Banging My Head Against The LTO

Filipino stupidity is rampant everywhere in Philippines and the LTO is no exception.A couple months ago I’m driving down the road on my moto with my GF seated behind me. I’m wearing my helmet, and she is not…because she doesn’t want to mess her hair up. In the distance I see a LTO van pull off to the side of the road. No problem…I’ll be past these guys before they can get out of the van.

Nope…I’m about even with the van when one guy leaps out, he briefly gives me a hard look, and then I zoom on by. I’m at least 25 meters past, when I hear someone yell out something (???). The GF taps my arm and said the LTO guy wants me to pull over. For half a second I debated that I should just keep going (like most pinoy would have done), but no, I decided to do the Right Thing.

I’m a good 100 meters down the road before I can safely do a U-Turn. I get to the van, and the LTO guy is pissed…”why you no stop”. I hold back, and calmly tell him, “I turned around when it was safe.”

A second later…after his brain rebooted…blah blah blah…”Your passenger has no helmet”. Guilty…So he takes my drivers license info down, and then tells me “I  keep your license, you get it back after you pay the ticket” (Do they have the authority to take your license ???)

I was basically willing to pay the fine (guilty as charged)…but when he said he was going to confiscate my license, thats when I became the “angry Kano” (I figure someone will looses it, or I will have to pay another Kano Fee to get it back) . I told him to show me the article that says he has authority to confiscate my license. He give me the “blank reboot stare” and then goes and talks to the other LTO guy. He comes back and said he will give me my license back, but I will need to sign the ticket…Ok.

Skip forward 3 months…

My drivers license expired last week, so today I head to the local LTO office to renew it. I was hoping that maybe the helmet ticket might have been lost in the Pinoy Burauracy (I still brought money to pay it off it if they ask me about it).

I fill out the paper work, take the eye test, bloodPinoy stupidity is the Philippine culture pressure test, and then I’m told to wait. They call me and then tell me I have an outstanding ticket I have to take care of (I was actually kind of impressed they had computers). Ok…Guilty…”Where do I pay ???”.

Hmmmmm…now apparently I have to go 20 minutes down the road to a different office to pay the ticket.

I get to the next office, hand over my ticket and the lady tells me to have a seat. 30 mins later she calls me back to the window…”Sir, why has it taken so long to pay your ticket”. Guilty…I tell her I lost the ticket. “Sir you have to have a Notary sign for the lost ticket”…Ok

Also…”Sir you have to go to the main LTO office and take a training class”.

Hmmmmm….”Are you serriously telling me I have to go to “No Helmet school” to clear this ticket ???”…”Yes Sir”.

Hmmmm…Just so happen there is a Notary office across the road (what a coincedence). I get to the office and tell the lady at the type writer what I need. She looks at me kind of funny, and starts to type out the document.

I was still a bit pissed…so I mention that I also had to go to another LTO office to take a No Helmet class…agian she gives me a funny look…”Sir, I have a friend who can get you a certificant for a 500p VIP fee”. Hmmmm….Ok.

Everything was gettting all wrapped up (copies, signatures, and cash receipt) and the lady says if I want, she’ll also pay my ticket at the office across the street because she has a “Cousin who works there”. Fuck it…I tell her to do it.

I come back after lunch, and the Notary lady now taken care of everything.

So I headed back to the original LTO office, show them that my ticket has been cleared, 30 minutes latter they issue me another driver license.

For all this extra Effort or Special Kano attention (???)…I guess I should have just had a local Fixer take care of everything. It’s almost like they want you to brake the rules in this country.

Total Time=6 hrs, Driver License=390p, No Helmet Ticket=1775p, Notary=200p, and most importantly…No Helmet training Certificant=500p.

More fun in the Failippines.


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  1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB

    Ah the senseless, illogical (filogical) notary bullshit of the stupid Filipino. Now please explain to me WHY THE FUCK do they need a notarized statement for a lost ticket???????? You just told them you lost it, there is no ticket, so just pay the fine and the late fee, and move on! WHAT THE FUCK IS THE PURPOSE OF THE NOTARY??????

    This particular Filipino stupidity never ceases to blow my fucking mind. The mere fact that you are there to pay the fine, and any late fee shows you do not dispute anything. The requirement for you to get a notarized statement of that fact is just so totally ARBITRARY AND UNREASONABLE that it blows my mind to the point it’s fucking funny as a Three Stooges episode!!!

    My gawd, the utter brainlessly inept stupidity of the Filipino never ceases to amaze me. Some of the senseless, idiotic, purely useless sets of procedures they have just for the sake of having procedures, but serve absolutely no purpose whatsoever is utterly hilarious. Funnier than the Three Stooges, better than an episode of The Golden Girls, and shows the pure indisputable stupidity of the Philippines and it’s people.

    1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      the notaries have many fancy degrees hanging on the walls,,,,,, but with no picture off the person holding the degrees…. they [probably have the houseboy doing th e grunt work…..and they have the big book,,,,,,,,, no computers,,,,

    2. Profile gravatar of Bill

      Yup. It reminded me of what happened a few days ago at BDO

      *about to enter the bank, wearing a hat*
      Guard: sirrrrrr, you have to take the cap off
      Me: *pulls cap off* see, there are no weapons
      Guard: but still sirrrrr, you have to take off
      Me: *points to security guard standing inside of bank, wearing a fucking hat”
      “but what about that guy??? he’s wearing a HAT”
      Guard outside: *blank stare*
      Guard: “ser, please take off your hat”

      Oh for fucks sake.

  2. Profile gravatar of roadking

    whilst I admire your honesty, You were a mug to stop & go back to the LTO { how long have you been in the Philippines !} & consequently brought all this on your self.
    I personally never stop for the LTO , I just smile , Wave & drive by , No problem…

    1. Profile gravatar of TightWired
      TightWired Post author

      I agree 100%…and fully admit Everything I did put me in the drivers seat to smack into a Failippines Wall,
      If i would have just kept going…no ticket.
      If I would have insisted the GF use her helmet (even though every 2nd rider doesn’t wear a helmet)…no ticket.
      If I would have bribed the LTO guy who was writing the ticket…no ticket.
      If i would have paid the ticket right after i received it…”maybe” no problem.
      If I would have paid a “Cousin or a Fixer” to renew my license…again, no problem.
      If I would have paid my apartment security guard to have his Uncle Dong get me a Real/Fake license…no problem.
      But even after 3 years living over here…I still have this little problem called Morals, Right from Wrong, Good/Bad, etc….. This isn’t to say that I’m an Angel…I probable break a dozens laws every time leave my apartment, but when I’m 100% guilty of something, I don’t have a problem paying the price (no pun intended).
      Is this a lesson learned experienced…maybe…next time I will give the bastards the finger (???).

  3. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
    Marius O.

    The LTO, in my experience, is where you sit for hours to waste your life away, with no apparent result in sight. It’s no wonder Filipinos can’t get anything done. They’re all in the queue at the LTO.

    Of course FiliFail hits the nail on the head: the Philippines, like all other failed states, is in love with procedure and rubber stamps because, like, that’s what proper countries do. Except that they’re too dumb to understand WHY and WHEN we use them. Like cargo-cult natives playing at airfields or six-year-olds playing house, they think that it they have enough “notaries” (who seem to be mostly indistinguishable from street beggars and offer a similar service) to stamp enough bits of paper, they’ll have a functioning government just like grown-up countries. WRONG, you horrible little children. Go and sit in the corner.

    Yet another good reason for just avoiding Filipinos – especially ones in uniform or behind a desk – whenever possible.

    The picture reminds me of my last trip over, which was about a week after some Mayor(?) got shot to pieces at the airport by people posing as cops(?). I was waiting (as usual) in the taxi queue, and there’s this guy on an unregistered motorcycle wearing a black balaclava and some sort of half-assed security uniform. He’s just lurking there, sitting on his bike, obviously waiting for something or someone. I called over one of the airport police: what that guy doing there? He takes a brief look at the guy (a good 100 meters away). Laughs. Oh, he works here. How do you know? I say. And if he does, why the fuck is he behaving like a terrorist instead of a professional. Laughs again, walks away. Taxi came and I never did find out what he was up to. For all I know he was waiting for a delivery of RPGs.

    It’s lucky the Philippines’ finest is protecting us all, with their rubber stamps and whatnot, isn’t it?

    1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

      “The LTO, in my experience, is where you sit for hours to waste your life away, with no apparent result in sight. It’s no wonder Filipinos can’t get anything done. They’re all in the queue at the LTO.”

      THIS ^^^^

      I can’t imagine going to the LTO, it’s bad enough to go to the DMV in the US. LTO is like the fires of hell amplified 100 fold compared to the Department of motor vehicles in the US and thats on a good day!

      I would rather peel my skin off and roll in rock salt.

      1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB

        I love your masochistic comments Spartacus, I really do. They not only give me a much-needed chuckle, I find them nearly plausible in relation to the realities in Philippines. Keep ’em coming!

  4. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    the banks still have carbon paper and bank pass books!!!!!! I tried to enter the modern age and get internet banking,, but the tellers at the bank advised against it.

    1. Profile gravatar of ArgentinaPinoy

      Internet banking? And what is that? How dare you suggest something that will lessen the workload and actually reduce the number of idiots needed to process simple arithmetic, thereby robbing said idiots of their “jobs”.

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        yup,,, here we need 10 copies of the bill,, fillout 3 pages of bank forms,, line for untolfd hours,,,,, online banking is awesome, buy stocks, pay bills in the comfort of your home,, figure out howw to pay something,,,,, click of a mouse and it done.. no here we have to trudge to the bank,,,, 19×50’s style

        1. Profile gravatar of ArgentinaPinoy

          Online banking is heaven. Here we are in hell. Once the Filipinos finally get to the 21st century way of doing financial transactions (if they do get there), I’m sure there will probably be a lot of money stolen from online and credit card fraud as most don’t even know how to keep basic account security. That’s about the only good thing I can see by doing everything on paper. Has anyone in these banks realized they would actually have less work to do if they offered online banking?

          If the situation you describe is true, then it is really bad. I prefer to keep my money in banks outside this country.

          1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

            That’s how my money is handles Argentina 🙂 And just for extra precaution, I have a backup account ready to use if anything bad were to happen to the primary bank I’m using. Before even coming to this country, I already knew that I would have trust issues in handling with the banks here.
            I’m currently signed up with 2 of the most popular banks nationwide in America, and all my banking transactions are done online. I never had problem with my bank yet, and I wonder why? Oh yeah that’s why, because they are in fuckin America! Fuck Yeah! On top of that, my bank is smart enough to mail me any important information concerning my accounts, to over here in Philippines. I bet BDO will never do that for you?
            I’m sorry Argentina, I know it may seem like I’m speaking of a dream to you, but I’m quite sure you got other things in a better way than me right now. But I just wanted to iterate to you how fuckin awesome it is to have a reliable bank while still living in Philippines. It’s worth the 200 peso ATM fee since I’m using a foreign bank, it’s much better than banking with these local banks like BDO which are trying find ways to fuck up your day. LOL

          2. Profile gravatar of ArgentinaPinoy

            BDO – “We find ways” is their sinister slogan. Glad you have your banking set up the way you do. I stayed in the US for almost an entire year a few years back and opened some accounts there. You are speaking to me of a dream that I have lived and am living still. All those transactions from the privacy and comfort of one’s own home. And if you really need to go to the bank, there aren’t even any queues to speak of, except maybe the one in the drive-thru type setups they have there, where you can do it all from your own vehicle anyway.

            Once, I was depositing a check at one of these automated tellers outside the bank. I was really surprised and elated that the machine was programmed to read handwriting and that the balance was already credited to my account IN THAT INSTANT. How long does it take to clear a check in the good old Failippines? huh? Not even speaking of whether that check will not bounce back due to it being on an overdrawn account.

            And I agree with you that the P200 foreign ATM fee is well worth it. That is still the way I prefer to do it. No lines for me in the bank, except when I have to deposit something at BDO where they truly find ways to bust your ass.

      2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        hmmmmmmmmm.. maybe that is why advised me against it…. internet banking is this country scares… bad enough to trust a flip with paper, pen and something written on paper.

  5. Profile gravatar of jeff

    Naturally I learned how stupid,corrupt,lazy those little brown bastards are from my own experiences over there. It not only refreshes my memory but also teaches new horrors by reading everyone comments. Very helpful in the rare chance that I ever return!

    1. Profile gravatar of SpatandemOhgod

      how the fuck is this helpful man..its more like a coating of evil like vomit from the excorcist girl all over the scooby doo team
      (no reference to the scoobies chain intended) sorry

      1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB

        It’s helpful for people to relieve their frustrations by writing about and expressing them. It’s helpful to the vomiter, not the vomitee.

        Pressure builds up if not released. That’s why pressure cookers have pressure valves. Once the pressure reaches the set level to open the relief valve, it releases some of the pressure. If it didn’t have the relief valve, the pressure cooker would explode, and anyone nearby would be seriously injured.

        We could all just shut up and lock our frustrations inside and hope we don’t explode in a physical rage against some Pinoy. But none of us want that. Better to vomit it out here. That’s what this blog is for. This site is a pressure relief valve for many of us.

        1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB

          I don’t ever want to get to the point of anger and frustration with the Filipino that I begin to believe he/she is not human. There was a time when I was trying to convince myself that they can’t be fully human with such levels of brainlessness, corruption against each other, etc…..

          When you get to that point, physical harm against them becomes much easier to carry out. I don’t want that. And I don’t want anyone else to physically harm anyone here.

          Spew your vomit here. I know when my stomach is in knots, after a good vomit, I feel better. And nobody gets hurt.

          1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

            Well shit, You just described me to a high degree of accuracy. As I sit here I listen to the god damned roosters all crowing away this early morning. I see the fat filipino fuck jobless and hopeless rubbing his belly staring at his chicken as it crows in his face. I won’t say what I want, I don’t want this blog site to be that kind of thing. I Don’t really want to hurt anyone, but sometimes I get pretty frustrated. You know what I do when I’m so god damned angry I can’t see straight, when Im so mad Im punching the walls and breaking shit? I take a deep breath grind my teeth and come DIRECTLY HERE.. I almost always begin to feel relief within a few minutes!!!

            We all have varying levels of disdain for this country and or it’s people. some of us have a harder time putting our finger on exactly what it is we hate the most. I personally don’t hate filipinos I don’t think they are all stupid either, and on the contrary I think many are very smart, many are WAY smarter than me. But We arent really talking about the minority.

            We are talking about the sore fucking thumb thats sticking out. As long as that is sticking out I want to hit it with a hammer over and over again until it goes away. Ill do that by talking as much shit as I can.

            This site has saved me a lot of hardship. I have a pretty bad anger management problem brought on by a lifetime of neurological problems. If not for my ability to see others pissed like me I would have probably let go and just fucking gone to jail already.

            This site for me only has one single purpose, and that is to release ANGER. Nothing more. I do not come here for intellectual communication or enlightenment. I come here to verbally punch and kick everything I hate. I come here to release.

            Im ranting now, holy shit!!

          2. Profile gravatar of SpatandemOhgod

            but why is this all happening, the women doing brainless things with all these exotic races you see f roaming around in the filippines, I think there is no real answer no logical reason I think they are just bored of living to a high degree.

            bored of living to a standard, or just not raised with any proper standards. They know they can never have enough foreigner, its not like alcohol, they just keep drinking your blood.

            I hope one day all these mental problems I developed around having one or two too many bad women from the filipines wears off, my wife is being pretty stupid. She didn’t help me clean up for 4 days now, because she is very busy with the visa she is extremely ungrateful about getting, so seriously my advice to any man is don’t do the visa thing for a girl, once u go to the philippines you should just stay there as long as u can then get the fuck out at night. in no way do I mean take your girlfriends away from that place under the cover of night, I mean run away alone.

            Don’t take your fuck with you, get the hell out is more appropriate.

          3. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB

            and nobody makes any other claims to the contrary on what this site is about. Those that don’t like the site, or don’t find it helpful, fine, go elsewhere. Those that like to read this shit, fine, read it.

            And you know if you have ever been to any kind of anger management, release is HELPFUL. There is much to get angry about in Philippines. It’s hard to look at the human suffering that goes on here because of selfish, greedy, cultural stupidity.

            I see that Filipinos hate filipinos. If they had an ounce of respect or love for one another, things wouldn’t be how they are here.

            It angers me. And I’m not alone in that. And when I want to kick and bitch, it is a release. And I DO feel better.

            I’m finding it difficult to determine if you’re being sarcastic or not Spart. But if you are being sarcastic, your sarcasm is NOT sarcasm for many of the members here. It is true, and it helps them. And that is what this blog is here for.

            If it doesn’t help you, or entertain you, or if it just causes you to be a fucking troll, then go elsewhere for gawd sake.

          4. Profile gravatar of Waipahukanu

            I wanted to post this comment in the Krispy Crème thread, but I understand it is closed…. This was about food and the usual fucktard explanation as to why my order was messed up. I had ordered coffee and a sundae at McDonalds., and paid for it all. I got the sundae right away, but was asked to wait for the coffee and given a number. At first I didn’t ask why, but then minutes passed, and I took a look behind the counter and saw an almost full pot of coffee. I approached the cashier and I asked her why she couldn’t serve the coffee to me. She said “not available” after half an hour, I gave her an incredulous look and was met with a blank stare. I then demanded she put the coffee in the cup. Ditto blank stare. I got louder, and that cashier got stunned. Some other cashier with half a brain finally poured my coffee. I was so pissed off. My theory is some big wig from McDonald’s Philippines was there and the help put on a little show for them to give the impression they are not keeping stale food. Total bull shit. Well, this shit happens everyday, and I want you to know this site helps keep my sanity.

          5. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

            “Total bull shit. Well, this shit happens everyday, and I want you to know this site helps keep my sanity.”

            It really is every fucking day isn’t it? LOL
            I swear to god, the laws of quantum physics are all crazy in this place. There is another thread titled “I have a headache can you please make more noise” Or something like that. Thats so true.

            Its like I’m super stressed out, which to the Philippines translates into, “You’re not stressed enough here let us add a few more heaping spoonfulls of bulshit on your shoulders!!”

            I find my teeth grinding, while my fingers pound away on the keyboard here so often. Within minutes I am already laughing and feeling a shit ton better about my situation, it really does help keep the sanity.

          6. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

            Nope, sorry if I sound sarcastic. I mean what I say, I have been so on edge at times I didn’t know what I would do with myself. I think many people here who have found this site have found it by searching out of relative desperation. lol

            when I found this site, after years of stress it was so damn cathartic, I honestly felt rejuvenated in a way.
            I didn’t feel nearly as alone as I thought I was.

            So like a anger management class I come here multiple times a week to release tension. IT WORKS wonders.

            I get confused sometimes when people respond on this site s though they are trying to knit pick their problems. As I think you said in another thread, “Why does it have to be educational?”. I agree with you, It doesnt, thats not what its about, its about releasing stress and anger in a non violent way, and finding like minded people to share experiences with. To people who would like to fix the problem, I suggest they make a site of their own and work on it from another angle.

            Taking for example the LTO issue of this thread, Its more of a thread questioning practices and the absurdities one must go through to achieve even the most mundane tasks.

            It isn’t concerned with the solutions per se, that’s not the topic. Its really more about the why, not the how.
            I’m just thankful I found this site, dead serious.

          7. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB

            Cool. well that’s is what I thought. Sometimes hard to decipher some things without voice tones.

            I loved your last article. Great reply to the poor shithead who I 86’d who thought he would be an article critic. As well as the dickwad that jumped on his bandwagon of shame.

          8. Profile gravatar of FAFI

            Well done Spartacus for bitching and moaning like a virgin high school teen girl after prom night. I tend to let loose uncontrollably at the wrong time and places in the past when I first got here, but it was to my great benefit that I found this site within a few months after my arrival here. Trust me, bitching and moaning is what I”m good at, and I do it on regular basis.

            This may sound contradictory to the recent comments being left by some of honored members of this site, but even though I don’t come to this site in search of an intelligent conversation, conversing with you guys in the chat thread is probably the closest I will ever get to having an intelligent conversation in this country. Thanks to this site, I ACTUALLY had the liberty of meeting one of you in person to engage in an intelligent conversation with.

            Now I’ve seen how it’s like to have NOWHERE to vent your frustrations, and my buddy is a prime example of this. He constantly argue with his wife religiously on a daily routine basis. They fight more than the scrimmages that happens at North and South Korea. Frustration can only be released in a limited number of ways. You can either drink your problems away with alcohol, smoke them down a bit with a joint, or temporary relieve yourself of them with the touch of a beautiful woman. Well my buddy doesn’t either drink or smoke, so he chose the woman (the nanny). Normally you are suppose to seek the touch of your companion at stressful times, but when your companion becomes the problem over a prolonged period of time, resorting to a woman on the sideline seems to be the best therapy method to remedy the situation.

            I’m not gonna lie, I’m no saint. As much as I bitch and moan about my wife on here you don’t think I have any reserves to help keep me in a subtle state of peaceful mind? Unlike my buddy, I’m just smarter about it. But if ‘Pizza Hut’ keeps texting me “I love you” in the middle of the night, eventually I’m gonna have a problem. Even though I have my reserves, I still have my principles. I didn’t do anything that would constitute as adultery, just wanna put that out there, but there is nothing wrong with having close female friends who you keep secret from your jealous wife.

            Well anyway, keep ranting on buddy. I will be right there ranting along with you! “Texas Pride!” Wait….. did I just fuckin say that?

          9. Profile gravatar of FAFI

            Sorry Filo, it’s already too late for me on that point Filo. I contemplate against myself everyday if they are human or not. But with everything that THEY ARE, is something I DON’T WANT TO BE. In other words, I refuse to believe that I am ANYTHING like them in anyway. If they think one way, I pledge to think the opposite. They are religious, therefore I pledge to be completely non-religious. Between me and Filipinos, I know damn well that only one of us is human, and I know damn well that I am human! You gotta be joking that I would call ‘them’ the human, and ‘me’ the animal… Hahahahaha!!! As if!

            Being human consist of two properties. Physical and Mental properties. In other words, you have to look like a human, act like a human, in order to be considered as a human. We can’t just blindly assume that something is human because it walks on two feet and wear clothes. If that’s the case, then we should be including monkeys in the species of human beings. I guess that also gives me the right to call a mannikin a human too? But a statue obviously lacks the mental properties of a human. But my question is, what makes a statue any different from a Filipino? They both lack the ability to think, they are both equally worthless, and they are both nothing like me.

            If a Filipino is considered human, then I must be something else. Call me a demon for all I care, but I refuse to be placed into the same category as one of these dumb fuckin Filipinos. They make humans look bad!

            I do have a high volume of self control, therefore I will never deteriorate my mind to succumb to the hateful influence to deprive the life of a Filipino. I mean, even I find it unethical to kill animals, that’s why I don’t go hunting. So don’t worry, I will never even think about harming a Filipino, unless it’s “Act like a Filipino Day” and I manage to run over one in a crosswalk.

            I’m aware that some of the things I said in this comment is irrational, but it painfully irritates me to know that I may have at least ONE thing in common with these idiots, and this is being hu-m……. fuck it! I can’t say it! Nevermind.

  6. Profile gravatar of ArgentinaPinoy

    A few years ago, I had a handwritten Pinoy passport issued to me by a consulate in Africa. Because it wasn’t machine-readable I always got delayed at every port-of-entry. So I decided to call the Department of Foreign Affairs in Cagayan de Oro and explained everything and that I wanted to get an e-passport. The Flip on the other end told me to bring a notarized document explaining why my passport was handwritten.

    Why did he need me to do that? What did he expect the document to say? Would I say anything different in it that I couldn’t say personally in front of DFA?

    I don’t understand much of how the law works in the Philippines but this seems really stupid and needless, just like most of the times I need to get paperwork done in this country.

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      Remember Argentina, you are in fuckin Philippines where ‘WORDS’ don’t mean dickity squat here! They have gotten so use to being lied to by their own people, and whatever that is said verbally is always contradicted by actions or what they really meant. I know Filipinos who would say ‘ANYTHING’ over the phone, and have a change of heart within seconds after the hang up. A Filipino’s words don’t mean JACK SHIT! I’m not saying that you are Filipino. But judging from your name I can at least assume that you are at least half Filipina. That doesn’t mean I’m categorizing you as one of these illogical inferior-intelligent Filipinos I stumble upon on a daily basis. That is beside the point. What I’m saying is that they use the practice of having EVERYONE submit notarized copies of their written statements, is so that they stay protected, and the client can’t possibly contradict what they said because it’s all on paper on a certified document. It’s pretty much fail-proof.

      I’m not saying that I agree with their system, but it appears that they have taken accuracy of words to the fullest possible (yet unnecessary) extent to ensure that their clients can’t contradict what they said non-verbally. I came across so many bullshit Filipinos who tells me, “I never said that” when I confront them about something they said earlier. My college professors are the most notorious ones at this. Even sometimes I wish they notarize everything they say on paper, so I don’t end up getting fucked over when presenting a report, that they said they never issued. I can’t count the many collective hours I’ve wasted on assignments, projects, and reports that were never collected, and at the same time, it seems like my other classmates forgotten about it too because those hard-headed imbeciles never heard it in the first place due to their outrageous disturbances in the classroom. It’s like colleges here are perfectly designed to piss off foreigners. Jesus fuckin christ!

      But yeah, everything here is notarized because nothing said verbally can’t be trusted, and keep in mind that this is fuckin Philippines, where 99.9% of the citizens are a bunch of lying-ass Filipinos. Case and point.

      1. Profile gravatar of ArgentinaPinoy

        When I made up this username I should have realized I might be mistaken for a lady; I should have gone with the more Spanish-correct ArgentinoPinoy. I’m pure Filipino in fact but spent several years in Argentina and elsewhere, hence the username.

        I think your point on the Filipinos’ use (or abuse) of the notarized document is spot on. Unnecessary and annoying are words that also come to mind. It also makes me wonder if its indiscriminate use is just because it takes too much thinking to actually decide whether one is necessary or not. Or perhaps it is just one more way to rip-off fellow citizens, just like in the OP’s description of the notary public right across the road from LTO – a setup that looks notoriously mutualistic to me.

        I hear you completely on the issue of your imbecile classmates and lousy professors. I was here only until the 6th grade but I distinctly remember finding it hard to learn anything amid the classroom chaos. Better to stay at home and learn on my own. I can also tell you of my brothers in medical school who get dirty looks thrown at them for wanting to further discuss a patient case. And one of the worst for me is how Flips don’t care much for real education and yet fight over who gets to be “Top 1”, even when the difference is a fraction of a percentage point.

        As an end-note to my passport story, I kept mum about everything when I got to the DFA and got my new e-passport approved. Nobody remembered to ask me for a notarized document this time. Maybe in the future, it’s worth remembering not to give a teller/government official/cashier etc. information their brains might not be able to process.

        1. Profile gravatar of TightWired
          TightWired Post author

          Most countries in the world bypass the notary by having a little check box at the bottom of the page where you might sign your name….”By checking this box you acknowledge you are admitting, consenting, etc…”. This removes the need to “go across the street” and have someone type up a document further wasting your time and money.
          Putting this system in place would removed a lot of extra effort, improve productivity, etc..but…That will also put a lot of pinoy’s out of work. I’m sure the Notary Union would be up in arms if this ever happen.

          Side note…My GF was telling me about a woman she works with. According to her, the woman is utterly useless, she can’t do her job correctly, also causes other worker to work harder to fix her fuck-ups. So I asked the only question that came to my mind…”why not just fire her”. Blank reboot stare….”Because then she wouldn’t have a job”…blah blah blah….LoL.

      2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        i researched ”notary public” on wikipedia. It seems they have to know quite a bit and both parties have to be present to present their ID and papers.
        Here the ”notary public never presents his ID,, so in 99 % of the phils,, you never knwo what u are getting.