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Going to and from Davao to Samal past and present

Apr 21 | By Joekano | Views: 286 | Comments: 0

Going to and from Davao Samal past and present

Scenario six years ago.

Let’s go to Davao! Ok we had better go on the weekend so that we don’t have to wait hours for the ferry to fill with cars and passengers before it leaves. Ya last Wednesday we waited a whole hour cause we were the only people there. Only a couple of motors waiting for customers. Ya no tricycles or lines. Ya only one motorbike and a car. Ya probably some rich dude, don’t often see them on Samal. Get on the bus on the ferry that goes from Kaputian to Davao. Ah nice only half full relax and maybe snooze. Not much traffic should only take twenty minutes to get to the terminal. Going back to Samal, there’s no line up of any kind to get on in fact we are the only passengers and a motorcycle. Get to peaceful Samal and appreciate the lack of crowds and noise.


Scenario at present.

We have to go to Davao sometime for the bank and a few things. Are you sure? You know we may not even be able to get on the ferry. Ya I know, don’t even think about it any time between Friday and Monday. Line ups sometimes two km long all SUV’s throwing their mineral water bottles and Emperador bottles out the windows with their empty bags of junk food. Ok let’s go on Wednesday and maybe we’ll get lucky. Ok! Wednesday morning at 10am in April. Get run off the road three times and almost killed by speeding maniacs passing the endless tricycles. Ya passing right into me.  OMG look at the line up, gonna take them two or three hours just to get on the ferry. Wonder what they do if they wanna take a shit? Ya and its 40C and the cars full of kids or the ones in the back of the dump trucks full of people. Thousands of people from Davao. Everybody looks panicked and tired and stressed. Dust flying everywhere from the cement trucks and construction materials trucks roaring by honking their air horns. Oh Shit there must be three hundred foot passengers lined up going back to Davao. So we do my trick which is walking in the traffic lane and going directly on without paying. The ferry has only been here for five minutes and it’s leaving already. Ya that’s because there’s three others waiting to dock. The ferry is completely packed with people of all ages and hundreds of trucks. Get on the bus on the ferry only to discover its packed and we will have to stand all the way and will probably take an hour cause of the traffic in Davao. Wow look at the line up of people and vehicles waiting to get on must be two km long. What’s it gonna be like on the weekend? Pretty soon we won’t be able to get on or off the island! Scary! Where has all the wealth come from compared to a few years ago? Probably OFW’s and immigrant families and foreigner bf’s sending home the dollars. Ya this is exponential increase unbelievable. Get to the terminal feeling frustrated, tired, and weary of the masses and traffic and horns and brakes. Havn’t even started the shopping and feel like just closing my eyes and imagining I’m not here. Going back to Samal feeling weary, tired, stressed and just want to sleep. Oh shit we may have to wait a couple of sailings as there are thousands of tourists and line ups of vehicles.  What the hell has happened?


Ya know I remember studying demographics and biogeography in university forty years ago. Looking at population projections and seeing an exponential growth increase peeking at somewhere around nine billion. Well we are at about seven and a half billion now and what a mess we are in, and now I’m living in it not just studying it. Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world of negative population growth, negative economic growth, no new buildings, no crowds, no noise, empty spaces, derelict buildings, schools only half full, no unemployment, choose the job you want cause you’re the only applicant, no terrorists, clean air, no species extinction, wildlife everywhere, Utopia!

I remember a much kinder gentler world! Do you?


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