My Biggest Fears in Philippines

Hey members, my apologies for the absence from this blog since I started.  I’ve just been so fed up with these ignorant, delusional, disrespectful, feeble-minded retards that I have done everything possible isolate myself as much as possible from being reminded of anything Philippine related, even if that means reading and talking about them, but I have recently came to realization of how impossible that is since I am surrounded by the stupidity here on a daily basis.  Especially since I go to school with them, that is pretty hard to avoid.  Well I am not as upset with society as I was the past 6 weeks.  I was so disgusted with the people here even one of my classmates noticed the angry expression on my face while I was being addressed a stupid illogical question.  He asked me if I hate filipinos.  I told him, “I don’t hate Filipinos, I just hate extremely stupid people.”  Well, as you readers know, there are a lot of those here in Philippines, so that can technically mean that I hate them, but if they were smart (which is very unlikely), I wouldn’t have any quarrel with them.  I admit that stupid people are everywhere, but filipino stupidity seems to not only effect the individual, but everyone around them, including myself.  Here is one example of how filipino stupidity has effected me last week.

I ask a taxi dispatcher to find a taxi driver to take me to a Tae-Kwon-Do shop (bcuz I need sparring gear). He found one who said he knew exactly where to find it.  Turns out he took me too a surplus store that is no larger than the average street vender, they only sold junk and poorly alteration services.  So he started driving around asking for directions and had no luck, so decided to drop me off at the closest mall and ended up paying a 300+ php taxi fare for nothing.  WTF was that all about!!!  The next day, I did the smart thing and googled it and found it on my own.

Throughout my stay here in Philippines, I  have developed a few fears of this idiotic place of corruption.   I am not easily frightened by anything, but these are some of the obstacles I try to avoid to keep my mind at peace.

Filipino children begging1. AVOID BAREFOOT CHILDREN!!!!  It’s very common that every time I come across one of these little critters, they ALWAYS want to beg you for money.  I have a habit of being a philanthropist and I like giving from the heart, but if you do it once, they start expecting you to do it every time.  One of those little fuckers pulled on my arm because I didn’t give them any coins ONE time out of the many times I do, which are the fuckers I pass by almost everyday on my way to the HyperMarket.

2. Never ask ‘WHY’ or ‘WHERE!!!’  Yes, I have even developed a fear of asking these idiots a question, because I rarely get a direct or logical response, especially when asking a ‘Where’ question.  If I ask ‘Where’ they would either point somewhere out in the distance, or say ‘Over there sirrr.’  If I asked any American or any other smart foreigner for directions.  I would actually get a real response like,”Proceed 1 mile down the road, turn right at the 2nd stop light, and it’s the 5th building on your left” or something like that.  You will never hear that from a stupid-ass filipino!

3. SSSSIIIIIIRRRRRR!!!!!!  Whenever I hear one of these fuckers say “siiirrrr.” The first thing I do is walk faster to avoid them or tell them to fuck off, because I know that the very next thing they have to say after that is completely fucking stupid.

3B. SM or HyperMarket Employess.  Yes, instead ofSM Hypermarket Employees making this number 4, I made it number 3B, because this one ties into the same category as number 3.  Why is it that for some stupid fucking reason whenever I shop at these places, I get the worst customer service ever!!!? I am simply entering the store, and I swear every time I pass by these worthless employees, they never-EVER offer assistance!  Instead I would get, “Sir Socks!?” or “Sir Shoes?” or “Siiiirrrr Pants?”  It’s like they think I’m fucking blind! I see the socks, so why even say that?  If I wanted socks I would simply pick them up.  Not ONE FUCKING TIME has any one of them said to me,”Good day sir, may I help you find something?”  I promise that on my grave no one has ever said that to me here.  Saying “Siiirrr” and mentioning the item you are standing 2 feet away from isn’t helping at all unless you are blind and can’t see the fucking merchandise they are standing right next to!!! (I honestly did tell a few of these idiots to fuck off as soon at they said, “Siiirrr.”)

4. Navigating.  Enough said here.  No decent sidewalks to walk on, crosswalks are just as dangerous as Jaywalking.  I said ‘Navigating’ because that includes driving too.  I have alot of respect for you foreigners who are brave enough to drive here…. Good luck.  In summary, Walking is dangerous, and driving is dangerous.

There is more, but I don’t wanna explain all my thoughts into one thread.  I will let this segment of my outrage sink in for a bit then start on a new thread later.  Once again, sorry for the absence, and I do have more stories to tell.

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  1. Profile gravatar of NeoGeo

    You can also put “getting pissed on” on that list. Almost happened to me, I kid you not. I was headed to the local palengke and took a shortcut through the little town square.

    As I get near some kid, he just pulls down his pants and takes a wizz. To be fair, I don’t think he was trying to pee on me, but that stream sure got close. No one bothered to reprimand the kid for pissing out in public. It was just a normal activity in the eyes of the locals.

    Keep in mind this was out in the open. The kid didn’t even bother to find some isolated corner to pee in. It was just like: “Oh, I gotta go pee. Okay, let’s pee. Weee!”

    It still boggles my mind that the Filipinos think their country is so “magaling” (great) when there are NUMEROUS signs all over the place telling people “bawal umihi dito” (don’t piss here). No properly developed nation has to constantly remind its people not to piss in public.

    Even with the signs, they still piss in the open. I can only imagine what it was like before the signs went up. Maybe something like…

    Lyssa: Hello, sir, welcome to Jolli Bee. What is your order?

    Pablo: Let’s see… (pulls down pants, pisses on floor) I’ll have a burger with fries and a large Sprite. I feel really thirsty.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      If there WAS to be a reprimand from an adult, the adult would tell him “WHERE’S YOUR MANNERS? PISS AGAINST THE WALL OR THAT POWER POST YOU NAUGHTY BOY!”

      1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
        FAFI Post author

        Hey PFB, I’m back. I have been over-whelmed with time lately due to exams and planning for my class XMAS party. Obviously being so much more responsible than everyone in my class, i’ve been nominated chairman for my class, so been put in charge with alot of stuff. Shit gets 10 times harder when trying to plan anything with a bunch of mindless, ground beef brained Filipinos. I had to overlook everything, but there were so much of them shit still got fucked up, but it only the objectives that were out of my control like; lack of contributions, people who I delegated to obtain essential supplies were late during the set-up, or was short-handed. Everyone I delegated had sufficient amount of money, but obviously some hording and embezzling has been going on. You can’t trust Filipinos for shit! Of course I had to contribute more than half of their combined donations to pull off the perfect XMAS party. When it was time to clean up our fuckin mess, well guess what! Everyone vanished…. Only about 6 were still present, 4 of which were upper-classmen, so they feel they don’t have to do shit. Well, I wasn’t gonna clean the shit up myself, so I said ‘fuck it’ and left. I will let them deal with the bitchin by our professor in the morning. I know talking about school activities may seem like a childish topic, but I just wanted to give you all a lil insight of their behavior in their younger years. And yes, this is COLLEGE I am talking about, they are just as worthless at this stage in life too. Well I’m a bit drunk now, but I’m sober enough to post this comment. I will write more when I sober up in the morning. L8er everyone!

        1. Profile gravatar of CantFixStupid

          Damn, my gf’s little sister is in high school and they had a Xmas party which sounded more organized than what you just mentioned. I feel bad for what you deal with on a daily basis. Stay classy FAFI.

  2. Profile gravatar of Joe

    ..and the dept stores in the malls…oh dear Lord, the men’s dept for example in one of these malls has 30 identical looking 18-21 year olds roaming around with their lime green suit on asking …. “sirrr shoes?”… with on lookers (coworkers) 7 deep looking on. The other 23 are refolding, reshifting, whatever. That’s what a college degree gets you in the Philippines. Then if you actually go to buy something there are 4 more lime skirted girls at the register that have to stamp, staple, notarize, authenticate, and approve the fkn reciept. What’s with this lime green shit anyway?

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
      FAFI Post author

      I believe I pretty much covered ‘dept’ stores when I mentioned ‘SM or Hypermarket employees.’ But I do understand what you mean. College degree don’t get you much in the Philippines, and I bet that it doesn’t hold much significance in other real countries. My so-called ‘Doctor’ at my college will have a hard time scoring a job at a McDonald’s in my country since all of her Philippine credentials and qualification will be VOID due to the common knowledge that most Filipinos are fuckin idiots. As for lime green? Hell if I know…. but it is a good unisex color choice, can’t argue with that 🙂

  3. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    Why do they have speakers blaring mindless, noisy music that is suitable onl for retarded teenagers???/ They are poor but spend money on koroke systems that blast noise 4 blocks down.
    I do not understand why the schools donot teach enlish??? becos the trapos want the poor to be poor. Do they not understand speaking english is one of the keys to a good paying job??/ If they were educated they run amok and throw the clown trapos out on the streets.

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
      FAFI Post author

      Your question lies in my department since I actually attend school in this god-forsaken country. Yeah, they are taught English in their schools, but unfortunately Filipinos are very reluctant to learn it due to the abundance of failing grades of idiot Filipinos in my English class. Out of all my classes, most these idiots skips English class the most. That class suffers the greatest amount of absences, but due to their corrupted system of ‘if you pay you pass,’ I will be seeing those same idiots next year in English 3 (taking English 2 now). Out of my 40 idiot classmates, only 13 had submitted their term paper, and out of those 13, 8 of them got a failing grade for cheating since they had obviously committed plagiarism by copy and pasting their content from the internet…. typical Filipino fuckin cheaters. So there is your answer! Filipinos are taught English in Schools, but they refuse to learn it! I hope this helps.

        1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
          FAFI Post author

          No, this isn’t the so-called ‘Doctor’ professor I’ve been preaching about lately, that was my department head of Criminology, who is suppose to uphold high standards, but unfortunately fails at it. I’m referring to my English professor who doesn’t claim any special title for her prefix. My classmates considers her as a bitch, but that is only because she actually do hold decent standards, and my idiot students hate it! I’m actually cool with her on a personal level since she is the only professor I have who enforces standards, the way it should be. She has once mentioned to me that she had prior interactions with Americans once before. I forgot if she said that her daughter’s husband was an American or something like that, but the point is that it takes some outsource knowledge to truly know right from wrong. Obviously you can’t be pure Filipino (in most cases) to have human standards. So yes, there is hope, but it was probably due to influences she had from other countries. She doesn’t tolerate cheating, being late/absent, wearing improper school uniform, or disrespect. I would get a lot of hell if I ever admitted to her being my favorite professor, since almost all my classmates hates her more than Filipinos hates common sense. Too bad all my professors can be like her. OK, I’m done kissing ass, next comment!

          1. Profile gravatar of Pearl Of My Ass
            Pearl Of My Ass

            Hi Fafi, isn’t studying Criminology in the Philippines equivalent to studying something you will not use – locally -> I know you do not plan to stay, but for all other students… why study something that has no purpose since the police don’t do its job ? It’s like teaching Hebrew to Pingu, there is little chance Pingu will go to Israel.
            But I am sure it sounds fancy to study criminology with those fucks.

          2. Profile gravatar of FAFI
            FAFI Post author

            Well, some of the credits here can be accredited or transferred to other universities within the Philippines. The college I am attending may not be globally recognized as a duly organized institution , so I’m just going to have my credits be accredited through another school that is more well known, lets say “Manila University.” Then have those credits be transferred to U.S. credentials. Some of my courses are recognized through American education institutions, but they may not accept the school where it came from. I know I will have a higher chance of getting credits accepted from Manila University than the college I am currently attending. Some of the courses in Criminology here are parallel to some of the courses in the law enforcement curriculum in America, so it’s not a total loss. Courses such as Philippine History, Rizal, and Tagalog classes I’m sure will not be accredited, but it’s required for me to take these courses for some fucked up reason to move on to the next grade level, even though they are not prerequisites for other courses. They say that it is needed in order to graduate here, but what the fuck am I going to do with a Philippine College degree? Anyway, as long as I can get some of my courses accredited to American schools, and complete my degree there, I can at least say that I obtained my degree in America rather than fuckin Philippines right? I already did the research and I’m sure I can pull this off.