Blind-Sided by Pinoy Logic, Reaching Across Boarders

The typical response to lack of logical answer

So I usually stay quiet around these parts and I like to browse and read stories from other members.  I’m usually satisfied with that.  However recently I got into contact with one of my friends who I’m somewhat close with, who happens to be half Filipino.

Now I’m not one to complain about things as I’m usually pretty reserved about my opinions, but when I do it’s because I probably have had enough of said annoyance.  So while we were on a trip together with a friend (not Pinoy) we got into the discussion of the Philippines, and I started expressing some of my opinions regarding this place.  Let me list out exactly what I said:

The Philippines has shit traffic.

The Philippines has shit internet.

The Philippines has shit service.

The Philippines isn’t known for it’s food, but more so for it’s beautiful Islands and beaches.

There are some beautiful girls in the Philippines, especially local celebrities, but I am not really attracted to local Pinays.

My friend comes and re-visits these statements one day (I guess it was a bad day and suddenly remembered my comments) and begins to flip out on me, saying why I hate on the Failippines so much.   In response I say, “Prove to me that what I said was wrong and I’ll concede.”  Easy, logical, proper way to discuss opinions.  The response?

“Whatever.”  You know what you said.”

I mean I have come to expect this from the locals, but seeing as my friend isn’t even based in the Philippines, I didn’t know pride and lack of knowledge could run so deep.  As many of other posts outline, this is a typical response to any argument made against the Failippines or any negative comment about this shit hole.  It just really sucks when your good friend can’t see past their own Pinoy stupidity, and you just feel sorry for them.

It’s just sad really,  this incident (among many other things I noticed regarding the Failipines and ties to it) just makes me sad about our friendship.  It made me realize that we can never be that close, because I know that I can never express my true opinions regarding the Philippines with anyone who has even a shred of Pinoy Pride.

My friend often asks me why I’m so anti-social and why I don’t have many friends here, to which I often do not have a response; honestly everyone here in PFB knows it’s because you can’t really hold any form of intelligent conversation or form a proper emotional connection with locals here because they lack any semblance of common sense.

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    Yeah the “whatever” response, like tampo, is a potent argumentative device. It immediately ends the conversation and gives you the upper hand without even having to expend a shred of mental effort

    1. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflips

      The other one those baboons use to shut down the conversation, especially if you try to debate them and they are clearly losing (not hard to do), is: “You have your opinion, and I have mine.”

      I can have a more intelligent conversation with my dog.

  2. Profile gravatar of Eau de Tourette
    Eau de Tourette

    “You have your opinion, and I have mine.” that’s even the polite answer. More likely they just do not wanna talk to you if they feel offended.
    BASTOS: bastos. filipino word (tagalog adjective) translated into english: rude, impolite, not courteous, indecent, immodest, shamless, without shame

    Now many foreigners are considered boastful ect. what makes me wonder – if you take the bunch of drunken whoremongers aside – how come the flips call others boastful if their fav thing is “whatever” or better WHATEBER since the “V” is difficult for them and begging is considered a respectful trait ?

    what makes me just smirk is that BASTOS describes the Flips really well.

  3. Profile gravatar of BLX2

    “Not all Filipina are the same”, but oh contraire, that just means they are too blind to see themselves. Another one out the door. Poor, hurt them, they lack empathy and do not see what they do means. The Cluster B pathology marches on…

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    Well,that’s your opinion.And this is mine..Not all Filipinas/Filipinos are like that..Let’s do the maths shall we..The national average iq in the Philippines is 86 meaning half of them have iq 86 below the other 86 above..For 86 to reach average and above iq you must add at least 14..So 50% minus 14% equals 36% meaning there are approximately 36% of Filipinos with IQ 100 and above..Now this is the most interesting part because if you look at pinoy genetics
    you would see that 36% corresponds to the numbers of pinoys with Chinese blood..

    We are roughly composed of 53% Southeast Asian/Oceania and pinoys with East Asian blood are around 36% ! The other percentages are some spanish,native american and indian blooded pinoys..

    1. Profile gravatar of Newq

      Why bother with these bloody Chinese blood statistics? You want to change your battle cry from Pinoy pride to Chinese-Pinoy pride? Anyway your math is too retarded to be taken seriously. Penance’s Easy Button is much more reliable than this.

      First, average is not a midpoint of equal distribution below and above. Reserve that for the median. Second, IQ points minus IQ points equals IQ points, not a certain percentage of a population, kind of like 100 oranges minus 86 oranges is not 14 apples. Lastly, I don’t think 36% in the NatGeo project results necessarily means that the other 64% do not have Chinese blood. It probably means when DNA tests were done on a representative sample of Filipinos, their collective genetic makeup were found to be 36% East Asian (not necessarily Chinese), 53% southeast…etc. It’s not like 36% have Chinese blood, 53% have Southeast Asian blood, so forth and so on, because some may have more of a certain ethnicity’s DNA markers than others.

      The kind of effort you put into connecting those dots seem to be the same as a Feng Shui expert’s. So you have Chinese blood?

    2. Profile gravatar of Angeleyes

      Absolute fail BarcelonaYuanki. You clearly don’t know much about IQ and how it works. Google up “The IQ curve”, it is one of the first things you will learn about IQ. In a normal population 2% are between 55 and 70, 14% are between 70 and 85, 34% between 85 and 100, 34% between 100 and 115 and 14% between 115 and 130 and 2% between 130 and 145. This is based on a average IQ of 100 so if we go by the Phils being average 85 we can move the curve back 15 points which will put 68% of the Philippine population between 70 and 100 with a whopping 16.1% over 100. The IQ curve is the same with almost every population everywhere with the exception it can be moved back or fourth. Google it all up for yourself and try not to burst a vein in your head when you try and work out the math, it is a tiny but more complicated than what you just tried explaining.

    3. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Let’s just cut through the shit shall we? Basically what you are saying is that filipinos are in fact stupid beyond a reasonable doubt. Yes I can say that based on your comment and the link you posted. Then if anyone wants further proof they need only to walk out their door or read comments made by filipinos on several sites. NewQ is right about something he eluded to in his comment. That is about filipinos finding something so damn thin that it is almost invisible to back their points. Here you are spouting pinoy pride yet at the same time saying the smart filipinos ( no confirmed sighting of a smart filipino to date) have blood from others that makes them smart.

    4. Profile gravatar of BarcelonaYuanKi

      Ow..50-34=16..So 16% of Pinoys have average and above average IQ..I moved the IQ bell curve Rightward instead of moving it leftward i yielded a wrong result..Yet again another failed argument..The 36% east asian blood pinoy was supposed to back up my

    5. Profile gravatar of BarcelonaYuanKi

      This will be the last of my reply in this thread.

      The error in my comment has already been called out by Angeleyes and it has nothing to do with what ”Average” means .I claimed that 36% of Filipinos have average and above average IQ but when you correctly calculate it, it’s only approximately 16%…In my comment ”Average” simply meant the IQ 100 or above, a benchmark for one to be not labeled ”stupid”.I was a little tired then when i made that comment, i didn’t look up the IQ chart and got too excited by the fact it coincided with the population of chinese-blooded-pinoys (Filipinos with some brain) i miscalculated some important detail on IQ..You see 34,14,2 are important numbers in the IQ chart..What i did was subtract 50 by 14 equals 36 when it should have been 50 minus 34 equals 16..

      More than that it was some sort of a mockery..You see, in Eau’s comment he quoted “You have your opinion, and I have mine.” and in BLX2’s “Not all Filipina are the same”..I have indirectly put those words ”that’s your opinion.And this is mine.” “Not all Filipinas/Filipinos are like that” in the first line of my comment in order to mock them with the belief that in it i could prove them wrong….but apparently i have failed..