Blame Everyone Else, Gloat When It’s Not Us

This week the quality of Philippine news reporting has hit a all time low, how can the news be taken seriously when they print trash about Maria Ozawa, she is blamed for Mariel Rodriguez’s miscarriage just because she complained about Robin Padilla leaving her movie, it just proves failipinos can be so ignorant. Most modern media outlets would be embarrassed to be associated with such stupidity, but no, this drama ends up as news. To print this whole saga is borderline incestuous. Who would want to do business here, when on one side you have a total lack or professionalism, then you have on the other side failipinos who make up total illogical accusations.
God can not help these people as they are beyond human standards, they should start looking for a monkey god.

Then there is this (Sun.Star Cebu is withholding the identities of the women because some of their alleged victims are their relatives.) well the paper printed their names the day before with, “Named in the warrants were X of Barangay Mactan and Y of Barangay Babag. A certain Z was also arrested.” how dumb can you be to print the story title with the exact same words talking about the same police action in the same town. Maybe failipinos are too dumb to work it out.

Then there was the news about the explosion in China and failipinos posting comments on how China deserved it. Maybe the international communities need to see how these people view the rest of the world, and act according when a disaster hits again.

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    Dumb Filipino people hate China, but car less about the damage done by their “leaders”. They care about a reef in the middle of the ocean they will never see, but could care less about their own community.

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      They don’t care about that reef as they use dynamite and cyanide when fishing. All they saw on the reef was a money buffet from the U.S. Navy which did pay about $2 million. From the day the Guardian hit that reef until removed it was in the news everyday. You know what happened two weeks after the Guardian was removed from the reef? A Chinese ship hit the same reef and got stuck. If you didn’t know it’s understandable as was in the news just once and not front page in the papers.

      Filippinos made a big issue about the U.S. ship as they new the U.S. would pay, therefore the fake and inflated concern over the reef. They knew China would tell them to fuck off is why they did not make an issue of the Chinese ship hitting it.

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        I’d love to hear what they actually said they were going to do with the money. I wish the USA would have just told them, “Fuck off, you corrupt little sociopathic, polluting bastards. Stop crying for money all the time. We’ve given you plenty”.
        They really are the kings of fake outrage. Try to cry as much as possible to get as much as possible, then laugh about it right after.

        Going back to the news, the Philippines has the worst news. Its common news the “journalists” here like to take money in order for the politician to have a nice fluff news piece. Ever see them do any investigative journalism or really nail one of these openly corrupt politicians? Never! All they need to do is show the nice mansions, expensive cars, conflicting businesses, or multitude of mistresses they have, but of course they can never do that.
        Then of course given the high number of journalists killed each year in the Philippines, you would think the other “journalists” would investigate as you know,,,,,, professional courtesy or like out of duty,,,, perhaps just the typical curiosity a so called journalist would have. No, just fluff pieces, dumb celebrity stuff, and basic reporting of corruption/ violence.
        Finally, ever notice the hosts of their networks are also pitchmen for various products? Like Kris Aquino or Abunda? They are supposed to be the biggest journalists, but they are constantly touting or putting their pictures on various products. Imagine Anderson Cooper being the spokeman for KFC. Oh wait, he actually has a little integrity.
        – Speaking of I just saw a picture of the senator in a magazine advocating pure foods hot dogs. My god, doesn’t anyone have any morals or understand the concept, “conflict of interest”.

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    If you think reporting, professionalism has been falling just recently, then you haven’t been here too long. The quality of the writing is turning to sh*t for over a decade because of the bad education here. People from the World War II Generation and the one after could use the English Language. Failipinos have to use Tagalog-English Dictionaries because they can’t use the language effectively. It can be seen in all it’s FAILIPINO Failure, when looking at the responses in Tagalog in an English Newspaper. The Failipinos claim to have a large pool of English Speakers. That was true over 50 years ago. Now, when they claim that, it’s a lie.
    In reporting facts, Failipinos use two standards. To start, if it’s a foreigner, particularly the PDI, are minutely identified from what city, state/province, and country. With Failipinos, for those who have committed crimes, the Failipino Newspapers won’t name what city or province that they are from in 99% of the cases.
    Even worse for a Failipino is when one of their countryman/countrywomen is accused or arrested for a crime. If it’s salacious enough, there’s a wholesale attempt to wash their hands of the person. In newspaper responses, they’ll say he’s not Failipino! If the person looks Chinese or have a last name that’s Chinese, then there’s many Failipino Racists that come out and disown the Chinese Failipino.
    On the flip side (in this case, no pun intended), Failipinos like to take credit of a person with the Failipino Ethnicity, who MAY has never come here. They try to bask in the glory, when it didn’t belong to them in the first place.

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      Look at the quality of their movies. They are all so corny and stupid.
      As educated as my fiance is and as accomplished as she is, she cannot sit through an intelligent movie. It has to have action or stupid, slapstick type comedy for her to pay attention. She could never watch Shawshank redemption cause it would be boring to her. Any type of historical movie or reference has no interest to her. Sad.

      Agreed on the WW2 generation and the generation right after. They were very educated and a completely different species of Filipino. There is a large gap between them and the modern Filipino. I think they actually cared more for their country or their society more than any filipino in modern day. Those who fought the Japanese would be appalled at the modern Fail-ipino with their selling votes and overall laziness.

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        I had someone tell me something once that makes a lot of sense. He said” All the good filipinos died in the war.”

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    I really wish the citizens of the U.S. understood the reality of the Philippines, what these “people” are really like. The personification of evil. No aid, no defense treaty, extremely stringent immigration policy that includes comprehensive psychological testing. My ex wife couldn’t even get an interview at Wallmart, I noticed they ask questions concerning right and wrong, I’m betting she was clueless on how to answer them.

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    Amazes me too
    When Yolanda hit? What country was there in force to help?
    Who pulled who’s ox out of the ditch during WW2 against the Japanese?
    I can only surmise that they know little about there own history

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Funny you should ask that. I saw a filipino history book that said the philippine navy defeated the Spanish fleet at Manila Bay in 1898. Then last day or two ago a filipino was on Yahoo comments saying how they defeated the Chinese in the Korean war. Funny thing though, I pointed out the philippines provided 7,500 troops for the entire war and fought in only 5 battles. YEP, I got lots of red thumbs.

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      I can go one further. Back in the 80’s when Russian ships, subs and aircraft were cruising the philippine coast who was front lines? ME!!!

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      History does not have to do with wowowwweee, eat bulaga,, tsimis,, rd horse, gambling, playing cards, scamming,, stealling, grinding ass the mal????

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    To Mike.
    You are a real rabble rouser,, hahaha,, i go on those flip b/s websites too and rattle their cages.
    They do not read books, because they shaped like a square and with straight edges, and everything here is crooked and odd shaped. They have to be spoon fed with crappy tv shows with gays and kids dancing aaround.

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    Now what do I see in the news? Philippines and Malaysia are conducting a naval exercise. So my comments in Yahoo news goes something like this. “So the philippines is conducting a naval exercise with Malaysia. How’s that work with the ONE frigate and only combat ship the philippines has? Does the Malaysain navy tow the philippine frigate during the entire exercise?” As you might imagine I’m not popular with the filipinos.

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    I loved how they had the Youtube vid of Mariel Rodriguez’s miscarriage and when the so called doctor bumbled to tell her “Ders a problem I think mam sir” and they zoom right to her face. Only a flip would do this for drama.