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At this point in the interview (Speaking about the U.S.),

"If there is anything to gripe about it is me griping".
"Why did you invade my country 50 years ago?"
"They sat on this land and lived off the fat of the land".

Invade his country 50 years ago? My guess would be he's just using 50 as a round number and is talking about WWII. Or does he think he's president of Vietnam?
His knowledge of history is remarkable.

I guess Pinoys can't tell the difference between a reporter finding someone brilliant and humoring them. She must of been laughing for a week over what a df he is.

Then there's a couple of videos published by "Thinking Minds", you know, "Minds That Think".

US envoy unable to answer Duterte's question, 'Why didn't you stop China?'


Duterte turned the Philippines into a powerful nation capable of changing the balance of power.

The CIA kill him? I think he over estimates his and the Philippines importance by a long shot.

Why bother, him and the Philippines are their own worse enemy. I did love his comment in one of them warning the U.S., "Careful what you want, you might get it".

I do agree with him on one important point, I do not want the U.S. to continue with any involvement with the Philippines. I also believe Russia and China are much better suited in providing the Philippines with what they so justly deserve, don't you?

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