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How To Create A Blog Post

Feb 15 | By CaptainPFB | Views: 635 | Comments: 0
Creating a blog post here is quite simple. Don't fear, the more you use it, mess around with it, click this, click that, see how things work, you'll become an expert blog post creator in no time.

But here's some basics to get you started:

Once you're in the blog post editor, I recommend you write out your blog post first, then go back an insert your images (if any) where you want them.

Please use paragraphs. It's annoyingly hard to read your posts if everything is in one huge block with no paragraphs or breaks.


SELECT CATEGORY, COVER PHOTO (it's the image that will show on the "blogs" page), and tags. Tags are keywords that best describe your post.


Please feel free to contact me to request a new category to be added if you don't see an existing category that suits your post.

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