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The T-shirt conspiracy

Mar 24 | By forawhilesir | Views: 538 | Comments: 5
I'm starting to wonder if there's some foreigner running a T-shirt company in this hellhole. His or her mission in life is to make Filipinos mock themselves by exploiting their "best English in the world" abilities.

Here's a few I've seen over the past few weeks. 

I'm probably lying

No, really? I would have never guessed by myself.

I would be awesome if I wasn't so lazy

Unlikely, but you might at least have a job instead of walking around the mall at 3pm on a Monday.

I'm slightly stoopid

Statistically, yes, you probably are, so no need to buy the T-shirt. Thanks for the heads-up anyway.

These are all completely real. Hopefully these will also add sunshine to your day at some point, if you go out among the teeming masses. I might have got the wording of the second one slightly wrong: feel free to add a correction if you see it.

Mar 24
My favorite is "Today I do Nothing"
Mar 24
The "I'm slightly stoopid" one. Figures a filipino going around bragging about something that is not that flattering.
Mar 24
I assume one would be happier just accepting the reality of the situation.
Mar 24
I'm still working on my 'PROUD TO BE AN ALIEN' Collection
Mar 24
An imaginary Idea suddenly pop up in my head:

As a PAYBACK for that embarrassing event to those poor students ..........


I wonder when is the next Pro-Duterte, Pro-Marcos, Anti-Leni Rally?

I wouldn't mind suggesting everyone, foreigners included, to have a selfie with the supporters, .......... while wearing a shirt with a classic line:


With a picture of a Philippine flag (clenched fist is optional) juxtaposed in it.
An imaginary Idea suddenly pop up in my head:

As a PAYBACK for that embarrassing event to those poor students ..........

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The noise barrage was not compulsory as the university administration respected the opinion of the students who did not agree with the university officials
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