BI Exceeds 1 Billion Pesos In Tourist Fees For 2015. Where Does All The Money Go?

Sometimes when I had to sit and wait for the paper shuffling children to process my visa extension I would try and do the maths and estimate how much money was going through this system. If the BI’s recent gloating social media post is true I was way off the mark. According to them they have just drawn in over 1 billion pesos in visas fees for this year.

Manila, Philippines – Bureau of Immigration (BI) Commissioner Siegfred Mison announced yesterday that the BI has exceeded the one billion peso mark in its income for tourist visa extension fees—a milestone reached for the first time this month.
As of yesterday, the total income of the tourist visa section amounted to Php 1,051,458,049.00, an increase of 7.4% from its 2014 income.
“While the BI is not mainly an income-generating agency, we commend our tourist visa section chief, Jonathan Jezreel Diaz, for this remarkable accomplishment. This affirms our commitment to contribute to national development.” said Mison.
Tourist visas, or temporary visitor’s visas, as technically termed by the Philippine Immigration Act, are issued to foreign nationals who are staying in the country for pleasure, business, or health. Holders of such visas are not allowed to work or study.
This year, the BI processed 142,336 applications for tourist visa extension, 35% of which are made up of Chinese, followed by Koreans, with 25,296 applications, and Americans, with 12,099 applications.
Income on tourist visas account for one-third of the total income of the BI, the remaining two-thirds are comprised of income from other types of visas and a small portion for processing of certifications.
In 2014, the tourist visa section collected Php 971 million in visa extension fees, or 32% of the total BI income of Php 3.022 billion.
“We are positive that we will reach our target income of Php 3.26 million at the end of the year, our highest income on record,” said Mison with enthusiasm.

So where does 1 billion pesos a year go? It certainly doesn’t go towards upgrading their outdated mountains of paperwork system. It doesn’t go towards upgrading their shabby offices with computers from the 80s. We can assume low level BI employees get the same shitty salary as most people in the country and probably won’t see a pay rise in their lifetime. One thing’s for sure – they won’t be reducing their fees and abolishing their imaginary “express lane” fees to attract more visitors and keep those visiting regularly to keep coming back.

One area we can expect to see the money being spent on is more back patting self-congratulatory videos:

And on immature 1st grade schoolchildren projects like their recent: “BI meets the World” Thanksgiving Celebration.

The Bureau of Immigration’s chosen theme for Thanksgiving 2015 is “BI meets the World”. One of the highlights is the Window Display wherein each Division including the Office of the Commissioner and Associate Commissioners will showcase the culture, customs and tradition of the countries they have selected, in consultation with the embassies. Good luck to everyone!

You can just imagine said embassies thinking to themselves, “Here we go again. Just leave them to it if it keeps them happy.”

I once contributed to a similar project. I think I was 5 years old at the time.

A few examples:

Supposed to be the Tower Bridge in London I guess, a few boxes painted and stacked up.


I bet you’d feel right at home here eh @don-quixote


Al @jackson Maybe when you take back your trash they’ll put more effort into the Canada thing eh?


There’s plenty more of these, and for shits and giggles I’d encourage anybody to follow the BI’s facebook page. It’s a never ending source of amusement.

Somebody once told me that with Aquino’s supposed anti-corruption push the Bureau of Immigration were made exempt from investigation, not sure how true that is, but would love to hear your guys stories and theories on this totally incompetent and comedy gold department’s ways.

Anyway, Christmas is almost upon us and it’s time for Herr Führer Siegfred Mison mission to extract Christmas bonuses. Stay safe fellow PFBers and have a Merry Christmas!

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  1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    The money goes into jails in the Philippines looking after “missing” foreigner who have gone into the black hole of waiting for cases to be heard which may take years on what amounts to flimsy evidence ( you know how Filipinos act on suspicion through their own lack of ability to communicate and keep things “simple” which leads to confusion and misunderstanding)

    “6 months has passed since our first story broadcast to the international media depicting how the Philippines Government treats its Foreign Visitors and Foreign Business Owners in the country. To this day 6 months later nothing has been done. Countless Foreign Nationals continue languishing in horrific conditions at the Bicutan Detention Center – Camp Bagong Diwa in Taguig City. Many of these Foreign Nationals have been locked up there for years and for simple minor visa violations and others have no visa violations at all. ”

    Secondly, I dont think its enough money as the budget for training appears to be lacking through improper prodcedures –

    Two Korean nationals were reported to have been kidnapped by unidentified men in Cebu City Wednesday, prompting the police to respond.
    “It turned out the supposed abductors were agents of the Bureau of Immigration (BI) in Manila, who did not coordinate with the local office in arresting couple Lee Dong Bum and Kim Sun. ”

    But kidnapping to extort money from foreigners, namely Koreans is nothing new – aka Manila and its been done before.

    I have spoken to businesses and they are getting raped literally for money by the BI for business visas. They pointed out how can we sell meals here at xx pesos, pay rent, staff etc and also pay the business visa costs plus tourist visa costs for myself, our staff (from overseas) and my husband!

    The bureau of immigration is fucking useless. They will work on the embarassment factor. By this i mean, the biggest elephant in the room gets shot first. Whether that may be embarassment to Filipino’ism eg. someone calling Filipinos pignoys on Facebook and getting deported for example. I have seen cases where a foreigner has been doing not so nice things to his local staff and running business on a tourist visa and yep, he was still in the country, even after being questioned by BI.

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

      that has to be a bullshit korean name (like the vietnamese guy with a name “phuc dat bich” — see above Lee Dong Bum
      very very unfortunate name to be called Mr. Bum

    2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      Here is what Filipinos do:
      I’m going to fix it, therefore it is fixed. Done and done. As evidenced by
      “Ms. Rosales confirmed that the CHR would be investigating the files of these detainees (foreigners) who claim to be held illegally and swift actions would be taken. Unfortunately it has been 3 months since our interview with Ms. Rosales since then we have followed up with these detainees to see exactly what has been done and if they are still being locked up or what the status of their cases are. The answer was not what I wanted to hear. The detainees have had no contact from CHR since our first report. No changes in the Bureau of Immigration and most if not all of the detainees are still being held arbitrarily despite the international media exposure.”

      I know it’s a common thought for most people in the world, but maybe filipinos do not understand doing something actually involves physically doing it. They say it is done that is ok for them, but it ever got done and then they are confused when you say, “WTF?” “I will get it done” = “once we finish this conversation, I won’t think about what I just said ever again, unless you ask. If you ask me, then I’ll say it got done and I’ll say it with a straight face too.”

  2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    Who knows how they come up with figures they say they have 2-3 million tourists a year most are balakbyan so no fees there ever. so they have in theory ripped out 142,000 tourists for extra money how does that work, multiply the minimum extension fee of 3300 peso that comes to 469,378,800 peso from say a million real tourists, real fucking great way to promote your fucking country.
    My suggestion to anyone promoting this shit hole is , issue a ninety day on arrival visa like Singapore and Malaysia cut out the ripping people off. They can then close 80% of their fucking local branches just have one in each Province.
    We have two in Olongapo WHY ???????????
    But if they are getting a billion peso they will never increase the time a visitor can stay, Ive never known a flip ever to cut off a gravy train.

  3. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    no word from pinoy lover here.
    Has anyone heard from Gerd.???.
    ”’in consultation with the embassies”’
    Is that all they could put up for the greatest country in the world?? That flag must have really busted the mistress budget in the BI.
    Flipspeak would translate into gimme money and a Canadian flag,, It is a wonder they have the flag hanging the right way, The Americans hung our flag upside down before the WOrld Series of baseball…
    I see a row of morons wanting to go to Canada to be with the Syrian illegals our famous turdeau PM let in,,
    As for the trash,, I never did hear the the shipper’s name,, may be it wa sjauan dela cruz…
    Aso for the BI,, always get a 2nd and 3rd opinion from the officers,, they lied to me about my first 13a application.. I see they do not need a criminal check from your home country now,, maybe everybody was telling to stuff the 13a where it does not shine.
    I met a Norwegian airline pilot who flew for Cebu Pacifac. He left and is working for Vietnam Airlines now. He likes it hanoi. fast internet and mostly motorcycles on the road,,,,

  4. Profile gravatar of Idiotocracy

    Ah the anti corruption processes they are so proud of. Once you spend six to eight months going through the labyrinth that is applying for import/export licenses (nine months for us, probably another two months to get the import license completed) you pay the Customs duties on imports through your own bank after duly registering and getting a bank reference number. Probably cuts down on the theft of the cash paid Custom charges.


    It costs YOU and extra 500 pesos for the privilege and the BOC can pretty much take out as much as they wish as you only find out the amount AFTER they withdraw the cash electronically. So you keep the balance as low as possible for your own protection.

    In the U.S. you can file for an import license one day and get it a day later. Put up a few hundred bucks bond, fill out three to four pages of info, all basic stuff, probably not twenty to thirty items total, and you are good to do. Renew the annual license? Send them a check of pay online through the broker. No hundreds and hundreds of pages of photocopied documents, no FBI background check, no audited financial statements, no original receipts for all of the dozens and dozens and dozens of receipts and permits needed as prerequisites to APPLY for the permit. Then you get to hand carry your application around to eight different BIR departments and get the department head to sign off agreeing that you met their department requirements. The BIR used to do this but it was taking so long and so much bribery opportunity they changed the law where the applicant does the footwork. Now riddle me this…. if the head of the BIR can’t get his own employees to timely investigate and sign off how in the hell is a foreigner going to get that done? By paying bribes?

  5. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    If you’re just paying small bribery or “joy of staying in the Philippines” fees, consider yourselves lucky.
    Read this. They are detaining foreigners for no reason, making up charges, or saying the charges are coming and putting them in jail for indefinite amounts of time to simply extort money out of them. Usually $2500 – $5000 USD. Then when the foreigner pays, he is immediately deported and blacklisted from entering the Philippines again. Thats to keep the foreigner from pressing charges against them.
    One guy finally fought back though and filed charges against a bunch of them. Then he filed against the departments as well.

    Has anyone else noticed it seems to only be the foreigners standing up to the corruption?

  6. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    Want to see something even more shameless that usual of Filipino behavior? Of course you do. It’s like a never-ending car wreck we can’t turn away from.

    Here’s what he had to say, “This will be our last visit ever to the Philippines and i will make sure that India knows how Philippines immigration treats foreigners!” His name is Babu Maan and he is the equivalent of Elvis Presly in India and is followed by millions.
    Basically, this Indian Singer came over with his group to guess what? Provide a relief concert for Typhoon victims! He was on tour throughout Asia so they decided to stop in and provide a benefit concert.
    Well, since kindness is like a wounded animal to hyena pinoys, they jumped on the opportunity. They charged him for performing without a work permit and Immigration officials ARRESTED HIM and other people of his crew. The tour manager secured all the licenses ahead of time, but apparently the BOI didn’t get a cut so they said he needed a work permit from them as well. They of course demanded all kinds of fees to have him released. Actually, its equivalent to kidnapping and ransom since there were no official charges and he had to pay to be released.

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

      Yep thats spot on … just like the charities that donated for Typhoon relief and as they werent listed on a official charities list the customs wanted duties for the goods and impounded them. The goods went to waste.
      Then the idiots disposed of (yea … perhaps to UkiUki shops) all the secondhand clothes for typhoon victims – why?
      because PINOY PRIDE got in the way and its beneath filipinos who had been affected by typhoon and gotten all their clothes
      etc destroyed to be giving them secondhand clothes. … So the government workers say.
      But what about the people affected by the typhoon itself?

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        The Philippines is so top-heavy with ridiculous bureaucracy that nothing gets done and there are so many hands to grease. I can’t see how this nation could have so much pride, but they find a way to have it. Its insane.
        I mean, how can you have so much pride in a country that cheats typhoon victims of basic goods, food, and money to let them die? I’ve always heard those clothes from Ukay stores were actually donations from other countries thinking they are donating them to a “poor victimized country”, but get sold by customs to these stores. I asked this before and got a few answers, but I don’t think anyone knew for sure.

  7. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    I will not donate a fucking cent to these fucks. Even the child bride will never donate anything outside of the family.
    I have personally seen the assholes BURNING CLOTHES on the beach in Bataan that were UNSALABLE donations , the pile of clothes was 2 meters high and 5 meters across, I could not photograph it , I tried but was prevented.
    They would not even give away the stuff they did not want to sell, THEY BURNED IT!!!!!!!!!!
    Ungrateful fucks.

  8. Profile gravatar of marhead

    Absolutely, I will never donate a single pesos to these fucks. All the money donated for Yolanda, where the fuck is it?. Rice rotting in warehouses while the people starve to death. Burning clothes for no good reason other than it’s some retarded law. This is without a doubt the most fucked country on the planet. Run away as fast as you can.

  9. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    Imagine trying to do a concert or any kind of event to help THEIR starving and homeless people only to be kidnapped by some bureaucracy trying to make money for themselves? How can they claim religion when #1. They are not willing to help anyone #2. They extort money from people who are actually trying to help. Then you have a gov’t that doesn’t care to stop these atrocities other than saying they are doing something.
    The country is far from poor. The money is wasted, items are wasted, no one cares, and the poorest people suffer, but they are too lazy to do anything about it. I truly hope they are kept from the ASEAN cause of their stupidity and corruption.

    Just look at that “crying mayor” from Tacloban. He doesn’t really care. He’s just another corrupt politician (nephew of Imelda Marcos) whose area was a shit-hole before and again afterwards. During the typhoon, he was not out surveying the damage or concerned for the people, he was checking on his beach resort/ house and that is when the water surge came. Unfortunately he survived, but the place got destroyed while he was in it. Now, after the storm, he can’t stop the tears, but what has he done to help his people? It’s really not that hard. Think about all the relief goods, volunteers, and money going in that they did not even pay for; it was all free. It just all needed to #1. NOT be stolen #2. Managed properly. That’s it, but its too complicated for greedy pinoys.
    Fucking Shameless!

    1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote

      Only in the Fucking Philippines can they fuck up a free relief effort .
      If they HAD a concert , forget the local celebrities.I mean real ones .
      1. fly yourself here.
      2. pay your own accommodation.
      3. get your own visa to work here.
      4.get your own permit to work here.
      5 ,rent at your own expense the venue.
      6.let us sell all the tickets as you don’t have a selling permit, so we take 20% for the help. have to lodge a deposit for the electricity you will use.
      8.the politicians who haven’t helped you all want to meet you for political photo ops and get freebies.
      9.Donate 100% of the profits of the concert to us.
      10. we calculate the profit, and if we think you are making one dollar you will be stranded here until you pay a fine.
      Does that sound familiar, ask the fucking Beatles

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        They can’t say, “hey, we have a lot of bullshit fees, but since you are here to help we will waive every single one of them. God bless you po”. Instead, they get greedy and demand the fees, plus extra to take advantage of people wanting to help THEIR starving countrymen.
        I will NEVER donate a penny to any Filipino charity. If I don’t see it go to someone directly, I won’t give.
        For instance: I may have to give my computers away since they are getting old. If I donate them to a poor school, orphanage, or local barangay hall, then I will be back there the very next day to make sure those fuckers did not sell them. If they do, I will expose them on my personal FB telling the USA, my pinoy friends, business associates, etc to never donate a fucking penny cause of how corrupt Filipinos are (not the gov’t as they always cry).
        It’s one of those things I know they will do, but I will still get mad about it.

  10. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    All those abandoned containers in ports all over the Philippines, that many in Manila they virtually had to stop unloading them and take the empty ones to stack in Subic Bay.
    Why not ship every one to Tarcolban, cut windows and doors in them fit a 1/2 HP AC and bob s your uncle typhoon free housing, max cost, free container , $250 for AC you can ship a container from SF. to Manila for $250 how much to Tarcolban???
    Throw concrete if you have to on top of the fucks to stop them blowing over, or concrete them into the ground, look what Germany is housing the refugees in , CONTAINERS.
    Fixes two problems, cleans all the old containers out of manila supplies dry housing for the people.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      That is what I was always saying.
      The people were living in shanty homes anyway so a storage container would have been an upgrade and even sturdier. However, Filipinos always have to find the biggest way to fail, even with the world watching. They constructed those flimsy little shacks that fell apart in the next storm. Cost = P800,000. Cost of a new container with mods = P300,000. Cost of used container with mods = P100,000.
      Filipino motto should be, “Lets fail big every time!”

      Seriously, I’d like to know who is actually willing to help this god-awful nation anymore. I want to know how much donations have slowed down now after the world saw what they did and how callous they could be to fill their own greed. I won’t donate unless I personally see where it is going or I am the charity.
      For instance, my mom runs a small scholarship program and makes sure every cent is accounted for and the kids are actually taking the classes. Fucking flips tried cheating her on that as well since some of them already had a scholarship, but wanted another one for spending money. They were willing to deny another poor filipino an education to have extra money. So yeah, even the charity recipients are corrupt.

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        Just think of that Indian guy who was detained. He has millions of followers, had nothing but the best intentions, and they basically kidnapped him. If Aquino is so bent on rooting out corruption, this would be a very easy case to get resolved, but he is just a talker cause the bullet scam is still happening and they are still illegally detaining people.

  11. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    Speaking again of Immigration: there is a story from the Greek guy who got locked up by them, illegally to extort money out of him of course.
    He said: the BI was constantly detaining foreigners on BS visa regulations and once they locked up an Iranian Student illegally. The kid was there for 2 days and was able to borrow a cellphone (contraband of course) from some other Iranian. He spent 2 days on the phone and finally the cell was opened up and he was free to go. Wondering what happened the other Iranian detainees told him this kid was the son of the biggest general in Iran. The Irani General called up the head of the BI and said if he son is not released from being illegally detained in the Philippines by a certain time actions were going to be taken. The General said he will have ALL filipinos in Iran arrested and he would send them back to the Philippines in body bags. So, in what has to be a record of Filipinos actually doing something, they got the kid released in less than an hour.

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        Yeah, and he is the guy who was supposed to “clean up” the immigration of corruption. There was an American/ Greek foreigner guy detained for like 18 months on fake charges and was illegally detained. They kept trying to shake him down for money and he lost plenty. When they tried to get him to pay P9 Million, he put his foot down and fought back. He wrote a book and started a website called: He has plenty of stories of them illegally arresting people on simple visa overstays. Like a student visa expiring for one week, but the person is detained for months and sucked dry of money.

  12. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
    Phil Doh Post author

    If it’s not the corruption it’s the red tape and disorganization. Most government departments couldn’t organize a piss up in a brewery. I was reading this story recently, something which seems so simple but just gets totally flipped up

    And then they got the fucking gall to go to climate conferences and say we need more money. The world needs to publicly shame the whole country and punish them like you would an unruly child. Stay in your room and no more privileges until you learn how to behave and become more responsible.

  13. Profile gravatar of tomas

    Yes… I think about getting fecked over one way or another every trip I have made to the country.

    If the failoppines isn’t rated the most corrupt country in the world someone failed math class. Never in my life have I seen a gang of chiselers and swindlers such as the ones running this place. God help anyone locked up here.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      I’d prefer to never visit a country listed as more corrupt than the Philippines. I’d imagine their churches and elementary schools are cheating anyone that walks by.

      Btw, I’ll tell you exactly where all the money goes. It goes into those BS Christmas parties. Filipinos love to throw parties and award ceremonies for themselves any chance they get. Plus if you ever notice the chosen venues the parties are thrown in, they are always owned by someone in gov’t. However, before they throw the parties, they steal what they can from the already looted budget.

  14. Profile gravatar of

    Im in Bali for a day. Wow, what a comparison! No squatters, airport upgraded and got through customs in no time. Ordered dinner at the hotel. All the dishes on the menu were available. Still 3rd world but obviously trying to be better. Its so great to be out of Phailippines and see how much better EVERYWHERE else is!

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

      Thats what the Indonesians give off but … Have a look at some of the groups eg. Bali crime reports and you will see a DIFFERENT WORLD for those living there. Its like I say. The “lens” of the tourist in the Philippines is different to the person living there.

      Do people know the crime in Lombok and recently 3 tourists were hacked (one seriously) with machetes? Theres a lot of sea pollution just like in the Philippines. One person showed me a sea of rubbish in the diving areas from the Indonesians. There are tourists being beaten up and corruption of course is rampant. These are from the people living there.

  15. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    Welcome back to the real world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Not the make believe bullshit of the PI.
    Have a good one , I guess you will have no choice but to have a good Xmas you taint there !!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    The child bride is here now, she had a cough in the Philippines for over 3 months, tried everything to shift it over there before the flight, a real chesty croak.
    The amazing thing is in 3 days she is nearly over it, with NO TREATMENT what so ever.
    Just getting away from the filthy exhausts and particulates and dirt and dust seems to have cured it, we are pissed though I bought her some bronchial cough syrup . she hasn’t needed it.
    Bloody not cheap either!!!!!!!!!! GRRRR

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      Yeah, the dirty exhaust is everywhere. I lived in the province, but on a major road. I could notice how affected my breathing was when I went back to the USA. I could breathe so much better and my lungs felt cleaner. The first week or so of exercise was tough, but I felt so much better just being away from that dirty environment.
      Keep in mind, these are the same scamming, lying morons who blame the western world and China for climate change yet scratch their heads why lung problems are so frequent in ANY city of theirs.

  17. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    Every time they want money on the media for climate change,, .i post pics of their smog inducing jeepnesys,,trash filled rivers…
    Our leftie PM is going to give these turd 3rd world countries billions of our tax money for limate change… I think the politi ians are in a race for nobel prize of some sort…

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      Please keep doing that. I did it as well on Aquino’s FB page. He was in Paris for that climate change convention. On his FB page, he posted how, “Everyone is responsible” or something like that directed to the 1st world countries. So posted a “nice” reply with a picture of their Pasig river. I kept the comment nice, but simply asked how can you tell others to be responsible when you are doing nothing in your own place. Surprisingly, all the Filipino commenters agreed with what I posted.
      Just take a look outside and it is awful. These overly religious fuckers can’t stop praising god, but don’t think about how much they fuck up beautiful, fruitful environment he has given them.

      1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

        I guess you could point the finger at the first world for a bull shit theory. There is just as much evidence (I think more) that the whole thing is shit, an elite scam. The elites drool over the open obvious brain dead scamming by the flips, and the flips drool over the elites ability to scam the world.

        1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

          OuR lefty pm is just triping himseĺf over giving the 3rd world courntries more money. He flew 385 people to,paris for climate change meeting. After coming here to maila to shut down the city for a week. as if these morons needed any more shllidays or rest.
          I am setting up a pc buying funda5ion for jyself. anybody care to donate???? LOL

        2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          Mate you are 100% right. They called it Global Warming but every model used failed to predict the world DID NOT GET WARMER so they thunk up Climate Change, well you think, yes the worlds climate changes all the time, so technically they are right some of the time.
          It is all about TRANSFER OF WEALTH and nothing else, from the first world to the third world via the UN, who will take their PIECE OF THE ACTION.
          They cannot tax themselves out of existence as would happen to any politician who increased taxes to the level it will take to fix their budget position. so they want to Tax the air we breath and the water we drink.
          NOTHING ELSE.
          The parasitic nations like the RPI are there with their hands out so they can get a piece of it. NOTHING ELSE.
          But they fail to realize that the first world nations will have to fix their budgetary positions first and borrowing to give to the Flips will not win any votes in Congress.
          So my plan is, CUT ALL foreign aid until there is a SURPLUS then half goes to pay back debt the other half goes to foreign aid.
          But NO AID until the budget is in surplus.

      2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        Even if it is BS, the greedy little fuckers just want to point the finger at other people instead of themselves in order to get money. The reason it floods so much is #1 the simply geography and topography of the country #2 the fact these morons have clogged their rivers/ drainage with garbage #3 Overpopulation as they have built up the cities and elevated certain parts to create water basins for other areas.
        Even their BS reforestation projects are just typical flip scams to steal more money, publicity stunts for the local corrupt pinoys to put their pictures on, and the actual implementation is just a joke. Everything in the Philippines is a sorry joke like their “tourist campaign”, “military modernization”, or “climate change initiative”.

        I get so mad cause instead of saying, “lets get to work fixing this shit-hole we’ve created”, they say, “its someone elses fault,,,, and oh, we want money. What will we do with the money? IDK?” Seriously, if they were given a bunch of money what strategy or plan would they even come up with that wasn’t just plain stupid,,, or typical pinoy?

        So to me, whether or not climate change is occurring is not the actual debate. Pinoys don’t even have the motivation to clean up their shit-hole environment they have created

        1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

          Climate change is happening in our country. However, like everything else,,, the scammers are relly coming outof the woodwork now. Al Gore got theball rolling.

  18. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
    Phil Doh Post author

    Here’s a classic example of the BI telling everybody how amazing they are when the evidence just points to a slow and incompetent system where anybody can be bribed.

    From today’s BI FB post:

    “By virtue of mission orders, the BI apprehended and deported Douglas Slade, whose links to a UK activist group called the Pedophile Information Exchange have been reported since the 1970’s and involved in Child Abuse and Child Pornography in the Philippines. Slade was deported after the BI found that his reported acts posed a significant risk and threat to our children’s wellbeing.”

    The truth is this was guy was buying everybody off for decades whilst he continued his depravities. It was probably only due to pressure from the UK he was eventually nabbed and deported. Otherwise, everything would have gone as normal while he greased the palms and kids as young as eight queued up outside his house for 150 pesos.

  19. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    I know most of this as he was my providor, but haven’t used him since this story broke.
    I noted in the article it was dated 30/12/2015 yet all the info was old 2014. I haven’t heard if has been deported yet.
    Will try and find out and will post , the article looks like a re run of an old story.