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What can I say?

Jun 4 | By BLX2 | Views: 339 | Comments: 1

This article reports on a supposed outline on how to oust Deturte written by Ambassador Goldberg. In reading it I saw a lot of it as my own thoughts on how others would react to Deturte’s words and actions. Although I do have a bit of doubt about anyone trying to oust him through a coup. I really don’t know, I just doubt it.

I wonder if any part of it is true (what the ambassador allegedly wrote), my radar is up on propaganda.

The article is used by yet another Youtube post by “Thinking Minds”. About 34 minutes into it, it mentions a P6 Billion meth bust. And it blames the CIA for the drugs. The crux of it is blaming the U.S. for the Philippines drug problem, various militant problems, and its economic woes. It repeats the claim Detutre made on RT about the U.S living off of the fat of the Philippines. That’s why the CIA is after him, so they can continue making money off of drugs in the Phils and the U.S. can continue to live off of the fat of the Filipinos while enslaving them. Obvious propaganda preparing the country for a real shit storm he sees coming and blaming it on the U.S. Isn’t that special…

Just to highlight the stupidity of it all…

- Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, President of the
Republic of the Philippines

I can’t believe these idiots don’t see the train coming, the Mayor President must hate his people more than he hates the Americans.
Jun 8
Note: ManilaTimes.net is the Pinoy equivalent of Fox / Breitbart.
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