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Running the Gauntlet and Shutting Down the Party

Apr 24 | By David_Roxas | Views: 454 | Comments: 4
Every time I go for a run it's like running the gauntlet.  It's always an obstacle course. Obstacles include: dogs, potholes, traffic, exhaust, smoke from burning leaves or trash, dog turds.

When I lived downtown I was forced to run at 4am because running during the day when traffic is flowing is impossibly dangerous.  Even though I live in the country I still run at 4am sometimes.   If I run in the afternoon I can run through the sugarcane fields which is a lot more pleasant than running through a squatters village or on the highway. The most dangerous thing about running through the fields is that the trails are not well kept and one misstep gets a rock through your sole.


Last night some neighbourhood had a fiesta going very loud.  I couldn't tell exactly the source but I had a general idea. This morning I woke at 4:30 as usual and I could still hear the distant boom-boom-boom of the fiesta.  So I decided I would find the party.

I ran off toward the squatter village I thought it was coming from but there was nothing. Making my way through the village and into the open sugarcane fields I still heard nothing.  But then I heard it.  BOOM-BOOM-BOOM.

So I rushed across the newly plowed field and towards the sound which I now knew was coming from a different squatters village, one I am familiar with and run through regularly. 

After crossing a muddy creek, cutting across private property, running a gauntlet of dogs, and then turning the corner I found the fiesta.  It was at a basketball court.  The entire court was surrounded by an impromptu fence of corrugated roof metal and netting.  I ran around the court banging on the metal and finally made my way into the fiesta.

There were two guys asleep at the control board so I reached around them and turned the volume down.  Then I ran back out.  People were staring at me and  I shouted that it was loud and I could not sleep, thanks. For a moment I thought someone might be inclined towards violence and follow me but no one did and I did not hear the volume increase.

The way back home was the usual gauntlet of dogs, burning trash, and vehicle exhaust. It's really not pleasant to be out for a run and then come across a large cloud of smoke. Not pleasant at all.

This is not the first time I have confronted loud noise and physically turned down the volume.  The very first time was during an election when someone parked a jeepney outside and walked away with the volume going full blast with an election song.  I walked right over and turned the volume off.  No one said a thing and no one turned the volume back up. I have also been to the church (they meet at a basketball court and not in a cathedral) in the next village over and turned the volume down a few times. They play the sound of bells for 3 hours over a large loudspeaker which can be heard for miles around.

Confronting people, especially drunk people, about their noisy fiestas is a little unnerving and I always expect violence though none has happened. I would not recommend shutting down a party.  But I would do it again personally. 

How do you guys deal with the noise? 

Apr 24
David, take 20 ounce coke bottle and fill half way up with Mauriatic acid. Then take about foot and half of alum foil and fold and twist so fits inside of the bottle. Put the cap on snuggly and get ready. Advice, have a place picked out before putting the foil and cap on and about 15 foot away from people. After foil put in and cap is on you will have about 3 to 5 minutes before a boom. Goes without saying, don't let anyone see you do it.David, take 20 ounce coke bottle and fill half way up with Mauriatic acid. Then take about foot and half of alum foil and fold and twist so fits inside of the bottle. Put the cap on snuggly and get re...See more
Apr 24
So that was you huh??? Never did invite me in for a meal. lol
Apr 25
Befriend the local baranguay tanods, send maid down to teĺ tanods to get noise down to low level,, Philippines was part of singapore. Now it is only sing and poor
Apr 25
HeyJoe, because you did not feed me.
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