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Kindhearted Philippine Invitation To Comment

Denmark2 | Apr 18 | Comments: 26 | Tags: tourism, stupid
Please - if you have the time and guts - visit this page and tell them off. Try to find the post on their FB.... just for the fun of it. http://definitelyfilipino.com/blog/what-i-love-the-most-about-the-philippines/

The Habit Of Laziness

Denmark2 | Apr 13 | Rate: 3 | Comments: 11 | Tags: flipflop maggots, laziness, stupid
... " Laziness travels so slowly that Poverty soon overtakes him" ... (Benjamin Frankin) If good old Benjamin can say that, so can I. --- I once attended a seminar arranged by the Danish Embassy in Manila for Danish Companies to invest in FlipFlopLand - and to some extend also for those already there. It was...

Waste Not Want Not - Unless YOU Paid For It

CaptainPFB | Mar 25 | Comments: 16 | Tags: filipino, stupid, hypocrisy, wasteful
Have you ever gone to the house of a Filipino as a guest, and like you're having dinner, and you ask for a napkin. They give you ONE napkin, and it's like 2 inches by 4 inches. You know the ones. Those napkins that when you grab one with your greasy fingers, it is soaked with the grease and dematerializing before you can get it to your...

Shameless Filth With Food For Sale

CaptainPFB | Feb 20 | Rate: 3.67 | Comments: 39 | Tags: pinoy, stupid, food, filthy
We see this all the time in Philippines. Piles of fried chicken and other street foods sitting for god know how long, coagulating and growing bacteria, waiting for some dumb-ass to come buy some filthy food. And they make no secret of where and how it was cooked. You can see the disgusting filth pit it was cooked in. Yet the Pinoy doesn't...

Top 10 Most Stupid Things About Philippines

CaptainPFB | Feb 20 | Rate: 4.33 | Comments: 22 | Tags: philippines, stupid, pinoy
This list of the most stupid things in Philippines can virtually go on forever. But it's close to my bedtime, so I'll just list my  top 10 that I can think of off the top of my head. Enjoy.    1. SM Mall security checks. The pseudo-frisk at the waist line and dip of their stick in your bag.   2. PLDT, enough said....