan box 7 months ago (yes, 7 months! It got here 2 weeks before my arrival), ladyboy cousin requested I send him a handbag. For the record, I don’t believe in political correctness, so I call ladboy cousin a “he” since he hasn’t had the chop. I called my aunt in the province this morning to see if LB cousin got his handbag, yes he did, and not a fucking boo to thank me for it! Other cousins received clothing and chocolates. Only my 2 Aunts has thanked me so far, and the half-German cousin who picked me up from the airport. I really am convinced that these people are raised with a sense of entitlement that the world owes them a living. And yes that is part of being a narcissist.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      A question about ladyboy. Has he asked you to open a “chop shop” and do him for free? Of course he’ll offer to pay but since he will forget it’ll be free. Guess then you could always threaten to put them back on if he did not pay.

  12. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    Boxes, last year I sent three , they had my Christmas presents in them for the whole family, as my family was going to be there to from OZ. They were picked up in August for shipment Sept. 6 weeks they were supposed to be at the house in mid Oct.
    I got them after numerous emails , threats of dismemberment and castration on Christmas eve at 10pm at night.
    The assholes still wanted a tip for working on Christmas.

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah
      Sarah Post author

      Don, that’s only 3 months!! That’s express service compared to that Balikbayan agent I used. And the fat bitch gets irritated every time I ask her where is my Balikbayan box? I’ll never use her services again!

    2. Profile gravatar of BLX2

      About 3 months from the U.S. for me. They took pictures of the box and my wife next to it. I liked that idea, anyone know if the pics are standard when delivering?

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah
            Sarah Post author

            Mike, they’re all bloody Filipinos! Aside from the shipping company! Reason being they employ these tourists, student or underage Pinoys to collect and handle the boxes at dirt cheap wages! Pinoy exploitation is alive and well in the land of Oz! Really, if Pinoys can get away with exploitation, lying, cheating, scamming, stealing, they’d do so even when they get to the west, whether they need to or not! What was it about you can take the girl out of a bar but you can not take the bar out of the girl?
            just replace the ‘bar’ with ‘exploitation, lying, cheating, scamming, stealing, just like home….

    3. Profile gravatar of Mike

      My daughter sent one in Aug of last year and told 30 day delivery. I got it about a week before christmas.. Maybe we should talk to Al about shipping boxes. I mean, if he can get all those containers of trash here then he can get our boxes here too.

      1. Profile gravatar of

        Also waiting for a package from my mom from Poland. She sent it through polish post, economic way… Not so smart. The last tracking I can see on my package is departure from Poland May 7th.

        1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          Parcel, may already be stolen, but I went to the Post Office in Olongapo after a letter sent from Australia hadn’t arrived, the Tracking said it was in Manila.
          That was as far as the tracking could tell me.
          Yup there it was, waiting to be delivered for two months.
          Maybe your parcel is at the local Post Office too., but don’t hold your breath, mine was a letter.
          The excuse was we tried to deliver but no one at home.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          Did you leave a card??????????? Try and Communicate some way ???????? DOH !!!!!!!!!!!
          Now I send any mail to a local resort that has a 24/7 office and they txt me if I got anything or it is get screwed by DHL, UPS, FEDSEX

      2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        The trouble with Al is he will only ship Garbage, we actually want our GOOD STUFF.
        The Box company told me it was all to do with the hold up in Manila with the wharves.
        THAT IS A SHIT FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        I don’t know enough to call them liars, but they seem like good people in Australia, they are real Filipino/Aussi/ Workers, and do the Boxes as a side line. They were more upset than me if that was possible.
        They gave me a free box for the trouble and stress.