Bar Girls Are Driving The Philippines Growth

This is a story of how young bar girls are in fact driving a corporate empire in the Philippines. Where one business of the “world’s oldest profession” is driving another business – infrastructure development, corporate salaries, police jobs etc – and subsidized largely AND driven by US commercial interests.  A corporate  empire, dealing in hundreds of millions of dollars, BILLIONS of Pesos, money,  greed and  no doubt corruption – but where do the bar girls fit in?

Heard of the Millennium Challenge Corporation?  … More on these dudes soon.

There are simple rules in the Philippines that any foreigner should live by:


  • #1 – Never trust a Filipino;
  • #2 – Never believe anything you hear from a Filipino;
  • #3 – Never believe anything you read in a Filipino news service.
  • #4 – Never lend a Filipino money, you’ll never get it back.


Filipinos are often never good at asking questions or making any serious enquiry but worse still is a climate of fear to do the right thing and report the FACTS. Fear of reprisal, fear of job loss and fear for their families safety are some of the biggest issues.

As such do Filipino’s really believe what they are reading in the paper that girls are being rescued from the clutches of evil, bought and sold, held against their will working in bars in Angeles?

This particular article focuses on the term “rescues” and what the motivation is behind getting girls out of the bars. Anyone reading the media might have over the last 5 years at least and longer in the Philippines seen the term used where police go into beer bars and rescue girls.

This term often is vague.  The girls are generally dancing at the club, free to come and go as they please and are in fact being paid a small daily salary and a commission from drinks. There is no detainment of the girls. What are they being rescued from? – why do police have to go in with guns etc?  There are a tonne of bars around, why are certain bars being selected and not others?  Why not have a program that offers opportunities to girls, devoid of police and allows them to decide whether they would want to work in alternative employment or take a gamble meeting some 80 years old grease ball foreigner in the hope this turkey would be stupid enough to pay an allowance each month to them.

It’s often quoted that (these girls that are free to come and go) are being humanly trafficked.

This is what people wonder – In a lot of cases the girls are treated worse by the cops – rounded up and put into prison and kept in confinement for some period of time pending investigation into their circumstances.

I have spoken to bar owners and they pay police protection money. It’s no surprise, but what is a surprise is another NGO organisation who also pays police to raid bars – If the price is higher than what the bars pay, then the police will raid and of course “rescue” the girls.

There are many organisations out there but the main ones in the news are Manila based IACAT or the Inter-Agency Council Against Trafficking and another NGO organisation  called the IJM

Often the articles portray foreigner’s as being the big dirty monsters that are abusing children and exploiting women. Sorry, but the proportion of foreigners living in the Philippines vs nearly 100 million locals is very small by comparison and there are in my experience substantially more Filipinos abusing women in various forms than what foreigners are doing.  There are Filipino’s who sell their children to Foreigners for sex – yet more emphasis is placed on the Foreigner and little media coverage on the parents.  Filipino’s selling their kids is common, boyfriends trafficking their girlfriends to feed a drug addiction is common.  Lets be real.  Filipino’s would find that statement unpalatable as Filipino pride gets in the way to say “oh but Filipinos are fun loving, caring Christians and we are all about the family and family values” – oh fucking bullshit.

There is also a “grey zone” of Prostitution in the Philippines which these NGOs don’t cover – That is “Freelancer” prostitution.

The bottom line is Filipinos don’t give a shit about their citizens let alone women. Prostitution happens everywhere in the form of “freelancing prostitutes” – the ones that need a job and the employment conditions are such that they have to sell their bodies to BUY a job, uniform, the stupidity of all the paperwork the employee has to pay for etc just to work at slave mall (SM), buy food etc.   You can find freelancers everywhere – off dating sites, in shopping malls and in night clubs and bar areas.  They are fucking everywhere in their thousands.  But the cops and so called do-gooder NGO’s don’t go for these types of girls as one rescue here or there won’t shift any numbers.


You see – this is a quota system.  The target is a higher rating so there has to be a quota goal and everything is done to a targetted KPI figure – that is how a good operation should be run.

Why don’t they come down on all the nasty Arab bosses that treat Filipino workers like shit or Chinese in Hong Kong.


Filipino’s seem to condone prostitution as a way to make money.  I’ve even heard – “im not a prostitute but I don’t have sex for free” – well, whoopy fuck, is that the same as your “can i borrow money and pay you back next salary” which is often used but never followed through in the Philippines.

If there was a concern, then there would be a bigger drive in other areas of equality – especially cracking down on the Oligarch’s and businesses that abuse workers and force employees into prostitution to make up for the minuscule 100 pesos or so they get paid and to cover their own outlay for uniforms, shoes, X-rays, gate passes — EVEN NO PAY and the list goes on that business in the Philippines doesn’t provide its workers.  OJT students are a classic case where they don’t get paid to work but need to sleep with men for money in order to get money while the businesses get FREE LABOR.

NOTE – this article has nothing to do with defending pedophiles and abusers. In fact, there are many assholes that come to the Philippines and also many local Filipino assholes as well, and protecting women and children is paramount. What this article focuses on is the lies  what is driving these “rescue” is not being told – and that there is a one-sided view based on media bias out there that Foreigners are largely the ones causing the problem.

I wish I had kept the article which had two cases – a foreigner alleged to have had sex with an underage girl (who knows, it could have been a false complaint like many disgruntled Filipinas make of their partners over non-payment of allowances, relationship breakups etc) and the local Filipino who abused a young child and that made page 8 into the paper! – Bia’s and half truths in Filipino media is rampant.

Do you see what I mean? There needs to be more truth to the problem, tell it how it is – “we pay cops bribes” – and if there’s an article about the same issue have fair airplay and put a more balanced article in the paper – local and foreigner side by side, not the locals article for the same offence BURIED in the last pages of the paper.

Sigh… I don’t think this will ever happen.  Filipino’s can’t usually even say sorry so how will fairness in media come in?

So what is driving the rescues?

MONEY. That is one thing – MONEY.  Corporate greed.  I’ve often been concerned by some of these NGO organisations dealing with locals as they have no idea how Filipinos work.  Deluded by Filipino charm they think that  Filipino’s have good intentions to look after these bar girls.  They think they will trust Filipino’s to do the right thing – IJM employs spotters at bus stops etc spotting dirty old foreigners dragging along girls (in one case a girls dating profile was setup by her mum and it clearly stated she was 18!).

Filipinos have lied and cheated for too long – From former Presidents down! And its become accepted in society that you can get away with it.

The problem is Filipinos are corruptible

and there are cases especially in Angeles City north of Manila, where cops setup a person (always tending to be a foreigner), demand money and then let them off after bribes are paid. This is frequent and do these overseas based, do-gooder NGO who the fuck they are dealing with. It’s a endemic cultural problem here – liars, cheaters, deception and I could have said from the top down (well, it used to be from the president’s down and through government before Duterte came on board to clean it all up) and its ACCEPTED.


Who pays the most, wins the business.

So money drives the rescues. It’s never been said, but I have long said it – as I know that Filipino politicians don’t do anything from the goodness of their hearts. There is always a motive behind the action.  This motive is MONEY.  It’s not to get the average bar girl out of harm.

Did you see that – the country won an award!


Its all about getting a high global tier ranking.  This ranking system is driven by the US.  There are other rankings that matter for the country eg. Global Slavery Initiated by Walk Free Foundation

“Amidst the threat of losing $700 million in non-humanitarian assistance, the government has since intensified its campaign through the IACAT and has continuously gained recognition’s for its innovative campaigns”.  Money, Money and more money. $700 million?  Thats a lot of pesos folks.

the campaigns it refers to include getting the numbers up on rescues and bar raids.  The very bars that pay corrupt cops to stay away.


Sure, good thing more money from performing such rescues will be directed into increased provision of protective services” with the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) at its helm, mentioning its recovery and reintegration program and partnership with NGOs. Lastly, the work of Bureau of Immigration (BI), Philippine Overseas employment Agency (POEA) and Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) were also mentioned for the government’s “robust efforts to prevent trafficking.”

The aim is to be a tier-1 country ie.

Countries ranked under Tier 1 are countries whose governments fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of severe forms of trafficking as provided by the 2000 Trafficking Victims Protection Act’s (TVPA) of the United States. This is the highest ranking a country may receive.

Nothing wrong with that is there 🙂

Where does the money come from?  – The MCC of course.

You see there are some other spin-offs – More rescues means more money and recent articles have mentioned money being channeled into the Millennium Challenge Corporation or MCC which was a US organisation established by congress to do with funding projects in developing countries.

This is where it gets dirty – “corporation”? – yes, a corporate organisation. Its been quoted that the MCC granted the Philippines a five-year development “compact” for investment in roads, community, development projects and improvements to the Bureau of Internal return.

MCC empowers countries to transparently raise their own funds to provide health care, roads, and education – all critical to helping people rise out of poverty.
Discover how MCC advances American values by delivering development assistance that promotes sound policy reforms, creates new opportunities for economic growth, and shares learning that makes the discipline of development effective and results-focused.
MCC forms partnerships with some of the world’s poorest countries, but only those committed to:
 good governance,
 economic freedom,
 and investments in their citizens.
MCC provides these well-performing countries with large-scale grants to fund country-led solutions for reducing poverty through sustainable economic growth. MCC grants complement other U.S. and international development programs.

Great! More money for roads, Government Departments, Other Infrastructure.

But is it? – Why then are road infrastructure works in Cebu such as the Cebu bus project being funded by the Asia development bank and other organisations?  Is there a list of the projects that the MCC is funding?  You hardly hear of the MCC in the media.

If I wasn’t a skeptical man, i have seen many mayors in towns around the Philippines controlling local road works business, supply chains etc and some pretty dodgy tendering processes going on to achieve the business from their own Council. I am sure that those in the feeding chain will be licking their lips looking for business with the MCC Corporation to build this infrastructure. Can you smell the seeds of corruption boiling away? I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine?

I can just see Filipino power brokers trying to get some lick of the cream – some how.  It’s always been the case in the Philippines that you cannot get anywhere without greasing someones hand.

Filipino’s think of themselves first and anyone else last. Have a look at how many businesses have been plundered including the country. Have a look at all the failed businesses and foreign interests that have been ripped off by Filipinos, Filipino companies due to the lack of foreigner protections – after all 60% or a controlling share of anything must go to a local and trying to get any legal recourse in the event of being ripped off is down right impossible.


Its in the best interests to improve the countries investment grade rating and a high score  from say moodys ratings agency, Morgan and Fitch etc will mean the country opens itself up to more investment dollars – Nothing wrong with that, its badly needed in a lot of areas especially Mindanao and Visayas.

Ratings agencies take into account tax collections and social standards of a country and if the Philippines is improving its departments such as the BIR with these “rescue dollars” – then everything is sweet.

But I go back to the point of this article – It’s not about protecting Pedophilia and abuse of women.  There is no doubt good work being done by these groups. Women and girls should be cared for and protected, children should be protected. The articles purpose was to show you that that over the years the real structure or purpose of these “rescues” has not been fully detailed. In other words, TELL THE FUCKING TRUTH how it is folks.

Your so-called rescuing is driven by these HUNDREDS of millions of dollars, BILLIONS of Peso’s in funding isn’t it?! or were Filipino’s going to get off their arses and implement a rescue plan to save its women (and children) from prostitution themselves regardless of the MCC money.   Lol! Filipino’s from many, many years of living in the Philippines don’t do anything for free.  It’s a “you scratch my back and only then I’ll scratch yours (or not at all scratch back)” society.  Filipino’s only get off their lazy arses when they are hungry or there is free money to be collected off the table and It’s the MCC dollar grants that drive this so called human trafficking plan, not a love of the country and its people and definitely not PINOY PRIDE.

Along the way, there have been corrupt cops working to take money from foreigners.  The girls that are being rescued. 

Do you see now what is driving this so called NUMBERS GAME? It’s not the girls, it’s the dollars. To get more money in, to get more projects going and to build the investments on the backs of the number of hookers rescued.

So the power brokers, corporate entities dishing out dollars and the local businesses salivating for road and bridge building tenders etc really at the end of the day don’t give a shit about “20 years old Rosy” that was rescued from a bar.  i DOUBT ANYONE GIVES A SHIT, BECAUSE – after the number has been ticked off the “rescue list” Poor old Rosy needs to earn money to support her family and i doubt there is any sustainable work these departments would put her into.

 You could probably liken the example of the government “trying” to do a good thing to smoking. You see we all know smoking is bad and the government does its best to control the situation but in this analogy, Angeles City still exists with Fields Ave and prostitution rampant. Everyone knows illicit activity is going on just like the smoking but its collecting money from foreign tourists, taxes, businesses. But the drive to shut operations is coming from NUMBERS – more rescues = more  MCC Corporate money. If the government was serious, it could shut AC overnight but there wouldn’t be the money flow from the MCC would there let alone the other tax benefits (property tax, income tax, alcohol sales tax, VAT etc) it makes from the worlds oldest profession.  But theres a constant supply of girls especially from Leyte, Samar coming to Pampanga that will fill up the brothels of Angeles to keep the MCC money flowing and keep the “rescue” machinery afloat!

PS – As for the NGO’s generally – do they relate relate to the people they have come to help?  I used to see many at leading hotels that live there in the hotels, lapping up the luxury for weeks on end in the bar/lounge area.  It was quite disgusting really to see this level of luxury being spent at the expense of donations monies.


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  1. Profile gravatar of Failappines

    Often when the girls are rescued, they are taken to the jail in San Fernando where they are not given food or water and people have to bring it it to them to make sure they ok. Some girls are raped by the police. Most raids are just shake downs for money but the ones led by IJM are for publicity and fund raising only. The girls are often back working in the same bar 2 days later working. The evil foreigner bar owner/manager gets arrested while they ignore the bars owned by the mayor near by where the girls dance naked and underage is rampant.

    1. Profile gravatar of sckang

      The Korean Bar Owners pay massive bribes to keep themselves from being jailed by the Filipinos. These scumbags know the tricks of the trade and somehow go on merrily. Anyone that doesn’t pay them the money. gets burned badly.

      1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        That’s what I heard also the Korean mafia wont cop any shit off the Flips, Pay a little bit and be grateful you get anything.
        They will just disappear any trouble and the flips know it. that’s why the Koreans have a different Visa system to us white trash.
        Not like us white soft cocks when it comes to dealing with the thieving corrupt scumbags.
        Wait until the Russian mafia show up.
        They will straighten out all of them.

        1. Profile gravatar of DingDong

          The Russians have more sense than to come here. Dubai got too expensive for them, so there was a drift to Thailand. Most of the Aeroflot Fleet is parked near Koh Samui (South Thailand).

          1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

            The Russians used to have a submarine base in Vietnam,, but it pulled out,,then the phils kicked out the bases here

          2. Profile gravatar of Raiders16

            The Russians are very inpatient people that would snap on flips within the first 15 mins of meeting them.. I hope the flips piss them off.. Let the Russians clean-up the worlds trash..

          3. Profile gravatar of Rice Ganda
            Rice Ganda

            Not so many Russians in Thailand these days since the Ruble crashed due to the economic sanctions. There’s more Chinese and Koreans in Koh Samui and Phuket these days. Plenty of Russian Mafia-types and their hookers left in Pattaya though.

    1. Profile gravatar of sckang

      When I left the Philippines 28 days ago, I watched the Filipinos manning the NAIA Terminal 3 machine. Thankfully, there was no trouble with the bullet planting. I picked up my stuff and walked away. I knew I was out of the clutches of these scumbags was when my flight left out of NAIA, the worst airport, I have ever experienced!

      1. Profile gravatar of sckang

        No joke and this is way too low for consent. Bare minimum should be 18 years old, BUT there isn’t a necessary push to raise it to 18. It’s because many of these bastards have children when they are 15 and 16. I have seen this happen too may times and then ask where can I get the money.

      2. Profile gravatar of FHPS
        FHPS Post author

        @86andbelow The age of consent is 12 for MUSLIMS in Mindanao. It was implemented by MARCOS as a peace deal with the Muslims to try and get peace and look where it got the CUNT-of a country. @dingdong yep but legally its 18 without parental consent and 16,17 with parental consent or some crap. Anyway,
        here are the facts.

        1. Filipinas are liars, and will lie about their age to spread their legs for pesos and entrap a foreigner to pay money
        2. The parents prostitute their underage daughters and will post they are 18 when they are in fact 16 – again MORE LIES.
        3. The cops will crack down like a tonne of shit if you have a girl thats underage in your room, even if she says she is 18 – MORE LIES – its no excuse.

        1. Profile gravatar of 86andBelow

          When we were living in the Wild West Samar for a while, within 24 hours my wife said to me she’s never known people to talk and behave like they do here.

          A little while later she was shocked when she saw two womem coming back from sending their respective 16 year olds off to Angeles***. She overheard them arguing about who was gonna have the biggest house!!!

          ***daughters going to Angeles was more or less expected in the area. Try and snag a porigner, build a house, local boy on the side….

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      girls in this age have a low MENTAL AGE
      22 year olds act like 12 year olds in the west.

      all they say after you have spent time to ask them a question etc online chat etc is
      you get a reply

      ARR OK
      ARRH OK
      AR OK
      ARR OK
      ……………………………fuck me.

      And the other thing
      is they only remember the first and last of what you say.
      sadly they talk about themselves all the time and don’t answer fucking questions.
      I had to ask 3 times “what is your job”
      then gave up as she kept talking about herself all the time

  2. Profile gravatar of Rice Ganda
    Rice Ganda

    The seven deadly sins , as defined by the Catholic Church, are actually the SOP for the Philippines:-
    Greed, Gluttony , Lust , Envy, Sloth ,Wrath ,and (the Pinoy favourite) Pride.

  3. Profile gravatar of sckang

    A good comment bout these prostitutes are from HARRY THE HORSE. In the July 2016, there’s a section about how to and not to deal with people from the Philippines. I agree with many of the statements about those people.
    ” Hello JC, Harry the Horse,

    I’d like to react to “Girlfriends” submitted by Charles H. – Angeles City Bar Girls. Because he is dead wrong advocating relationships with Filipina’s (bargirls or not).
    The only correct way to deal with them is to triple F. That’s an iron rule and foreigners who try to break that rule get burned all the time. As a matter of fact I know
    that this triple F rule applies to all asian women: bar- or non-bargirls. These young asian women are not sexually loyal to their boyfriends or hubbies: they open their legs
    for everybody and the neighbour as soon as their foreigner turns around or goes back home. Triple F. them. Yes. Advocating relationships -like Charles H- does is wrong and leads
    to all kind of troubles (even mortal danger) down the road. For example accepting a Filipino boyfriend -for her- on the side (like Charles mentions) could be a deadly mistake. D E A D L Y !!!

    Besides for a Filipina (bargirl or non-bargirl) her family will always be her number one. That means your friendship or relationship can never be her real priority or motivation.
    It’s no foundation for long term relationships accept for Filipino’s. Just shorttime those sweet bargirls and pay some tip. Keep it light footed and be honest about it. Guess what? Filipina’s
    understand that. The triple F rule wins again. Guys should NOT fall in love with bargirls at all. And do not ever support them financially other than paying for ladies drinks (she gets a commission) early work release (she gets appr. half) and some tipmoney for good service. Her brothers broken motercycle is NOT our problem. With the Triple F. rule those problems don’t even come up.
    Than Charles makes another assumption: “You become a respected part of her family” Wrong again. Her family will see a foreigner as a foreigner. He can never become a Filipino and the
    foreigner is only there to financially help them. It’s dangerous. If a foreigner (acts) or really is out of money he will find out that he’s not respected at all. Murder quikly comes to their minds
    (and unfortunately that happens a lot) Again the triple F. rule is the best advice: an iron rule for us foreigners. much safer and much more fun -without the headaches-

    To the guy who still considers a long-term relationship with a Filipina:

    1. Do you accept it that she will have sex with others (Filipinos or other foreigners from her Bar) as soon as you are not around? Don’t make the mistake to think your (bar)girl is different.
    2. Do you accept NOT to be her number one? Because her family is her real number one and than perhaps her waterbuffalo is her number two. So you must guess your number?
    3. Do you accept it that you are not respected (not Filipino) and not even accepted (only acted) by her family? To them you are only Dollars or Euros in their eyes: that’s why they are nice to you.
    4. Do you accept it that all her families financial troubles come to you while you are not even respected or accepted (not Filipino) like mentioned before?
    …. and so on.
    Relationships with Filipinas are dangerous and filled with troubles. No doubt about it. Their loyalty to foreigner boyfriends or hubbies is only acted. God knows how many times I had more than normal eye-contact with a Filipina who walked right next to their foreigner (married or not). No shame! Eye-contact because she is NOT loyal and wants more foreigners more sex more money and so on. So yes: they are good for shorttime relations: one night stands or just a few hours boom boom in the hotelroom. Nothing wrong with that. Pay tip and smile when she leaves.

    It’s best to remember this: “Pay them to leave” (a proven slogan from Sir Thommo

    Another way to look at it. In Angeles City the average sexy tourist has a smile on his face. Expats complain even about household appliances.

    Sexy tourists have fun and than leave it all behind: fly back to their home-countries.

    I ask you -JC, Harry the Horse- to place this email in the next newsletter just to give guys another perspective. It could also save a life or two.

    Gordon Gekko (


    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      yep, you have to differentiate between the different motives behind written articles

      1. many are written by seasonal people (the ones that come for the December to April good weather) and go back.
      2. the short timers (1-2 weeks here) x 2 times a year
      3. Annuals (stay a month)
      4. permanents – under 2 years
      5. longer terms 5 years
      6. crusty’s like me 10 years + that have a love hate relationship with the place.

      REGARDLESS of how long you been in the country – Filos will think you just off the plane yesterday!!

      All of the above differs between whether someone has lived in a hotel and hung around the hotel so much they never really been into the burbs, down where all the rats and cockroaches live or the ones going in warts and all and living amongst the filos and dealing with the stupidity of the utilities companies, shops, etc
      now thats going infucking warts and all and seeing dickheads in action.

      1. Profile gravatar of sckang

        I am in the #6 on your list. I have lived in the country for more than 20 years and yes there’s a love-hate relationship. Somehow I have NEVER gone native, even if I live among regular Filipinos and not a foreign ghetto. I dealt with Filipinos and not with too many foreigners.
        Where my house is located 3 hours south of Manila in Quezon Province. I have clean air and very close to the National Highway and not far ( over 4 miles) from Lucena and its malls. And so, I am very, very lucky. In my case, under Philippine Law, because my Filipino Wife died, I am the successor to the house and the land in one of their loopholes. My name appears on the official documents and my Filipino Lawyer explained the law. The Filipino Stepsons choked when the lawyer explained the law and they were aggravated.
        You are speaking to the choir when you refer to dealing with private and public business in the Philippines. I have been dealing with Filipinos directly since February 1993. With it how they can be underhanded and over time, I have had lots of, experiences that I have knowledge and particularly the laws and how to handle these problems.
        My late dual citizen legal wife wasn’t an idiot and would explain to me what had happened. She was an excellent teacher and yes, she took garbage from her fellow citizens, when she fought for me. Now, that made the Filipinos, who wanted to fuck the foreigners, pissed off royally. In many cases, she came out the winner. She wouldn’t take the BS after living in the USA for many years.
        I can sympathize with Filipino Students because from June 1995 to March 1999, I was a graduate student at Silliman University Divinity School, Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental. To just get registered and pay the school was a living hell. There were the usual hidden fees (FEE-lippines) and the many signatures at many points on campus. The funniest part was as an American Male, I actually had to get a signature to say 1. I was a foreigner and 2. I was exempt from ROTC Training. When I graduated in March, 1999, I was relieved.

        1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          Now you are back in the States, does the pamily have your home???????
          From what my understanding is, you can Inherit the home from the wife, BUT if you leave it or sell it the money has to go to her family.
          That was a loophole I have tried to plug, I have a mortgage over the property as well , due to the fact the money came from my Trust Account in OZ. this was done to protect my families interests not the Brides Family

          1. Profile gravatar of sckang

            Don Quixote- The house hasn’t been transferred. The property and the house is 100% paid for. There’s no liens or mortgage. I pay property tax every year and will be back there by no later than next year. My late wife’s daughter-in-law, who has been there for over 2 1/2 years informs me daily what’s happening. I also have my late wife’s godson that lives within 50 meters who was the house watcher, when my late wife was in the USA, watches the house and property.

    2. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      that is so fucking true about
      THE LOYALTY is to their culture and family
      1st, 2nd, 3rd
      even if the family makes them sell their bodies
      even if the family runs these bitches into the ground, even underground buried 6 foot under !
      the family is BULLSHIT in the Philippines. Its a never ending hungry mouth that doesnt care if the girl is a whore.
      its aout money, SELF GRATIFICATION. mum wants to have the show off stuff, a nice kitchen, appliances, etc and lechon for the village while
      daughter whores back in the city.

      i have met girls eg. one guy paid her 50,000 pesos a month, she still worked in the bar. i met her hooking at a convenience store.
      she doesnt give a shit about the foreigner, she is poor as she sends most of the 50k a month BACK TO THE FAMILy in the province.
      now you tell me- what the fuck does a family in the province do with 50,000 pesos a month????

      thats all they want – money

      As a german i met who had a thai wife that divorced him when she got PR into germany said to his face at the divorce court
      HE ASKED – “why did you do this to me”
      SHE SAID – ‘Just remember (name of guy), i did this for my family back in Thailand”


      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        “now you tell me- what the fuck does a family in the province do with 50,000 pesos a month????”

        She could be supporting the whole tribe too, FHPS. How many Filipino households have you come across where there’s only the one son/daughter (usually daughter) who’s working to support them all. I’ve seen a family of 13 people (Mum, Dad, brothers/sisters plus brother and sister’s children) and only one breadwinner. The rest of da pamily are able bodied unemployed sons and daughters but kept producing more Pinoys.

        And that P50.000 won’t go very far if there’s a gambler or addict in the family. Yes, I’ve also seen dirt poor family, hand to mouth existence, indulge in gambling or drugs or both with what little money they can ear. That’s if they earn the money themselves…..

        We bitched about being manipulated for money by these low lifes. It’s just not us, you know. It’s da pamily’s work horse too. “Ate, I need a new_____” – you fill in the blanks. And even if unimportant he/she must have it. A friend was supporting a Pinay GF for awhile, Pinay worked in Japan as a domestic. Decent girl but typically gullible and soft touch to the parasites back home. Younger brother in High School wanted a

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          Damn!! How did that happen?

          Anyway, to continue… brother wanted a P4000 Michael Jordan shoes. Pinay says, “too expensive, buy one for P500”. Brother says “I want the Michael Jordan shoes! I promise it’s the last thing I’ll ask off you”. She relented and got an advance wages from her employer.

          As for the “promise it’s the last thing I’ll ask off you”….. well brother did not specify “it’s the last thing I’ll ask off you this month”.

          1. Profile gravatar of JanIIISobieski


            Im still getting suprised why so many foreigners jump on those cheap tricks. And why so many supporting the lazy families. Sorry to say that but if some people dont learn by one lesson teached by them the filipinos will still think that all whites are rich naive and stupid. Honestly I dont blaim the Filipinos, I blaim stupid naive white for everytime Filipino think I will give them money.

          2. Profile gravatar of Attila


            I wholeheartedly agree. Western European whites could be one of the most degenerated people in the world. No other race would volunteer to be used and abused chewed up and spit out like whites from the West. Something may have happened to the genetic pool? Filipinos are taking advantage of them with ease just like Muslims do in their home countries. You understand that because you are Eastern European and the contrast between us (East) and the West is mind mind boggling. Sometimes I wonder if we are the same race.

          3. Profile gravatar of JanIIISobieski


            “No other race would volunteer to be used and abused chewed up and spit out like whites from the West. ”

            Think thats called masochism. Normally I would not mind it. Its other peoples choice. But in the last years living here was effected by it so many times. Because of my white skin and light color eyes filipinos looking at you as idiot, naiv and ATM. Something that other whites here made them think.

        2. Profile gravatar of sckang

          Sarah- As the one who at one time did make money as an American Contractor in Iraq, these able bodied stepsons were always begging for money particularly the ones that just called me Tito. The other stepchildren that called me Dad had jobs and didn’t ask for almost anything.
          My stepdaughter in the USA was the best of the lot and has a job. If I hear from her, then there was an actual problem. She doesn’t like to ask for help and I can figure out that there is a problem. There’s been times, that she has been a lifesaver, when I was in the Philippines, for amounts to pay smaller bills. Out of the 4 stepchildren, she has been the one that has treated me as a father.
          I am back in the USA now and she makes sure I am doing alright. Without my late wife, she goes through a checklist every week and know someone is looking out for me.

          1. Profile gravatar of Idiotocracy

            I wouldn’t be so sure of that Attila. Lots of rednecks here in the West that would take care of business except for the insane legal system that protects the scum. Things have a way of going in cycles and once the political correct bullshit is driven back under a rock there will be a backlash. Seems to me that you Easter European guys were living in police states a few decades back so I’d be careful on calling others sheep.

      2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        I have a Sepo mate who is married to a Flip. Who he met in a bar, sent there to earn money for the pamily from some shit hole near Leyte.
        Since I have known him. he has had Two younger sisters move through his house as the father sent them up to the sister to work in a bar and send money home.
        He has the fourth there now, she is 17 and just waiting to get into the bar and work.
        So this father has intentionally sent four daughters into Prostitution, and what would happen to him if one of these do-gooder raids in AC of Subic found out. NOTHING !!!!!!!!!!!
        I am pleased to say my mate is ok with this as, so far all the girls are married off now to foreigners and my mate is off the hook for Parental Support.
        The father is still pumping out Brats, to this day I have no idea how many brats he has produced , at least four daughters and two sons.
        The sons learned from daddy, they like to sit around until my mate gets the shits and sends them back to the province .

      3. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        I am not too sure about how it goes in Krautland BUT I am pretty sure that in Australia.
        The woman COULD have her Residency revoked !!!!!!!!!Residency is not Citizenship.
        The Kraut should have gone straight to the Immigration and handed the copy of the HANSARD (Court record ) which showed that the bitch lied to get Residency .Then she told the the Divorce Court.
        If there are any lies on an application form as was the case obviously here, CITIZENSHIP COULD BE REVOKED In Australia
        But Residency can be revoked at any time for any reason..
        I have known of Australian men who had something similar happen to them and they had their wives Residency Revoked, and they got deported at the first opportunity.
        Residency would have been conditional on the husbands support , it would be the same in Germany.
        Try and get a Residency Visa if your Husband is on a Pension ? Its possible but long and very expensive process including prepaid medical Insurance for years.
        Although that Merkel is a piece of work anything is possible, especially if they were from the Muslim part of Thailand .

        1. Profile gravatar of sckang

          In the United States, the foreign spouse will first get a conditional green card (permanent residence card) for 2 years. If during the time, the foreign spouse holds a conditional green card and a divorce is finalized, then the US CIS may start deportation proceedings. If the divorce happens after the foreign spouse has received the 10 year green card, then they can stay in the USA. This what we have to deal with and worse yet as the sponsor, the American ex-spouse can be sued by the U.S. Government, if during the first 10 years, the now green card holder ex-spouse gets on welfare.

          1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
            Don Quixote

            Even in Flipland they give you conditional residency when you apply for a 13A Visa.
            After one year they check you out before making it permanent resident visa, .
            I would be surprised if any Government will honour a Green Card type of Visa if the Applicant has lied .It gives them the perfect out to deport a undesirable.
            I was a green card holder myself and seem to remember that it was subject a lot of conditions. I was never had that many rights but that was over twenty years ago.
            Maybe a Sepo can let us know .

        2. Profile gravatar of FHPS
          FHPS Post author

          yep, they are liars when it comes to the visa and use people. have been in both camps – seen local girls saying they are using these Americans to get into the states marrying guys who are living in the middle of nowhere. one Yank came over and proposed in a matter of 8 days to the girl. What a fucking dickhead. She said – at the party sitting there with her pinoy @ex-boyfriend – i was told she is taking a gamble on the fat guy (the american) for the better of her and child (to go and live in rural USA – Gawd damit!

          1. Profile gravatar of JanIIISobieski


            Until last month I though that to get a visa for filipinos to any European country was hard. Until I talked and saw people got their visas to f.ex. UK or Germany on the fact hey met the guy one time in their life. And than I ask wtf is happening or our gouverments and embassies?

    3. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      And if you think that that chick you are about to take into your room is 18 or whatever age she’s claiming to be, the onus in getting proof of age is on you. How many times have we heard of a Kano getting busted for under age sex claimed when the PNP busted him “but she told me she’s 19 years old!”

      So imagine the scenario here, you picked up a whore, she says she’s 18 you asked for proof…. that’s the thing with “proofs” in da Philippines. Anything can get forged — even birth certificates or passports. Booming business over there in Recto Avenue. 🙂

      Here’s the latest on “under age sex charges” against a Kano. Strange, she’s 15 but willingly went with a foreign man and even had drinks with him? Wonder what she expected him to do with her? Play catch a Pokemon?

      1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        He did not pay her the 2000Peso. fucking Idiot.
        She has confessed to that, I wonder how that story will change when and if they get to court.
        I was an innocent cherry school,girl and was raped.

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          “He did not pay her the 2000Peso. fucking Idiot.”

          She’s only 15 years old and her going rate only P2000???? Damn! how much is her worth by the time she’s 18? I heard the market value for prostitutes in Asia drop so fast like a leaded balloon, especially after a baby or 2, or 3, or 4….. so by the time she’s 30, can she even give “it” away? 🙂

          And more to the point, so da pamily benefits through her hard work right? So assume Mum is the Pimp here (more common in the Failippines), wonder if Mum teaches her and encourage her about safe sex? ? Hell, mum’s idea of safe sex is likely to be “don’t get caught!”.

      2. Profile gravatar of Mike

        So let’s see. Prostitution is illegal in this country. According to the girls statement she was a prostitute and engaging in an illegal act yet neither her or her mother is charged? Now mom knows what this girl is doing:
        1.) Knows the girl and her friend hang out at the front of a hotel.
        2.) Knows the girl always has more money that she should for her age.
        3.) Girl gone all hours of the day/night but not in class.

        Looks like mom is the pimp doesn’t it? I’ll bet if ask the PNP in the area under the table you will find out the girl and her friend are well know hookers.

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Hell the PNP most likely involved more than you think. Could it be that PNP tell the girls when “clients” check into a hotel in their area? Like I said before I have had PNP try to push women off on me quite a few times.

          2. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Wife had one woman who owed her 1,000 pesos and refused to pay so wife went to PNP and filed over it. The police told her they knew this woman and that it could take a long time to settle. But if wife gives them 2,000 pesos they will go to her house with a kilo of shabu and arrest her for the shabu.

  4. Profile gravatar of Rice Ganda
    Rice Ganda

    Q: How can you tell that a Filipina is lying ? A: Her lips are moving
    Q: How can you tell that a Filipina is ripping you off? A: Both sets of lips are moving.

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      @riceganda yea
      when you hear

      “excuse me .. sorry to bother you ummmm…errr… may i ask you something”
      “sorry to disturb sir, can i ask you something”
      “can i ask you a question”

      ………………. all roads lead to a request
      followed by the BIGGEST FUCKING LIE
      …… i want (money…)
      ….. I will … (pay you back next salary)
      …. promise 🙂

      When you hear
      I will = it will fail (they never honour their words)
      promice = is just justification for their lie as they know they will never pay it back.

      1. Profile gravatar of Raiders16


        I had an ex employee send me an email asking me to invest in her boutique shop. Let me add that she was fired two years ago for attendance issues. FHPS, in this message she said she would pay me back etc. Now for kicks and giggles, I center a message back asking why what I lend you money and what’s in it for me?? She relied back saying that I said I would help her! I never told this girl I would help her haha I fired your dumbass..

        1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
          FHPS Post author

          @raiders16 that is typical that filipino make up stories in their own mind.

          They use “we” or “lets” words and feel as though they actually were the ones that paid for something or is about to pay for somehting.

          I went to my local cafe one day and found something interesting upon asking where the manager was.
          Apparantly the cafe was owned by a singaporean. The manager (a gay filipino) had made up fake receipts for all the fixtures in the cafe and then went to the business owner (singaporean) to say you need to pay me this amount. Upon going to the attoney the singaporean was advised to pay the gay out who by the way bought a studio condo unit soon after.

          That is fucking estafa or fraud and surely the payment trail will show.
          This is not the first time a filipino has ripped off a foreigner and wont be the last.

          Employing filipinos is fraught with danger as much as relationships. When money comes into play they think on a level of self entitlement like no other asian culture i have encountered. Fuck they are vultures. These so called business ideas are nothing but crap as generally they are lazy and will find out the hard truth of working when it comes to reality.

          She would have never paid you back Raiders. Their mindset is always struggle, crying, pain and hardship at the time but when thats gone thanks to a “kano” handout then they always want to never repay (aka bite the hand that feeds them).

  5. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    When I was fishing for a living we used have sayings like Worlds Greatest Lies, thats before I came to the PI, now I got a few more.
    1.The cheques in the Mail.
    2.I wont come in your mouth.
    3.Good luck in the Tournament
    4. I will pay you back. promise
    5. ,I know exactly where to go.
    6. Its always done that way in the Feelipinnes.

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      Don, add that following to that:

      7. Need money for medicine. Carabao is sick and Tatay can’t plough he farm if Carabao not better.
      8. Grandma died. Need money for funeral (never mind that this funeral money is no. 5 for grandma this year alone!)
      9. Need money for rent. I”m about to get thrown out of my apartment/boarding house and if you don’t “loan” money I shall have to live on the streets. (I’d be tempted to say “go ahead Inday, start packing and look for somewhere warmer other than under the bridge”)

      1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        Sarah Darling,
        I just abbreviated the LIE.
        The LIE was the PROMISE !!!!!!!!!!!!
        There are way toooooo manyyyyyyyy too talk about the lies, so PROMISE is what I inferred

  6. Profile gravatar of FHPS
    FHPS Post author

    I gotta say i met some people that were arrested by the Tanods for so called “prostitution offences” – these were local girls.

    1. they were paraded through town
    2. tanods said to crowd mockingly “which one do you want”
    3. they were so called “rescued” by putting in jail
    4. the tanods came into the cell and wanted to have sex with them.

    Call that Filipino justice system or just us?

  7. Profile gravatar of FHPS
    FHPS Post author

    What blew me away is that FILIPINOS love stories – chatter, talking behind peoples backs – but its when they start believing LIFE is like ONE SMALL EXAMPLE is what gives me the shits.

    Take my ex’s friend. She met a guy online and went to Switzerland to stay with him. For one reason or another things didn’t work out –
    so he said, have you got any friends and so one of her friends was FLOWN OVER sight unseen to switzerland
    and they married.

    well, wtf??!! now the whole fucking village thinks its NORMAL for people to just FLY OFF A GIRL and marry, sight unseen.
    yup, it happens – the big silver ticket the fuck out of the FOOL-A-PINES.

    So many foreigner mugs around
    as well just falling head over heals for these bitches