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Currently living in the Philippines. All of the other forums I have seen on the Country are corrupt in that they will not tolerate negative posts on the Country if the moderators have business dealings with anyone effected or if they simply disagree; members will be banned or articles deleted for no reason other than disagreeing with the forum moderators. I have alot of useful info to post on this Country, but I will see if this page is censored first. This is a warning: Do not trust other forums or the expats in them. SOmething happens to expats when the get here, because the Country is so lawless they think they can do as they please which means you cannot speak the truth on their boards. Mostly they are afraid they will be sued or their advertisers will leave, or they simply do not agree with your opinions. This is true of all forums I have seen on Cebu, Dumaguete and Philippines in general with one exception which I am not sure I can name here.

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    Captain PFB

    “…because the Country is so lawless they think they can do as they please which means you cannot speak the truth on their boards.”

    Yep, not only do I THINK I can do as I please with MY website, I KNOW I can do as I please with my website. If I want to censor something on MY website, which I OWN, which I PAY THE HOSTING FEES, THE DOMAIN FEES, AND EVERYTHING ELSE, I’ll fucking censor it.

    And if anyone doesn’t like it, they can just go make their own website and spout off whatever the fuck they want on it.

    It is NOT LAWLESS to NOT APPROVE a submission from a user. It MY CHOICE, MY RIGHT to not approve a submission.

    So maybe in all your college degrees that you have, you apparently didn’t learn much about law and about ownership rights.

    I have censored and not approved many things on this site over the years. That’s what a moderator does. That’s why user-submitted posts are “held for moderation or approval”.


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    Marius O.

    Despite the poor grammar and diction, I think the OP was making a valid point. There is a certain website out there which purports to be a community of expats, but is in reality a bunch of Filipinos pretending to be foreigners (seriously), all having a nice circle-jerk about how wonderful the Philippines is. They will delete any comments which fail to gloss over, make excuses for, or praise the sorry state of the country.

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      Hey Joe

      Agree Marius. I am a member of several that you don’t dare say ONE bad (truthful) thing about the Philippines. One based in this town that is so far over the top that I deleted my account. Waste of my time even reading. Nothing can be learned from it. … well one thing I guess. Who to stay far away from if I ever happen to meet them. I ran in-to one once and made a hasty exit. And a rear miss with another one to stay far away from that the law is looking for.
      People like that I don’t even want them to know my name…

      I have learned much from some of those same sites but never say anything because they are SO very much smarter than I. And do not hesitate one second to remind you of that fact.
      I could/would chime-in if it were not for the bashing that I know would happen if I did not tow the party line…as it were.

      Moderation is needed for sure. But a happy middle must be found. For me this is the place 🙂

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    I hope I’m on the same page as everybody else when I say my piece, but fortunately for me this is the first blog against Philippines I had ever visited and been a member of. It’s only when this site has it’s inactive/slow moments is when I browse these other sites to give my input on ‘Life in the Philippines.” I haven’t received any follow-up comments from my post through email, so most likely my inputs were disapproved or deleted. Well these other websites I haven’t re-visited anyway, so I don’t really give two shits rather if it has been approved or not.

    I mostly leave my thoughts on youtube or on any popular comment thread being advertised here on PFB. I’ve been here on PFB for over a year already, and from day 1 everything seemed legit. I don’t think ANY Filipino would have the pair (balls) to rant about half the shit we preach about here on a daily basis. And so far all my appropriate content has been approved here, and it’s clear that our site admin (FiloFail) has complete control of over this site. I think I’m safe posting my ideas here, fuck those other lame sites…… who needs em anyway?

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    Yep, he has a point. Based on what my expat friends have told about bunch of guys hanging around in those places I can only say that not all expats are honest, decent and here to do legit business. But eventually (when/if they run out of grease money) they will end up behind the bars.

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    Captain PFB

    Fortunately, this blog isn’t a business. It’s a hobby. The electronic real estate is mine and mine only. Truth is welcome here.

    Yes, there have been a few times when a shit-for-brains Filo starts muttering delusional nonsense and just typical Filo crap that I have had my fun with him a bit and either censored him or edited his ramblings for a laugh. I make no apologies for that. It’s my site, I paid for the domain, I pay the hosting. My house, my rules.

    But in general, I publish 99% of user’s submissions, and I don’t censor unless it is inciting violence or harm on anyone.