BDO – About As Stupid As Stupid Gets

Banco De Oro - Shitty service you can expect from stupid FilipinosWhy does Banco De Oro have huge vaults with 2 foot thick walls and doors in their branches?  Well, just like most professional services and businesses in Philippines, fancy slogans and appearance is everything. It’s really all they have.

That vault looks so nice and shiny and impressive indeed! Maybe they don’t want to use it so much because it looks so nice, and fits right in with the impressive decor. Banco De Oro APPEARS to be a bank that has it’s shit together. Mission accomplished! No need to go beyond that.

But any foreigner will agree, underneath all those appearances and fancy slogans are Filipinos. And you know what that means; SHITTY CUSTOMER SERVICE, FUCK UPS, AND MAJOR INCONVENIENCE for customers with at least 75% of anything you do through them. I won’t even go into their online banking dysfunction. Maybe I’ll save that for another post. There’s certainly an endless amount of subject matter to keep this blog updating forever. And to find it, you need only to step out your front door.

Imagine if Filipinos were under a magicalBDO - We find ways to fuck up your day spell that forced them to have slogans, based on their existing slogan, to honestly match the reality of their business or service. In BDO’s case, you might see something like this photo when you walk in to any one of their branches.

When I was out yesterday, one of the reasons was to get some cash for a major appliance I am buying from a private party. And I just naturally assumed since it’s a bank, they’ll have money. Silly me, I’m always forgetting to keep my expectations extremely low in order to avoid disappointment.

Whenever I need a significant amount of cash, I’ll usually just withdraw my US Dollars in cash, and exchange it at one of those “black market” huts you see all over the place. I usually save 800p to 1200p in doing so. I don’t do it very often, and I forgot their LAME BRAIN procedure. And I didn’t think that ten $100 bills was very much money, and certainly is less than 1cm thick stacked.

“I’m sorry SIRRRR, you will need to wait until after 3pm, we won’t have that much US currency until our daily shipment arrives. Ten $100 bills is “that much US currency” for the biggest bank in Philippines??? What’s wrong with you people? This is a bank…you know, one of those institutions where people deposit and withdraw money?? And guess what came next? ALL TOGETHER NOW…..

blank stareBLANK STARE

I felt like I was in the Monty Python Cheese Shop sketch!!

So I continued with,

“You mean to tell me you don’t have a measley ten $100 bills in that vault to give to your customer who wants to withdraw???”

“I’m sorry Siiirrrrr, you should call a day in advance when you need to withdraw a large amount of US Currency.”

“I’m not withdrawing a suitcase full of Dollars!! When is ten $100 bills a large amount??? What do you keep in that big fancy vault? A TV and sofa?”

“Mostly Pesos Siiirrrrrrr.”

“And there’s no room for even a stack of ten $100 bills????”

“We have Siiiirrrrrr, but we have to reserve for the people withdrawing smaller amounts.”

“WTF?????? So you have 10 bills, but you won’t give them to me, regardless of the fact THEY ARE MINE, AND I’M HERE FIRST!!!!!!! Why not tell the other people who MIGHT OR MIGHT NOTfuck you SHOW UP to withdraw “small amounts” to come back after 3pm IF your run out of $100 bills??? Do you have a clue as to HOW UNBELIEVABLY LAME AND SHITTY SERVICE THAT IS TO YOUR CUSTOMERS????” You don’t want to inconvenience CUSTOMERS THAT ARE NOT YET HERE, OR MAY NOT SHOW UP AT ALL, but you’ll inconvenience ME, who is a customer here right now!! You people are unbelievable fucking stupid!!”

blank stareBLANK STARE

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  1. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
    Hey Joe

    Funny stuff, I just love Python! Perfect clip to sum-up EVERY shopping experience in this country.

    Okay, here is a small one I had last week.
    So, I need to build myself a new PC. I’m out searching down parts for this build and I do something that I know you NEVER do… I asked “what’s the difference between these 2 motherboards they have?… the moment I asked, I say to myself..”Oh, shit why did you do that?? dummy!!”

    I get the answer one would expect from these retards. “the model number” YUP that’s what this rocket scientist says to me !!!!

    What can ya do???? I guess it’s my fault for asking. I’ve only been here 5yrs but I thought I learned that lesson long ago..guess not, I slipped-up, and my blood pressure shot up trying to not just put the poor little shit out of his suffering right there on the spot.

    So I do what I should have done in the first place. Jot the model numbers down & get the hell out of there and go look up the information on the net.

    Ya Just can’t fix stupid.

    1. Profile gravatar of CantFixStupid

      I stopped asking salespeople in stores anything ever ever ever here. Walk in with my pocket wifi/Samsung S3 and physically browse products in the store Usually one of the employees will come around saying “Welcome Sirrrrr”, than proceed to stand there with the stupid moronic face we all know and love. I usually just turn around and google search specs, pricing, or product comparisons as they just blank stare into space.

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        I believe they call it ”white noise” listen to something better than the usual flip shopping experience with their horrible music
        when and if I ever get back to my own country and encounter flipland experience,, I am going to ask for the manager and ask him when they starting hiring idiots

  2. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
    Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

    There are basically no words to adequately describe just how unbelievably incompetent and stupid the staff at BDO are. Back in the days when I was naive enough to attempt doing business in this God-forsaken land of imbeciles and thieves, I needed to establish a trust account for a yet to be incorporated Filipino company. The utterly mindless, ridiculous (to the point of laughable), bureaucratic idiocy of Filipino company incorporation procedures could fill an entire book, rather than a simple blog post – so best left for another occasion (perhaps). Anyway, I proceeded to my local BDO branch, where I was already an established customer, and queued for 45 minutes in order to clarify the correct procedures and necessary documents to open the type of account I required.

    The young woman who served me seemed to know all about the type of account I needed, and handed me a neatly typed list (on BDO letterhead) of all the documents I would require in order to open the account. As I expected, several of the requirements, such as notarized copies of this and that were absolutely ridiculous by any reasonable standards that you might wish to apply. But I thought to myself; this is the Philippines. I fully expected this sort of lame, pointless stupidity, and went out to find a Notary, and prepare the documents that were required to open the account.

    I returned to the bank about three hours later and queued for around an hour, documents in hand. When my turn at the counter came, I patiently explained to the teller what I required, and presented her with the original list that BDO had provided to me just four hours previously, together with all of the documents they had listed. You know where this is going already – sure enough – they required a notarized copy of a document that was not on the fucking list! Enraged, I demanded to see the manager – a fat, angry, ball-busting Pinay from a particularly ugly gene pool.

    I explained the situation to her (patiently) – only to have her tell me that they forgot to put that document on the list. When I asked her how long they had known about this particular omission for, I was blank stared and told “Two years”. TWO FUCKING YEARS and these useless sacks of shit can’t even be bothered to tell customers that they KNOW the lists they are handing out are fucking defective!

    The additional document that they required was in fact a minute signed by the (proposed) directors of the (yet to be incorporated) company, authorizing the opening of the account with BDO and nominating the manner of signing. They “needed” the document to be notarized – but of course could not provide ANY explanation (even an unreasonable one) as to why. Fortunately, the mindless bureaucrats at the Philippines SEC had a similar requirement, and I had that particular document with me (I’d come direct to BDO from the Notary’s office). I provided them with the document and we resumed the account opening process. Now it gets REALLY interesting…

    After we’d signed all of the required forms, I was handed a paper that appeared to be some form of Declaration. I read it, and in effect it was a Declaration by a Notary stating that the two bank personnel, myself and my co-director where personally known to them and that we had deposited the amount of P62,500 with the BDO branch in question, for and on behalf of the yet to be incorporated company. They then asked me to to go and find a Notary and “…have this Notarized”.

    I again asked to see the manager, and asked her where I might find a Notary who personally knew the two bank staff in question, and who would be prepared to confirm the fact that we had made the deposit to BDO in that amount, without personally having any knowledge or proof of that fact. [BLANK STARE] “…but Siiiir, we need it for the auditor”. I again repeated my question. [BLANK STARE] “Just go to the Notary who signed things for you before Siiiir. We need it for the auditor”.

    ME: You do understand what this document says, don’t you?
    MGR: Yes Siiiir.
    ME: You do understand that a Notarized document like this is admissible in court.
    MGR: Yes Siiiir.
    ME: You do understand that for a Notary to sign this document, given the circumstances I’ve described, they would be committing an act of perjury if this document was to end up in court?
    MGR: [BLANK STARE] But Siiiir, we need it for the auditor.
    ME: What is it that the auditor is auditing?
    MGR: We get in trouble if the auditor come and we don’t have.
    ME: So, the auditor is auditing to ensure that you have properly asked me assist with the facilitation of a crime, in order to open an account with you?
    MGR: No Siiir.
    ME: What are they auditing?
    MGR: [BLANK STARE] The form Siiiir.
    ME: What about the form?
    MGR: [BLANK STARE] We need the form sign Siiiir.
    ME: Why?
    MGR: For the auditor Siiiir.
    ME: So I need to go away now and facilitate a crime, then come back to you with a perjured document, then you can open the account for me.
    MGR: [BLANK STARE] Ahhhhhhh, yes Siiiir.

    …and people honestly ask me why I refuse to do any business in this country!

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      @CyberGod – Filogic is defined in your comment. I also fell victim to their complete incapability to understand the purpose of a notarized document.

      I lost my passbook one time. I go to them to ask for a new one. They tell me to go to a notary with a letter stating I lost my passbook, have the notary verify my identity via the SAME TWO ID’S I HAVE ON FILE WITH MY BANK ACCOUNT, then notarize my letter.

      So, essentially what you’re saying is, I have to go to a notary, tell him the same thing I’m telling you, show him the same ID I have shown you and which you have on file with my account, before you’ll believe me that I lost my passbook? Are notaries psychic here? How would a notary have any more proof of a lost passbook than you? I’m just going to him with the same statement. This makes no fucking sense!! If you want to identify me, you have my ID on file, compare them with the ID’s in my hand and there’s the positive ID on me.

      If you’re going to require everything to be notarized, why not include a certified notary as a requirement for a branch manager or staff member??? Why send half your customers and nearly all your customers out for notarized documents on shit that makes no sense?? At least you can perform your redundancy within the walls of the bank instead of sending them out and have them have to queue in line again for another hour? Fucking MORONS!!!

      Their slogan “We find ways” is left open for good reason. Because there’s all kinds of ways they find to completely inconvenience their customers with redundancy, stupidity, and unnecessary SHIT!

  3. Profile gravatar of Davo

    Oh Yes there are such words to describe moronic and stupid. But not real words.
    FUBAR, seems to be about right.

    More on BDO, went to BDO, opened an account, put some money (PHP) in, they gave me a card and also other written stuff about the account, all smiles and happiness.
    So, nicked off outa the country, came back with a swag of Aussie dollars, they said I could not deposit.

    So the buggers couldnt accept my dollars even though it was a large branch. Even though I asked before I opened the account and told them what i would be doing, depositing in Foreign Currency

    So I closed my account and withdrew my deposit and went to HSBC.

    Oh BTW Filipinas are issued with a perfect blank stare at birth.

    Even they know what they are saying is plain stupid.

    But I suppose the poor wretches in the banks and elsewhere are given no latitude, why else would everything be done in duplicate or even sometimes triplicate? Its like before the days of printers and electronics. Oh no its worse they all use old fashioned printers, soooo slow.

  4. Profile gravatar of Uncle Boi
    Uncle Boi

    I’ve all but given up on any type of service in the Philippines. I plan ahead and make things as easy as possible for any customer service agent or teller. Whatever makes complete sense to me, it will not happen in the Philippines. I’m already bald from pulling out my own hair. Just throw in the towel and stop swimming upstream and against the current. It is 100% frustrating. But trust me when I say, you will get better sleep if you just give up. You will never be able to fix stupid. Filipinos are so stupid that they actually believe that they are smart to the point where they become self righteously ignorant to people who have a functioning brain.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      @Uncle Boi – Oh I hear what you’re saying. I have given up, and I don’t swim against the stream. I keep my expectations at rock bottom, and completely expect the utter senselessness, stupidity, and incompetence.

      But that doesn’t mean I have to do it silently. I rather enjoy telling them what UTTER COMPLETE FUCKING IMBECILES THEY ARE. It’s therapeutic. I walk away gratified and satisfied since satisfaction is nowhere on the goals list of customer service in Philippines. I FIND WAYS….to get satisfied.

  5. Profile gravatar of onnyt

    I also made the bad decision of choosing BDO. Their on-line banking is a joke and don’t get me started on RCBC I had before. But what bank here is the better one? I know that most of them are garbage but I need a bank anyhow.

    1. Profile gravatar of Theresa

      @onnyt, all banks in The Philippines are suck but for me the best bank is Metrobank…..

      Yes, BDO and PBI are the best bank in The Philippines, unfortunately, I’d bad experiences with these 2 banks and I don’t see anything to be called “The biggest bank in The Philippines”

      For me…I would suggest metrobank in term of better service and customer care. You don’t have to wait for long line but it’s still suck. It’s not perfect but as I’ve observed metrobank is still better than all.

      1. Profile gravatar of

        I have to agree, regarding Metrobank. I’ve never had a problem with them. When you consider that my pay is direct deposited with them from the U.S., that’s quite amazing. Even more amazing is the fact that I can track my account online. But, hey, knock on wood…

  6. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    I already came to the realization to the point where I lost all doubt that Filipinos are not human. Even their stray dogs with enlarged utters are more human than them, at least they know how to bury their shit. A Filipino would shit in your face, and not even bother to wipe it off, not literally, but you all get the idea. One thing I really despise about them is their poor time management skills. If you all associate and converse with Filipinos on a daily basis, you will realize that anything that deals with or relates to time is NEVER ON TIME!!! From my countless observations of them, my statistics shows that they are 30% likely to be late, and 80% likely to be late to time limits they set for themselves. I can’t count the many times a Filipino had told or text me that they will arrive to a certain destination in 20 minutes, but then shows up an hour later. Honestly, I can’t remember at least one time when a Filipino has actually showed up at a time that they had set for themselves. Then as always, I get some sort of inconvenient excuse as to why they are late.
    I’m not gonna bring up the nature of the event for this example since it’s not an important fact, but there has been a time when I was expecting some idiot classmates of mine to show up to my apartment for an important matter concerning in relation to school. I got two text messages from them. The first one said, “We are at the school.” The second one said, “We are on the way.” Ok, I only live 5 minutes (walking distance) from my college. But them being Filipinos, I lowered my expectations to save myself from disappointment, so I gave them 10 minutes for consideration because they are lazy piece of shit Filipinos. I was enjoying breakfast at the time, so I devoured it quickly. Oh yeah, let me mention one more thing. I had plans that day and they decided to show up that day. Due to the rarity of plans actually going through with these low-lives, I decided to postpone my activities for the day to handle school affairs.
    Ok, I’m sure WE ALL know what ‘ON THE WAY’ means right? If you are a stupid ass Filipino with an ounce of ground beef for a brain, it means you are actually in route to that destination. Wait, maybe ‘route’ and ‘destination’ is too big of a word for you idiots, let me break it down some more: It means you are walking to the place you are going from the time you said you are going there. Ok, I can’t break it down anymore than that. Ok, onto the good stuff.
    I waited for 2 fucking hours for one of them to tell me that they were not coming, because one of them were busy. I can’t believe I had rushed my breakfast, and fully clothed myself for this shit (I normally like to relax in just boxer shorts, and one was a female, so I had to dress up)! I was trying to figure out how they can easily take a detour in a 5 minute walk to my place, on top of that not even notify me on their change of plans. I got so fed up with it, I decided to go out for a beer. Being the hot-head I was, I smashed my phone on the way out(I think that was the 3rd phone I broke because of Filipino frustration). As I stormed out, I found the Filipino idiots sitting outside on the steps at the base of the apartment where I lived at. I asked those idiots why they didn’t come to my door, and guess what, their filogic kicked in:
    Me: Where you guys been, why didn’t you come and tell me you were here?
    idiot classmate: I’m sorry, but I don’t have a load to text you, I’m out.
    Me: If you wanted to text me first, then why not use his phone (other classmate)?
    idiot classmate: His phone is globe, not smart, that’s why.
    Me: Ok, so you are too cheap to text my Smart number with his globe, got it. Why didn’t you just come to my door, you know where I live at?
    idiot classmate: We want to know if you are home first so we don’t waste time.
    Me: You could’ve knocked on my door to see if I was home????
    idiot classmate: (famous blank stare)
    Me: Ok whatever, we are all here, lets start.
    idiot classmate: Wait, we can’t start yet, we are still waiting for Ian (this name is made up for his privacy, and my protection).
    Me: Alright, so where is Ian at?
    idiot classmate: He went to buy a load so we can text you we are here.
    Me: Wow!

    As you see, first they showed up extremely late. I don’t know how the fuck they turned a 5 minute walk into 2 hours. Then they executed their Famous Filogic strategy to formulate a stupid ass plan to waste more time and money (since they are buying load/minutes for their phone) just to text me from outside where I live at that they are there, which would’ve taken only 30 seconds to take the elevator to the 5th floor where I lived at, knock on my door to see if I was home, which I was of course because I was expecting THEM!!! What? They thought I was gonna dip out? Wait, I was just about to, and I wonder why???? I really don’t understand how the Filipino mind works, it’s like I said earlier, their brain is just a slab of ground beef. I wonder what kind of fuckin logic they learn in their ‘LOGIC’ class. Oh, wait that’s right, I’m also enrolled in their logic class, and I will be the first to tell you that they don’t learn a damn thing! My logic teacher has a high preference for Tagalog, he hates speaking, reading, and hearing English, even though he can understand and speak it. Whenever he gives an exam, it’s always in essay format because he is also known for being too fuckin lazy to create more than 5 questions of his own. Well anyway, he issues out the normal 3 or 4 questions and have us write an essay on it. I doubt that he even reads the Tagalog essays of the other students, so I just guarantee my grade by writing a whole bunch of English words, and he still gave me a perfect score. Well, I wasn’t gonna waste my time writing down my actual thoughts just for him not to read it and give me the same grade anyway? The words I chose did not even construct a comprehensive sentence, it’s just whatever long word that came to mind I wrote it down. That is how fuckin lazy Filipinos are, they don’t even thoroughly correct the exams of their students, they are just their to farm a paycheck.
    For the record, I did know the answers of the essay questions, so it’s not like I cheated or anything. I just didn’t wanna waste 20 minutes of quality work just for the lazy piece of shit teacher to correct it in 3 seconds without even reading over my answers. I am afraid that I may develop some future bad habits because of my experience here. I hope Filogic isn’t contagious…. do anybody have a cure for me just in case? (Don’t take that last question seriously)

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      typo* which I was of course “HOME” because I was expecting THEM!!! ^forgot to add the word ‘home’ in this sentence…. so sleepy.

  7. Profile gravatar of peelking

    Getting SHit done in the Philippines is like playing Russian Roulette. Except you’d be considered lucky if you get the bullet.

    Don’t know how you guys do it.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      You’re right @peelking, It’s like every customer service person in Philippines thinks their customers don’t have anything else to do today, and they have dedicated their entire fucking day to to a simple transaction at the bank.

      There is such a widespread unawareness of time among the idiots here. Nobody considers other people’s time. The banks make the tellers manually write down every fucking detail of everything they input into the computer. Utter fucking redundancy. What is the point of having a database AND STACKS AND STACKS OF LEDGERS, 3 CARBON COPIES OF 4 OR 5 DIFFERENT SLIPS THEY FILL OUT, STAMP, AND DISTRIBUTE TO 12 DIFFERENT STACKS THAT GO TO 12 DIFFERENT IDIOTS at the end of the day, thus tripling the time it takes to complete one customer’s transaction. These fucking imbeciles bog down every process with redundancy, thus resulting in 1 hour long lines, all waiting area seats occupied, and overflow standing around.

      And there is just no hope of anyone in corporate management to be able to form any concept of concern for customer’s time, therefore streamlining processes and increasing efficiency just doesn’t happen.

      It truly boggles the thinking mind.

      1. Profile gravatar of peelking

        Dude, what about when you get popped by the upstanding traffic officers. That whole system is whacked. So in a reasonable world, you get a little lecture, get your ticket and off you go. Oh no, not in the phils. The second it happens know the dance is about to start. Option 1 grease the monkey or option 2, give up your license and go through the big fucking hassle of navigating their fucked up DMV or whatever they call it there. What option do you think most people will take. Its soonfucking wrong. Why do you have to take the license away and have me pick that up in the snakepit?

        Turns out the snakepit is another cottage industry of corruption.

        Everything that is a neccesity of daily life is a cesspool of corruption.

        Its a fucking viscious cycle.

        And the natives accept it as par for the course so nothing changes and its business as usal.

        Noooooooooo! It aint right you dumbfucks. This is not the way of the civilized world. Hell fucking no.

        1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

          go to get a criminal check in this country and you see 2 blocks of people lined up…. then 10 different line ups inside the building
          oh and wait two weeks for the paper!!!!!!!!!
          have these people of social security numbers and computers… there must be mountains of papers ,, and carbon copies, unless the fires and floods got them.

      2. Profile gravatar of FAFI

        After already being aware of their sluggish work ethics at the banks here, I’m fortunate I haven’t opened up a bank account here, and probably never will. I’m sticking to my Chase Bank account that I have in the states, the expensive international transaction fees and 200php ATM fee is worth not having to deal with the headache of opening up an account here. The less I rely on Filipino customer service, the more I retain my sanity. Only customer service I really have to deal with on a daily basis here is at the hypermarket. Never met slower cashiers in my entire fuckin life! First they spend extra time to tie your lime green grocery bag, which I can deal without most the time. Plus their barcode scanners are probably the worst piece of technology they have! Anyone ever encounter a situation where when they scan your merchandise, and after one or two tries they give up and punch in the bar code number, which consumes an entire 5 or 10 seconds. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was like 1 out of every 50 items, but in my experience, it’s like every 5 or 10 items where they have to manually input the barcode number! Add it up then you end up spending an extra 2 unnecessary minutes at a cashier than needed. They really do need some better scanners…. Not only that, I can’t count the many times where price tags were mismarked or not marked at all. So I’m constantly asking myself, “How much do this fuckin cost?”
        By the way, just to put this out there. I went to the hypermarket today this morning, and you know how there are those package claim counters? Well this is by far the most petty, silly, and ridiculous package deposit I’ve seen ever! I was standing in line at an ATM to make a withdraw, then I’ve seen a woman and child drinking from their McDonald’s cup as they attempted to enter the gate of the hypermarket. Well of course they were stopped by the guard because NO FOOD OR DRINKS allowed. Instead of doing what I would normally do, which is to just finish drinking whatever I had and tossing it in the waste basket, WHICH IS LOCATED RIGHT NEXT TO THE GUARD! This lady comes on over to the package counter and deposits their two regular sized McDonalds drinks. Are you for real? Yes, that really happened today at SM Sucat. On top of that, she actually waited in line behind 3 customers to do that. She could’ve drank the entire cup by the guard and trashed it faster than the time it took for her to wait in line behind 3 people and deposit it. I sometimes wonder where their logic comes from. I bet their ice would’ve melted and their drinks would’ve been watered down by the time their shopping is finished. Whatever, it’s not my problem and it’s not effecting me. Am I the only one who finds that illogical, or is it just me?

        1. Profile gravatar of Todd

          Yep, I have kept my credit union account and have no plan on opening an account with a bank here. I am not even worried about the fees I have to pay at the ATM here. My credit union almost reimburses me the full amount I have paid in those fees so it really is no lost to me!

  8. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    hypermart and their horrible elevator music and their silly clapping hands bullshit,, its a lot quieter on Mondays and Tuesdays when the massa are broke.
    and their silly little customer service card that lets you have a fitting room that is bigger than a flip toilet and you can get faster till service. But they annoy me when they ask me every time if I have that card.. No I do not have that special card,, I am friggin blind. deaf and dumb and can not read where it says .. ”advantage card only”’

  9. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    well, they moved the sm advantage up 3 floors in moa,, so now you have to walk past all the mercheandise just to get a cup of free coffee and a little peice and quiet.

  10. Profile gravatar of Penance

    So far, the only bank I’ve seen that works closest to an American bank is UnionBank. They have a real, actual debit card, and the account works BILATERALLY with Paypal. Believe it or not, BDO only lets you receive money through Paypal. 360 pesos per year, and no minimum balance for the UnionBank account.

    The second best would be EastWest. They, too, have a debit card. Just not sure if they’re 100% Paypal compatible.

  11. Profile gravatar of Todd

    I am not the riches Foreigner here in the Philippines so I am not going to just go out and buy something in cash. I have a wife and three kids to take care of you know. I am not broke. I have a house, a car and enough money to live a decent and simple life. Sometimes though, things happen and I need to get something such as a new laptop. Mine, well, bit the dust so I needed to get a new one. Well, I was in the Octagon computer store the other day and say that they could do like a same as cash payment plan using a credit card. The plan was for 12 months although I would pay it off before that. So I found the laptop I wanted and was ready to buy. This is what happened:

    Me: I want to get this laptop using the credit card payment plan

    Them: What bank Sir?

    Me: My Credit Union in the States.

    Them: (after giving me the blank stare) What bank is that Sir?

    Me: Its not a Bank (I hate banks!), its a Credit Union?

    Them: (confused look) Is that international?

    Me: No, its in the United States, why?

    Them: Sorry Sir, the bank here will only accept credit cards from Filipino Banks and a few International Banks only!

    Me: Seriously? That is stupid. My card is just as good as any other card that is issued out.

    Them: Sorry Sir! it is the bank’s policy!

    I just walked out in discuss! What the hell! What ever happened to Visa is everywhere you want to be. I guess that does not apply in the Philippines. What a stupid policy. hell, I don’t even know which bank they are talking about. I will never open an account here let alone get a stupid credit card. I swear these businesses here are fucked up!

    1. Profile gravatar of Samuel

      Ive had that happen to me before at SM with my navy federal credit union card. Been using it for years at SM no problem. Then suddenly they dont accept it since its a foreign bank. I told them they are fucking retarded and just swipe it, which they wound up doing after another 10 min of hemming and hawing.

    2. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      I agree buddy, I’m sticking to my banks in the states. Never will I submit myself to opening an account here, unless I own a business here, then I would HAVE to. I love CHASE <3

      1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

        I have foregone the use of banks altogether. I don’t see a point anymore
        they are all crooks. I had chase eventually in the states, they seemed about the most decent I have ever had to deal with, a little uppity at times though.

  12. Profile gravatar of Todd

    That is why I use a Credit Union. They are not a money making machine like a Bank and it is so easy to get my money when I want it, without paying fees. Heck, they even reimburse me the stupid ATM fees they have here so I don’t lose money cause you know, if you use them, they are going to get you by only being able to draw 5,000 Peso at a time. Well, unless you draw from BPI. They will let you get 10,000. Crazy the damn banks!