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Mar 8 | By CaptainPFB | Views: 716 | Comments: 2
I was a big Shakey's fan in Philippines. Love their pizza and fried chicken (all the rest of the food like the spaghetti and sandwhiches and what-not suck). But I always went there for the pizza and chicken.

I'm also one, like most NORMAL pizza lovers, who likes Parmesan Cheese on my pizza. For the longest time, they never had the necessary condiments that ANY FUCKING PIZZA PLACE ON EARTH normally has on the tables. 

So I have a business associate visiting from the States, and we go to Shakey's. We're a party of 6 people. He's just like me in almost every way, especially with food (which is why we get along so well).

Food arrives, and I ask for some Parmesan Cheese. I'm sure you can guess what they bring. One of those tiny little plastic condiment cups that are only maybe 1 inch tall, and the very bottom of the cup is dusted with the tiniest amount of Parmesan, you could almost count the grains, and the waitress walks away.

My buddy looks at me, I look at him, and we just start laughing. I motion the server back over to the table, and handed her the tiny cup and said, "Do you see how many people are here? You gave us about enough Parmesan for about half a bite of pizza. Can you just bring us a shaker full? "Sorry sir, I'll have to get approval from my supervisor."

My buddy and I look at each other again, bewildered. Waitress walks off, and we see her and the supervisor having a fucking conference over providing the customers with Parmesan Cheese. After like 5 minutes of conference, the waitress returns with 6 tiny condiment cups with the bottom dusted with Parmesan. Wow, we all got our own tiny dusting of Parmesan! We can all enjoy ONE FUCKING BITE of pizza with Parmesan on it!

This time I motioned the supervisor over. "What is the problem with providing your customers with condiments so they can enjoy their food?" Bring us a full shaker of Parmesan Cheese for god sake! Charge me 100 pesos, I don't care, but I want some fucking Parmesan! What's wrong with you people????"

So she returns with 12 more tiny condiment cups, this time they are not quite half full. Now there's enough for 1 FUCKING SLICE of Pizza. 

I give up. I got up, walked over to grocery, bought a big can of Kraft Parmesan Cheese and returned to the restaurant, and slammed it down in the middle of the table so that the idiot supervisor could see it.

Filipinos are fucking idiots. 

So a few weeks pass, and me and my partner are at the mall and we decide to have lunch at Shakey's. This time...HALLELUIA!!! ALL TABLES HAVE SHAKERS OF RED PEPPER FLAKES AND PARMESAN!!!

DOH!!! But wait! Look around at all the shakers on all the tables. They are all near empty!!! What the fuck is with these stupid fucking Filipinos that they feel they need to dole out condiments as if we're all children??? Oh wait!! Yes that is why! Because Filipinos do not have the maturity or dignity to just take what they need. They dole it out because they know if they fill up the shakers, the dumb fuck Filipinos will pour it into a napkin and take it home.


These idiots have no fucking class.

Mar 8
"Asin at Pimenta!" (Salt & Pepper) Always has to be dragged out (Damp) from the Kitchen! - And, WhoTF eats Rice without Salt?
Mar 8
They will take it all home or just steal it. I'm in the beginning stages of starting a restaurant and this is a big problem to me. Obviously not to the girlfriend. Filipinos for the most part can't be trusted and like or want to be treated like children. They also get off on treating others like children. The whole how to deal with the Filipinos who want to act like retarded sixth graders and the Filipinos who know how to behave is a conundrum. How to serve the two without getting screwed business wise? I get why they do the condiment cup thing and alright do it but at least fill the thing up and if we want more than provide more. They could also include it in the cost of the food since it is an ingredient that would be used in the end on the pizza by the customer. They obviously make enough money since they pay their employees 5 USD per day. Two orders each day should pay for their employees. They make such big deals about things that don't matter. Also a last note: treat your customers like children and hire children. Children dealing with children.They will take it all home or just steal it. I'm in the beginning stages of starting a restaurant and this is a big problem to me. Obviously not to the girlfriend. Filipinos for the most part can't be...See more
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